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Nokia EOS receives mini-review treatment from leakster

Yesterday, a new leaker joined the blogosphere – ViziLeaks. They currently have a Nokia “EOS” and have been sharing photos of the device slowly. Today, they’ve released a “mini-review” where they share more images and discuss the device in a blog entry. Highlights after the break.

In terms of the feel of the device itself, they describe it as solid, smooth, and a bit weighty. The device also makes a slight bulge in their shorts when it’s in their pockets. You can attribute that bulge to the volcano on the back that contains the rumored 41MP camera guts.

What material is the casing? They aren’t sure if it’s a metal or premium polycarbonate, which didn’t matter since apparently it feels great in the hand. Sure enough if you look at some close ups of the device you’ll notice that the material seems to have texture. At least that’s what the detail in the images makes leads us to believe.

For the sides, nothing on the left, but the right has your typical volume rocker, power on/off button, and physical camera button. Up top you’ll find a micro-SIM card tray, 3.5mm headphone jack, and a noise cancellation microphone. Down low you’ll notice a drilled speaker grill, micro-USB port, and a lanyard u-port (something you don’t see often in the Windows Phone world).

Let’s flip that device over. Like the Lumia 925, the EOS/Elvis won’t have wireless charging integrated into the device. So on the back you’ll notice 2 little metal contacts that will be used for the wireless charging covers. This new approach to wireless charging that the Lumia 925 and EOS are taking actually makes sense to me. I sense an editorial incoming, but that’s for later.

Also on the back of the EOS is the camera bulge, the main selling point of the upcoming device. We expect the camera sensor to have 41MP. In the mini-review, Vizileaks points out that the branding around the camera contains “XX” for where the specs will go. That’s to keep the specifications under wraps, but like I said, we expect a 41MP shooter that takes two pictures at once. One 38MP version and a smaller 5MP version for quickly sharing through social media outlets.

EOS Camera

Samples from the camera will be shared by Vizileaks in the near future. A tease to stay tuned to their Twitter and blog.

Anybody else stoked for this phone? It’s shaping up to be a Lumia 920 with a crazy camera, a concept I bet a lot of you can get on board with.

