Nokia has plans to directly sell and promote its Lumia Windows Phones in US malls

Nokia has done direct marketing and sales in Europe but never in the US

From a new job posting that was sent in to Windows Phone Central, it appears that Nokia will be hiring folks from November 12th through December 31st to work in direct retail situations in mall kiosks and shops in the US.

The job requests are smartly being targeted at colleges where students could surely use the extra money and who would be more familiar with the nomenclature. We’re actually a bit excited to see this as it ties in nicely with Microsoft’s own Holiday stores and kiosks that are appearing in malls across the country.

The jobs are part-time or full-time, pay between $15-17 an hour with a completion bonus on hand. Candidates are to have past retail experience, a knowledge of technology and of course passion for the job.

We’ve seen Nokia increase its sales and promotions of the Lumia line (i.e. 'Rolling Thunder') and even though some were underwhelmed by the AT&T Lumia 900 campaign, it looks like Nokia is taking matters into their own hands, bypassing and augmenting any AT&T effort.

It’s a great idea as, like Microsoft, Nokia can more effectively control the message. And if they setup these kiosks in shopping areas and malls in key positions, they could have an important impact on sales and visibility for the new Lumia 820 and Lumia 920.

Nokia has done such direct sales attempts before, mostly in Europe and the UK e.g. Westfield Mall, but we have never seen such an effort in the US.

Anyone who has been in the US during the shopping holiday season knows malls are the new “main square” in America, often packed 14 hours a day with people shopping, eating, watching movies and more. If Nokia can pull this off on a wide-scale, we’ll be impressed as there is no way HTC or Samsung would do anything remotely similar.

Update: Fan sites Nokia Innovation & The Nokia Blog inform us that Nokia has done something similar in the past with Symbian, but we're hoping for a larger impact this time

Check out the full job request below for Queens, New York. Thanks, madogmoody, for the info!

Nokia Holiday Marketing Job Opportunity- Queens Center Mall

Nokia is currently seeking motivated and outgoing candidates with previous retail sales experience and technology to promote our wireless phones beginning November 12 and ending December 31st.

Candidate must have reliable transportation and experience in Retail/Mall/Kiosk/Promotions. Must have passion for technology and be available to work from November 12 until December 31.

Compensation - This job pays from $15-$17 plus completion bonus.

Work Schedule - Part-Time or Full Time

How to apply - Please send your resume to

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