Nokia hands-on video, Smartphone Round Robin-style!

We're back with Week 3 of the third annual Smartphone Round Robin, and this time we'll be looking at the mysterious world of Nokia, with help from our pal Matthew Miller at NokiaExperts. Turns out these are some serious (if under appreciated) phones.

So, peep the hands-on video after the break. And to get things rolling, I've got some questions for the NokiaExperts faithful. Hit up this link to see how that's going.

And remember: Anytime you post in an official Smartphone Round Robin forum thread (or NokiaExperts post), you're eligible to win a free smartphone (worth up to $1,000) from that particular site. So get to it!

Phil Nickinson

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  • The youtube clip doesn't work! It says this is a private video!!!
  • please fix the youtube permissions, id really like to watch the video
  • please fix video!!
  • Grrrrrrrr. Sorry about that, folks. Should be live now.
  • Thank you for sharing
  • Wow, they are quite possibly the most awkward devices in a long time. Guess your in real trouble if you bite your fingernails ;) Will say I like that N900 browser and the fingernails for the open apps. Nokia really needs to start putting some memory in their devices. Its almost 2010 guys. Memory is cheap. WinMo and Android devices are already too low on Ram and you guys are cutting it down even more? Why?
  • Great article but I have to say that unless Nokia hits the advertising trail they'll continue to be the best selling phone in Europe and not America. Wish Verizon was getting the HD2