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Nokia name to go away with the Lumia line as Microsoft seeks to unify branding

Nokia has taken to their Conversations blog this morning to answer some questions regarding the recent Microsoft announcement. The most frequently asked inquiries were taken to Tuula Rytilä, who heads up Nokia’s marketing, for clarification on exactly what is happening going forward.

For the most part, Nokia illuminates questions on branding transition, including the relevant “Nokia Lumia” name. The Microsoft-Nokia deal transfers the name “Nokia” over for mobile phone use to Microsoft for ten years, along with the ‘Lumia’ and ‘Asha’ brands, which will be owned by Microsoft.

But as pointed out during the conference call yesterday, Microsoft is taking this opportunity to streamline their branding. In other words, saying ‘Nokia Lumia 1020 with Windows Phone 8’ or any variation will eventually become a thing of the past. What it will be, remains to be seen but it’s clear that ‘Nokia’ won’t be used in future Lumia devices. In fact, it’s not even clear that ‘Lumia’ will be used either, though it could be phased out.

A modernized brand could help Microsoft in pushing its hardware to carriers and customers. A ‘Windows Phone 1020’ is certainly a lot simpler than the current naming conventions, which are made redundant with the presently separate products lines. Likewise for a ‘Microsoft Lumia 1020’, should Redmond opt to downplay the OS. It will also signify a true merger of the hardware and software, with little distinction.

Tuula Rytilä

Nokia's Tuula Rytilä (via Conversations)

Rytilä answers some other questions, including continued support and whether or not we can believe Microsoft will maintain the quality engineering that we’ve come to expect form Nokia. Here, Rytilä uses an interesting anecdote about the two teams:

“Microsoft and Nokia have very similar values and vision when it comes to product quality. It’s what has made Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone such a great match. We value great hardware quality, a seamless user experience.I recall a recent product workshop where we split into Nokia and Microsoft teams to describe our vision for the next generation of Windows Phone. When we came to compare our lists, they were almost identical.Design at Nokia is our approach to product making and embraces engineering and manufacture. It’s the expertise in that approach that distinguishes Nokia and made it something that Microsoft wanted.”

Interestingly, the Asha brand will continue on its entry-level path with the Nokia name, serving as an on ramp for smartphone purchases, but Microsoft will be bringing features like SkyDrive, Office and even Xbox to the line as well.

Finally, Rytilä notes that the key Research and Development sites in Finland: Salo, Tampere and Oulu, will remain as that “nucleus” is what the acquisition is about. That should bode well for engineers and the research scientists at Nokia who won’t be faced with a “move or quit” option, ensuring a smoother transition.

Still, like all things, intentions and realities are often two different things. We won’t see the effects of this takeover for quite some time and there are a lot of details that remain unanswered.

Source: Nokia Conversations

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • This is why we can't have nice things. 
  • Well, it may be bad, but The futures Windows phones are going to rule now that Nokia is working with Microsoft like one team only, and all Nokia staff went to Microsoft, Microsoft wants to make part of smartphones market, and Nokia needed microsofts money, future Will be big guys
  • That still remains to be seen. If the key people at Nokia who are responsible for the various innovations still remain, WP may be a success. If they leave, that will be a deathblow to Microsoft.
  • They won't, microsft alresday told that, 32000 Nokia staff are working now in Microsoft, Microsoft and nokias team under The same hood, I've always liked and trusted on Microsoft products and Nokia prdocuts, principally together (lumia)
  • Well, yes, that's because those 32000 employees were under the Nokia Devices division. But that does not prohibit them from resigning from the company. The deal is not over yet.
  • Yeah 32000 will resign because its so much easier to go out there and find jobs to feed your country. *slow claps*
  • I've been through a big merger myself. What typically happens is the employees that are absorbed are given a retention bonus. It's an incentive to stay for a set period of time. Depending on the retention bonus structure, if you leave before that set date in the future, you would have to pay back ALL of the bonus.
    I wouldn't doubt that's what will happen in this case. It's an insurance policy somewhat for Microsoft to retain talent.
    The risk is obvious. After the retention period, the employees can leave in mass. This has happened many times over and not out of the ordinary.
  • In addition to this February is usually a high month for layoffs in corporate worlds. 
    I wouldn't be surprised if plenty of people are let go.
  • Someone please explain to Microsoft that the Nokia and Lumia brands actually sell smartphones. The name Windows does nothing to sell a phone. This should be clear by now after the HTC 8X experiment and the fact that Lumia as a search term has far overshadowed windows phone.If you have the Nokia name for ten years and you don't use it, you are insane.
  • Well, somewhat depends on the country (re: Nokia and Lumia selling phones).  The people I talk to pretty much exclusively think that Nokia hasn't made phones for a decade.  Then again, I live in Hawaii (a very iPhone state) but again it all depends on geography.  It seems like n Europe/India/SE Asia that's probably true, but I think that at least India and SE Asia have less of a negative feeling for MS in general.
    MS will have an uphill battle, though...I don't know that dovetailing Apple's strategy will work as well for them, and in the US the Windows brand just isn't magnetic, for whatever reason.  I certainly hope the strategy works, though...I'd like to upgrade my NL920 to something even more fantastic.
    Id prefer they keep Lumia, though.  That's a good one.
  • *925. Sorry to say it, but he is right. Windows = where is my freakin' Start button, Lumia = phone with the awesome camera
  • Here in Northern Europe, anything with Microsoft branding will have a hard time and even turn people off. Nokia is still known by most consumers ("Connecting People") and, as one can see from this week's Kantar ComTech report, WP (87% Nokia) made a substantial leap forward in EU5 market share to 8,2%.
    The announcement has spurred press, TV or radio to report "The end of Nokia" which will turn people off from buying the existing Lumias now, many regular people assuming there will be no updates and service going forward, meaning regular people may think they'll buy a soon defunct device.
    In some way, Microsoft "helped" Nokia to not achieve the relatively upbeat Q3 sales figures that could have been achieved. With a "partner" like that - who needs enemies?
  • I totally agree with you. I'm from Italy and we are a core market for Nokia, here they have a really strong fanbase. Windows Phone was starting to spread just beacuse of the Nokia name. I bought a lumia 620 because it was green, fluid, and cheap but most of all because it was a Nokia. And this last thing convinced lots of Italian to try Lumias. If it had Android, Symbian, Ubuntu or whatever else OS I would have bought it anyways (as long as it wouldn't have had any serious flaw), and so would have done at least 50% of the owner of Lumias in Italy.
    With this rebranding I think they will sell less phones just because lots of people aren't geeks like us and don't know Microsoft phones will be made and designed by the same people who worked at Nokia, so I guess they should still keep the name like Sony did with Ericsson. MS-Nokia or Microsoft-Nokia would be perfect and wouldn't stop the momentum of the sales too much
  • Italy has always been a strong market for Nokia... i never really understood why that is
  • Neither do I. Guess we know how to appreciate the fact that a good phone has to be a phone first, quite reliable, with a good customer service and an overwhelming build quality. Nokia has always been true to these ideas in my personal experience, so I hope Microsoft won't waste their experience with mobile phones
  • Because Italians know good design when they see it?
  • You're absolutely right. The Nokia brand still has a huge amount of traction in the UK. I was just about to buy a 925 when this announcement was made, and I am now going to hold out to 'see what happens'. I want a Nokia, not a Microsoft branded product in my pocket.
    I'm actually thinking about switching to Jolla now, and that is something that would never ever have crossed my mind if Nokia was to continue in some way, shape or form.
  • +1
  • So my question is will they maintain the Nokia name on the smartphones for at least a while? i.e. more than 2 years?
    If you read this story it says they have the Nokia name available for phones (it doesn't say Smartphones).
    Dropping the Nokia name from either until Windows Phone is well established is like kicking yourself in the shins. It won't take long before you can't move forwards.
    Or more simply put it would be a stupid thing to do.
  • I can see why they let the name 'Nokia' go but hopefully they'll keep using the Lumia name. (Microsoft Lumia 1520, for example) What else will they bring, Microsoft Surface 1520? Windows 1520? Nah, Lumia sounds way better than that, even with the MS name in front of it.
  • Microsoft xPhone?
  • I somehow dont' see that happening in today's economic climate.  Finland isn't exactly a vibrant job market awash with businesses looking for talent.  If MS treats em well I see no reason for anyone to leave. 
  • Don't forget, Samsung is opening R&D centers in Finland right next to Nokia. 
  • I agree, I think the top Finnish engineers will leave in mass as soon as they can arrange positions at Sailfish.
  • And Newkia.
  • most of those (about 20K) are in the manufacturing side. It's really a much smaller group of designers and hardware engineers that they need to keep. so while most of the 32000 will not quit their factory jobs because someone bought the company the important people might, if they don't like this move and their retention bonuses aren't big enough
  • I totally agree.
    Open Source software like Open Office attempt to mimic Microsoft Office, because Microsoft Office is the benchmark. Same with the rest of Microsoft's software.
    Microsoft produces QUALITY software, and I am sure they will produce quality hardware.
    I am using my Microsoft Surface Pro with a type cover as my laptop. I don't need anything else. It is QUALITY. 
  • One Nokia designer is saying good bye im wondering why
  • Because they are probably phasing out Lumia and he was the designer.
  • If they phase out Lumia they are insane. You do not build a successful brand that sells tens of millions of phones only to switch. MS needs to learn that brands develop associations. When people hear Windows it means PC. Xbox means games. Lumia means phones. Surface means tablet. Outlook means email. Once you establish a brand it is very hard to change associations. A Windows Phone 1020 to most people's ears is a Microsoft PC phone. When people hear Xbox Music they think video game system music. You cannot build a strong brand association and then just change it without confusing people or turning them off. Use the Nokia name. Use the Lumia name. Nokia = phones. Lumia = phones. Windows does not equal phones no matter how much MS wants it to.
  • I totally agree. If they phase out the Nokia or Lumia brand, they are starting from the scratch all over again. I am fearing that MS is going to mess this up (hope not , but...).
    For exemple, when I tell people around me that I have a windows phone the first thing that they say is: do you have the blue screen,and they laugh. 
  • I am less concerned with a phase out as long as it is done smoothly and over an extended time i.e.
    Year 1 Nokia Lumia Phone
    Year 2 Nokia Surface Phone
    Year 3 Surface Phone My big concern is they just go straight from what we have to what they want without the intermediate steps. This would be a monumental error
  • +me. But since when have MSFT been listening to anything other then Windows. MSFT is a USA company and I think there hard focus on making it big will alienate the rest of the world, again, with MSFT and Windows name. Keep Lumia name for crying out loud!
  • The Nokia name is far more known (been around for a very long time) whereas the Lumia name is barely known outside of WP owners. 
  • I have to agree.  I've actually never owned a Nokia phone, but I've known the brand since the earliest days of cell phones in the US, and my impression of the brand is very high.  Lumia is a very recent brand, that has not reached a significant enough recognition level to stand on its own.  And Microsoft has not reached a high enough brand recognition level in the smartphone market either.  Without the Nokia brand supporting those two sub-brands, I feel it is likely to cause adoption issues for users, especially in the non-us markets.  
    As others have mentioned, Nokia is perhaps the strongest mobile phone brand in the world.  Android has become ubiquitous in mobile, so it has clout, but in many ways it dilutes the manufacturers brand.  Microsoft, as a mobile OS brand, does not compete worldwide on the level that the Nokia brand can.  Nokia is a brand representing the actual, tangible devices that are purchased and this can go far in closing the gap between buying an OS, and buying a device. At this stage in the game, it seems to me that the Nokia brand would bring more business than the Microsoft brand would in the foreseeable future, regardless of whether or not Microsoft can deliver the design and mfg quality of their acquisition.  If Microsoft can deliver and bring their brand up in the eyes of the world, then in the long run they have a great opportunity to win over the mobile world.  
    However, the group-think that makes a company like Microsoft think their brand SHOULD be more impressive doesn't always prove to trump the harsh reality of the here and now.  How many companies have re-branded subsidiaries to appear separate and new, in order to avoid the potential mischaracterization of their old business brand on an emerging business market.
