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Nokia Conference available on Beta Labs, helps makes group talks easier on Windows Phone

Head in to conference calls often? You might want to give Nokia Conference for Windows Phone a try. It's an app that's currently available as beta on Nokia's Beta Labs, enabling consumers to quickly join calls without having to jump in to the calendar app, remember ID / PIN numbers, switching to the phone app, dialling out the number and entering codes. 

What's interesting is for those who own a Windows Phone 8 handset, the ability to join via voice is present. Simply hold down the Windows button and say "conference join". The app will then automatically work out which meeting is desired, return it for confirmation and subsequently connect the user. Should the company use Lync, Nokia Conference would then launch the Lync app.

You can download Nokia Conference from the Windows Phone Store and check out more information on the product over on the Beta Labs (opens in new tab). Note that some users may have to register to access the download. 

Thanks, Bugrahan, for the tip!

QR: Nokia Conference Beta

Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • I just want to take this change to say how grateful I am that Nokia backed Windows Phone. They have been incredible.
  • I have no need for this app but I'm sure thousands of people do. Its always good to have a company like Nokia on our side releasing this type of stuff.
  • +1. Thankful Nokia is all in with WP.
  • With that being said, Microsoft's support of Windows phone sucks. They take forever to fix broken stuff, add missing features, provide enhancements or refinements such as Nokia does, or to do anything that would otherwise bring the basic capabilities of Windows Phone into feature parity with iOS/Android.
  • Don't think anyone can argue that fact at this point.
  • WP development could DEFINITELY be moving a lot faster and with more urgency.  However, iOS has a 6-7 year head start on them and I don't see iOS having that many more features still than WP8. 
    Android is another story.  Google is just an animal.  I think they are going to take over the world some day.  If Orwell was right and our future involves a "Big Brother" watching us, I think Google will be involved somehow :(
  • Are you kidding me??? Google pretty much reads Orwell's books and copies everything the bad guy does. Haha
  • I can't excuse Microsoft's performance based on a 6-7 years lead by iOS. Lets keep in mind that Windows Mobile ruled the world and was an extremely mature OS, that is until Apple out-innovated, jumped ahead, and is now apparently coasting. Microsoft has the benefit of more years involved in mobile OS than either Apple or Google, yet MS squanders that benefit by two OS restarts in recent years (aka 2 steps forward but 1 step back), and by failing to demonstrate any sense of urgency or of real innovation. Also, my personal view... regardless how many new bells that the next MS update brings to Windows Phone, if MS doesn't address the missing basic features such as independent volume, custom SMS alerts, and sound profiles, the OS will continue to be one that most people will not take serious.
  • I can't defend Microsoft's mishandling of how they have jumped on the mobile bandwagon.  It's been mishandled.   
    Having said that, it seems this latest do-over is on the right track.  I think they sense it and realize the urgency now.  I see hints of changes in how they want to operate going forward now that Win8 is out the door. 
    Lets see how 2013 unfolds.  If its status quo when 2014 opens then there is serious reason for worry.  Windows 8.1 needs to address the shortcomings (perceived and real) for the desktop community (especially business users), and WP8.1 needs to address all the issues you raised, plus others like abilitity to do full image copies of the phone memory.  8.1 also needs to integrate the WP8 platform better with the W8 platform.  Not just for users, but for their Microsoft Partners like myself.  I know the pain from both sides.  More unified code base leading to a more unified store, etc. 
    To me, the biggest advantage MSC has over Apple and Google is their intrenched installed base of desktops.  If WP8 doesn't integrate more seamlessly with W8, then that hardly does them any good.
  • Finally... an honest person on these forums, willing to acknowledge Microsoft's failures and to rally for better support from them as opposed to senselessly defending their every mistake. I can't disagree with much that you've said. The latest do over seems to be on the right track, but 2 things frustrate me: 1) Microsoft knew, when abandoning Windows Mobile, that they were going to leave ce behind and go to an NT kernel, yet they wasted effort on Windows Phone 7 instead of going the direct route; and 2) each time Microsoft reset the OS they leave out features that were available in the old version, and then seem to be in no hurry to put things back. They never seem to convey a sense that they realize that they are dead last in a race where they need to put on the after burners and go full blast.
  • I have my wagon hitched to Microsoft.  That's how I make my living.  So I can't afford to see things any other way but thruthfully.  I have the bruses from this forum to prove it.  
    I always felt MSC would figure it out and get this train moving.  I see promising signs as I said.  I sit on some focus committies and like what I hear.  The urgency and willingness to support their Silver and Gold Partners seems to have improved as well.  Less arrogant.  That's all good.
