Nokia has plans to directly sell and promote its Lumia Windows Phones in US malls

Nokia has done direct marketing and sales in Europe but never in the US

From a new job posting that was sent in to Windows Phone Central, it appears that Nokia will be hiring folks from November 12th through December 31st to work in direct retail situations in mall kiosks and shops in the US.

The job requests are smartly being targeted at colleges where students could surely use the extra money and who would be more familiar with the nomenclature. We’re actually a bit excited to see this as it ties in nicely with Microsoft’s own Holiday stores and kiosks that are appearing in malls across the country.

The jobs are part-time or full-time, pay between $15-17 an hour with a completion bonus on hand. Candidates are to have past retail experience, a knowledge of technology and of course passion for the job.

We’ve seen Nokia increase its sales and promotions of the Lumia line (i.e. 'Rolling Thunder') and even though some were underwhelmed by the AT&T Lumia 900 campaign, it looks like Nokia is taking matters into their own hands, bypassing and augmenting any AT&T effort.

It’s a great idea as, like Microsoft, Nokia can more effectively control the message. And if they setup these kiosks in shopping areas and malls in key positions, they could have an important impact on sales and visibility for the new Lumia 820 and Lumia 920.

Nokia has done such direct sales attempts before, mostly in Europe and the UK e.g. Westfield Mall, but we have never seen such an effort in the US.

Anyone who has been in the US during the shopping holiday season knows malls are the new “main square” in America, often packed 14 hours a day with people shopping, eating, watching movies and more. If Nokia can pull this off on a wide-scale, we’ll be impressed as there is no way HTC or Samsung would do anything remotely similar.

Update: Fan sites Nokia Innovation & The Nokia Blog inform us that Nokia has done something similar in the past with Symbian, but we're hoping for a larger impact this time

Check out the full job request below for Queens, New York. Thanks, madogmoody, for the info!

Nokia Holiday Marketing Job Opportunity- Queens Center Mall

Nokia is currently seeking motivated and outgoing candidates with previous retail sales experience and technology to promote our wireless phones beginning November 12 and ending December 31st.

Candidate must have reliable transportation and experience in Retail/Mall/Kiosk/Promotions. Must have passion for technology and be available to work from November 12 until December 31.

Compensation - This job pays from $15-$17 plus completion bonus.