    Branding is huge, but it also means that sometimes, a great brand in one market, doesn't always translate to another.  Microsoft wants to be the OS brand AND the device brand.  So far, in the mobile world this equation mostly doesn't exist.  Many have tried, and only Apple has succeeded. Samsung has managed to elevate their brand in devices to shrink the gap between device and OS, but still cannot compete without the OS co-branding.  Microsoft is huge and ubiquitous in many ways, but mobile is (to date) a very different model.  And the opportunity to leverage the brand recognition of one of the oldest, trusted names in the new market they are attempting to penetrate, seems to me to be something that could get them the opportunity they need to strengthen their position until they can truly migrate to their own brand.  Sometimes its not about proving your brand is the best, as much as building a successful business on its own to make it worthy of being rolled into your overall brand.
    I'm not an MBA, and I bet Microsoft has a lot of really smart business people, so its possible that we're all not aware of the full merits of their choices.  But hey, if I end up being right, maybe they'll recruit me to manage future business plans, right :-)
  • Saw this coming from a mile away. It wouldn't be a Microsoft acquistion without a branding disaster waiting in the wings. I'll give Daniel a 8/10 for his fanboy spin on this though, it was almost on level with his Xbox One and GfWL shutdown (so, where's that article about the GfWL service being shutdown next year and taking 60+ games with it unless they're patched? I thought this was a general MS site now!) spinning. MS ditching the Nokia and Lumia branding will be a disaster, there's no doubt about that. Windows Phone's worldwide marketshare was built largely on the back of the strength of Nokia's history and the Lumia line getting accolades. Now they're going to piss it all away and start all over at earning mindshare? This is either madness or hubris, maybe even a cringe inducing mix of both. The only thing that could make this even more insane would be if they make it a variation of Xbox Phone, especially in light of the decidedly negative view the Xbox One has on non-MS fan sites. That's worked out SO well for Xbox on Windows or Xbox Music, after all. How's everybody liking the transition from the Zune desktop app to Xbox Music again? I love my 920 but I'll be going back to Android for my next phone and won't be recommending friends/family to make the jump anymore. This is going to be a massive blow to Windows Phone gaining market share and I'm not getting stuck with a dead phone ecosystem for two years, let alone concerns about the actual phones themselves. I was here for the Nokia hardware, NOT Microsoft.
  • " It wouldn't be a Microsoft acquistion without a branding disaster waiting in the wings" LOL very true. Dropping the Lumia name would be bad, dropping the Nokia name would be a major body blow and a new level of stupid even for MS marketing. MS marketing has to be the consistently poorest marketing in the tech world. However I am puzzled why you would move from a 920? This acquisition will not affect you current phone other than possibly extend its life.
  • IF they end up not using the Lumia brand name, it's still just a name not the actual design of the phone
  • How is it bad? Your getting the same basic product under a new name. What part of this is bad?
  • Brand perception is everything. I wonder if Nokia wanted extra money for the use of it's brand name on Microsoft products. If they did and Microsoft scoffed at the idea, then I can see why Microsoft went in this direction. I personally don't like it. What attracted me to the platform was first the NOKIA branding.
  • True... always liked Nokia :(
  • If you read the details of the deal (it's mentioned in this article, too), Microsoft does have the rights to use "Nokia" on the phones for ten years.  That doesn't mean they will use it, but they do have the option.
  • That's for mobile phones only. (feature phones) Not smart-phones.
  • Please confirm this with a reference as it could be read either way. If they have the rights for feature phones (declining market) and not for Smartphones (growth segment) that would be almost retarded.
  • Yes, but the use of the Nokia brand is only for "dumb" phones not for smartphones, which I personally don't get.  I think is much more important continue the trend of the Nokia Lumia wave... and not suddenly change it.
  • Please confirm this with a reference as it could be read either way. If they have the rights for feature phones (declining market) and not for Smartphones (growth segment) that would be almost retarded.
  • microsoft believe they can sell smartphones, using Surface, or Windows, as the brand name or watever...
    but how will they be able to sell a feature phone, without a "Nokia" brand?  it will resmble  a new chinese company :).. so thats why... altho i agree, its still retarded :)
  • Brand recognition/perception... It's exactly why Samsung is the leader of the pack in the Android world.
  • Amem to that @xconomicron.
    I asked a few days ago my friend which phone she had. She answered: "A Galaxy".
    And I said: "Oh, Android..." and she was like: "What's an Android?"
  • The difference is that if you asked anyone in the street if they knew what a Galaxy was many would know, but many more would know Samsung. The OS is not important I agree
  • Its like BMW buying Rolls Royce and not calling their next car a Rolls Royce. Ladies and gentlemen here comes the BMW 10 series !!!!
  • +1
  • I can stomach a name change as long as Microsoft keeps letting Nokia make awesome devices with awesome cameras.
  • Cameras + Screens and Hardware :P (seriously, besides cameras, carriers should also marked how nails can be used on the Lumia line of phones).
  • You meant screws, not nails. LOL.
  • They Will continue this as well, some people who worked at camera development at Nokia told via Twitter that they would worl even harder for better cameras
  • I agree with you. The build quality is much more important to me than the name on the phone. I just now noticed the word "NOKIA" on the top of my phone.
  • I can't follow the branding issue. Nobody in the real world stumbles over Samsung Galaxy S4 with Android Ice Cream Sandwich - they call it a Galaxy S4, done. I would worry that if they drop the Nokia branding nobody will recognise the product, and the significant value in upgrading feature phone Nokia customers will be lost. Instead of offering them the brand they love they will see a broad range of brands with no particular reason to take a Lumia.
  • Everyone knew when Mazda were purchased by Ford because of the national news. Everyone knew Alaska were no longer soviets be because of medias. Same thing will happen with Nokia purchased by Microsoft.
  • Mazda was NEVER purchased by Ford. They have always been independent. Mazda and Ford just worked together (shared platforms etc.). Yed, Mazda fan here.
  • Actually, Ford owned 33.4% of Mazda through ~2009

  • Having some shares is not purchasing, of course.
  • Actually, buying shares does mean purchasing. You are buying a vesting interest in a company. And if I remember correctly, a single shareholder owning 33.3% of Mazda was enough for a full control stake in the company.
  • Yes, but "Mazda" was not replaced with "Ford" on their cars. So, no. Not the same thing.
  • Ever worked on a Mazda? FoMoCo branding all over the place.
  • No, but did you read my comment? There is no "Ford" name on the actual "Mazda" car. Nor is it on the Aston Martins.
  • Mazda used Fords platform. So its the same damn thing.
  • Not what I was saying. See above.
  • I knew what you said, my point was at the end of the day, Mazda=Ford and Microsoft made is = Nokia
  • So you are making a different point other than the top of this thread.  OKAY.
  • Lol the point i made was that everyone will know Microsoft made is same as Nokia with enough publicity
  • ^^^This
    (oh and just like everyone knows those little Mazda pickup trucks are really just Ford Rangers?)
  • ...and Isuzu's were Chevy S-10's
    ...and Suzuki's were Chevy's
    ... And Geo's were Suzuki"s
    ...and Jaguars were Ford's
    ... And Volvos were Ford's
    ... And Dodges were Mitsubishi's
    and so on, and so on...
    I actually know all the cars that were someone else's, and in the end, the company selling the car is reaping the benefit of the arrangement, owned or otherwise. So yes, if Microsoft can sell a "Nokia" product under their own name, that can compete better or fill a gap in their product line, then the masses may not know the difference. But also, if the masses consider the Mitsubishi 3000 GT a better car than the Dodge Stealth, or vice versa, then they will prefer the brand they recognise. And I suspect the brand winner in the mobile market is...
  • This.
  • But only the Microsoft phones will have the hardware designs they are used to. The asha line design looks a bit like the 520. They will be running Microsoft services. So, when the user upgrades, he is more likely to to go to a phone with a similar style and services as his previous phone. IOS would be too expensive, even with the 5c. Android phone would look and feel completely different from what he was using. Also, within a year, most people will get the message that Nokia is now Microsoft.  I'm sure Datsun owners knew that Nissan was the same company when they went to buy a new car.
  • There are a lot of people who I know who aren't even on Asha phones, whose feature phones are 5 or 6 year old Nokias which make Asha look really smart. These people are the ones who might buy Nokia out of loyalty or recognition. I think the car industry analogy doesn't fit - my worry has the name Ericsson. Remember them?
  • Well said
  • Personally I think taking away "Lumia" and "Windows Phone" is fine. but many people in other countries including myself love "Nokia" to death and taking that name away abruptly would hurt sales. a lot.
  • Correct. If this is true and MS don't or can't use the Nokia name on their smartphones I can guarantee that Google, Samsung and Apple are laughing their socks off right now. They were wondering how to deal with the growing Nokia come back and now that MS has bought them the distraction of acquisition will slow down new product announcements and ontop of that MS has handed them a worry free couple of years head start with the possibility of dropping the Nokia brand name.
    I'd be dancing in the corridors of Apple and Google right now. Classic MS.
  • Most likely I see surface phone or maybe Xphone (lame I know). I will miss Lumia though and its unclear translation.
  • Not sure they want to dilute "Surface" just by slapping it on this phone. Bears no connection the Surface tablets. 
  • I agree it wouldn't make sense to just "slap it on" a phone, but they could certainly design a new and separate Surface model phone to complement the tablets. I'd still want to see a range of other phones though.
  • I think MSFT should make a vaporMG phone and call it Surface.  Lumia would be for the polycarbonate bodied lines of phones. I'd love a VaporMG Windows phone, but it wouldn't make sense to call it Lumia. 
    Just a thought. 
  • Listen (or watch) yesterday's podcast, we discuss this very topic ;)
  • Me too! With kickstand also.
  • Windows didn't have much of a connection either (bar WP running on CE) and that didn't stop MS.
  • A full-screen OS with no windows, and limited multitasking bears more resemblance to Windows?
    Microsoft should take advantage of this opportunity and launch an entirely new name. I'm serious.
    I'm not sure I'd go with surface. If they think they can recover the brand, great. But it's got an ironclad association with failure, so it's a dangerous choice.
    But so was Windows Phone.A s I wrote below, could you imagine if they had tried to compete with Playstation by marketing "WindowsBox?"
    Is "Windows Phone" really less stupid than that?
  • To be honest, I'm one for keeping the "Lumia" name exactly how it is, but Microsoft has been known to throw away names (poor Zune).
  • It would be nice if Microsoft makes a Surface brand and a Lumia brand, what i mean is that Surface stands for metal quality phones, more industrial looking, like the Surface tablets & the Lumia brand with a polycarbonate body and all the colors....
  • Colorful and polycarbonate like the Lumia 925?
  • Nope, that device would be a Surface series then!
  • yeaah but they'll have rename it then, when it is already a lumia
  • If Microsoft does a rebranding that is anything like what this guy did that would be great.
  • +1   I hadn't seen that before so thanks for the link.
  • Hopefully they just name future devices as Lumia XXX etc with Microsoft branding on the back of the device
  • Yeah, just like apple does, the company name on the back of the device ... seems like a great design choice
  • Please continue using Lumia for at least 10 years!!
    Lumia 1020 seams a perfect name for me.
  • This is what I hope too. Cause "Lumia" is a known brand at the moment. Even people that don't like WP know that Lumia devices have good hardware and quality
  • I already suspected that Microsoft will now be aiming all the smartphones at America, just like they do with everything else.
    This is just final proof.
    Thank you, Microsoft, for removing the last European phone manufacturer from the game. It was always Siemens for me and then Nokia.
    I will need to upgrade my Lumia 900 next year, but afterwards I won't be getting a new phone for as long as possible. I do not want to get any phone created by Asian or American companies. Both have a hugely different mentality to European manufacturers.
    I support Windows 8 and RT and got a Surface. But that's partially because those technologies have always been very American.
    The Nokia takeover has ended an era.
  • From all indications the design of Microsoft phones will still come out of Europe.
  • You don´t want to support Asian or American companies, but you support Windows 8 because it is American.  You are confusing.  And how does this difference of mentality make the phones different?  By chance do people from all European countries have the same mentality?  I beg to differ.  What´s more, what are you really on about?
  • There never was a choice in terms of Operating Systems and the like.
    But phones have had two very good European manufacturers for quite a while. And I enjoyed the products of both of them.
    I hate Apple quality. I hate Samsung quality. I hate Sony's weird gimmicky phones. Etc.
    I didn't want to list all of them, but I hate each company on its own. And, coincidentally, none of them are European.
    Also, there's Microsoft's HORRIBLE track record in considering the needs of non-American customers. Look at all the TV features of the Xbox One that won't be available in most places, for example. Or the lack of gift cards for countries with low amount of credit card holders. (which has thankfully changed, though)
    It will start off decently, but in a few years the quality of Nokia phones will sharply decline in a variety of ways.