Source: Vizileaks, Via: WMPU

  • I am surprised all this is "leaked" on accident
  • Lets just hope after all this buzz, they drop it like it was hot a week after the official announcement.
  • It's obvious it's not leaked on accident. Nokia gave authorization for these images to leak, otherwise you wouldn't be seeing them, specially when the people who "leak" them can be identified ;)
  • You seem to be new to phone leaks.
  • Not really but why call them leaks if there not really leaks....i see it as a tease -_-
  • And you know this how?
  • Because I know Laws (it's my job to know them as a lawyer, see?).
    And I know that, if Nokia really wanted, they could very well legally prevent these images from being "leaked". Or at least spread on every big WP website.
  • This
  • idk thinking back to the time when gizmodo had an iphone 4 (was it?) apple tried to prosecute, but the publicity gizmodo received was obviously worth all the risk. wouldn't be surprised if it was the same deal here
  • I think in that case someone had left the iphone at a bar or something....dont quote me on that tho
  • That's true. It is reported at Dailytech when the story first surfaced. Not to mention that the owner of that prototype iPhone 4 is an Apple engineer.
  • Not likely.  WPCentral and the source would both get Cease and Desist letters.  I think WPCentral would comply with any Nokia request because Nokia can block them from Nokia sponsored events, not send them demo phones, etc.  Seeing as Nokia is kind of a big deal in the WP8 world, they'd likely not do that.
    Nokia wants buzz and leaked images help with that while not costing them anything.  Same for those "leaked" builds of Windows 8 Blue.  MS is the one who has leaked them because they want to foster discussion about it.
  • If I recall, Gizmodo returned the phone (iPhone 4 prototype) after legal pressure from Apple, and the person who found and sold the phone to them ended up in court in his home state according to a Dailytech member. In addition, the police ransacked the Gizmodo editor's house after getting a warrant to do so.
    Not exactly a happy ending if you ask me, and I'm surprised that they are still loyal to Apple after that fiasco. If either the person who found the phone or Gizmodo had reported it to the police, none of this would have happened.
  • Its naive to assume they can do anything to stop it. Yes, there is legislation which theoretically provides protection, in reality by the time they get an intervention or even discover the leak, the picture has been duplicated across 10000 servers in 100 countries, none of which are willing to cooperate on something as petty as a phone leak.
    The most cost efficient solution for Nokia is to revoke its own support to the site, the publicity of 1 high quality leak probably outweighs that
  • Daniel really jilted you earlier today didn't he? You seem sensitive when it comes to this phone and its leaks.
  • I think it was the other way around. Either way I don't know why this supposed lawyer keeps pushing this.
  • Yeah, I think Nokia is trying to build some early hype.. Its quite obvious.
  • You're making some big assumptions. If Nokia sent prototypes to carriers/partners for testing, it would have nothing to do with Nokia giving "authorization" for a leak. Maybe Nokia doesn't want to waste money and bad PR on getting leeches err, lawyers involved.
  • It's probably a prototype used to test pictures in outdoors. Looks cool, like an UFO, like a batmobile, like Deathstar that will bring death to other phones!
  • Nokia tweeted a link to WPcentral today. Perhaps trying to get people over for a look at this?
  • They tweet links from our stories often. We're the largest Windows Phone site + community. 
  • Considering this is leaked, I'm surprised I don't see chinese written anywhere.... :-P
  • Crazy excited!!
  • Right?! These last two days have been great! So glad I didn't cave and buy a 920!
  • Don't Taze me Bro! :'(
  • Lol!
  • Hopefully its more then just the camera thats bumped up, I would still get one either way but im on sprint (they dont like windows phone much)
  • Same here, its always nice to see what Nokia has come up with, but the lack of microSD on flagship devices and the same desing is getting kind of old.
    Starting to lose interest in Nokia with the same old crap just a new camera, whats the point, just release a new phone, not a lazy redesign of an old one, with one added feature (i.e. the camera).
  • Yeah, im kind of disappointed that it doesn't have a SD slot, and it's so similar to the 920 in design.. They could have at least gave it 64gb of storage.. But, we haven't seen the official specs yet..
  • Currect SD cards have low read/write speeds IMHO. Ask users using WP8 devices that support SD cards. I am using L720, the time I installed SD card on my device..there were delays and lags. Nokia may not want you to experience that on a premium device. If Ativ S users don't have that, then...WAFU
  • depends on the card. I have a class 10 in my Ativ S so it is super fast
  • High end camera's have SDCards and they run fine, any user of a top end camera would expect the SDCard to be there, so they will be disappointed here, which is a shame since its such a simple feature to add in. 
