Customer irate over Best Buy and Lumia 920 gets sent a 9lb package from Nokia [Update inside!]

A lot of times we get asked which Windows Phone is the best. That’s a big decision since no phone can truly be the undisputed winner when there are so many variables to consider.

A Lumia 920 could be perfect for me, but if you Skype a lot you might prefer the 8X and the extra space in your pocket. That being said, Nokia does like to differentiate itself from other Windows Phone OEM’s with software exclusives and some great customer service. For example, Windows Phone Central forum member lsmachado received some stellar customer service from the Finnish company and has shared the experience with us.

This story should fill you with warmth and tide you over until you’ve been stuffed with Turkey...

The story starts with some poor customer service from Best Buy when she preordered the phone on October 21st. The phone from that first order was shown as ‘backordered’ up until this past weekend. She called a few times to get more information about her order and was given the run around from the popular retailer. lsmachado then took the proactive step of sending an email to Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, which to his surprise was replied by the man himself and with head of marketing, Matt Rothshild, copied. The email simply said his team would look into it.

Turns out Best Buy canceled his first order and then canceled his second. That second cancelation prompted her to send an email to Matt Rothshild about his frustration trying to get a Lumia 920. The next part of the story is too good, so here it is verbatim:

“I was shocked when I checked my voicemail today and had a call from Mr. Rothschild! He told me that Nokia was sending me an early Christmas present of a new phone, and I would be receiving it tomorrow!! He asked me to give him a call back, which I did, just to thank him for his intervention on my behalf. He said that Nokia was having a discussion with management at Best Buy regarding their handling of order fulfillment.Then, and here's the kicker, he told me to make sure I checked the tracking information with UPS, because he said there were also some "extras" in the package to make my experience with the phone even more enjoyable! OMG! I checked the shipping weight on UPS website, and it says the package weighs 9lbs!”

What a great experience for her and we’re excited she’ll be getting his Lumia 920 soon. The cool part about this story is how Nokia went out of their way to help a customer get their product. It’s great to see customer service like that still alive and well. Now we just need to wait for the update as to what other goodies are coming with the phone.p

Update! Ismachado left a comment below, first to correct me that he is in fact a she (a billion apologies, no way to tell earlier ) and with what all was in the box! She walked away with a red Lumia 920 and Monster Purity headset! Congrats to her!

Do you have a similar experience with Nokia (or even HTC or Samsung)? Share it with us in comments.