  • @SoleFenychs That's a lot of hate for alot of big companies. It seems like you're basing your dislike towards the companies on their location rather than the assessment of their products. I don't think it should matter where the company is located just that the hardware and or software is up to scratch.
  • I just listed specific companies to imply that I actually TRIED their products.
    I'm not basing my hatred on their location. I'm basing my hatred of companies from their location on the collective quality of their products.
  • I think its purely a coincidence that these companies that you dislike are all based in the same part of the world. If you don't like these companies that's fine. But to say you're not going to consider getting a phone from an American or Asian company just because you don't like a few companies from these regions seems abit pity. However that's just opinion.
    I'm from India and i'd be amazed to see MS trying to sell their non-Nokia branded smartphone to a lay man here... 
    Say something like, " Hey, here's the new Microsoft Lumia ! " The person on the other side would be only giving blank stares... And compare that with a Nokia branded smartphone " Hey here's the new Nokia Lumia (or whatever name) ! " and the person on the other side would grab it in the blink of an eye... That's Nokia for you... I'm not sure about US or other countries... Over here in India, NOKIA = QUALITY. PERIOD.
  • The US is one of a very small number of places where Nokia doesn't have much history and recognition.
  • I admit I wasn't a Nokia fan until they adopted Windows Phone.  Nokia has done amazing work for Windows Phone.  They practically ARE Windows Phone!!  I agree with your last comment. It is the end of an Era.  Especially if they wipe the Lumia name away.  It's Perfect!  They should let the phones be known as Lumias from now on if they plan to do away with the Nokia branding on Smartphones.  It's going to confuse the market.  I've seen a lot of people interested in the Lumia 1020 as of late.  The Lumia name has caught on!  Keep it MS!!!!
  • Microsoft is not stupid. The Lumia name isn't going anywhere. I suspect that the will change the numbering though. Because that really is a mess. Maybe they'll start giving them decent names. Like the Lumia P for phablets. The Lumia N for Lumia 920 series. Lumia C for cheap devices. Example: 920 would be the Lumia N1 , The 925 would be Lumia N2 and 928 would be the Lumia N3. Lumia 950 would be the Lumia N4. That would be so much easier.
  • I'd prefer to what you are saying, and yes, I would like to see what will come from Microsoft about Lumia's next devices. Hey, I like the way you suggest the name!
  • I don't want to, but yes, MSFT is stupid in many ways so I have no high hopes.
  • But dropping the Nokia brand isn't supid!? The Nokia brand has been  and is almost universally known, not the same for Lumia
  • Jolla.
  • Go Jolla son, spin off of Meego and can run Android's shovelware so you won't be screwed app wise too. Looks great and is Finnish! 
  • I understand your sentiment, however I wanted to point one thing out: Nokia phones aren't manufactured in Finland or Europe. They're not closing their Finland engineering, product development teams. Companies these days are global entities. There shouldn't be any national pride in any company other than the talented workers that work for them. Nokia will live on if only in spirit.
  • Well, screw you too.
  • My phone selection is already screwed.
  • i am actually kinda happy your phone selection is screwed you closed minded tool. the team is the same from nokia so your precious european design will stay intact for now. its all assembled in china yea whatever
  • Say that again when Microsoft fires employees to safe money and Nokia is sold because the phones don't sell due to Microsoft preferring to use MS branding instead of the Nokia name.
    You are the close-minded one here.
    I have seen plenty of great European companies bought by foreign parties. Almost always you get them producing sub-par shit afterwards.
  • For a while it will be the same phones with slightly different branding. Your phone selection will be exactly the same, but you will still be pissed off because in your mind the phones are now American.
  • I know that feeling.. I actually have almost the same exact one. Nokia has always been my choice because it has been Finnish and European. But not anymore. For my next phone I either will get a Jolla or Sony (i like Sony. I have all the PlayStations they have made so far). But no apple or Samsung crap :)
  • I like Sony's ideas, but the phones tend to be very gimmicky. (As for consoles, I was a Nintendo fan until Nintendo fucked up with Wii. People like me are the reason why Wii U doesn't take off - Former fans that got alienated by their casual pandering)
    It was okay a few generations ago, but the Sony Android devices that I've contemplated getting, before I found Nokia's Windows Phones, tended to have all kinds of really annoying weaknesses in various design aspects. Maybe they are better now.
    And Jolla has yet to prove itself. I will be following it.
  • I haven't really been following sony's phones in the past but the ones I've been looking after this tragedy like the Xperia SP and ZR, aren't looking bad at all.
    And about Jolla we'll have to see the final products. But I have my hopes up since its made by the makers on N9.
  • Wow its still the same Nokia made with Microsoft money...... You almost sound like old people who wouldn't buy Japanese brand cars after world war 2 because they were "Japanese".
  • It's not the same! There will be no more Nokia phones. They are Microsoft's and that means future Lumia phones will not be Finnish. In a year Windows phone's market share will drop in Finland from 25% to propably 5%.
  • I'm excited about this... Despite the negative outcome people think will come... I think this will be amazing...
  • Not a wise decision when it comes to anywhere else but the US. Nokia is a very respected brand in the rest of the world and Microsoft has an image problem. This, I believe, will have a negative impact on sales
  • True words
  • Exactly: loosing Nokia as the brand for the phones will have a VERY negative impact on sales at least in Europe (and probably other non-US countries): There is a significant amount of people who bought a Lumia because it is a Nokia (which has a reputation of being sturdy, reliable, good call quality, ..).
    On the other hand Microsoft and Windows has a really bad reputation here and isn't known as a phone manufacturer at all.
    The only way to sell Windows Phone here was to play down the Windows moniker - that's why Nokia put Lumia front and center and only mentioned Windows Phone in the fine print. And it started to work out - and now that Nokia is again a name know for quality smartphones the name is dropped and MS is starting from scratch (or even negative) again building a brand for mobile phones - something that is expensive (maybe not a problem) and takes time (a severe problem for WP)
    If I recommended a WP I always mention that this is very different from all other MS products (appart XBox) otherwise I don't know anybody who would consider a WP. As much as I like WP (and esp. Lumias): I'm really afraid that MS thinks that their brand as well as "Windows" sells the phone - a fatal misconcetion (at least outside US) that already hindered sales in the past.
    Of course informed customers wil still choose a MS Lumia knowning that it still in large parts is a Nokia. but the average user doesn't know or care (many do not even care about the OS): they recognize a brand.
  • I too think MS should continue to leverage the Nokia and Lumia brands at least until market share surpasses Apple. Clearly, they think that it's the Nokia branding which is holding back sales in the US, hence the move. Sales of WP in the US are miniscule compared to rest of world. They are foolish to risk the rapidly growing ROW Nokia Lumia sales for the vain hope of increased sales in the US.
    This whole takeover business will kill global WP sales just the same as Elop's 'burning platform' decision killed dead (the mortally wounded) Symbian and promising Maemo sales.
    Nokia is such a strong brand, quality, robustness, reliability - all over the world (except USA). This is lunacy.
  • So true
  • I never thought of it that way. Hmmm.. But I don't know, maybe Microsoft's name will be given a chance since it will now be Nokia inspired. Who knows. It's hard to tell what the future holds
  • Didn't msft "fight" for xboxphone or surfacephone as a domain name... We should have seen this coming... Right?
  • Companies do that all the time, regardless if they have actual plans to do so. Means nothing, sorry.
  • Lol dag... I guess just wishful thinking... I still do and always will think that this was a smart/strategic move by them... Been hoping they do this since the partnership
  • They should come out with completely new naming scheme for future devices. Also drop the emphasis on "Windows"
  • I think it all comes down to what Microsoft does with the OS branding.  Do they merge Windows RT and Windows Phone 8 into one OS?  If so then it would be like iOS and they should use the Surface branding.  Surface Phone xxxx and Surface Tablet xxxx.  For me the purchase of Nokia was more around being able to build a quality phone quickly with innovative tech than the actual Nokia branding.
  • Ugh!  First they get rid of the lovely name Zune in favor of XBOX Music and now they will get rid of the Lumia name?  The Lumia is Doing just fine!!!  If it ain't broke don't fix it!!!!!!!!!!!  Not only that I was happy to see the big bold "Nokia" name at a T-mobile kiosk in my local grocery store the other day.  IF IT AIN'T BROKE DON'T FIX IT!!!!!!!!!  Let's all hope the next name doesn't end in "Series".
  • Zune like Kin became damaged goods for branding.
  • But Nokia is the opposite. In Europe and Asia, Nokia's name is second to none in the mobile market. This will be the undoing of Windows Phone in the very markets that have shown the highest growth.
  • Yeah I know but still it was a lovely name.  Come on Dan you have to admit that!  HAHA! :D 
  • "Zune" was a failed name from the start.
  • Those are fighting words right there Josh!!     
  • Xbox to Asha when they can't be bothered to support it on current WP devices? Strange.
  • Microsoft's stated goal is to license Windows Phone. How do they handle product names in a way that doesn't alienate other OEMs?
  • The media and haters do not like Microsoft and Microsoft has done a poor job with Windows 8, the Surface, XBOne reveal, and various PR/Marketing items.   Seeing "Microsoft" on a phone instead of "Nokia" is going make the phone sales drop.  Many customers, particularly the young crowd who aren't brand loyal or care about Nokia still see  "Microsoft" as a four letter word.  They're either going to feel they'll be embarrased to carry that kind of phone/get chastized, or think "its a POS phone because it's from Microsoft and you know how Windows sucks."
  • +1
  • As long as it doesn't pull an hp with palm, I'm good.
  • "Windows LUMIA XXX / XXXX" will be a perfect name for all WP devices going forward
  • Why 'windows' in the name? IPhone, android, blackberry,Lumia, galaxy,asha, iPad, surface - one word! Why use two? It seriously sucks. I know windows is great but why add windows to everything? It just does not make sense.
  • Using the Lumia name for all WP devices is an awful idea. You end up with brand confusion and saturation.
  • Lumia is fine,it's the numbering that confuses the avg consumer.
  • oh and FIRST!
  • Oh fail
  • EFF.... Epic Fail to the Fullest.. knew i shoulda kept quiet.... = /
  • You were far from being the first commentor. 
  • i'll put the blame on CHROME.....
  • Yes everything wrong in the world is google:)
  • Will Nokia Conversations remain the way it is or will it change?
  • L would love to have Nokia written on my Nokia devices. Makes me feel proud owning a Nokia phone with it branded Nokia but not windows phone or what ever the name wild be. They just lost a customer
  • Me to.. let us see how they grow without Nokia name.
  • Bummer...what now? Android or ios for you?
  • Sailfish maybe :)
  • I bet you buy Beats headphones because it says Dr.Dre on the box, regardless they are crap.If quality will be the same (and it will) I don't see why the "Nokia" name on the device makes any difference.
  • Nokia is a globally known brand name while Microsoft is the most hated brand name in most of the world. If the Nokia and Lumia names are not slapped on future Windows Phones, nearly nobody will buy them.
    For example Singapore, the Nokia Lumia 920 sold like crazy in the Nokia Shops and the carrier shops and retailers because of the wide range of colors, quality build, higher internal memory & better camera than Lumia 820 and most importantly the globally recognised Nokia name.
    Without the Nokia and Lumia names printed on the next, 2014 Windows Phone, nearly nobody will be stupid enough to buy this kind of smartphone 'cause we know how Microsoft screwed the Xbox line by not fixing the 360's serious problems before shipping the first units out and they caused Sony to gain a pre-order lead with the PS4 by ruining the Xbox One announcement with stupid restrictions at this year's E3.
    How do you think people are going to trust Microsoft again with a Nokia-made but Microsoft-branded Windows Phone? Nearly no-one will buy it until they put back the Nokia and Lumia names on the phone or there will less to no sales at all.
  • You guys are sh*t heads if you would stop purchasing a phone for the name! I use a windows phone for its functionality whether it was the Samsung focus 1, Focus flash, HTC Titan, HTC 8X, Lumia 900, etc. The lumia name could be kept, but if it's changed to something catchy and the quality remains, I don't have an issue with it as the OS is smooth as butter whether I'm using a low end 520, 822, a mid-range 900, 920, 925, or the high-end 1020. The OS is what's built to run well on which ever level device you choose.....Not the Nokia name. Yes, Nokia implemented the great design, exclusive apps, and a superb camera optics......These design teams and engineers will still be employed/station in Finland working on the phones no matter who their employer is. So you guys are willing to allow you economy to take a hit and potentially lead to productive members of you community eventually be laid off because of a name and who owns them??? Rememeber Nokia board of directors made the ultimated decision to sell, they betrayed you if that the way you feel, Microsoft simply took an oportunity to purchase a good company; Last I knew, that was good business....They're also going to keep those great designers and engineers onboard if they choose to stay, which intern injects currency into your communties. 
