Nokia Destination Maps - 4000 Venues but when can we view them on Windows Phone?

Nokia have just announced an update on how they are progressing with their Destination Maps product. The aim with the initiative is to provide an additional layer of mapping data where it makes sense. In this case Nokia are essentially aiming for Shopping Malls, Airports and other large scale public spaces. The rate at which they are adding these internal spaces is impressive, now boasting 4605 venues in 38 countries. 

Olympics site venue maps now available

It is no secret that I’m a fan of mapping and recently attended an excellent conference hosted by Ordnance Survey on the future of location. One of the best things about having a smartphone in my mind is having access to super accurate mapping. What we are seeing with the addition of indoor spaces is perhaps the start of a wider initiative to bring accurate mapping internally. The possibilities are very exciting as this video shows.

Future looking easier to buy brollies

Internal location based services aren’t going to be available for a good while to come as that will require those areas to be fitted with equipment for it to work. In the meantime, the Destination Maps should help satisfy a need to know more about an indoor space.

Now you can find the 99p Store even faster!!

Nokia and Microsoft are now fully partnered on maps. Destination Maps are integrated into Bing via their Venue Maps addition. I urge you to head on over to Bing and take a look for yourself. If you are heading to London over the summer for the Olympics then they have the whole site available to view in detail there.

Whilst I applaud Nokia and Bing maps for their advancements in mapping I have to say I am rather confused as to why Bing maps on Windows Phone hasn’t been updated to reflect all the good changes that the web product has, Streetside has been there for a long time but that still doesn’t exist on the phone. The post does say Nokia Maps will be updated soon with these internal structures but does not specify if they mean the mobile apps or on the web. Let’s hope that Nokia will at least endeavour to get these features to Windows Phone via its own maps offering soon. I for one would find them very handy.

I know there are lots of additional mapping technologies I want integrated into my phone. What mapping features would you like to see going forward? 

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