Source: Windows Phone Central Forums

Sam Sabri
  • The phone itself weighs about 8 lbs, amirite??
  • lolz
  • It depends what apps are installed.
  • Zing!
  • Zoinks
  • Lol! It's worth every ounce!
  • wow!!
  • I also emailed Mr. Elop on Sunday with the same response. Mr. Rothschild is trying to get me an ETA for my yellow 920...which still hasn't shipped. He said he would call me. I doubt I'll get a free phone out of the deal.
  • you'd never see Apple doing this unless it was 9lbs of coal.
  • Apple doesn't need your business and can afford to lose customers.  It's the same principal as to why they never go onsale.  They don't have to.  Nokia needs customers right now.  
  • this is very true also this is more of a fail on best buy not really nokia 
  • Wonder what will go on sale this Black Friday, their first reported such sale (according to media,I don't follow them closely enough to know first hand).
  • Yes but for how long? One of these days they're gonna wake up to the mountain of sh*t that they bury themselves in. When I went to a store last year thinking about purchasing an iPad, I was practically ignored because I didn't look like a potential buyer to them. I went to pick up an iPad to test the weight because I'm not a big person and when the staff noticed that, only then they rushed up to me obviously thinking if I drop and broke it, I would have no money to pay for it. I have never been so humiliated in my life. As soon as they sell here, I'm getting a Windows 8 tablet.
  • This isn't true at all. I have been credited for my time. I just read someone getting $100 Apple store gift card for issues with his iPhone 5. Apple has great customer service. Anyone who thinks otherwise has their head in the sand.
  • I agree that Apple customer service is top notch.
  • When I worked for Apple Store up til ~1 year ago, I thought they were so great.  But I noticed a lot of "NO" or negotiation processes that I thought were sad given that people would buy warranties for their products and never get a good/direct answer when bringing their busted or defective units back in (there were TONS) to make good on that extra money they spent perhaps days/weeks prior.  They're not as good as you think they are.  They're radically inconsistent (probably why their head of retail was fired recently).
    This is a cool story for Nokia.  They need this good press to help them gain popularity.  Best Buy sucks.  I've never gotten worse customer service anywhere.  Staples even does better than BB, and I don't expect them to do much.
  • No, it is defintely true. Long story short, their PR staff is good and their system is genius. They charge you 3x or more the cost of the product so that they can afford to replace your product no questions asked up to 2x. Once it gets into loss territory, good luck.
    For most other companies, one excahnge is already a loss, that is the ONLY reason why they are pickier about accepting returns or they will go out of business quick. Apple is the only one that can afford it and they take creidt for great customer service when all they are doing is overcharging you for it.
  • Where I live,
    Microsoft = Great support
    Apple = No support
    Microsoft really is a global brand.
  • Apple HAD great customer service.  Then they hired Browett who's version of customer service is basically "Oh, you have an issue GTFO!!!!!" 
    Granted they fired Browett and are trying to fix the damage he did.  But for the time being no... Apple suffers an inability to provide the level of service you describe.
  • My limited experience of staff in an Apple store consists of a member of staff lying to a 15 year old. Whilst visiting the LA store from the UK she was told that she had to buy Applecare if she wanted UK cover for her ipad purchase. When I questioned him about what it covered he was very vague. I asked him if a solid state device should last more than 2 years, he quipped that his dvd drive on his mac had been replaced 3 times (?). I asked him if a broken screen was covered (i knew it wasn't), he said it might be. During the conversation i asked why anyone would want to pay for an extended warranty- his response "we don't use that word". Try as i might i couldn't get him to even say the word warranty. it was comical  
    Apple stores- they are just minimalist Curry's stores. The primary difference being that the staff in curry's are just normal (disinterested) people and the staff in Apple stores are just plain creepy.
  • Not true.  Remember the story of the guy who bought an iPad?  He returned it with a note in it saying "The Wife said we couldn't afford it."  Apple sent it back with a note saying "We say you can."  Steve Jobs also gave away Final Cut Pro to a kid cutting lawns all summer trying to save up and buy it.  This is a very nice gesture by Nokia and Mr. Elop, it's great to see big corporations do kind things for it's customers to show them they care.
  • Hopefully the 9lb package isn't the head of a Best Buy manager.
  • lol
  • Come on!  What's in the box?!
  • Probably that JBL Nfc radio, charging pad, and some cases or something.
  • May also have headphones or maybe its the phone and the speakers(?).
  • That Se7en reference did not go unappreciated. Thanks for the laugh!
  • It's probably one of these:
  • Does that thing double as a humidor?
  • I'm going to call Mr. Elop and express my man love for my red Nokia... I'll let you know what happened.
  • I canceled my BB preorder as soon as the AT&T one went up. I still didn't get my phone until the following Monday. Sad to say it but it would have been easier to just walk into the store on Friday and get it.
  • Sounds like a JBL wireless/charger speaker is coming with his new phone eh?