  • For people who only care to show off the phone "name", there is Apple. For the rest of us, it's whatever is the best product. I used to carry a phone called Cingular 8125. Till date I feel that phone was miles ahead of it's time. But it really didn't have an actual name. Techies called it by it's codename Wiz100.
  • This won't work in most markets where people still trust in Nokia. And you can bet that seeing Lumia branding on a phone won't cut it simply because Lumia is a new brand to begin with.
  • Sole Fenychs has a point. I don't see this move with good eyes. We will see the outcome the next year.
  • Removing the "Nokia" branding will be a shot in the foot, specially in markets like the European one.
    Microsoft has to understand that and the sooner, the better.
    Nokia as a long long tradition in Europe. That's why we still cherish the Nokia 3310 over here and Nokia has become almost a synonym of "indestructibility" and "reliability".
    They would be better off naming the phones "Nokia Windows 1030" or "Microsoft Nokia 930".
    Otherwise, the normal consumer will just skip any future phones. The normal consumer doesn't reach tech sites. Even if Microsoft manages to keep Nokia's work and support quality (which I highly, highly doubt), the average consumer won't know that when buying a phone. They go for the brands they know and trust from past experiences.
    And "Nokia" is definitely a name that still sells and speaks to lots of people, while Microsoft is a synonym of PCs and not smartphones (example: no one ever says "Microsoft's Xbox". They say "Xbox" period. Much like they say PS4 and not "Sony's PS4". Or Motorola and not "Google's Motorola" etc).
  • People knew and trusted Blackberry as well, but look at them now! The fact of the matter is, is that your trusted and beloved Nokia chose to sell to Microsoft. You guys have to remember that the company Nokia as a whole has not been sold; They are continuing on as a business and will not relinquish it's naming rights to Microsoft or anyone else as its an established brand that will entice people to purchase one of the services they will continue selling. This is why they're allowing Microsoft to use it on specific products but eventually phase the name out. Nokia no longer wants to be associated with devices, but SERVICES......Didn't any of you hear Nokia CEO state this fact????
  • Do NOT compare Nokia to BlackBerry. BB never in their wildest dreams had the power and impact that Nokia had.
    Also, Nokia is associated with devices. The majority of Nokia is the devices. The moment they stop having devices, they disappear to give place to the Siemens part of Nokia.
    Besides, the deal with Microsoft is for 10 years. So technically not even Nokia devices disappears. They move to MS for 10 years. After which they can return to an independent Nokia. If they didn't want to be associated with devices, they would not transfer the division over to Microsoft for a limited period of time.
    The only reason why Microsoft is only trying to buy the devices part of Nokia is because anything else and the Finish government would automatically veto the deal.
    So they did this. And the plan is: Nokia continues to make the devices but under Microsoft's ownership. That's basically the deal. Which is why it's simply stupid to remove the brand name that sells in favour of a brand name that not only doesn't sell but that has image problems.
    Has none of you MS-only fans read the DEAL? Not what that slug Elop said but what's written and available at Microsoft's blogs?
  • If I were a Microsoft only fan, I wouldn't own 6 Nokia devices right now. The fact of the matter is that Nokia did stop bringing cellular innovation to the states years ago. if this is just a leasing deal, Nokia I'd getting a great deal, but why wouldn't Microsoft just ink another deal with Nokia like the current one the expires in 2014? I thought the use of the Nokia brand on specific phone only lasts 10 years with the option to extent name rights.
  • Um everyone knows that Microsoft makes the Xbox and Sony makes the PlayStation.
  • Very True, I agree. Romoving the name will result in loss of faith of many customers, like me too... Comman mass are unaware of the so called 32,000 nokia employees being sent to MS and whatever... They just know what's "Nokia" and what it signifies and what it has done for them for these 14 years.
    Definitely, that would be a big mistake by MS if they proceed in this tiny possibily for the world of smartphones it seems to place its foot...
  • For someone like me who buys a phone just because Nokia is written on it, it will surely be the end.
  • Me too.... :(
  • I just hate change *sigh*
  • Been saying it for over a year now: "Surface Phone"
    God help us, but knowing Microsoft's astute Marketing and Branding folks they'll probably want to call it "Windows Phone Me" or "Vista Phone".
    The Nokia name has the highest reputation for quality, why substitute that for a name associated with interminable calls to Indian Call Centers?
  • Possible new names: Xbox Phone Xbox One Phone Kinect Phone Lumia One Lumia Kinect Xbox XXX(model number) Bob (Wait, never mind, Bob was tried before, and all we got from that was Comic Sans)
  • unfortunate
  • This will end in a worldwide FAILURE! 
  • True words, leave shit how it is!!
  • Man I really liked the 'Nokia' and 'Lumia'. As we have seen as of late Microsoft sucks at names aka, changing 'Marketplace' to boring and simplistic 'Store' or everything to 'Xbox' this 'Xbox' that good lord please don't name it something stupid cuz i can be really vain sometimes and .........
  • Marketplace sounds much better than "Play Store"
  • First good news I've heard out of this deal. The "Lumia" name was always terrible. On the other hand, I don't know if Microsoft has the "cache" yet to use "Microsoft" as the branding. The Surface & Xbox have gone a long way to rectify that, but I still don't think its there.
    Guys, it's time for "Danger" to make it's comeback.
  • Why not just "Lumia 920" or "Lumia 1020"...? That's more catchy imo and has a bit of momentum already for such a name of a series of mobile devices.
  • Good idea because at least people can still relate to the Nokia brand
  • I love looking at the top of my phone and seeing Nokia!
  • YES...I dont want to see Microsoft is enough with the Windows logo.
  • ^^^This!
    Nor do I want to see a Windows logo on the back of the phone, or 'Microsoft' branded anywhere on the device.
  • Same here. Microsoft means quality software to me, and not quality hardware -- maybe quite a lot of other people might think the same?
  • So the Surface is crap hardware;)
  • Surface is the best tablet hardware I have seen so far...and I expect no less from Microsoft on their future phone.
  • No I just believe that Nokia id better and im not saying it will suffer right away from going to Microsoft because it still is the same team essentially so if Microsoft lets them working the way they have been or funds even more we could see incredible things. I'm just not 100% trusting. Also I just hate the way Microsoft has been naming things and aside from great designs im kind picky with names. If its exceedingly bad I it bother me
  • Hmmm -- yes mate, there are better products out their. And by the sounds of it, you sound like you would gladly throw money for "surface phone".
    So let me ask you this (now that I've answered yours), why do you think the surface is a quality product?
  • Really? I've tried some Android tablets and the iPad and nothing come's close to a Surface tablet.If there's something better how about you enlighten me.You can dance around what you said all day long and it doesn't change the fact that it was a stupid comment.
  • Jesus you're so uptight, chill out mate. I've got my opinion and you have got yours, and that is the beauty of living in a free world -- opinions are like a-holes, everyone has one!
    But the funniest thing is, you say my comment is stupid because my opinion differs from yours -- now I would say, that is a stupid comment... Pmsl
  • Sorry,we do have are opinions on here,but what you're doing is bashing Microsoft. Nokia didn't have to sale to Microsoft,so if you want to throw some hate around,throw some of those hate bombs at Nokia.
  • Xbox 360 certainly is crap hardware. It was rushed to market with multiple design flaws that caused the dreaded "Red Ring of Death".
  • Oh yea,had to have mine replaced a few times until Microsoft got the bugs worked out,but what doesn't have flaws on release these days.Xbox One will surely have problem's when it comes out in November.
  • This is stupid. Lumia name already has traction. Not Windows Phone name. Lumia name! Way to go Microsoft, doing what you usually do. Taking great things, then screwing it up.
  • +920
    Hopefully this latest idea of re-branding will end up like all their decisions lately: reversed.
  • True words mate -- I couldn't of said it better myself!
  • Microsoft is really bad with consumer names. They cannot figure out how to use one word to name something. Nokia created Lumia brand so MS should keep it. Maybe even renaming windows phone to LumiOS would work better. Windows-light-lumia-awesome. Windows phone consumer edition - sad.
  • They're going to make it 'Xbox', aren't they? (Which is laughable in itself when you see how little support Microsoft has shown Windows Phone owners when it comes to releasing games.)
  • Just found a question on Nokia Conversations. Will we find Zeiss lenses on future Lumias???
  • Well im just going to stick little Nokia logo and name sticker over the back of my future phones
  • That'll probably be the only consolation we can get.
  • I
    like the name "Microsoft Lumia 1020". That way both companies are
    mentioned in the name of future smart-phones. I'm anxious to see the future of this company as the two giants work
    closely to bring new, hopefully innovative devices to the market.
  • That's because you don't understand the heritage of the Nokia brand in mobile devices. Lumia has been around, for just a blink of an eye. It was chosen by Elop at the toss of a coin in a brainstorming session. It's the Nokia name that has been selling Lumias in the rest of the world, not Microsoft, not Windows.
    MS should hang onto the Nokia branding for rest of world for as long as they can. Why not put their amerkin Microsoft Lumia Windows Phone 1020 (service pack 1) branding to work just for the yanks?
    In fact, maybe Ballmer was just talking through his ass and Elop will convince them to keep Nokia branding after all. He must have learned at least something about the Nokia brand respectability during his tenure there?
  • Maybe Microsoft should start naming it after candies or chocolates...
  • Google would sue them if they named the phones after candies.
  • Personally I don't mind what it's called, as long as it works well. Take iPhone, IMO it's a terrible name, but it sells like nothing else
  • Ha ha ha, are you crazy? iPhone is a brilliant name!
  • Lol, out of all the brands here (Microsoft, Windows, Nokia, Lumia), Nokia is the only one with a great reputation that has traction with consumers. Of course, that's the one MS is eliminating... Brilliant /s
  • WINDOWS (phone name)(numerical designation). That tells the consumer its a MS Windows product, its name, whether Lumia, Surface or something new, though I think sticking with Lumia is best, like iPhone, it's an easy identifier and a cool name, then the number to identify the model. That is the way to go. Don't over think this.
  • Hello Sheldon!
  • Its Dr. Sheldon Cooper !!
  • The problem is "Windows" and "Microsoft" are not good Consumer brands. Microsloth just bought one of the world's best brands. Only an idiot would throw that out in favor of brands Consumers dislike.
  • By discarding the 'Lumia' name, MS may as well kiss their prospects at making inroads in mindshare goodbye. It is like starting from zero. Good luck to MS. I will buy this phone knowing that the erstwhile Nokia team has designed it, but I can not speak for the millions and millions customers MS hopes to induct, who might just be turned away by the mention of 'Windows' anyway. Like I said, good luck. Thank you for the memories. I am getting that 1020 when it releases in India as a souvenir, and that's that.
  • Stick with the Lumia name at least.
  • I strongly feel MS should keep 'Nokia' name alive.. But, with th acquisition and thereafter internal restructuring of th devices unit at MS this was going to happen..
  • Wow Nokia gone like that?? Does Microsoft know that most people bought the Lumia because of the Nokia badge?? They didn't buy it because of Windows Phone. Reading this article just made me wanna throw this 620 out the window :-(
  • Pmsl -- I also bought my phone because of Nokia.
  • This might just be the most challenging news yet to try to spin in a positive light.  'A' for effort, Daniel.  But I don't think the fuzzy foreigners are going to buy it.
  • Too funny -- Fuzzy foreigners? Is that code for anyone outside the good old USA?
  • Just a reference to the classic movie "Caddyshack".
  • Oh right, cheers for clearing that up for me mate. lol
  • Microsoft should not use the word Microsoft or Windows when branding their phones. Their phones should stand out on their own. I believe a lot of people don't even try Windows Phone because they equate it to what you would use on a desktop or laptop.
    In fact, they should take a leaf out of Google's book (in terms of branding). For the most part, Android is what the brand is, not a "Google Phone"... 
  • Exactly!  Anything labeled "windows" or "Microsoft" is instantly going to draw feelings based on Microsoft's image and products.  And how well received have the last few outings been for Microsoft (XBone reveal, Windows 8, Surface RT)?
  • They'd be stupid to get rid of the Lumia brand, it has a lot more force behind it that Windows Phone does.
    They should just remove the Nokia and call them Lumias.