Work Schedule - Part-Time or Full Time

How to apply - Please send your resume to

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Where do I sign up for this ? I live in AZ and would love to continue spreading the windows phone gospel maybe this time get paid for it. I have 10 ex android and iPhone coworkers who happily switched.
  • I imagine they will post something for Scottsdale or Chandler. AZ has some pretty decent malls.
  • I just did a Google search with the below paragraph. Nokia is advertising for mall-sales associates all over the USA.  I noticed Los Angeles, Dallas, Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, D.C.
    Nokia is currently seeking motivated and outgoing candidates with previous retail sales experience and technology to promote our wireless phones
  • Are these kiosk's goint to sell the phones unlocked or are you still going to have to activate it through AT&T?
    Buy the phone full price and take it to an AT&T store to activate it?
    Still exclusive to AT&T?
  • Great point. Has anyone been able to answer this?
  • That was my first thought.  Because it's pointless (for me) if the Lumia 920 is not going to be available on TMobile. 
  • Same here. On t-mobile and still trying to get this phone from Nokia. Having no success. :(
  • YES YES YES!!!!!!!!  This is what they should have been doing ALL ALONG!
  • Cool, can I sign up for a job @ 17?
  • Good to see Nokia too taking some extra iniative to get WP out there in the US.
    As always with Nokia, it does better in Europe and Asia than USA. In a way would figure USA would also be more accepting towards WP, cos it's an "american product", but so far I believe europe and asia still has bigger marketshare with WP.
    I'm not expecting any iOS or Android killers, but a competetive marketshare would be nice to truely make this a threeway. Competition is good and a decent marketshare means more and better apps :)
    Disclaimer: Havn't owned a WP before, but #switchtolumia :D
  • In U.S., there has been virtually no marketing. What has been done does not effectively showcase what WP is capable of doing. I have a friend that got an Iphone 5. He was excited when he found out Facebook was synchronized to his calendar. I told him WP started that in 2010. He said BS. So, showed off my WP to him again, concentrating on FB integration. Now he thinks iPhone is iphony because WP had it 2 years ago.
  • Don't just show him Facebook, do twitter and linkedin!
  • Android and ios are American products too. The only major Os that isn't is blackberry...
  • I think that's a very good idea. Nokia is pretty much done if WP8 fails. They can't just rely on carriers selling the phone. They will have to seriously work with AT&T to educate the sales reps if L920 is going to be an AT&T exclusive.
  • Hey Nokia, you guys looking to come to Vegas? I would love to help out :)
  • Word, me too!
  • It's gna be great for creating more awareness and I think there's a lot of WP enthusiasts in the US. So Nokia will have a lot of people wanting to sell the phones.
  • Damn 15-17 an hour, I'll take that anyday. And who knows maybe theyll throw in some extra goodies for free
  • That's more than I make in my full-time salaried job (without including my benefits, of course). Any love for East Lansing, MI? I could probably take on some part time evenings!
  • Haha, I know I was about to say the same thing for Grand Rapids.
  • Flint, right here! Hopefully they don't forget about us like they've been doing. 1 Tmobile store..last for 4G of all carriers, I swear.
  • Please do this in Canada
  • I hope they do.  Does anyone know if these phones are going to be unlocked?? Because if they are, I'll happily make the 2 hour drive across the border to Buffalo and get one.
  • Back in the day of the Nokia Experience centers, the phones were not branded... so, most likely not locked. If I opt for the 920 AND there's a location in Seattle, then it may save me having to import an unlocked phone. Woohoo!!!
  • Pleease
  • Why not in good old Europe ?
  • We talk about Europe in the article and link to a UK store report...what more do you want?
  • So as much as I am behind anything promoting windows phones I do have one question.  If Nokia is directly selling these phones how are they selling them?  Are they under contract through AT&T or what?  I don't see a lot of people buying a $500-$800 phone in the US.  I know in Europe this is common.  Just questions here but I do hope it works.
  • No kidding. How many people can afford an unlocked phone?
  • Around 60% of phones in Scandinavia are sold unlocked. Similar numbers in Asia. 
    Nokia N95 that costed 800 euros and sold 18 million, mostly sold unlocked. 
    You are paying more for your phone than in Europe when monthly costs are put together, partly thanks to the carriers controlling the market and data prices being higher because there's no compeititon. SIM change is normal as Europe is home of GSM, when the concept of SIM in North America seems still hard thanks to CDMA history. 
    Every carrier has the same lineup in Europe, it's carriers job to compete with the prices. Not with the exclusive deals and such. Networks bands are also the same across Europe and people  move every other year to different carrier.  
    In general European and Asian have better grasp what phones actually cost thanks to the history, while in USA it's mostly masked. It's just about state of mind. 
