MS Mini Store

They may be small, but they're pretty

Although Microsoft has been opening quite a few full-fledged retail Stores over the past few months, the last time we counted there are still less than 30 nationwide. Microsoft’s solution for this, albeit temporary, is to open mini “Holiday Stores” in malls and shops across the country.

While we don’t know the range for these little popups meaning if some will be big and some tiny, we do know they will look quite nice. Case in point are these two photos from the Galleria mall in St. Louis, where we can see two Microsoft kiosks being prepped for the 26th.

MS Mini Store

The Surface RT tablet appears to be the sole focus

Although this is a far cry from a proper Microsoft Store, we can see these being very effective for pushing that new Surface RT tablet, which looks to be the main focus of this one setup. We don't know if these are the only kiosks being setup or maybe if this is just a front for something larger within the mall, but it's a start.

We presume an area like New York City will get something a bit more extravagant or at least it will sell a few more items. We’ll keep an eye out for any developments and if you see something in your area, feel free to pass it on.

Thanks, Kyle L., for the pics!