    Lumia = Smartphone, Asha = Feature/Entry to smartphone.
    Stick with calling them a Lumia 1020, its simple.
    When people ask what phone it is, they don't say is that a Nokia, they say is that a Lumia anyway.
  • I call mine a Nokia, and sometimes I even call it a Nokia Lumia. ;)
  • Same here.
  • I think i will hang onto my NOKIA LUMIA 920 as long as I can.. Could possibly be my last NOKIA device!! Sigh!
  • Ha ha ha, same here mate.
  • A Lumia isn't a Lumia without Nokia.  MS needs to recognize the importance of the legacy they just bought before going forward.
  • Too true. However, you know that Microsoft don't give a shite about household names like Nokia.
  • Time to tweet Microsoft and WindowsPhone about this potential debacle.......
  • Why bother, it's not like they will listen to you -- bit like Apple, who expect customers to do has they're told. Lol
  • Actually I think they have been listening lately, 8.1 comes to mind.
  • We all say just "Lumia 1020", not "Nokia Lumia 1020" so it is easier that "Windows Phone 1020"
  • Looks like ms took lumia and asha and now dont know what todo.
  • Whether you keep the name Lumia or not, but you will be doing a huge mistake if you drop the name NOKIA
  • Keep making good devices and you can change the name to "Microphone" for all i care, I'll stay put on windows phone.
  • Thank you... +1
  • This is what I was afraid of. They bought Nokia to burry it.
    This is a sad news indeed. Bye bye Nokia. It was all my pleasure and pride holding your phones all those years.
  • Like what most big 'evil' corporations do!
  • Evil company?Pouring millions of dollars into Nokia a couple of years ago to keep them afloat isn't evil.
  • But if they are killing the Nokia brand, the only thing they are trying to keep afloat is themselves.
  • Microsoft is trying to stay afloat in the cell phone market"YES".As a company they're not going anywhere anytime soon.To compete with Apple and Google in the cell phone race Microsoft had to pull the trigger to stay relevant.You guys have the Apple mentality here with if it's not Nokia I'm not buying.
  • Come on now mate don't be so naive -- you really think that, this is why they gave Nokia all that money?
    So Microsoft are trying to stay afloat, at the expense of Nokia?
    You've kind of contradicted yourself by saying "You guys have the Apple mentality here with if it's not Nokia I'm not buying." But yet you say, you wouldn't have a Nokia in your pocket, if it had Android on it.
  • Exactly!This is WPC or I'm I lost?Plane and simple you are blinded by Nokia and I'm all about the OS and what the OEMs can bring to the table to improve the experience. If Nokia went Android there would not be a Nokia in my pocket and I'm guessing I wouldn't be the only one on here.I love WP8 and have a 920 and Ativ S because of WP8 not Nokia.
  • WP is great, but I think you are very lonely in the place you are. Nokia phones were selling because of Nokia, not because of MS-WP in its bast majority. Just go to read all the people that was waiting for a NOKIA android phone, they understand it better.
  • Still not buying it,people purchase phones for the OS and app experience not the brand.Unless you're a isheep, lol.Nokia would probably be in the same boat as HTC if the went with Android in 2011 over WP.As we all know Samsung has 95 percent of the Android market Nokia would have had no chance in gaining any market share going that route.
  • If you are in the US I believe you. However, Europe, Asia and Latin America are big hits because they went with the brand > OS.
    My first smartphone was a Samsung with Android, but I didn't even know about android, I just wanted a smartphone and didn't want to pay the price of apple's device. Then Nokia came with a true competitive smartphone and I got it. I can say now, I'm more geeky than 4 years ago and I understand the difference between OS's but I believe my story is very similar to many stories of people yet to buy a smartphone for the first time. 
  • Would changing the name to Lumia over Nokia really throw a monkey wrench into the works in emerging markets? Don't know?But people should realize it's still the same hardware but under a different name.As long as Microsoft keeps the same price point it should catch on.
  • I am sure I am not alone, but for me I am attached to the Nokia brand more than my attachment to Windows Phone, although I am a Microsoft fan as well and can't imagine myself using an iphone or android. Many people love both Microsoft and Nokia over anything else but they didn't agree to MS acquiring Nokia.
  • We are at WPC, and you are not lost mate, but that doesn't mean I have act is if I've got horse blinkers on (a spade is a spade, a shovels a shovel) -- isn't it ironic that you say I'm the one who is blinded by Nokia! When in fact, it is you who is blinded by Microsoft for buying 2 WP8's -- the funny thing is, they basically do the same thing -- so yeah, I would say that you are the one, who is blinded as you are clearly obsessed, not me!
  • Whatever gets thru the day mate;)I'm not the one bashing every comment on this article.Wow! The Ativ S and 920 do the same thing never crossed my mind.I have a Surface,iPad,Nexus 10,Ativ S and a 920.blinded by Microsoft don't think so.
  • Like I said, you must be obsessed, if you can interpret my comments has bashing, when I was simply answering all the questions you asked me -- pity you couldn't do like wise.
    May I say farewell, and I hope you seek counselling for your addiction lol
  • You are obsessed by a name,lol.Let's see how you feel when the first batch of Microsoft Lumia's hit the market.Im guessing most of you popping off will change your tune by early next year when you realize nothing has changed hardware wise only a name.
  • A name can be as important as the hardware itself. The name Nokia means alot to many people, a legend, a nostalgia, a proud history of mobile communication that spanned far more years than any other famous brand today. Some people may not easily understand or let go that, but there is nothing wrong loving a brand regardless of its inner hardware and specifications.
  • I get were you are coming from,but tec move's fast these days and company's get left behind if the don't adapt.No one was up in arms when RIM changed there name,they had to try and compete with a new OS and name change or be left behind.And they are still struggling.Nokia had to do something to stay in the game.
  • 1020 - lumia 1020 but not windows phone 1020
  • I really want this to work for both Microsoft and Nokia, but for Christ sake, to leave Nokia out of the smartphone name is my red flag #1 as to how Microsoft will find a way to screw up a damn good product, mostly purchased from consumers like me because of the name Nokia. "Windows" and "MSFT" brand name need to stay as far away as possible, only because its a simple fact that most everyone associates these brand names with something that a friend told them and etc etc. Will Microsoft ever wake up to the fact that these names have to go, or at least with the phone. I mean really (windows phone 1020) that seems a bit longer name than (Nokia Lumia 1020) How did the windows phone brand work out for HTC? I know this is just a small bit of news, but I can see it coming, Microsoft will announce many more boneheaded moves that will degrade the Nokia Lumia image.
  • I like the names " Nokia Lumia 920 " :( sad to see it go. You're great Nokia keep it up!
  • What about the naming of new phones that are already in development and will be released before the beginning of the next year (before the buyout deal close and complete)? Im thinking about the 1520 and the tablet....
  • I think Nokia is going to be releasing phones in the pipeline (and do business as usual. ) till the acquisiton goes thru.. of all you know it may not go thru as well in that case MS will pay nokia 900 million and it is all back to normal.. lets see how it goes.
    For me.. without NOKIA in the branding, I may not buy a windows phone.. It may change if it is a compelling thing. but windows phone is not that complelling as of now.
    Lets wait and see.
  • Wasn`t it NOKIA branded I would not buy my Lumia 920 back in December. MS alone is for me just another non european company, no sentiments towards them at all. If they dont improve WP dramatically I doubt they will win the race for my money.
    Peoples' choices are based on emotions (at least to some extenet) . I fell the emontional part for me will be gone with Nokia name :(
  • Not to be pedantic, but Microsoft did have a lot of funds, manpower, resources, developers. What makes us think that they will help Nokia with greater Innovation and features where their own teams "ran out of time" in bringing various bugfixes let alone features that Nokia had to makeup for, like other storage check and similar other stuff. Is Microsoft up for the challenge or will they succumb by over thinking and over planning. Bringing out a great looking hardware like surface but confusing with RT and pro and all.
    I am just worried about the worst. I LOVE Nokia. I Heart WP. I own L920. I want Windows Phone 8.1 to blow in the face of Android. Please make it happen.Please. 
  • Why not build a skype phone..
  • Oh gosh..
  • Lumia by Microsoft
  • I was reading and I imagined all the formerly Nokia workers asking Mircosoft for certain things and getting a hard time receiving it cuz that's not how Microsoft did it but Nokia knew you and put in the resources to make excellent products, not just design wise, and feature rich, but in durability. We all read the article about how intensive Nokia is in there testing of products. Not only do they test to see if it won't break easy but what chemicals will discolor they phones, (something HTC didnt do with how the 8X would darken terribly by just putting the phone in your pocket!?!)
  • Well it looks like something is going on.. I dont know why MS will use Nokia name for S40 and S60 phones and not for smart phones?. It is either they are being stupid or Nokia has not given them license.. I think the earlier agreement was for nokia to be tied up with windows phone till 20 15. Now with the new afreement Nokia cannot use its name on any mobile till Dec 31 2015. I dont know what they have planned for 2016. I think Nokia might venture into smart phones in a different way.. lets wait and see.
    They are doing a lot of R&D with Graphene etc.. and they are going to continue to do it.. so lets see in two years.
    I am sure without Nokia name, it will be difficult to phone phones . IF MS achieves it, i will congratuate it.. Coz it is not about quaility or anything. it is about a brand. Apple and Samsung are big brands.. they can sell anything and everything .. mostly.
  • I love Lumia as a name. It stands out and with all the different colors of Lumia phones, it just fits. This is one of those things that I wish Microsoft would leave alone.
  • I'm deeply hurt/heartbroken for the fact that we won't be seeing the word/brand/partoflife "NOKIA" anymore(I know after 10 years but still..). This is end of an era. It is very difficult to explain how embedded is Nokia in our lives & how much we love it.. Very sad.
  • Stick with lumia.. You know how people are afraid of WINDOWS!!
  • The most important thing is keeping the LUMIA branding. When people ask me about my phone, they always go "is that a Lumia". It has just started to get recognized... Hope they won't ditch it.
  • This is terrible, Nokia has a worldwide reputation of quality hardware, that is now gone. Also the Lumia name was PERFECT, change it at your peril MS. it is now becoming more well known, several people have asked me 'is that a lumia' and I proudly say yes, now the new lumias will have no association with the old ones. :'(
  • many Nay Sayers. All talking of dooms day for Nokia and Windows Phone when this deal is finalized. The share holders have yet to vote correct? Remember when T-Mobile was supposed to get bought out...and it didn't happen. I personally like the merger idea!...especially if Elop takes over Ballmer's position!!!
  • agreed.. Nokia is a major player and driving force behind WP.. Elop should rightfully be the replacement for Ballmer since he is responsible for driving that force that made a dent (though insignifcant) in a mobile market share.
  • I mean...Microsoft is becoming a devices & services company, right?...and Elop is a "devices and services" guy. He did a great job of driving the Nokia mobile division! I think he will be a GREAT team member for Microsoft to promote into Ballmer's position!!! ...btw nice to see a non nay sayer on here!
  • Way to much overreaction to a name change it's all about the OS to me, and Microsoft building quality hardware to back up the OS.
  • Agree.  Though I'm more of a WP guy than a Nokia guy.  I wouldn't have considered Nokia if they didn't adopt WP.  I thought they were an old man's phone brand  before they dropped their own OS.
  • Nokia + Lumia branches are getting stronger and stronger. If they abandone both, I won't believe they have a chance to succeed!
  • I just hope this acquisition doesn't prevent Nokia from continuing to be innovative. Will we see continued support from all the apps they have developed? I was really liking the direction Nokia was heading, it'd be a shame if Microsoft put a halt to it all.
  • It will never succeed without the name "Netscape Navigator"! What the hell kind of name is "Firefox", anyway?!
  • Funny
  • Not using the Lumia name is a mistake in my opinion. Seeing it rise in familiarity among the likes of iPhone and Galaxy was a long, tough road to just uproot it and start with something with the oh-so-uncool Microsoft name.
  • I will definitely miss Lumia, but perhaps it's time for a change, something more relevant and memorable, and please keep making amazing camera phones with sd card support
  • def agree with the general public has to say on this subject... getting rid of "Nokia" branding on the new upcoming WP devices would bring catastrophic damage (financial-wise) to the merger... why not just stick with it and advertised it as "The Nokia Lumia..... BY MICROSOFT!" ..... to me it sounds elegant and classy.
  • exactly what they should do, basically what they do with the xbox
  • Way to much confusion to the general public,it needs to be one name and roll with it like iPhone or Galaxy.My mom thought the 1020 was a camera instead of a WP from the commercials,all the numbering and Nokia with WP8 is confusing to the avg consumer.personally I bought my 920 because of awesome hardware and the OS not the name.