  • Lot's of people outside of the US (where a middle class still exists) can afford it.
  • Seriously? How long would it take you to save $500-600... a month at most?
  • Not everyone has the same financial situation or priorities.
  • If you want to buy something then it becomes a "priority". I'd much rather pay $600 + $50/month, than $99 + $100/month, for 24 months. If you can afford $100/month then you can afford to save money.
  • The reason it's common here is cos our service providers dont charge anywhere near 100usd a month.
    I pay 10€/month for what you guys probably pay a 100$/month for. But on the other hand we dont get a flagship phone for like 50$ either, but we pay the full price. With simple math our method ends up cheaper though.
  • We also don't get discounted service for providing our own phones. We have to pay the same price for service that someone who got a free flagship phone pays. So... I'm subsidizing their discounts. Of course, they're all subsidizing my data usage. I pay $20 for unlimited data (way old plan) and tether anywhere between 100 and 500GB/mth.
  • In Australia there are contract plans & pre-paid plans. A contract is like getting a loan and requires a lot more effort, but it usually means a much lower up-front cost. The repayment is split between plan + MRO (monthly repayment for mobile). If you have your own phone you can still go on contract, on the same plans, but you don't pay the MRO. Generally this is around $59 + $10 to $15 MRO per month.
    Then there are pre-paid plans... You provide the phone or buy one for a set fee. As the name suggests you pay up front (top-up) each month for a set amount and it generally lasts a month. But there are also 60-day, and 365-day options for basic usage. I pay $30 for 60 days usage, then I add a data plan for $5/month... Which brings my monthly total to around $20/month. I had to pay $550 for my phone... So over 24 months I'll save around $1000
  • *save around $600-$1000 depending on the MRO amount on the contract cost
  • Most US carriers don't discount monthly fees if you buy a phone at full cost. Because of this, there is no savings on the back end for the upfront cost like in Europe and Asia.
  • This only applies if you take your phone to a major carrier instead of a smaller prepaid one. The small ones usually offer a tiered system that offers plans from $40-$60, sometimes even cheaper, and are sans contract so you aren't stuck. Just a matter of finding one who supports your phone which is easy enough.
  • I'd do it for an employee discount...
  • It would be sweet to see this in Phoenix, AZ! Now it would be even greater if AT&T/Nokia threw an incentive for customers who bought Lumia 900. The incentive... be able to upgrade to the Lumia 920.;-) Wishful thinking, I know. By the way I'm delighted with my Lumia. :-)
  • Last year in Puerto Rico I spoke with two Nokia WPhone promoters that did not even use WPhones themselves. They were severely lacking selling strategy and basically were just displaying the Nokia logo on their black shirts. Later I learned that Nokia hired a PR company from Dominican Republic to rum the campaign here! The US colony of Puerto Rico is kind of special for marketing purposes: a US market extension in a Spanish-speaking island, yet Nokia manages it as a latin-American market. Nokia doesn't get, Apple gets it, and that's sad, because I like Wphone better.
  • Yeah, I've talked with promo/demo people here in Los Angeles; once at a Microsoft launch event and once at a Nokia kiosk for an event.  Not one person used a Windows Phone as their daily device.  They used them during their training through the end of the gig when they had to turn them in.
  • What Chix018 said. If they did this in Canada, which has tons of malls since it's nice to be out of the cold, I think they'd do quite well. In fact, if they had their phones in all the colours on display I'd skip over Rogers and buy one from there in cash. I wonder if this announcement was in response to letting that marketing guy go earlier since Nokia realized they need market penetration beyond at&t?
  • If they are doing this, I'm in.  100%.   
    I really want to get the 920, but I don't want to give Rogers more money for it.  I'd much rather get one from Nokia (hopefully, unlocked and unbranded) and I'd pay cash for it.
  • This still sucks because none of there Lumia phones contain the AWS bands. So I'm still stuck with At&t.
  • I'm sure they'll be selling them at subsidized prices.
  • Subsidized by who?
  • I live in Boston.. There should definitely be some here!
  • Come to Dallas r fort worth
  • I'd work for them
  • This will only work if they sell the 920 (or equivalent) for every carrier. Att is already in most malls. This wouldn't help sells it would split them.
  • I disagree.  People have to walk into the AT&T store vs. walking by an active kiosk with people ready and willing to show them something new.  Also, I've been in the AT&T store and had to LOOK for WP devices and the sale people aren't excited about it.  They sell iPhones and Androids.  If the kiosks sell unbranded/unlocked to people with that kind of cash on hand and then send informed customer who want the subsidized phone over to AT&T, this can be a great thing.  The best part is still getting the many, many people who weren't going to walk into a phone store that day.
  • my friend spent the night in line to get the iphone 5 then took it to att to activate it. So no it wont. Thats common at apple.
