Nokia's Creative Studio gets updated to version 1.3

Another non-detailed update has hit the Windows Phone Marketplace. The other day similar updates hit Photosynth and the Dark Knight Rises apps. Today, it's the Nokia Creative Studio app.

There really isn't anything noticeable beyond the change in the version display (version 1.2 to version 1.3) and it is likely that the update makes a few under the hood adjustments that improves performance.

For those not familiar with Creative Studio, it is available on all Nokia Lumia Windows Phones and is a basic photo editing app. You can take and edit photographs through Creative Studios, edit existing photos from your Pictures Hub and create panorama images. Creative Studios has special effects, filters and your basic editing tools (crop, contrast, exposure, etc.) that you can apply to your photos.

You can find Creative Studios on your Nokia Lumia Windows Phone from the Marketplace app under the Nokia Collection.

Thanks, ej lee, for the tip!

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  • I don't like background picture...
  • Its still pretty basic. Fhotoroom and Photosynth does what this does way better. Something's the irk me are lack of facefront camera support, panoramas are stitched pretty sloppily, and the effects are really limited; there isn't even basic editing. In other words its pretty hard to be creative with this.
  • I don't understand the lack of ffc support either.. Missed opportunity by Nokia, similar to their entire photography experience on the lumia's
  • Ok lets see how long Marketplace takes to tell me about this update!!
  • There is no link to the app (from the wpcentral app).
  • You need to go to the Marketplace app from your Lumia Windows Phone and you will find Creative Studio in the Nokia Collection.
  • Ik how, but I just like having that link, and it helps others.
  • And still no resize - is a retard in charge of determining the feature set?
  • Everyone should do themselves a favor and use fhotoroom. For some heavier lifting, add fantasia. Use Photosynth for panoramas and immersive experience photos. Could all of the seemingly phantom upgrades be prepping for Tango?