  • @Daniel Microsoft CAN'T use the Nokia brand because they are not allovved. They can only licence it for the feature phones (mobile phones) not smartphones or any product for that matter. Nokia ovvns Nokia. MS doesn't even ovvn any of the patents, they have only licenced them for 10 years.
  • I thought the deal was to license the Nokia name for the next 20 years but ownership of the lumia and asha mames as well as their patents regarding Mobile technology
  • ?
  • "Nokia will continue to own and maintain the Nokia brand. Under the terms of the transaction, Microsoft has agreed to a 10 year license arrangement with Nokia to use the Nokia brand on current and subsequently developed products based on the Series 30 and Series 40 operating systems. Upon the closing of the transaction, Nokia would be restricted from licensing the Nokia brand for use in connection with mobile device sales for 30 months and from using the Nokia brand on Nokia's own mobile devices until December 31, 2015." "As part of the transaction, Nokia will grant Microsoft a 10 year non-exclusive license to its patents as of the time of the closing..."
  • It's interesting how Microsoft is going the other way in terms of branding compared to Google and their acquisition of Motorola. I feel Google's approach is much better (Motorola - a Google company is their new logo), and I'd say Nokia is regarded much more highly than Motorola. I don't see why Microsoft need to put their name on it when Nokia's image is so highly respected in this market. You don't see Microsoft branding plastered everywhere on the Xbox, just discrete logos here and there. Why not do the same with their Nokia phones? Put a Microsoft logo on the box, on the ad campaigns etc. but leave one of the main things that are bringing sales - the Nokia name and reputation. It's a name valued highly for decades, you can't just replace it.
  • Read my post above.
  • This^
  • Because they don't have the rights to it.  In the completed deal, Nokia still owns the IP rights to the 'Nokia' brand name.  Microsoft can use the 'Lumia' brand.
    At the end of the day, I'm not exactly sure what $7 Billion just bought for Microsoft.   Manufacturing facilities, a ten year license to Nokia patents and the engineers and designers, at least those who aren't planning to get jobs at Apple or Google.
  • People loves to hate MS, if they drop the Nokia brand I feel like the people would hesitate more to buy the product just because its says Microsoft on it. They should really stuck with the Nokia branding
  • Looks like the Nokia Conversations site is down.  We can only hope the feedback they're getting is making them realise that dropping Nokia or Lumia from future phones is not a smart decision going forward.
  • From what the pdf and other things have stated for SMARTPHONES like the lumia line Microsoft cannot use the nokia name. only for feature phones.
  • Does this mean that the anticipated "Nokia" tablet is now gone? It will be another variation of Surface tablets? Poor Nokia. RIP. I will miss the name. Over ages, people have recognized phones by their brand name and that plays a major role. But if Nokia goes away, I think a lot of people would back out. Initially people would be very sceptical of Microsoft phone coz it is primarily the area of expertise in terms of software. In the early years of name change, Windows Phone will have to struggle a lot without the Nokia branding and will have to build up trust among people. Can MS be so good at that? I doubt.
  • So true I left android because of Nokia I bought a Nokia because of its quality always said can't go wrong with a Nokia no that's gone this really sucks
  • It’s not gone!  Can I ask… if all else stays the same, and only the Nokia name is no longer on the phone, does that really make that much of a difference?  Much of the WP and Lumia work will continue to be done by the same people that were doing that work prior to the sale to Microsoft.
  • It's probably been put on hold. I wouldn't be surprised if that press conference in NY also gets cancelled. You know that the only questions the press would ask, would be about the acquisition.
  • I hope not. I would like the see the "Lumia" tablets be more consumer focused, and the Surface tablets be more enterprise focused. For the Nokia diehards, it might be their only chance to get a Nokia branded tablet!
  • The Nokia brand remains too well known and carriers too much value to be retired. Even Microsoft aren't stupid enough to get rid of it.
  • +1 The Nokia brand is priceless.....especially outside the US.
  • +6120
    Nokia still hold the reputation of the best hardware durability in asia. Seriously please keep the nokia brand :(
  • Agree here Nokia is the reason most in Asia have given Windows phone a go.
  • Why not ms build up the skype brand and build a skype phone, made by nokia.that would be cool.
  • My 920 just became Vintage. Looks like I'll be holding onto this for a looooong time.
    @Microsoft @windowsphone @nokia The comments on … … carry weight & its value and validity should not be taken lightly..
  • My thought is that they will follow this formula -HTC Windows Phone 8X- by rebranding the Lumia series as something like -Nokia Windows Phone 1020-
  • Problem is, in Europe some poeple only by Windows Phone because it has "Nokia" on the back, which stands for phones that survive a nuclear war.
  • Not only in Europe, I live in Mexico and the brand "Nokia" was everything people needed to know to buy the phone, they didn't even ask for the OS... and do you know where the most WP are sold?... yep places like this, Europe, Mexico, Latin America.
  • I see a potential problem here from a marketing standpoint. Nokia and the Lumia brands themselves are proving to be successful in some areas, particularly the 520 and 1020 options. By eliminating these successful brands, it could cause confusion to the Windows Mobile line, which is still trying to gain traction in the smartphone world. Why not just keep the brands as-is and still sell them as such? Customers don't need to know it's Microsoft, just that it's the brand they already know. (I love my Lumia!)
  • This just makes me pessimistic.. :-/
  • They should remove the name "Microsoft" and release the xbox with a Nokia Lumia branding!
  • THIS! lol :)
  • No, No, 1000 times No!!!!!!!!
    Do not change the branding to "Windows Phone 1020"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Does Microsoft need to have the most boring branding in the history of branding?  Windows RT?  Boring *and* stupid.
    Throw out Nokia if you like, but KEEP Lumia.  It is such a great brand.
    The "Microsoft" and "Windows" brands are so old and tired.  They do not say "new and exciting!"  Keep Windows for the desktop OS if you like, it's already boring and seemingly in mothballs.  But COME UP WITH A CLEVER NAME for the phone operating system, on par with Android.  And COME UP WITH A CLEVER NAME for the tablet operating system.  Maybe "Fenetre", the French word for window.  Okay, too hard to pronounce.  But SOMETHING.  These are CONSUMERS you are marketing to, not techie geeks.
    Better yet, put the Nokia marketing team in charge of all product names at Microsoft from now on.  They have done so much better than Microsoft's marketing team.
  • Reading the comments of those outside the US, I'd say keep Nokia for as long as humanly possible.  It has so much more good will associated with than Microsoft or Windows.
  • They've done pretty well with the Lumia naming apart for the model numbers which are really getting out of hand - 520, 620, 625, 820, 920, 925 etc.
  • What about xPhone 1?
  • How about "xPhone"?
  • Nope, that name is empty to me. It might be an excellent device but branding is everything.
  • What's happening with the Nokia exclusive apps? I would love to see them become part of WP8 or at the very least made available to all the other brands of WP8 devices that can run them.
  • The sad thing is that i have always seen Nokia as the phone manufacturer who cared and innovated. They made good looking phones that can withstand almost anything... 
    Now i'm not so certain that Microsoft will live up to that name, as much as i want to believe that nothing will change except the name i simply can't. I think that Microsoft will see a downfall in sales from their devices as the Nokia brand said so so much to people everywhere...
    I'm not saying this is the end for WP it's just that i don't think Windows Phone 1020/925/920 will attract the same crowd as the Nokia Lumia 1020/925/920 etc. 
    I for one was looking forward to what Nokia had next to come... but i'm not the slightest intersted in what Microsoft has to offer even if it's the same team behind the phone...
    Needless to say Microsoft has alot to live up to and a rough road ahead of them.
  • Is it just me? I have a bad feeling about ditching the Nokia branding. I mean i know they bought Nokia but but... MICROSOFT brand doesn't really resonate to the public as a POSITIVE brand. Unlike NOKIA which is an institution in the mobile industry - the name alone sells. It speaks quality and TRUST.
    I love windows phone but i have loved it even more when i was using it with a Nokia brand. Its like inside a room full of people all using windows phone but feeling more elite and proud that i am holding a Nokia not HTC or Samsung.
    Please Microsoft/Nokia think it over and over and over if you really wanna phase out the Nokia name. I can just sense disaster without it. 
    The Lumia brand  has made more impression to the public on the awareness that Windows Phone exists. Come on ask your friend if they know PlayforSure or Zune and they would give you a glazed-eyes dumb look. But talk Nokia and Lumia and you will see that most knows either or both.
  • The only name that truly needs to go is Windows phone.
    Lumia may not be a widely identified brand in the U.S., and maybe MS could do better, but I don't think it's actively hurting growth. The problematic brand, from the very beginning, has always been Windows.
    In addition to bringing mostly negative associations to the table, windows is also highly inaccurate. There are no window-ed operations on WP8. Everything runs full-screen. Everything.
    So if Microsoft is going to take advantage of the opportunity to see if it can do better than "Lumia," it would be a mistake for them to protect "Windows" and leave it off the table.
    Could you image if Microsoft had tried to compete with Playstation by marketing a "WindowsBox?" It's absolutely absurd, right? Well, there you go.
  • It's always been the promise of what Windows Phone could be thanks to Nokia that drove people to buy it - not what is has so far been. Face it: so far the Windows Phone has been limited, buggy and while rather slick, it's ultimately a dissapointing product. 
    Let me be frank. Windows Phone was only relevant because the largest and greatest independent mobile devices company in the recent history, Nokia, was fully committed to the platform. Now, it's all gone. I'm sorry guys, but it's over, and this is the beginning of the end. 
    Windows Phone was only gaining traction thanks to Nokia's efforts, but now that it was bought by Microsoft, the following will happen:
    1. Windows Phone sales will continue to grow incrementally in the US, but they will absolutely plummet in all other markets, especially in Europe and Asia. This is because the acquisition is viewed extremely, extremely negatively outside of US. Windows Phone growth in international markets so far has been fully due to the Nokia Lumia brand and Nokia's commitment. 
    2. Because of dwindling sales, Microsoft will first start laying out and then start firing the 32 000 Nokia Devices & Services employees. Best emplyees will see this coming, and are already packing their bags.
    3. Microsoft will launch some kind of massively stupid and destructive rebranding of Windows Phone & smart phone devices business, negating the progress done so far. Innovation that Nokia brought to the platform will melt away.
    4. Windows Phone marketshare will plummet. Microsoft does not commit, so the whole thing will ultimately go the way of the Kin, Zune etc.
    I'm sorry, but there are just no positive aspects in this acquisition! There is hope only if Nokia's devices division stays with Nokia, due to the business deal being prevented by either the government or EU officials of the stock holders.  It was a good ride, and I truly believe that the WP8 Lumia devices are the finest mobile hardware ever produced by any company. Until Tuesday September 3rd, I was a Nokia stockholder and a proud Lumia 920 owner. Now I only have the Lumia, and in the future, that will be gone as well. At least it was fun while it lasted - my sincere thanks to WPCentral for quality reporting all these years.
  • What a cheerful and optimistic outlook of the brand in general. Cheers m8.
  • Well said man....
  • Exaggerate, embellish...? 
  • Completely agree with this. The writing is on the wall and MS' history with destroying their acquisitions is plain to see.
  • Its weird because the Lumia brand is still a "new" brand. I guess those that have one can now claim its a "rare" device yrs from now. Does anyone know what the last Lumia will be? Or if newer productions of this yrs devices will be absent of the Lumia name?
  • this is a bad move. People have jumped onto the windows phone bandwaggon not because of WIndows Phone but because of the Nokia branding, the Nokia branding has brought Windiws phone where it is today.
    Me personally got a Windows phone only because i saw a phone and it said Nokia on it, i knew it would be a good quality phone after i had broken my iphone.
    I will likely go for a HTC Android handset in the future as i dont like the idea of Microsoft hardware branding.
  • Branding is everything. Be very careful when changing the naming of product lines. Any traction the Lumia line has gotten over the last few years could turn to vapor.
  • Imho, they shouldn't get rid of the Lumia name ... Not now that this brand is finally better known.
  • Nokia is a powerfull name for selling phones, and people are starting to recognize and talk about Lumias. Killing these to names would be their biggest mistake....
  • No No Nooooo!!! this shouldnt be happening!!