  • That's what I'm thinking too.
  • Best Buy ... I've got a nine-pound package for 'em.
  • Lulz
  • My story is nowhere near as cool, but still awesome of Nokia!
    I was at SLC (Salt Lake City airport) on a connecting filght back to Los Angeles. I saw a woman who was using her laptop, with the "eye <3 Windows Phone" with the symbols. I'm sure you know what I mean. Anyways, she told me that she works for Nokia, I told her that I was a huge fan of W. Then showed her my 900 and went on a rant about how amazing it was on my vacation. She gave me her business card, and told me to email her for updates and stuff. So I did, and she asked for my address. A week later, she sent me a Nokia OEM case, Nokia Monster HD headphones, a Nokia OEM armband, and a few other goodies :) Love Nokia! They know how to keep a customer satisfied :)
  • Super cool. A lot of passionate people working in the industry that's for sure.
  • It takes happy employees to go this far for customers. I'm glad they're taking care of their own and in turn helping us out.
  • Nice! Can I have her email too? :P
  • Haha! Some of the best and funniest comments EVAR for a post. You guys/gals are HIGH LARIOUS! I bet there are some fancy accessories in there. One of the expensive music charge JBL dock things. Amazing that folks so high in management would go out of their way for him. Sounds like BigBuy needs to clean up it's act.
  • Amazing how great their customer service is... You can actually talk to these people unlike most company CEOs that hide ... Btw wpcentral ... Check out nokias stock ... Its climbing like crazy
  • Yeah I noticed that its now at 3.30 but I do not know why... As wonderful as this story is I doubt this is the cause and tbh the WP8 Lumia roll out has hardly been stella so its interesting. I wonder if its the news of the acquisition completion today but thats been known about for some time.
  • I would say the stock increase is due to Nokias relevance is increasing and more are starting to take notice ... Their HERE maps, the phones, and headlines they've been making though out the tech community
  • I bought a bunch when it was at $1.92. My broker made me sign a letter that I was buying against thier advice. Last time I checked, they're still recommending a sell. Think I'll hold onto it for a while.
  • I guess someone just listen to this interview which was posted on Forbes few days ago. Its one of the best interviews that I have listen to on a business news channel otherwise most of the time, they post garbage. Enjoy the interview and see for yourself why Nokia is rising and will continue to rise if bankruptcy fear mongers get out of Nokia's way.
  • Lets hope Lenovo are listening to this shining example of how customer service could work rather than charging the cost of a new laptop in repairs for a spill resistant keyboard that was anything but resistant.
  • Or being hung up on.  I am or should I say was and ardent Lenovo evangelist.  I am re-thinking my position based on yestersday call.
  • I did wait a month for a stock answer and have now waited another week to respond to my latest email. Meanwhile my laptop languishes in a service centre with a £70 charge for the privilege of being ripped off. I am currently waiting for the sales arm to remind Lenovo that poor customer service means lost sales. I am currently going to go HP for my whole ecosystem unless somebody has a moment of common sense. I have always been happy with the support I have and continue to receive.
  • Don't go HP. Go Dell. HP has an annoying habit of ending a product line even after you've ordered it and then not really telling you much until far later. We ordered... let's call them 710's... we ordered 5. A month later NOTHING. I call our rep (I work for a state government so we have a dedicated rep to make us happy since we order in quantities ranging from 1 to 2,000 at a shot) He says "Oh. We cancelled that. Would you like us to change the order to <720's> instead?" The difference between the products was that the first one was black with gray accents and the new one was grey with black accents. I really wish I was making that up. But 5 new printers were delayed because the color of the plastic changed SLIGHTLY. That or we order and it takes 3 months or MORE before the product ships. And this is all stuff that is on a pre-approved contract. Nothing we order is a surprise. Dell pretty much ships they day after we place the order. Every. Single. Time.
  • Just let us know what's in the box!!! Nokia kicks azz!!!
  • @ lsmachado, If you don't need some of the acessories that come with your phone then you could kindly send them to me. That will make me happy.
    But on a serious note this is awesome customer service. What would crown it is if they will hurry up with the update and smack Microsofts butt for messing up a lot of things in wp8.
  • Speaking of Santa, the Lumia 920 gets released in Finland at 24:00 Finnish time. The biggest electronics store in Europe is showing a live stream from the event: If you are dressed as a santa to get a Lumia 920, you will get a free pig leg (ham)! :)
  • At this point, I would gladly just take my phone showing up without any acessories.  My local Micorsoft store has the yellow in stock but I won't get the free charging plate that I Pre-ordered from ATT.  I want that.  i came from a Palm Pre and it was awesome to just set it on there.  But I can't walk by that kiosk in the mall without looking at the big yellow phone.   Damn you ATT.  hurry up with my phone.
  • If you Skype alot...get the 8X? What? 180 grams weighing you down? No lift requirements to be a writer for WPC?
  • Bro, do you even lift? 