    Even without the camera I would love to be able to just slot in a 64Gb card for all my music, maps, pictures and videos and forget about space constraints for a long time.
  • I am also using Class10 mSD card..either it's my card or the 512 RAM or OS..lag is noticeable when you are in an app, playing music...everytime music moved to next song..If media files are on the phone I don't have this issue.
  • Then it is the card then. If it does not do it when the files are on the phone it cannot be the OS or the phone itself. I believe it is documented that NAND memory is faster than SD card memory.
  • "Like the Lumia 928, the EOS/Elvis won’t have wireless charging integrated into the device." I think you mean 925
  • ^^^This^^^
  • Yep
  • Yeah, that confused me.
  • Fixed thanks
  • Nice. Anybody thinking it's a bigger screen
  • it does look a bit bigger.
  • That's what I was going to ask.. Looks larger to me.
  • Well...................................................NO MATTER WHAT IT'S MINE!!!
  • Lol! Its yours dude!! Go get it boi!!
  • So much want!  That lanyard slot is the icing on the cake that really says this is a camera that can be hung around the neck or held around the wrist.
  • Lanyard u-port, you know it means boss camera.
  • What is a lanyard u port?
  • I think it is so you can take pictures with it around your hand.
  • A special loop port to put a lanyard into so you can hang it on your hand or neck. All cameras have it (except DSLRs). Phones rarely have it, especially modern ones.
  • If by "modern" you mean iPhone-style phone, then yes. However, almost every non-unibody style phone has a lanyard. And pretty much every Japanese phone has it. I don't know why all of a sudden unibodies didn't incorporate lanyards but finally, this is awesome.
  • I guess iPhone never had it
  • Would like to have it on my 920 too... :|
  • Thank you, yeah come to think of it, i remember strange holes in my old phones, i guess that's what they were!
  • These are pretty big leaks. . .
  • Big leaks? BLEAKS!!!!!
  • ha!
  • Agreed. I kinda miss the days when a phone/tablet announcement surprised anyone. Even Apple has a hard time keeping things close to the vest. You know every detail by the time of announcement so everyone kinda goes, "ho hum".
    With Nokia, every Lumia announcement has been preceded by 41MP rumors, which leads to even more disappointment. This one obviously seems like it will happen, but I still wish there'd be some wow factor when announced.
  • Lens is too small. Can they make this any bigger?
  • You broke my sarcasm meter.
  • Lmao =D
  • "Omg this phone is....OMFG!LANYARD U-PORT? Shut up and take my money!" that was my reaction when reading.
  • Lol. You're seriously this excited about the lanyard port? :)
  • I like me some lanyard ports. If it weren't for them, I wouldn't be holding my camera while flying down black diamonds on my snowboard, or shooting video while on a roller coaster - dangerous spots for expensive electronics. ;)
  • Are you not? Clearly this means Instagram is coming!
  • Did you not ever own a Nintendo Wii?  Where would our TV's be without the lanyard?
  • There was a hint of sarcasm in there. But once I started thinking about it I was like, "hmm I actually really like it. SHUTUPANDTAKEMYLANYARDMONEY!"
  • Would be interesting to see if it incorporates the 920s image stabilization
  • I'm quite sure it does son.. Sure it does indeed.
  • For me, its all about a great camera with a phone the can call,text, get emails and surf the web with, navigation, apps and games. Not a great phone with a camera that can do all the above. This will be in my possession on release day.
  • "You can attribute that bulge to the volcano on the back" I actually quite like this description of it. lol Edit: misread micro-USB for micro-SD. But hey...there's hope. the top of the phone has two little wholes if you notice in the other photos. So it could indicate a place for the micro-SD slot ;)
  • I am sorry that I have to disappoint you. No one said anything about micro-SD. Read again.
  • Sorry, buddy. The story says its a micro-SIM slot, not a micro-SD. :(
  • Where does the article say it has a micro SD slot? I missed that when I read it.
  • It doesn't. I misread micro-USB with micro-SD. The post is edited ;)
  • Don't feel bad I misread it as well. Here's to hoping it has a minimum of 32gb onboard or im gonna be a unhappy camper. I'm used to having ample space for mp3s and games, but these images are gonna gobble that up. Fast.
  • Is that a Nokia EOS in your pants or are you just happy to see me?
  • Lol =D
  • I just hope the phone will have the WP 8.1 preloaded and has a beasty screen with enough RAM for "True Multitasking".
    Phone looks good though, I'm liking it :)
  • I'm convinced that "Leaks" are allowed for Hype purposes. It's a business strategy that's done pretty well for Nokia thus far. As far as the phone is concerned, wish they would stop the exclusive stuff and let all carriers carry them. Verizon has the 928 but I want some colors on the phones already...white and black are booooooring. 
  • It's not that they won't "let" other carriers have them... it's that the carriers only want phones that are available exclusively from them. So this is pretty much their only option.
