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Nokia Flame 4G Windows Phone added to T-Mobile's April roadmap

Tmonews have got hold of a leaked T-Mobile US roadmap, detailing a release date for a "Nokia Flame 4G" smartphone. Name rings a bell? If not, don't worry as we've previously covered the mysterious handset, which is a low-end offering if our report is anything to go by. But don't let that get you down as this is a 4G Windows Phone, and not everyone wants (or requires) a high-end smartphone.

Should previously stated specifications hold out to be true, we'll be looking at a 4-inch screen, 512MB RAM, 1.0GHz dual-core processor, 5-megapixel camera, and 4GB of storage. As mentioned above, the "Flame" that we know already is to be a cheap and cheerful handset. That said, we're sure T-Mobile customers will be crying out for a super advance Windows Phone.

The roadmap states that the Nokia Flame is set to arrive on April 24th. There'll be more information nearer to the time.

Source: Tmonews

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Another low end device T-MO really this is getting old....
  • T-mobile loves low end devices, because they hate to subsidize.
  • That is true.
  • Probably a 620 varient
  • I think so too. But with its 4" screen, I hope they increase the RAM to 1GB, and at least an 8GB internal storage, put front and back cameras, so it can then be rightly called the Lumia 720.
  • the 620 already has 8GB of storage and 2 cameras
  • Hey, don't bash on T-Mobile! Remember that the most popular Windows Phone handset was Lumia 710s and who do you think sold all those Lumias? (Not AT&T I'll tell you that.) T-Mobile could easily make this the next big Windows Phone.
  • I lost all respect for T mobile when they cannot release 7.8 for Lumia 710.. the most successful phone, according to you. .
  • Also, Nokia had a huge lead in mobile phones worldwide prior to coming onboard with MS. Everyone had a Nokia at one point or another. And by them releasing another low end phone is back to par to where they used to be. Its affordable to those who can't afford a high end phone. Plus, getting more WP's out will get more people talking about how awesome WP really is vs the competitor.
  • Too bad it won't see 8.8... I jest, I jest.
  • Oh I get it! 8.8 is to 7.8, which is not coming to Tmo. LOL!!!
  • Screw TMO, no update 7.8. They want keep everybody low-end. From here on out until 2020.
  • Actually really excited about this (as an employee not as a phone I want personally) would be nice to see wp8 trump the low-end market.. Customers can get a decent smart phone rather than the garbage android devices.
  • Good point Beezie84.
  • Yes it is. With these specs it should've been called The Sparkle instead of The Flame.
  • EDIT: How to delete comments... sorry double posted some how
  • That's why I went back to Android (for now) and got a Nexus 4 last week. It's quite an amazing phone. Now I can have a ton of apps that I couldn't get yet on WP. Nice to have an official Spotify and Pandora app that works seamlessly with my new car.
    I was already due for an upgrade since December and we're not even getting 7.8 for the HD7... I couldn't wait any longer. I don't want an 8X either. My wife has it already. Maybe my next upgrade I'll get a Windows Blue phone ;-)
  • As a parent, I enjoy having low end options for my kids, while still allowing them to have more than just a messaging phone. I on the other hand, personally enjoy flagship phones, and will be staying away from this one.
  • Great point.
  • What high end option do you have on Tmo? Please don't say the HTC 8X. With only 16GB eliminates this being high end. The Nokia 920 or Samsung ATIV S would be high end.
  • No I actually have a Lumia on AT&T, and am planning on bequeathing this 900 to my son in April to pick up the 920 (of course I may want that new Nokia Eos). The point is its nice to have cheaper options. I can afford the top of the line, but that doesn't mean everyone can or that I should hand a 10 year old an almost $1000 phone.
  • It'll be free.....with $350 mail-in rebate.
  • I love my 8X. Its pretty, useful. Just awesome!! I let people play with it all the time. I like Nokia too, but the 810 seemed like a toy to me. Too plastic-y.. I'd love an aluminum bodied HTC WP8 device, like my Radar on WP7.5. But Nokia might beat them to it. I may just have to make a brass or copper sleeve for mine.. Yum & sexy!!
  • T-Mobile is the low-end mobile carrier. (Besides of course the Galaxy Series)
  • Last I checked 8X is high end...
  • Do they have the 8GB model or the 16GB one?
  • 16GB
  • You checked wrong. 8X is middle-tier along with Lumia 810/820