    Anyways, I was only highliting one feature of the 8X. Obviously if you get either phone you can Skype, but maybe the wide angle FFC is a benefit for SOMEONE over the 920. Not you clearly. 
  • In addition, I made the terrible mistake of turning on the front facing cameras on a Lumia 920 and HTC 8X side by side in an ATT store (already the owner of 920 at that time). The HTC was so clear compared to the 920, I felt skimped. It was clear and has facial tracking and I think autofocus. 920 front facing seemed generations behind.
  • I was between the 920 and the 8x.  After reading this I'm going to the 920.  Currently have the 900 and it is a rocking phone.
  • You can't go wrong with either. It all comes down to personal preference and which phone suits you better.
  • Apples customer service: you brought it wrong...
  • I also emailed Elop after my wife's phone over heated and the screen went to snow.  I got a response quickly and Alf Noto the VP of Customer Support was copied on it.  He had their customer support contact me.  Today I got a "loaner" white 920 that she can use until the red is back in stock
  • I know that ms does things like this. In the past, when my 16G Zune melted from the inside, they replaced it with an 80G Zune. That made my yr.
  • wow, great that companies still occasionally do things like this, it used to happen a lot more, before everything became a lot more about stock n shares / shareholders...then the only people they try to keep happy are shareholders, they see customers as sheepish retards who will buy what they tell us to
    don't know what the problem with best buy is, maybe they've been getting hastle from apple / google to delay sales of WP based phones, there is no other reason, other than wanting people to avoid best buy
    makes me want to buy a nokia now (well, upgrade to a nokia in january when my contract is up, at the mo i can't even afford any of the games that are on sale)
  • I'm right there with you guys on best buy. Somebody dropped the ball hard that's for sure. I ordered mine Oct 21 as well and have never heard a peep out of them since. Its such deplorable service... But I never thought to complain... I guess I'm just used to bad service down here in Orlando. Anyway, I finally tracked down a 920 from an att store. Accepted a color I didn't want but just tired of waiting. I still haven't cancelled my order from best buy. I'm testing to see how many months go by before someone calls me. Then I'm gonna tell em nevermind. Unfortunately I had to buy a $50.00 gift card to "demonstrate my commitment to buy" so I guess I'll have to spend that on some printer ink or something. On a positive note though... Best phone ever.
  • I believe you can return the preorder gift card within 30 days, and get the refund however you paid for the gift card(cash, debit, credit, your soul).
  • Thank. I didn't know that.
    This is quite different but sets a better precedent IMO. The Nokia example of a customer whining until he gets what he wants and then some is not a good example. Yes, Bestbuy screwed up but their web order guy could be a newbie and learning his trade or could be an idiot. Or Nokia could have failed to deliver the supply, we don't know. We do know that these things happen though and complainers abuse this by complaining to store managers until the manager doesn't have enough time to deal with them anymore and just give them what they want.
    The moral of this story. Whining works and Nokia encouraged it.
    The Samsung story. The kid asked for something politely and got lucky. Moral of the story? You never know unless you try.
    Flame on! haha
  • Still waiting for mine.
  • They start to sell Lumia 920 in Finland after two hours(at midnight) and I'll get mine. I just had L800 in the right and L920 in the left  hand and REALLY couldn't say is L920 heavier. You can't feel it cause it's bigger. It is funny.
  • I'm not surprised by this. I purchased the Lumia 900 and had some headphone jack issues.  Nokia's exchange policy is to make you ship the device to them and they'll fix it and send it back in 7-10 business days.  Normally that would be fine, but I couldn't go without a phone for 2 weeks, so I asked if I could have a hold on my credit card for the full price and they'd send me a new one (HP did that for a Touchpad I had and other companies offer similar services).  After being told no, there was no way to have my phone fixed without going without a phone I emailed Elop.  He replied, copied the head of Customer Support and told me they were sending me a replacement device.
    Did I like their policy? No. Was I frustrated by their customer support at first? Yes, but getting a reply from Mr. Elop himself (who followed up with me numerous times to ensure things were taken care of) made me a Nokia customer for life.
