Nokia EOS receives mini-review treatment from leakster

Yesterday, a new leaker joined the blogosphere – ViziLeaks. They currently have a Nokia “EOS” and have been sharing photos of the device slowly. Today, they’ve released a “mini-review” where they share more images and discuss the device in a blog entry. Highlights after the break.

In terms of the feel of the device itself, they describe it as solid, smooth, and a bit weighty. The device also makes a slight bulge in their shorts when it’s in their pockets. You can attribute that bulge to the volcano on the back that contains the rumored 41MP camera guts.

What material is the casing? They aren’t sure if it’s a metal or premium polycarbonate, which didn’t matter since apparently it feels great in the hand. Sure enough if you look at some close ups of the device you’ll notice that the material seems to have texture. At least that’s what the detail in the images makes leads us to believe.

For the sides, nothing on the left, but the right has your typical volume rocker, power on/off button, and physical camera button. Up top you’ll find a micro-SIM card tray, 3.5mm headphone jack, and a noise cancellation microphone. Down low you’ll notice a drilled speaker grill, micro-USB port, and a lanyard u-port (something you don’t see often in the Windows Phone world).

Let’s flip that device over. Like the Lumia 925, the EOS/Elvis won’t have wireless charging integrated into the device. So on the back you’ll notice 2 little metal contacts that will be used for the wireless charging covers. This new approach to wireless charging that the Lumia 925 and EOS are taking actually makes sense to me. I sense an editorial incoming, but that’s for later.

Also on the back of the EOS is the camera bulge, the main selling point of the upcoming device. We expect the camera sensor to have 41MP. In the mini-review, Vizileaks points out that the branding around the camera contains “XX” for where the specs will go. That’s to keep the specifications under wraps, but like I said, we expect a 41MP shooter that takes two pictures at once. One 38MP version and a smaller 5MP version for quickly sharing through social media outlets.

EOS Camera

Samples from the camera will be shared by Vizileaks in the near future. A tease to stay tuned to their Twitter and blog.

Anybody else stoked for this phone? It’s shaping up to be a Lumia 920 with a crazy camera, a concept I bet a lot of you can get on board with.

Source: Vizileaks, Via: WMPU

Sam Sabri