  • What makes it middle tier, does storage size now classify a phone? I rather my 8X for beats audio processing, faster shutter speed, wide angle lens, 720p 16:9 ratio, sleek design and everything wp8 has to offer. Along with cloud music with a steady 10 mb/s with truly unlimited, this IS high end. I don't need Nokia apps. And my GF has an 810 and that as a phone feels more middle teir, but you can barely tell a difference between all the windows phones. I put my gfs 810, my 8X and my best friends 920 side by side, no difference in what it delivers.
  • If it was high-end it would cost $750 like the L920. And it costs only $600 like the L820.
  • Lumia 920 costs $450 in the US.
  • Low end is not a bad thing. It just exposes WP to more end-users. That's what matters most
  • +1
  • Yeah we understand that but when the high-end devices of the same brand are going to other carriers, no one wants to hear that argument.
  • There is nothing better than the 8X. Just look in the forums about issues with the 920. I love my $h!t. Just sayin
  • Yeah the 8X is cool but when you start comparing it...come on man. 32gb>16gb. Nokia software>HTC software. Beast camera>OK camera Cheaper>More expensive. That's why I can't settle for the 8X. I love the design but HTC screwed up the hardware specs wise. And like I said, the Lumia 920 is cheaper.
  • I hope this is like the 620.  It could be the perfect phone to get my wife when we move off AT&T's rediculous contract at the end of the year.
  • T-Mo user here... I hate my life.
  • Ha!
  • "We hate your life, too, dude..." (best SpongeBob episode ever!)
  • Lol
  • Lmao!!!
  • Why?? Unlimited. I used 18gb last month.. I love my 8X
  • The 620 is an awesome low end phone. Nokia should be smart and make sure this is the Flame
  • As a T-Mobile Customer, I am dissapointed in the Windows phone options, I still have the HD7 and I am constantly dealing with HTC issues and I am affraid to go with the 8x to experience similar issues.  (Subpar camera, volume issues with headphones in the jack, and wifi/3g connectivity issues.   I want the L920 but ATT is just to expensive.  Everybody has the Galaxy and ATT has an 8x equivilent, but Tmob doesnt have a L920 equvilent.   So yeah I am dissappointed. by another subpar windows phone 8
  • I pay only 85$ on my ATT contract.  2 lines...700mins...unlimited texts...2gbs of data. 
  • I spend 100 on tmob, for 3 phones, unlimited phone, text and 2gb of data.
  • I pay $146. 2 lines, 2 data plans (2GB each), 1000 anytime minutes, 5000 nights/weekends and unlimited text. On at&t.
  • I pay 120 for 2 lines unlimited talk, text, and data (no throttling) T-mobile
  • teacher discount takes off the taxes for me, forgot about that.  @baj78 46 x 24 months = $1104 extra dollars
  • $45 for unlimited everything...on ATT
  • You MUST have a grandfathered package. I'm on T-mo value plan and I pay $107 for unlimited everything. I used 18gb last month. $20 of that is what I pay for my new phone. Its not subsidized. Its financed .. Otherwise I'd be at $87/mo....
  • And as long as you fully pay off you can pay off the full amount financed any time.
  • Well yeah.. That's what financing is.. I like that model better than subsidizing.. I pay it off, I can take my 8X to att or whichever carrier I choose.
  • I pay 120 Tmobile, 1000 mins, unlimited and unlimited non throttled data.
  • I am at $170 on T-Mobile for 4 lines.
    Unlimited Talk, Text, Data, and Tethering on all lines.
  • I have a L820 on straight talk and it is unlimited talk, text and 2gbs of data for $42.50/month. Had to front the cost for the Lumia but that was only $350.
  • After some experience with 8GB windows 8 phones I think I can safely say that 8GB should be the minimum offered on this platform, even with SD expansion.  4GB is barely enough to fit the OS and WP8 doesn't let you save apps or app data to an SD card yet.  4GB makes for a very cramped phone.
  • +1
  • The cheapest WP8 device from Nokia is the Lumia 620 which has 8GB of internal storage expandable to 32GB. So I don't think this rumored phone would have less than 8GB internal storage
  • Its good they are selling low end devices as those usually get a lot of traction. I'm seeing quite a few lumia 710s in my area on the low end. 
    But as someone moving from a G2 lack of a high end Nokia phone on tmo is quite sad IMO. 
  • They went with exclusivity. Their fault
  • Re: shingi_70,
    Same boat here.  I loves my G2, but it is time to give it up.  I want a WP8 phone, but my options at TMo are not that hot.
    I am probably going to either ditch T-Mo for AT&T or just get the 810.  Haven't made up my mind.  TMo is great for everything but devices.  
