Nokia Germany wraps the Lumia 800 in ice

Either the folks at Nokia Germany have lost the plot, or they've come up with an ingenious promotional stunt. They've put Lumia 800s in ice. Yes, ice. In the above video, you'll witness the frenzied public attempting to bash, melt and shatter the ice to release the handsets (which are hopefully just props). Should they free the Lumia 800, the winners are presented with one to take away with them for free. Really cool advertising there (pun intended).

Source: YouTube (Nokia), via: My Nokia Blog

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • That's actually smart! Good job Nokia!
  • Pretty cool way of getting people excited. People love free stuff.
    But lol at the try-hard who tried to use his fists. Anyone would a portable hairdryer would have owned this. 
  • Loved it. Would be a riot here in the US as well. I really hope Nokia does something innovative here. If nothing else, atleast repeat this campaign. 
  • nice lol nokia is genious hahaha
  • I'll bring an axe if they do this in the U.S. . . . ;)
  • No double-dog dares to lick it?
  • LOL.  Love it.
  • "Sir, why do have an ice-pick and a very eager look on your face?"
    "Officer, I'm just looking for that Nokia on ice!"
  • funny
  • Can't wait to see what they have up their sleeves for U.S. promos!
  • This is super awesome. All we need is a big flame thrower and a lot of patience. :)
  • They did this when WP7 was first released, too. I think they did it with the Focus back then.
  • I would have probably just pushed it off the stand... *Smash* ...kthxbai.
  • Exactly!
    There is also a metal pole next to it to use.
  • I thought the same thing...the easiest work is always done through Gravity.  I have to imagine they were set sturdy though where they couldn't be knocked over, even the guy smashing it with a hammer wasn't wobbeling it.
  • you guys are funny
  • the real way to do it is grab a chisel and hammer and go at it from the top :P
  • I'm glad there's a lot of advertisement on Europe, in America you can't see anything about Windows Phone 7 =(
    Greetings from Mexico!
  • I would of pee'd on it
  • There's actually a facebook game where you have to "heat" an iceblock to get a phone. But it's pretty hard.
  • Wicked made me laugh...what and ingenious way to advertise a phone?
  • triple!
  • This would be so cool and fun here in the States. Wonder if the tiles were still live?lil They looked kinda frozen like Android and iPhone. Lol
  • Pretty fun!! Hoping they have contests like this when they come to India!
  • That's awesome. And look how much fun those people are having! ha
  • The way Nokia have been going about with their business makes me genuinely excited for WP7's chances to actually establish itself as a competitor for Android and Apple. 
  • I'm really impressed with the huge variety of the Nokia advertising campaign.
    Everything from the massive events, Millbank Tower to these smaller clever things.
    Keep up the good work Nokia, Microsoft, take note!