  • I actually really like this phone. Once you get over the hump and realize the tradeoff for the camera, everything is designed pretty much perfectly. The one concern I have is the lack of SD card... where will these huge pictures be stored? Or will it have 64GB of built in storage?
  • read up on the 808.  Oversampling can be done on a 2, 5,8MP can also take a 38MP 4:3 images or a 34MP 16:9 images.  If you continuously take 38MP images, then yes you will want enough storage.  However the magic is in the oversampling down with the 2-8MP resolutions. 32Gb's should be enough for me.  My 808 hasn't even used passed 16 GB's already on my storage card. GSMArena has a nice little article over this.  "The amazing science behind the Nokia 808's mammoth 41MP camera explained"
  • Super speaker
  • New approach to wireless charging = Nokia hedging their bets. With recent developments in the wireless charging space the future of Qi is not looking hopeful. By making it an accessory people won't be locked in to either standard.
  • Or maybe its to keep the bulk down. I know, crazy talk, right? /s
  • what they're doing is pretty genius. turning it into a case is a great strategy, although it could backfire with the crowd that took the 'less is more' mantra too far.
  • Where do you get that QI is not looking healthy from, reference, link??
    More and more places are implementing QI into their store furniture. Love this phone and don't believe including charging within the unit would have increased the thickness by any measure. It is probably to keep the cost down because this isn't going to be a low cost device. There are two things Nokia need to do to make this successful, price and design. I know it comes in different colors but they should have invested in more distinctive styling. Oh and lets hope they get the marketing right. This thing will then propel Nokia to adoption rates more aligned to iPhone volumes.
  • Here you go.. PowerMat is calling the shots now
  • My first reaction to this was pretty negative, i love wireless charging on my 920. But i see your point, the standard is in a state of flux and everyone has a case so bunging the technicals in there makes it future proof, cheaper and lighter. Sold.
  • I want Nokia to keep wireless charging built in to push the Qi standard. I have two wireless chargers and the wireless car charger on order and I'd like to keep using them when I upgrade my 920. C'mon Qi!
  • Is that lanyard safe? what if it breaks and the phone fall down?
  • Yes, I see what you mean, the ground is not safe from freefalling EOS devices
  • Wow!  That was awesome.  Hilarious!
  • If its a proper, quality lanyard, it won't break.
  • Please be a 4.7" or 4.8" screen.
  • +XX
  • what you did there, i see it.
  • Is that you, Yoda?
  • This wouldn't be the only thing that makes a bulge in my pants. ;) My wallet you pervs..
  • Walk into the club like WADDUP! I GOT A NOKIA EOS
  • Wouldn't your wallet de-bulge since you just bought the phone? So the bulge really is... o_0
  • You took the words outta my mouth Sam...
  • Oh Sam...lmfao
  • A pretty girl walks up to you at @ bar and says " Is that a nokia EOS in your pants or are you just happy to see me?"
  • You got any more material? I've never heard this joke before.
  • Guy says : I AM happy to see you sweety! and my EOS is actually on the table!
    Honestly, if you look at my previous posts I said that I'd be buying this little beaut right here.  It has a slim profile which is an honest to goodness real innovation from Nokia.  Let's not get too sensitive, and you have my permission to use the above joke to deflect criticisms about  the size of the phone.  You can even change it a bit like..  I AM happy to see you sweety! and actually that is my ginormous galaxy.  You cafn even give them the link  for the windows phone advert "The wedding".
    MOAR Nokia!  I want MOAR!!!
  • Girl says: WTF dude! I just want you to buy me a beer. I don't want to hear about some phone you want!
  • LOL  ;)
  • Surely if a girl says that, the guy must be very misshapen to look like a small protruding oval?
  • "It's a Nokia EOS on the one side, and me happy to see you on the other side. Now, let's take som nude photos....of you!"
  • Why is the phone in the dirt? Odd choice of place to take photos.
  • My guess, its in the uk, its sunny outside and us Brits love the summer. It is probably near the EE UK HQ, wherever that is. Probably somewhere deathly dull like Slough or Staines (offence intended :P)
  • Exactly what i thought, the grass is really green and we've had some sun recently. Possibly Vodafone campus in Newbury
  • Yes, this'll do me for the next year. :)
  • I wish it had 1080p, it seems a waste to take amazing pictures and not have the extra resolution to view them with.
  • How many gigs?? The fact that these people are not posting how many gigs it includes and show off the OS leads me yo believe this really is a Nokia leak. You mean to tell me that if Rubino had this he wouldn't rape this phone and tell us all about it?
  • rape! ha! funny...
  • Ugly backing I understand its a sweet camera but at what cost will it get bigger I hope not that's why I love my 920 wireless charging built in nice and sleek no bulge except mine!
  • Sweet. Too bad I gotta wait a year and a half till my 920 contract is up... But then again , I'm confident they'll be able to make this phone lighter and less bulky by then.