  • I went through something like this is 2001 with an old company. I was part of the drug division and found out unexpectedly that the parent division filed bankruptcy. With in two weeks I was doing the same job with the same people (senior vp and divisional heads) but we all had a paycheck with a new co name on it. I am imagining this is the same thing the Nokia Lumia folks will go through. Do your day to day and slowly assimilate into the new culture for an easy transition. Looking back a lot of folks were scared poopieless, but it was a win-win for everyone.
  • I think this is a huge mistake for all the other markets they are actually having success in. Hopefully they understand people do not like Microsoft and any hardware that has had the MS name on it up to this point hasn't sold. Best bet is to use the Lumia name and have no MS branding on the front of the hardware. Same  thing with any new line of products they may release. And please, can I just have a 4.7"-5" surface phone that looks like that render from last year now? Please? I still say the Surface is the nicest piece of hardware I have ever seen.
  • I hope Microsoft doesn't screw this up *sigh*
  • As already stated by above comments, they need to rethink of not using Nokia on their phone products since it is already a brand which is trusted by a lot of consumers. Rebranding it to some unknown name when it is already becoming popular again and getting traction might give a negative impact. Also why change the current name of lumia?I say just leave it be, its a good name and already recognised as a name of great phones you can get. :)
  • That's why I hate Microsoft bought Nokia, I bought my 920 because I love Nokia and I don't want the brand go away. Changing the name just like Nokia had gone and never coming back, I know maybe Nokia is gone, I just couldn't accept it. Why Nokia abandoned their brand. I couldn't understand.
  • Cant believe this is happening...i hope they at least continue with the Lumia branding...Nokia worked hard to make it recognised and known to people...its the only way i see in the short term to connect with the existing users and new ones coming...
    plus i love the Lumia brand....its a brand of hard work and innovation and the whole of Windows Phone community knows that abs love it for that reason...
  • I don't think they will opt to kill the Nokia name. It can represent the name of their mobile devices as they do now.  As the Surface reflects the tablet line, etc.  OS name is still relevant because there are still other OEMs selling devices with the OS.  Unless they flat out just refer to the OS as Windows Phone.  Version numbers aren't as important to most people, and to those it does matter they will read the specs sheet for the phone model their interested in.  I can't imagine much changing, really.  Eliminating Nokia altogether is a bad idea, shifting from brand to product family isn't so bad as people will still equate the two - not so much if it is no where to be found!
  • Makes me sad to think they plan on doing away with the Nokia name. I've always gone Nokia with my phones, except for in mid-2011 when I tried an iPhone for the first time. I associate Nokia with top quality, always have, even with my gold 3390 that was my first cell phone. I think so many people have done the same, so it doesn't feel right to drop the name "Nokia" just because of Microsoft's purchase of the company.
  • They did not buy Nokia they are purchasing assetts from Nokia not the Whole company or name so why are people surprised and getting the wrong idea. Nokia can move back into devices in a couple of years branded Nokia if they wanted to.
  • Eliminating the Nokia name - certainly one of the strongest global cell phone brands - is a mistake.  M$ should bag the corporate pride thing and fully leverage ALL of the asset they have just purchased. 
  • I think a lot of people will order a device online without getting in touch before only because of the brand Nokia or lumia. They simple trust in years of quality what the brand is standing for. This kind of customer segment might be completely lost with the disappear of the brand Lumia and Nokia I'm afraid of. Please take it in consideration Microsoft and think about it. I mean, come on, who made windows phone that big as far? Be honestly, it wasn't big players like Samsung, HTC or even MS. It was the already dead sayed Finnish company. So please keep your lane!
  • wait for it.............Lumurface? hehe
  • Surface tablets....Surface wonder there was a sudden stop to MSFT's in-house Surface phone program...
  • People who buy iphones they buy it because they like it,and probably take pride in owning one,the same with people thate love nokia,I've owned for 11 years only nokia phones but I won't buy an ms phone,so they'd better keep the nokia name if they want to sell fans talk about galaxy s4,htc one,nexus etc not about android or google
  • :(
    So Nokia's name on mobile devices will become a thing of the past... man. That's really sad! Nokia will live on in Microsoft though...
  • Don't kill the "Nokia" and "Lumia" names...
    Ready, set... go.
  • Not a good idea.  No one wants to by a microsoft branded device but people love the idea of owning a nokia.
  • They will slap Windows on these phones and it will tank. WP as a OS is dead :-(
  • Microsoft if you are reading along, please don't disapear the NOKIA brand. That little name on top of phones is what made 90% of the people I know buy a phone with your operating system. Make no mistake, WP is not the attractive part, nor MS, it was and has always been the little NOKIA label on the device.
  • Everyone already knows that a Lumia is a Windows Phone and a Nokia. Just name them 'Lumia xxx', which is what people call them anyways because they can't be bothered to say Nokia haha
  • Oh well, there goes invention, design and innovation.  All that is going to happen now is Microsoft is going to wait and see what Apple does and then run after them like a puppy dog with "me too" features.   Until Microsoft gets over their obsession of Apple, nothing is going to change for the better.
  • Why would Microsoft need to license the Nokia name? They own Nokia's hardware division, they own the brands, so they should be able to use the Nokia name whenever they want.
  • Just call the phones by the Lumia name, without Nokia or Microsoft. Lumia is a name that can stand on its own, and has traction. Just Lumia 1520, 1020 etc, similar to iPhone 4, 5.
    Remember when IBM sold its Thinkpad line of laptops to Lenovo, and Lenovo retained the Thinkpad name but not the IBM name. Very similar to this Microsoft/Nokia deal. People buy Thinkpads and the name conitnues to have a lot of traction. On its part, Lenovo has done a great job of keeping up with the quality and features of the Thinkpads.
  • I hate this!!
  • Gah, wrong post. Sorry!
  • Double post.
  • Not using the Lumia brand would be very unwise. People (at least here in Europe) are talking about getting a "Nokia" or a "Lumia". I have hardly ever heard anybody specifically asking for a "Windows Phone" at a shop. Don't get me wrong, *I* do like Windows Phone. Nokia currently provides the best overall experience, but I already used Windows Phone before Nokia's first Lumia was available. But I am part of a very small minority. The brands "Microsoft" and "Windows" just don't work for mobile phones here.
  • Some of you need to realise that, although the United States are a global force, you are not alone in this world. Frankly, at the moment the US are the most unsignificant market for the Windows Phone. In Europe it goes well, in India it goes well, Latin America loves the WP, there is a huge progress in Russia... And North America shows no love for the WP.
    I don't think I'm too bold to say that all those significant markets enjoy that status within the WP community because of Nokia. Nokia is a huge brand in Europe and the Far East. As a European, I bought my Lumia because it's Nokia. As for the OS, I knew little about Windows Phone when I purchased my phone. Actually, everybody was talking me out of it. But as a diehard Nokia user for almost 15 years (my nickname says it all), I decided to stick to a brand I trusted the most. And I wasn't wrong to do so.
    I'll probably buy the next gen Lumia even if it carries Microsoft's name. But I don't expect too much love from Microsoft, especially because of the company's US-centric orientation. Many other potential customers in Croatia won't even consider it without Nokia's branding. Yeah, I know, we are a small market, but it will be sad to see Nokia's legacy disappear. And I can see it coming, since we have the great amount of ZERO Microsoft stores in the country. You can't buy the Surface here, but you can buy Lenovo Yoga (I have one myself). So, who knows will we actually be able to buy Microsoft branded Lumia.
    But the biggest potential issue is gaining the market share without the Nokia brand. Nokia's feature phones rock, many people still use them, and when they decide to buy their first smartphone they'll search for Nokia. Windows Phone's big presence among the newcomers to the smartphone world is not a result of the platform's greatness but of Nokia's good reputation among feature phone users.
    So, as you can see, I'm a little afraid that Microsoft won't be able to beat itself and make the things different this time. It's a huge company, known for a slow adaptation to global trends and without any understanding of the mentality outside the US.
    God help us all ;)
    Greetings from Croatia.
  • Just to sum it up shorter: here in the US, nobody gives a rat's ass about the Nokia brand. They are "that brand that used to make phones back in the 90's, right?" here (Symbian? MeeGo? Nobody ever used that in the US). The renaming is a non-issue here, so MS might as well call them whatever they want. The rest of the world, it's absolutely idiotic if they get rid of the Nokia brand. Just plain idiotic
  • @since3210: thx for your words! They made my day. If MS really wanna drop those brands from the devices then it seems like they didn't pay much attention for what happened the past 2-3 years regarding the windows phone trend outside of the US, especially here in Europe! This would be a very selfish, unthankful statement and a slap in the face to the rest of the Nokia crew and the loyal users themselves! Sometimes I wonder where they hide those geniuses bringing such stupid ideas to daylight but getting paid like executives...
    In my opinion they have to realize that Europeans just love Nokia no matter what, like Russians just love vodka, sorry guys ;)
    Greetings from Austria
  • That picture in the article with the phone lineup... wouldn't it be nice to see that in a store, instead of the usual 1 or 2 dummy models collecting dust in a corner somewhere?
  • I said it.Microsoft is coming to mess everything. They should keep using the Nokia name. That's the name that is selling phones. Why Xbox is a hit.Because when people hear it they don't even think Microsoft is behind Xbox. Whenever you say Microsoft is is going to be hard to sell. Windows is different ,is a name established for years and even being like that Windows 8 PC's are not selling that well when comparing with 7.
  • "Why Xbox is a hit.Because when people hear it they don't even think Microsoft is behind Xbox."
    That's unlikely considering the MS brand is slapped all over everything that is Xbox related.
  • Ok, here it goes, ms rode Nokia as far as it could, it couldn't stand the thought of a once defunct cellphone giant making a splash on the world market. So it took its ball and went home. ms faced Windows extinction, but found "Affordable" quality and that cannot go unpunished, and Microsoft does suffer from poor brand image, but nokia+ms8=fresh. Who knew?
  • The only reason I bought my first windows phone was Simply because of Nokia. For me as many friends of mine Nokia means high innovation devices. On the other hand I just relate Microsoft with software that's it. If Microsoft kills the Nokia name, I do not know it will have the same traction as Nokia does. Personally I do not think I would buy a mere Microsoft phone.
  • Going forward, there shouldn't be "Windows" mentioned on any phone. 
  • I think this whole name debacle can go away with one easy solution: Elop for CEO. I hope everyone clamors for this to force MS's hand.
  • Sorry, this is insane! People buy windows phone not because of Windows 8, its because of Nokia, they trust Nokia and hence they take the risk and try your system, not because they like Microsoft WIndows and try Nokia. Microsoft either has a really great plan or he is just crazy. If you drop the Nokia name so early, people will think Nokia is over, and who will buy a Nokia Lumia windows phone? I mean, you just start the great marketing of Nokia 1020, and then what? You told people it's a Windows 1020... this is a very bad timing.... I dont get it. I admit I like Nokia but lets be rational. How many years does it take SOny to remove Erission from it's Sony Erission phone? How many years does it take AMD to drop the ATI brand for the Graphics card?  
  • I can't see them getting rid of 'Lumia' any time soon. The brand is too strong. And if I was Microsoft, I'd be phasing out the Nokia brand very, very slowly, again it's a very strong brand.
  •   Hmmmm.... ditching the "Lumia" name would be a mistake, as it already has good awareness. But I can understand dropping "Nokia" when it's really an MS product. However "Nokia" really should still be attached to Asha devices because let's face it, bulletproof featurephones is still what 80% of people think of when they think "Nokia".   "Nokia Lumia 1520 with Windows Phone 8 GDR3" vs. "Lumia 1520". Pretty easy choice!
  •   If they're smart, they'll use the Lumia name until they have a much higher market share. More people are familiar with Lumia than they are WP so they might as well use that momentum.
  • Absolutely crazy that Microsoft are going to whitewash the Nokia branding. People may scoff at owning a Nokia phone but will take more delight at scoffing at a Microsoft phone..
  • I won't ever buy Microsoft's cellphone brand
    we buy your windowsphone because of Nokia
    if you get rid of Nokia brand then no reason I would buy windowsphone.
  • having come over to the dark side after using an iphone starting with the3g to the 5.
    i chose the nokia 920 because it was a WP. plus it was a great looking phone . what i got was a great looking phone that just works. i love the idea that it syncs perfect with my outlook 2013 and and all contacts across 3 formats.
    web,phone and my windows 8 pc. not to mention skydrive microsoft nailed that one. its not perfect can't wait for the updates come on at&t. imo if microsoft and nokia play nice there will be some great new products coming one day soon.