  • I hope this is also for other cities
  • After 2 years of WP...sometimes I felt like #msft don't care about WP... They never advertised what it can do,how it works,what the app looks like,what phones look like,the deep integration of apps and many more... Sometimes I want to believe that msft wants Nokia to fail so they could buy them off or maybe they don't want it to be too popular because msft makes more$$$$$ with android sales... So I don't know why not ADVERTISE THE WP...well carriers of course will not just focus on one product,you will never expect that from att unless if att only sells WP..we will see...but Nokia has to spread the word herein the USA...people aren't just aware of WP... People aren't just aware of WP...
    My co worker told me that he's iPhone is so much easier to use compare to my I showed him he's profile without tapping FACEBOOK APP #JAWDROP
  • I like the idea, but if all they sell is an AT&T version of the 920, it will be more wasted money for a company already hurting. If they want this to work for them, they MUST sell a version for Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. I love the 920 but refuse to switch to AT&T because I travel all over the country and need a service I can rely on.
  • I said the same thing earlier in the comments.
  • I have travelled all over the country and I always have service that I can rely on.  My experience is different than the VZW commercials would have me believe. OK, I lied.  When we were going through the miles and miles of cornfields in Iowa, there were times that I didn't have service.  Having Verizon or anyone else didn't solve that problem for the group I was with either. I think all carriers are horrific companies, to be honest. I just don't understand the religious level devotion to a carrier. 
  • Finally!! they're getting their act together. all I see is samsung promoting their phones at Queens center mall all the time. I hope they hire people who knows how to use a WP.
  • Nokia come to a mall around Harrisburg/lancaster pa! I can sell these! Heck I bought a second 900 after my first had an unfortunate accident in the grand canyon. (It and my buddy fell over the edge.... My buddy survived but the lumia is still in there somewhere......)
  • Wow that sucks. Not your buddy surviving, that's great. The phone thing, that sucks.
  • That would be so cool. You working at the Nokia store with a 8x on your hip.
  • Any stores coming to Boston, Ma? I would love to put Nokia under my résumé.
  • Am I comprehending this right? If I buy direct from them in those Kiosks, I would be purchasing a fully unlocked device?
  • Hey Daniel, do you know if these kiosks will sell unlocked phones? Great if it happens but seems like it goes against AT&T exclusive deal if they sell them unlocked for any carrier.
  • I agree with the L900 incentive idea some of you have posted.  Yeah, that would make some positive noice accross the community. Nothing promotes services and products better than extremely happy customers that just can't seem to shut up about what has them all worked up. I would however would like to see something else added.  To qualify for this, one would have to return the L900 afterwards so those units can be donated to low income families, kids at the YMCA or other community leader members that help out and he would need to keep track on their volunteer projects via team calendars and programs such as OneNote.  I also would like to see teachers in public schools get one to keep track of and evaluate homework assignments as the phone already comes with MS office baked in.
  • "nothing promotes services and products better than extremely happy customers that just can't seem to shut up about what has them all worked up." - Not sure what to make of your comment?:-/
  • I guess he is just excited!
  • ha ha, yeah that was funny.  I meant that when my step son purchased is first windows phone you couldn't shut him up for a sec.  He used to go on and on about how easy it was to do things with it, and how live tiles made things more lively.  My daughter was a few days away from getting an Iphone but she ended up giving in to curiousity since she heard and step brother on the phone praising his new purchased non-stop.  Now she's a fan. Yeah, just now I realized I could have better expressed my comment earlier though. Thanks for the comment and let's hope Win phones become a major player soon.  
  • I love this idea of Nokia promoting its own phones in malls.. Quite generous pay I think... What is minimum wage now in the US?
  • 7.25
  • Part time? I'd do it for the rest of my life!:D
  • NOK should go after the Android and Blackberry crowd. NOK needs something to convince people to move to the Windows ecosystem maybe a trade-in program or something like that to really start pulling people over.
  • Great idea!
  • Please do this in Canada, with more than just the black one.
  • They wouldn't get anyone to work for less in NYC. I'm sure other areas of the country will be less.
  • If they have this in Canada. I would gladly sign up. Please Nokia this is a must in Canada as well
  • Hope they have phones that work 100% on whatever carrier the given customer has, or this will be a fail. #CautiouslyOptimistic
  • I just wrote this on another site:  