  • Ewwwwwww!!!
    If that's what the EOS looks like, it means Nokia forgot how it made the 808 PureView!
    Maybe the original design team flew the coop? I sincerely hope that the "leak" is wrong about (at least) the appearance.
  • I feel it's imperative that this phone has some new version of Windows Phone attached to it. It's an exciting device, but it's about time there was some kind of significant update to WP8.
  • Without an OS update along with new processor, this will be a major fail on nokia's part.
  • I feel that a condescending Wonka meme is suited for these two comments here ^^ Does anyone else agree? 
  • Hmmm.... do I get a (probably cheaper!) 925 or wait for the EOS? Either way, Nokia basically have my money!
  • I can't believe there's no micro-SD slot....
  • ... Weird!
  • 929
  • Hard to say, I feel that even though it wont have next gen 93x specs it deserves more than being another 92x varient. Maybe simply call it Lumia Pureview and have a sererate serious of serious imaging lumias.
  • As long as notification center is better I'm in! Plus I'm curious to see how it records live concerts and what not! But me like and want!
  • +808
  • One major problem I see. The round black plastic around the lens looks cheap. I would strongly suggest Nokia to give it a dark metallic looking coating, something that looks like the metal body of an high quality digital camera. Like it is, it will not convey the level of quality Nokia needs to suggest when the customer holds the device in a store, being unable to fully test the camera. I suggest Nokia buys a buch of Canon, Nikon etc. to copy their body texture to the camera modules visible surface. Also, this coating needs to be cold to the touch. And the lettering needs to be Chrome or Golden.
  • Why can't they put round edges on this phone?  I hate those sharp flat edges.  Feels awefull in my hand.  I preffer the look and feel of the 820's border.
  • Agree 100%
  • Because its Nokia's flagship design and nearly ever OEM makes round edges on a smartphone so it make Nokia different.
  • Hmm...solid but a bit hefty...standby for the "OMG this phone is too heavy"
  • Gives a whole new meaning to "I have a volcano in my pants"
  • Im thinking 4.7 inch at the very least no way is it 4.5 like the 920 925 928 lumias
  • Nokia also needs to make a pure camera version of this phone. WiFi, Navigation, Very bright display, replacing the sim slot with a microUSB slot... Etc.
  • I thank the awful Nokia sales rep in my area for stopping me from buying a 920 a couple of weeks ago.  Because of her I'll be able to get an EOS instead!!! 
  • lololololol.......Was she an iphone chick? 
  • My upgrade is in September...ill be trading in my Red 920...cant wait...
  • Hownis your upgrade so early?
  • This phone comes with 8.1 pre-installed. Windows phone 8 doesn't support lanyard ports, at least not currently. I know this because I tried making a lanyard app and couldn't figure out how to access the lanyard drivers. So my app is on hold until wp 8.1
  • Where's the 7.8 love?! :(
  • Love, na, I take it back. Sorry.
  • I guess, it's a sarcasm? 
    Else, your definition of lanyard seems to be different than others.
  • When its laid down excluding the bump the body looks thinner than the 920. The camera looks great because it blends with the black body polycarbonate body. I think if the camera cap or whatever it is had the same color as the body it would look great. Just something Nokia could experiment with.
  • Can I have it now it don't care if it says xx mp I'll take in black even tho I want red.
  • You are mine.... You are mine... You are mine... You ARE MINE!
  • I'm not a fan of these wireless charging covers at all. It really grinds my gears that when I get a new phone, I'll have to pay MORE money for a cover to keep using my wireless chargers.
  • Verizon, take my money and get this phone!
  • I can't help but be suspicious.
  • What does EOS stand for?
  • There's a Cannon EOS but Nokia reported that the EOS here is taken from the Greek Goddess of the Dawn.
    So I'm sure this takes great daylight pictures as well as night pictures.   ;)
  • Yea if they announce and stock sucks like everything Nokia I'll make the grrrrrr sound.
  • I hope the end product is much more finish looking as we seen in the 928 prototype. The cheap plastic at the lense made it so ugly.
  • Oh man ... now I need to find the reason to explain to my wife why I was humping the monitor  ....
  • Poor micro USB port. :)
  • Very funny!
  • Why the hell did they take pics of it laying on the ground though? Lol
  • Not everyone needs a sd slot. This phone will work for many. It better be damn impressive since i am in Canada and its a 3 year term.
  • FINALLY, A lanyard is back. Im sick of how many newer phones nowadays dont have it; i love attaching phone straps on my phones. 
  • Why do you need strap/lanyard?
  • It's a way of personalising your phone (in addition to custom 3D printed hard cases) ; Most japanese have one tied to their phones, especially among the fairer sex. And those who practise their culture, or love Japanese stuff like anime usually do the same. 
  • Good luck with storage with all the snapping. It doesn't matter how much storage you have there's a major bug and it will eat away. I was fine with no SD slot but with a phone/camera like this you're going to need the external storage.
