Nokia continues to push forward with NFC at WIMA, shows off apps and hardware

Nokia is continuing to push NFC and remains the driving force at WIMA (, the foremost NFC conference. The event took place in Monaco this week and the manufacturer has been showing off its product portfolio, NFC-enabled hardware and the overall ecosystem. As well as showing off its stuff, the company has also held an NFC developer workshop.

The resources help developers learn how to implement NFC applications and solutions on the Windows Phone 8 platform. Multiple employees at Nokia have made speeches about NFC at the expo, which have been accompanied by demonstration areas to show off hardware and third-party apps.

Nokia is cleverly launching unique apps for Windows Phone that enable consumers to interact with NFC tags in creative ways - NearSpeak being a perfect example. NearSpeak allows Windows Phone owners to record audio messages and store them on NFC tags. But this wasn't the only app demonstrated at the event.

A McDonald's app was also updated especially for WIMA. It enabled users to order food on a Lumia smartphone in advance. Tapping the device when at the event would permit the owner to bypass the regular queue. The app present at WIMA is an upgrade of the GoMcDo app developed by Airtag. It’s available in more than 70 restaurants in France, and the NFC feature will be live for the summer.

Interestingly enough, Nokia also showed off NFC Writer, as well as Nokia Music with the capabilities for user generated custom music tags. We'll not miss out Vimeo for Windows Phones with the ability for users to share videos with a simple tap.

It's exciting to see just how fast Nokia is pushing both software and hardware with new technologies. Not only are we seeing innovation in its mobile devices, but the company doesn't appear to be slowing down when it comes to presenting new apps and features for consumers.

We'll may get called out for being too pro-Nokia, but no one can deny the manufacturer receiving credit where it's due.

Source: Nokia Conversations

Rich Edmonds
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