    But they squandered an opportunity to attack the enemy when they were vulerable out in the open.  Now the enemy is at the gates, and they are literally fighting for their supremacy in the software industry.  Not too late but can't make mistakes anymore.  They still dominate the desktop and have the #1 gaming platform.  But they can't lose the mobile computing front.  it's where most of the growth will be over the next 10 years
  • Well, you certainly introduced rain to my parade. Didn't you? :( JK. ;)
  • absolutely..i think microsoft should change the name of next version of window phone to lumia phone 9 or lumia phone blue :D
  • Agreed Sergio.
  • They have to be good to WP they have no other choice.
  • I think they have a history of being good to their customers, even when they were on top.
  • Yeah probably.. But as it is now shut they have to work on something and keep their name up.. That's what they're doing
  • Nokia putting out useful apps....keep up the good work Nokia
  • This is pretty awesome. Can't wait to try it out during my workweek.
  • It works on my corporate calendar events
  • I agree with the original poster.   Microsoft should be thanking God the situations lined up and Nokia went all-in with Windows Phone.  What would the situation be right now for WP if Nokia was making great Android phones battling with Samsung and Microsoft was stuck with HTC? 
    Nokia still may not survive in the end (for other reasons), but they sure jumpstarted and maybe even saved Windows Phone.
  • This OS should be renamed Nokia Phone.
  • We do a lot of conference calls at work, so from the sounds of it this app is going to be mighty useful to me. The uber long conference numbers and PINs always intimidate me.
  • Love the idea, but I generally use a desk phone in my company meeting room for any conference calls I take part in.  Plus, for those, generally there's a screensharing setup that needs to be run anyway.
    Also, one limitation is that I don't actually see anywhere in the description which systems that this actually supports.  That's pretty key information they're not mentioning.
    Again though, I really love the idea.
  • Wow, I love how news of an awesome new app (one that will benefit me) turned into another "let's bash Micro$oft......yet again" thread.
    All that crap has been posted numerous times.......those participating are simply beating a dead horse. We all already know the mistakes MS has made!
    Why not celebrate the new apps like this without all the negativity?
    Frankly, its getting old.
  • Just saying, with Microsoft trying to push WP8 to businesses/enterprise, you'd think they'd take the burden off Nokia and do something as obvious as this themselves. Ok, done.
  • This whole bashing on MS has no base. What MS does is nothing different then wat Google or Apple does.
    They have a release cycle and they keep to it. They give freedom to companies to add stuff to the OS in the meantime and that also happens with Android. Android in its base is nothing specia, but the things companies like Samsung adds to the OS is what makes it tick. Also Google has a release cycle. Google doesnt shit every week new features. They release a new OS-version every 6-12 months so i dont see the problem with MS.
  • I agree.  Writing an OS is not like writing an app. Nokia themselves couldn't keep up with their own OS development.
    MS have laid the foundations with the core rewrite and from now on they can concentrate on the new features. 
    Look at ios, it's basically the same UI wise since the start.  And Samsung is the only one doing anything special with Android. 
    Nokia needs MS just as much as MS needs Nokia. 
    Edit: I'm glad I moved from my HTC Titan to a 920 though, HTC sucks these days!
  • Nokia read my mind, i have been waiting for an app like this for ever. it needs some improvements though, i guess thats why it is beta,
    1) I didnt recognise call in numbers seperated by dots (1.XXX.XXX.XXXX).
    2) Most of my invitations have 2 conference codes one for moderator and another for participent it tries to enter both numbers.
    i will have to try this monday & see if this works.
    missing features
    1) it will be nice to save my own conference number & code.
    2) after i dial in my passcode i have an option to say my name, it will be nice if we have an option to recoed my name & use it for all the conference calls.
    MS should have integrated this into OS since i have all this information in Outlook (call in # & pass code)
    thanks Nokia.
  • You've made some absolutely great recommendations, ones that will benefit most employees who do frequent conference calls. I hope your suggestions gets to somebody at Nokia who's in a position to incorporate them into an update.
  • Raghu - This is Bret at Nokia, from the Nokia Conference team. For issues (1) and (2) above, can you please tap on the meeting and pick "send feedback" off the menu, to email it to us. We'll take a look. For (2), it shouldn't enter both moderator & participant codes. And thanks for the feature suggestions. Duly noted. Feature (2) especially is something we've discussed (though it's a bit tricky technically). As for feature (1), you can kind of get that today by creating a special contact with phone number set to access number + ID/PIN code (press and hold on the period to enter a comma for a pause). But agreed that a feature in the app would be more user friendly setup-wise. All - Feel encouraged to give feedback on the app at Sharing feedback there lets us reply to it (e.g. ask for more details, if necessary). And enjoy using the app!
  • This could be pretty awesome.  I have a daily meeting I call into, so I'll be trying it today.
    This could make me finally buy a bluetooth headset...