Nokia bumps Cinemagraph and PhotoBeamer apps for Lumia Windows Phones

There’s barely a day going by where Nokia isn't updating something on Windows Phone, so why should today be any different? We just got notifications for version 2.6 of their popular Cinemagraph Lens app for Windows Phone 8, which is now live in the Store, allowing you to continue making those hilarious animated GIFs. And the super creative PhotoBeamer has also been given a refresh.


The latest update of Nokia's Cinemagraph app (see overview) now allows you to create landscape and portrait ‘Graphs on the go and reportedly supports a “wider range of device”, which we presume includes the Lumia 505, 510 and 620. Sadly, this does not enable support for Windows Phone 7.8 Lumias although that is expected to be coming at some point (we’re guessing through a separate app release).

We gave 2.6 a spin and maybe it’s just us but it seems to load faster, which is always a bonus. Portrait mode does work but for some reason it doesn’t seem as accurate to us at picking up movement, but that could be just our experience.


We wish we could tell you what’s new with PhotoBeamer but alas it has no changelog and whatever is new, is not really evident. That tells us this is probably a maintenance release as opposed to a feature one. Either way, it was a cool app before and it’s still a cool app now, so you if you’re looking  for a quick NFC-less way to share photos with others, then you’ll want to grab this app.

There are two versions of PhotoBeamer, one for Windows Phone 7 Lumias and one for Windows Phone 8 Lumias. Both have been updated today.

Pick up Cinemagraph 2.6 here, PhotoBeamer 1.1 (WP7.x) here and PhotoBeamer 1.1 (WP8) here in the Nokia Collection. Thanks, everyone, for the tips

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