Nokia "Dare to Live" Windows Phone challenge hits Scotland

Nokia and the Windows Phone team have taken the "Dare to Live" challenge to Edinburgh and Glasgow as the next step on their UK tour. Like what we witnessed in London with the challenge being held at the Shepherds Bush Westfield shopping centre, the public are challenged by the team at common smartphone tasks. Should the participant win they pocket £20 there and then, but should they lose then a daring activity awaits.

In London there was height frightening tightrope walking, but Scottish losers of the Dare to Live challenge in Glasgow get to take part in a bungee launch.

Have you dared to challenge Windows Phone? Check out more photos on the Windows Phone Facebook page.

Source: Facebook (Nokia)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • oh that looks fun!! lol
  • I like my Lumia 710, great design,  and beatiful applications. But ( there is always a but) a 3g data traffic counter applicattion is really needed. Not everybody have a unlimited internet plan.
  • To be honest at first I said the 710 was horrible. But I've seen it yesterday and it looks pretty good. However I want a 800/900 (Cyan xD).  I wished in my country the xBox live games would be purchase-able :(.
    If I'm not mistaken Nokia will add a traffic app soon to the market (exclusive).
  • I dont know if this works on your carrier but call *3272# (spells DATA)on your phone and system sends u free text with data info.
  • I've never wanted a Lumia 800 more in my life.
  • This is some brilliant advertising. They did a great job of showing off some of WP's best features and it looks like the people that lose get an even better prize than those who win.
  • Nokia should just run an ad on TV with Stephen Elop talking about Windows Phone. I believe that would be effective. That man can sell me anything. I don't know, It's just something about him. Lol
  • I think that looked funny, entertaining and the Reps looks hot, fresh, and friendly... Exactly how Nokia should be! ;)
  • They need to do this in Baltimore at the Inner Harbor!
  • Oh what color is that reddish one?
  • They call it Magenta. I call it Pink :P
  • Dont give this stuff to UK kids, they just organize riots with these things..
  • Yeah, that was better than just a challenge. Some footage of the people being interested when showing them WHY they were beat. Very nice ad, they could cut those up and do some TV.