    I think this sort of promotion is vital. I saw first hand the power of demonstration of Lumia devices at the Nokia Music sponsored Janelle Monae show here in Los Angeles. They had kiosks setup with Lumias and headphones. People were playing with the phones and I actually overheard people with iPhones talking about how cool it was and asking why they didn't have services like Nokia Music. There were a couple of people pondering whether to switch. They never would have had those thoughts put in their head from traditional TV, billboard advertising. They needed to play with it themselves.
    Also, last year Galaxy Note had a mall demo at the Beverly Center here. I played with it for a few moments and was super interested in the thing. In the end, that hands on demo worked against Samsung because I, and others thought it was just too big to carry around full time.
    I think doing whatever is needed to get people to touch and play with the devices is a great use of marketing dollars. Visual advertising, edifies - the tactile experience, bonds.
  • Glad to see this kind of promotion, but I think Nokia will be shocked by how many people who will simply walk away when Nokia says "AT&T only".
  • Noka won't say that and I think you overestimate the numbers of people who will simply "walk". Some people will want the Lumia 822. Remember, these aren't people who hang out on tech sites, these are regular people who buy the iPhone without opitcal image stabilization or wireless charging or PureView. Also, some people will be clear of contract and don't have an emotional attachment to a carrier.
  • I am pro Nokia and Pro WP. Its easy to get excited over this, but honestly it still won't work. US shopping trends have changed. The mall is a thing of the past which is the reason alot of stores in these malls have closed. People like Outlets and Dept stores now. Very few Americans prefer malls these days. Nokia wastes too much money.
  • I was just at a very busy
    Last weekend, I went to see a movie, at a mall mutliplex.
    All of the Department Stores here...are in malls.  Even Target is going to the Beverly Connection to join Ross and Marshall's. America is a big place and lots of people do lots of things in lots of places. One of those places is the mall.  I haven't been to an outlet mall in YEARS, nor would I expect Nokia to put up a kiosk there, unless they were going to plaster 80% off stickers all over it.
  • Bayshore Mall in Euteka,Ca has a Wal-Mart where the Gottschalks used to be...i doubt we are getting a Nokia Kiosk,lmfao
  • I see your point but some people lives in the mall day in and day out.
  • Depends on mall management and whether a reasonably nearby mall is pulling customers away. The area malls I see dying haven't been updated in forever, feel like the uninviting dumps they are, and most shoppers have moved to the recently renovated mall in the next burb. Meanwhile the two malls I frequent are nearly packed almost every hour they are open. Management makes sure the facility is kept clean and in good repair, and new stores constant replace the recently closed. The stores that do close simply don't offer what the public wants, or they are seasonal.
  • I agree with this.
    Sure, there are still a handful of high traffic malls in each region of the U.S., but for the most part, many shopping malls are creaky relics with low foot traffic and many contain an abundance of shuttered stores that have yet to be replaced.
    The worst hard hit of all are the big box specialty retail stores,  the Borders Books, Linens N Things, Circuit Cities etc. of the world.
    The American retail scene is not what it was even four years ago.
  • Queens Center Mall? That's right in my neighborhood! I might mention this to my best friend since she's been out of work for a really long time and she knows Nokia Windows Phones as she has the Lumia 710 herself. This is pretty cool.
  • In all likelihood, they will be providing dedicated staff in Microsoft stores or AT&T stores.  I seriously doubt one will see dedicated Nokia kiosks in the US since, at this moment, there will be only one carrier.  Nokia also has almost no brand recognition in the US which means most people will walk past something that is Nokia only.  In this country Nokia simply does not have the recognition of Apple or Samsung or even HTC.  FWIW, I also do not know anyone who would buy from a mall kiosk. In fact, I am most familiar with people sharing my opinion that one should walk past kiosks when buying a contract device since that kiosk can (or with most holiday kiosks will) be gone almost as fast as you bought the phone....
  • What are you talking about? Nokia will be on more than one carrier.  The 920 might not be, but Nokia might.
  • One thing that comes to mind, the average consumer walking through the mall isn't going to buy an unsubsidized phone no matter how good the phone is. All of us posting here do not represent the masses. Some of us may saw we would spend $500-800 for an unsubsidized phone but the average shopper could care less. They want a good phone at a subsidized price. I can't see how Nokia is going to sell an L920 unsubsidized to the masses from a kiosk at full price.
  • After Windows 8 comes out, I'm pretty sure more people will pay attention to Windows Phone 8. Maybe Microsoft should talk about the Wphone in Win8 terms, to underline the common core, functionality and complementing features.
  • There's no reason why they have to sell them unsubsidized. They can have it so they can upgrade or write a new contract on multiple carriers. Just like many different retailers do.