  • I too am concerned about the 8x so im not moving off the HTC hd7. Agree HTC quirks. I have seen it also with the android models. I raged that the HTC hd7 was not getting update nut that was more tmo than HTC I think. The 710 is not getting updated either. Seems tmo has sold themselves to android and everyone else can get stuffed.
  • That's nokias game low end in price..
  • I paid $100 for my 920 @ at&t.
    The 920 is definitely not a low end phone, and I still got it at a low price. Sure I'm paying an extra $15 more, but I have more data usage, way better coverage, I cam record live shows(non-tv shows that is) without the horrible crackled sounds, superb video and image quality and I use it for work all the time. I'm totally loving my phone. But don't get me wrong, I was uber happy when I had my HTC HD7.
  • Off contract? No. Were not talking about subsidized. Nokia tun the cheap low end. I can get my gf a phone non contract for twice your cost from the Lumia line, actually I did already lol
  • T-Mobile ONLY offers low end Windows Phones!!  Why can't they actually bring us a REAL flagship Windows Phone?!
  • Tmobile is moving to bring your own device if you don't want a contract, makes sense to me
  • That's the way the rest of the world works. I like it
  • This sucks!!!! Damn T Mobile and there low end Windows Phones. What the hell!!!! At least give us one high end Nokia Windows Phone. Geez......
  • Will Tmobile ever update the thing?
  • 4GB Windows Phone... you have to hate apps to get one of those. With the problematic storage problems with "Other" on Windows Phone, that 4GB will be eaten up in a snap.
    I want a 4" Windows Phone with 1 Gb RAM and 8Gb+ with SD card. Just give me that, please. Somebody.
  • Luckily for us there aren't 4gbs worth of good apps in the store yet.
  • After the OS image, it leaves you with ~1GB.
  • Lies I have almost 5gb if apps installed, only 1 GB memory left :O
  • Have a feeling we're gonna see a phone with those specs and it'll be called the Lumia 720.
  • Thank god I'm on AT&T.
  • If this trend with T-Mobile continues, I'll be doing the same thing next year August.
  • Dear T-Mobile,
    We don't another low-end device from Nokia when a high-end one is available. We're tired of this But seriously, cut it out.
  • Dear T-Mobile,
    I agree with RaRa85, I brought my own phone and you turned me away to some hole in the wall place to get it unlocked for another $75 dollars, why couldnt you just unlock it for me, I mean, i am staying with you, I could have left and then you would have nothing.
  • This is why I left Tmobile one low in after another they never go high end unless its android.
  • Given T-Mobile is getting out of the phone subsidy business, carrying a new phone itself is a progress, and gearing towards thew end seems inevitible.
  • Flame? More like Ember, amirite!
  • T-Mobile is alright when it comes to their services, but they are lacking when it comes to a choice between devices. There's not much variety and with the only flagships there such as Galaxy S3, Note 2, and the 8X, it's pretty much the only thing keeping some new customers from joining.
  • Was mentioned once - but I feel it's the 720, which I think we'll see at MWC
  • I want a cheap (underscore "cheap") WP8 device with 4.0" 420X800 pixel screen, 1GB RAM, 8GB internal storage + SD card, front and back cameras, AND you can call it the Lumia 720!
  • Last I checked I think all major carriers are moving away from subsidized phones. 
    Anyway... Digging my Nokia, and TMO hasn't really let me down with their 42 mbps "4G" coverage.  Knowing we'll soon be getting LTE only makes me happier to be on the network.  No overages. 
    Oddly enough... most people here bemoaning the fact T-mobile lacks a phone with a ~4 inch screen, 1 gig ram, SD card slot and 420x800... Guys... Lumia 810? 
  • AT$T Mobility chief executive quote from Jan 8th , "Our research says that they [customers] don’t like paying upfront for the phone,” he said. “There didn’t seem to be the appetite for that kind of plan." Verizon and AT&T will be watching how Tmo pans out. Its up to you as a consumer to decide if that's what you want. Those decisions drive what other US carriers do. Consumers always drive demand. There is too high of a demand for subsidized high end phones, even if that means a higher contract price. With that said, I was paid to get my L920. 100$ starting price, -50 for best buy phone freedom, -70 for my Focus S( broke original focus, and only paid 50$ in insurance and they gave me a Focus S as a replacement), -50$ price matched amazon= grand total, I pocketed 70$. 3 WP phones since November 2010, roughly 30$ out of pocket. My portion on my family plan is roughly 50$, including unlimited data.
  • T-Mo had the best phone when Windows phone was released the HD7 now they are stuck with this low end devises? not even the Nokia 900 nor the 920? that is sad!