  • If this phone is released as a 920 with a better camera and in the next 2 months the tech sites will rip this phone to shreds. Its bad enough to release the 2 or 3 920 variants almost 6 months after release but to release again another one nothing but a better camera is embarrassing. If Nokia was smart they'd wait to save this as one of many major updates on their next flagship phone.
  • o hello there spec troll! Either way I see it... if it doesn't have the latest and greatest specs, tech writers and bloggers will complain...however it will still have the best camera on a phone on the market. if it has upgraded specs, battery life will be horrible and would cost a fortune for us off contractors and non-US folk., thus leading to less sales -everyone else (including tech writers and bloggers) will still complain...however it will still have the best camera on a phone on the market.  ---I'm assuming you are from the US or on a carrier, thus not knowing how expensive the 808 was whenever it first released -and not exactly knowing that the 808 was not a spec-tastic piece of technology.  (Single core SoC/4.0" screen/not even 720p resolution/small mAh battery/dedicated GPU).  Which one would you choose?  I'm no captain obvious here, but the first choice is what I would choose. 
  • For my two cents worth:
    I may hope for Nokia they can do both! For now pushing all kinds of devices in the 92X family (and others!?) and later do the same with new devices. Why not? As long as it's affordable for them...
    For WP still counts the more devices available globally the merrier! Everybody should always have the choice from a number of differrent WP phones wherever and whenever they are going to buy an new smartphone. What number that should be, I have no idea. I guess about 15 or more. Right now we don't come further then (Holland) 9 (without old 7.5 - 7.8 stock).
    Yes Apple only sells 4 or 5 but be honest, this is by far comparable in the market today. And Android well 20 - 30 devices available is no strange number.
    WP is still that strange "new thing" with not so good app support and as it has to come from both sides: We need more different devices.
    Come on Samsung, Huawei, HTC.... LG, Sony and who more? Nokia has 5, you all guys just do 3 each and the party starts
  • I agree. Hold it back until the next major update. Get a 1080p screen, quad core processor and 2gb ram in it and you have a real winner. Then you'll have a phone that can really match and even beat the Android competition.
  • I like me some Nokia gear, but this is easily the UGLIEST phone they have made in a very long time.
  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...
  • Is that a bulge in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
  • Looking att the earlier pics posted earlier the screen on this looks to be different than on the 920. Its missing the gasket frame. Its glass all the way to the body, just like on Lumia 800.
  • I would love this to be a 5" :(
  • Is that a lumia eos in your pocket or are you pleased to see me?
  • "the camera contains “XX” for where the specs will go."  Didnt you guys say something about it not being able to handle 41mp that it could only be a 20mp?  XX is 20 in roman numerals... maybe its how it is? 
  • Nokia usually use XX instead of the actual numbers. Its most likely a 41mp sensor.
  • I agree that they may be condoning this 'leak' - this phone clearly is a bit of a beast which will evidently appeal to any nerds who want the latest and greatest - what better way to reach them then whipping them up from their own communities?
  • Where that micro SD go?
  • Could just be me, but if I had this phone I don't think I'd be plonking it lens down on the concrete. 
  • I  dont know what wrong with nokia! they just annoucd 925 and 928 and they still new and this one to come this soon? are they killing their own phones? and of course dont expect any uprgrade in the hardware (1080p and 2gig ram) so what is the use of this phone rather than a good camera?
  • You're completely missing the point here. The entire point of this phone IS THE CAMERA.
    If you're more concerned about 1080p (which on a sub-5" screen is a bit absurd) or other specs that are irrelevant to the camera, this is not the phone for you. You may move along now.
  • No I am no missing anythinbg my bro. I am telling the sad truth about nokia stupid marketing. Why the hell they can't put all what the got in one phone like other companies do?
  • they can make this phone the best on the market if they make it 2gig and 1080p then SAMSUNG and Apple will be history but Nokia is very stupid.
  • Surly I'm not the only person who thinks its a terrible looking phone.. I'm more than happy keeping my 920. Totally welcome the variety but..
  • not excited about the hump on its back. 
  • Lost my hump after seeing that hump. Not an overall satisfying design. Anyway its more or less early design for early adopters. I'll wait for the second reiteration. My L920 already take great pics. Not worried one bit.
  • I dig it, more phone choices = more windows phone users. Personally, I'm waiting for a bigger upgrade than a 920 with a much better camera (since I already have a NEX-5N, excellent btw).