  • what about Nokiasoft !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • People, if Microsoft purchased the license to use the freaking "Lumia" brand they will definitely gonna use it!
    Don't get me wrong, I know how (stupid) confused Microsoft can be regarding branding and stuff, but if they bought it, why wouldn't they use it?
  • Seriously ?? If MSFT renames or changes the Nokia and/or Lumia Branding I'm never ever gonna buy a Windows Phone again Period. MSFT should remember always that Nokia Lumia brand is the reason WP is still alive. Had it been for other companies like Samsung ATIV or HTC 8 it wouldn't have survived even a year against the Droids and the Apples.
  • I think this would be a bad move for Microsoft marketing, to be honest, I bought my Nokia Lumia 920 because it was a Nokia, the MS software was secondary to the amazing hardware. People who don't know about technology always make the connection between Nokia & ground shattering durability & great battery life. I was able to convince many people to make the switch because they trust Nokia, and unfortunately, not Microsoft. (Microsoft was holding back the non switchers). In other words, Microsoft should keep and market the Nokia name. Saying "Nokia Lumia 920" isn't that difficult "Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone" isn't that much more than "Apple i phone five with eye oh ess" or "Samsung Galaxy ess four with Android jelly bean". Nokia sells phones, unfortunately, Microsoft probably wouldn't, because of brand perception.
  • In fact I suggest Microsoft should name there Phones Nokia Lumia and drop the tag 'with WP' just like Apple calls its Phones iPhone and not Apple Phone and its OS iOS, not Apple OS.
  • Just keep the name NOKIA on the Lumia devices!
  • Everyone had a Nokia phone back in the day, they basically started it all (well you know what I mean). Nokia is the brand, and no one is going to admit they have a Microsoft Lumia 2000 or whatever. I think Windows would be a better brand name.
  • The article should be retitled "What are they thinking?!"  The very idea of dropping or phasing away either NOKIA or Lumia brand names is beyond dumb at this point.
  • It would make no sense beyond pure vanity to buy one of the oldest and most established phone brands and then disguard the name.
  • They didn't buy the Nokia brand, only the Lumia and Asha brands.  They did 'license' the Nokia brand, but only for use with Asha and other feature phones.  I think the only way it really made sense to keep the Nokia brand on Smartphones was if they purchased all of Nokia, which they didn’t.  I hope they do not phase out the Lumia brand.  Rather, they should simplify the phone names by calling the just Lumia xxxx (whatever follows it, beit the number scheme they use now, or something else).  Don’t make it the "Microsoft Lumia 1020".  Don’t include Windows Phone in the branding at all.  Just keep it simple. 
  • No more Nokia brand! aww bad :'(
    What's up with ms look like they wanna kill wp platform
  • New Coke anyone?
    Still the marketing legend of taking a great, well known, century old product and turning it into a sales disaster, and a return to exactly where they were befoe 1985.  If MS follows the template, they will come up with an equivalent new name, dropping Nokia, historically arguably the best known phone brand in the world.  After sales plummet, some MS marketing genius will say, "Let's revive the Nokia brand!"
    It will be too late. Another Zune hits the rocks. 
    MS needs patience, not rebranding or other brilliant ideas.  The Nokia Lumia is selling better and better every quarter, even in the USA.  Every cell user in the world knows the Nokia name, even if they aren't sure what they offer now.  But, say, Surface?  
    Bzzzzzzt....... Start over, do not pass Go.
  • This is pretty typical Microsoft, and as soon as I read about the acquisition, I thought that this wall inevitable.  
    Microsoft doesn't also have a great record with companies they acquire and attempt to integrate, particularly in mobile.  Danger, anyone?
    Within three or four years, when WP market share is still in single digits, Microsoft will be writing down this $7 Billion acquisition.
  • As with any large company MS has some successes and failures in their acquisition history. Aspects of Danger went into Windows Phone. Overall, MS has a pretty good track record at about 50:50 for its acquisitions working out well. They always treat the acquired companies well. If anything, they are too respectful, leaving them to do their own thing at the expense of MS' existing technologies (think of the rate of Skype's integration into Windows Phone, it's happening, just more slowly than a heavier-handed company would permit).
    I think FAR more topical, in part because it's more recent and in part because, like Nokia, it is/was also a respected brand (Danger was not a known consumer brand) would be that very acquisition of Skype. That has been a huge success on any metric. The branding has been preserved. Skype's direct revenue has increased at a faster clip under MS than it was before the acquisition. MS has successfully integrated Skype into many of their product lines. MS is using it strategically to build value across its portfolio of products. MS and Skype customers are both better for the acquisition. 
    I'm in the US, but I agree with all the comments here that dropping the Nokia name would be foolish, especially in markets where the Nokia name is strong. Brand names matter. They are time consuming and expensive to build. They are valuable. 
    However, I would also point out that Nokia as a business was in a downward spiral before Elop came on board. The brand name still had value with conusmers who don't follow the business, but obviously not enough value to save the company. Elop reversed Nokia's fortunes in part by tying Nokia to Microsoft. It was a good move for both companies. I see no reason, other than possible loss of Samsung, HTC, and others as OEM's, to think this acquisiton is going to be bad for either company.
    I also think that it's foolish that people are blaming MS for Nokia choosing to sell to them. This is not a hostile takeover. Nokia has chosen to sell. If you are angry with MS for the purchase, then you should be at least equally angry at Nokia, because they are holding hands and making this announcement together. Somehow, there is a cognitive disconnect, where people are expressing love for Nokia and rage against MS. That is not rational given the facts. 
    I trust (and certainly hope) that MS will see the light on the brand name and not eliminate it where it will help them, at least not until they have leveraged it to build up a replacement. If Nokia Lumia in 3 years is popular, that could be changed to just Lumia. Eventually, by the 10-year mark, they could safely phase out the Nokia name, with little danger.
  • I really think they should keep the name like it is:nokia lumia. i think its great! Maybe a shitstorm and an online petition could change MS's mind. ;) (btw I dont quite get it. is it already confirmed that they'll change the nokia lumia branding?)
  • If they drop the Nokia brand they are retards, they are paying all that money for those 5 letters actually....
    Nokia brand is identified with quality phones that are very reliable, you drop the name and consumer John Doe that never follows this kind of news, but has bought many Nokias before and wants a Nokia phone won't know that now they will be called microsoft or whatever.... It is like droping the Xbox Brand it is moronic, people identifies gaming console with Xbox not microsoft per se, same goes with the surface now it is a brand or the poor zune, the issue is Nokia is a very powerful brand imprinted in the mind of anyone that is 24+ years old.
    If I had a decision making position I would integrate the brand withing the existing brands of MS, entertaiment/gaming Xbox, Productivity Office, OS Windows, Search Bing, Email Outlook, Mobile devices Nokia 
  • Nokia phones sell for the build quality, customer care and for the fact that it is a 'NOKIA' phone here in Indian Subcontinent. If the Nokia branding is removed, half the sales of the mobile may stop.
  • Both names Microsoft and Windows have zero sex appeal. Here's a free tip to Noki... I mean Microsoft: simply call the phones Lumia (or Asha) and double your sales in the next quarter. Really.
  • Dear Microsoft
    Unify the branding all you like, just keep the Nokia name - it's the only one we care about! Regards,
    The people
  • +6120
  • Thats bs! Having Samsung Galaxy on the title didn't seem to hurt s3 and s4 or note sales!  We need Nokia Lumia brand on our future smartphones at least in the next 5 years! 
  • Hello, When I heard about Microsoft and Nokia deal. I immediately started reading all articles related to the news, and I came across this article from an important newspaper from Spain where Nokia is a beloved brand. I found it interesting and i wanted to share it with you, because I am sad that Nokia will disappears. please let me know what do you think about it. It seems that this is the feeling of many european people. Microsoft’s Elop has hollowed out Nokia from within the heart of the Finnish former giant The famous wooden horse, brought into Troy with soldiers hidden in its belly to destroy the city from within, was child’s play compared with what Stephen Elop has done to Finland’s technological flagship. In three years he has brought Nokia to a state of ruin and handed it over on a platter to Microsoft, the company he used to work for.
    The work done by Elop at Nokia (2010-13) has operated grossly and barefacedly in favor of Microsoft and against the very company that was paying him, in the face of the passivity of the board. Elop, formerly employed at Microsoft, arrived at Nokia when it had a 30-percent quota of the cellphone market and was valued at $12 per share, and leaves it with three percent of the market and a value of $3 a share. Of the former 125,000 employees there remain only 97,000. When he arrived, Nokia had quarterly profits of 820 million euros; now it loses more than 100 million. The Symbiam operating system was the leader in the world, and now it has practically ceased to exist. He has also succeeded in closing down all of Nokia’s manufacturing plants in Finland.
    All this, he kept repeating time and again, for the sake of a shining future for Nokia. Well, no. The shining future will be for Microsoft.
    Europe, long without computer manufacturers, is now without producers of cellphones. Perhaps the punctilious EU commissioner Neelie Kroes ought to reconsider Brussels’ technological-development aid to Nokia, which is now US-owned. Perhaps, too, some sort of professional-ethics commission ought to consider the case. Such commissions must exist in Finland, one of the least corrupt countries in the world — at least until Elop arrived there.
    The cellphone industry has never seen a plunge like this: from 34 percent to three percent in less than three years. This debacle has not come about by chance Elop has been the great traitor of Nokia. His very hiring brought criticism, coming as he did from Microsoft. The doubts were soon justified by the announcement that Nokia was to dispense with its Symbiam operating system, the world leader. But its demise — which might have happened later than it did — was announced not in favor of the system that Nokia was then developing, Meego, but rather in favor of a Microsoft system that was still a year from emerging on to the market. He accelerated the death of Symbiam, and thus of Nokia. No consumer was about to buy a system that was going to disappear within a year.
    The cellphone industry has never seen a plunge like this: from 34 percent to three percent in less than three years. This debacle has not come about by chance. It is the result of methodical, premeditated work to sink a trademark and favor another: Microsoft. Elop not only decided that Nokia’s operating system was a botch. He also decided on its substitute, Microsoft, and most suspiciously of all, the substitution was to be exclusive. Samsung, Huawei, HTC, LG, ZTE all manufacture cellphones with different systems. Nokia, now only with Microsoft. Worse still, Nokia’s fidelity to the Redmond, Washington firm was not returned, for Microsoft even introduced its Windows Phone operating system with other trademarks.
    Without a doubt, if Nokia had marketed cellphones with Android, its market quota would not have plunged so far, nor would it if Nokia had not announced the death of Symbiam. But the pact with Microsoft has favored only one party.
    If this 21st-century Trojan horse strategy was invented by Steve Ballmer, he certainly deserves a gilded retirement. He has succeeded in buying Nokia for a song; he has had a trusty executive within Nokia working for him; the salary, the bonuses, the cars and the house being all at the expense of Nokia. Rome did not pay traitors, but it seems that Redmond does. Microsoft is now keeping Elop in a vice-president’s chair, until he succeeds to Ballmer’s job. By Javier Martin, EL PAIS. Spain.
  • Hopefully Nokia/MS will think twice about this...  The Nokia brand name has strong positive clout, like effect of "galaxy" or "iphone."  I can't see people getting as excited about a MS branded device..  
  • so much crying in here. i didn't know you guys could tell the future and knew that the lumia name was dead. if that was true then why did nokia sell the rights to the that name and asha?
  • I'd be sad to see both Nokia and Lumia names go for two reasons.
    The names are well know and well established and, I would hope, synonymous with high standards of quality. 
    If these names are phased out, I would wonder what 'brand' MS will create and how quickly they can do it. 10 years isn't long create a name and establish it. 
    In regard to incorporating Windows Phone 8, I don't know this is wise. If Lumia and Nokia are retained as names, surely most people must know it is a Windows Phone. Similarly, Apple doesn't sell it's phone/s on the basis of this is an iOS7 phone, nor does Blackberry.
    It wouldn't make sense to me to discard so many years of reputation, afterall what's the point of paying to use the name, if you are going to phase it out?
  • Here in Brazil, The Volkaswagen Truck Division was bought buy the MAN Group in 2009 I think. Nowadays they still use the VW Brand on the Trucks.
    In My Country, I don't believe the Microsoft will get sucess withou Nokia brand on smartphones.
    And Let's Think. Latin America gives the second position for WIndows PHone.
    And in Brazil only Nokia and SAMSUNG produces WP devices. And the people by because is Nokia, and not Windows Phone.
  • This would be a biggest mistake Microsoft could do with Windows Phone.
  • World's best company with nokia