While we've seen those renderings of what Nokia may be thinking in regards to their Windows Phones, the Nokia/Symbian community too have been busy pondering what it means to them and how it may look.

Enthusiast Peter Lackman emailed some concepts to My Nokia Blog showing what Nokia may have in mind. He understands that although Nokia can change the UI drastically, they most likely won't. Going with that, he has made two themes (Blue Leather and Summer) and has made the following changes:

  • custom background wallpapers and
  • revamped, theme style dictated live tiles in homescreen view with more live tile size options
  • a reorganized App view with what looks to be
  • a very helpful AZ for easy finding of apps (at the moment all you can do is scroll. I don’t know why you can’t “search” like you can with contacts).
  • Collapsible category bars – with icons showing content of this category

The result is above. Our thoughts? Bring it. This looks really sharp and it's kind of fun seeing " it for real" on a Nokia phone. Makes this whole partnership seem that much more real, doesn't it?

Read more at My Nokia Blog. Thanks, Just Visiting, for the tip