  • I recently received a play 360 speaker from Nokia, that I was by 100% entitled to, id purchased it outside the promotion period but just emailed asking if could get one... A month or so later, it came in the post. Great service, and always have been when I've used there repair centres in the past. That's why i always buy Nokia!
  • once upon a time... seems like a lifetime ago now.. I worked at best buy. *NEVER* pre-order from BB. >_> Anywho, it's good that Nokia fixed it and is going to have a discussion with Best Buy, makes me happier to have a 920 sitting on my left right now.
  • We ordered a yellow 920 for my wife on the 9th, and it just arrived this morning. Still no charging pads though.... :'(
  • Wow Nokia's customer service is amazing, like even better than some small businesses good.
  • My mileage with Nokia is a little different.
    I emailed Mr. Elop and recieved a canned response. However, Nokia CS did call me and I explained my issues and said they would get back to me.  Asked me to send an email with my name, address, and serial numbers of phones. Fast forward a few days and have heard nothing so I email Mr. Elop again. Same canned response but, again, CS called me. Went through the whole process again. Fast forward a couple days. Still have heard nothing.
    Seems they are more interested in getting the phone into the hands of prospective customers than taking care of exisiting customers. My 14 day window to return my 920 and 820 is up Sat and if I hear nothing I plan on returning both phones.
  • @Spdracer1, I am sorry... you expect a CEO of a HUGE company to literally email every customer complaint? The fact that even one person was responded to, is simply amazing.
  • yes, it is amazing, but why make a big deal out of it if its only one person. A canned response is better than no response and he (or who ever sent the canned response) did forward it to CS. The problem is not the emailin of the CEO, but the problem of CS following through.
  • Well what was your issue?
  • 920 battery issues (which seem to have worked themselves out and I told Nokia CS this) and the Charging pad not working properly or sometimes not working at all.
    820 constant freezes, battery very loose. This is my wife's phone and I'm not always around to fix it for her. She is not very tech savvy and travels a lot. Needs a reliable phone.
    Yes, I have been back to AT&T but don't have weeks to wait for replacements so contacted Nokia.
  • How can the battery be loose??
  • Now, let's see who can email Tim Cook!
    These are stories that will create loyalty... however, their distribution and execution in North America has to improve. Here in Canada, Rogers stores do NOT EVEN KNOW what is Lumia 920? and almost no one's got stock.
  • I had issues with Verizon customer service with my 8X preorder. They kept telling me it was on the truck and I'd get it the next day but couldn't give tracking info. Finally I got the shipping confirmation showing it hadn't shipped out when they said it had.
    I sent out an EECB and heard back from executive customer service later that day. Basically they're sending me a wireless charging plate as soon as they get them in stock. So I'm happy and I love my 8X.
  • I just was impressed when I bought my Nokia l900, and Nokia gave a $100 credit to customers who purchased their phone before a certain date because of a bug or something. I didn't even have a problem and received a $100 for a great phone.
  • Yeah right
  • Totally awesome you think apple would have done that.
  • Even Walmart sucks.. Ordered Lumia 920 withouth the wireless charger and they gave me an estimated date of 14th and I still didnt get it. The customer care doesnt help either, very bad experience and they suggest to go for a different phone if I cannot wait. Walmart sucks
    Nokia Rocks... Hope Nokia listens to people like me too...
  • Thank you so much for publishing my story, and for all the great posts! The only thing is, I am female, not male. But, you couldn't have known that by my user name alone. I just got home and opened the box. My red Lumia 920 is there, and there is also a Monster Purity HD On-Ear Headset. I never expected anything like this! All I wanted was to have my order from Best Buy shipped to me.
  • Congratulations!
  • Ah! So sorry! I'll update it right now :) Congrats on the new goodies too! 
  • You didn't quite fix it. There's a lot of he/she him/her mixups. She changes gender throughout the entire article ;)
  • Congrats on your 920 and Monster headphones!  I also had a Best Buy pre-order but I canceled mine and ended up picking my red 920 up at an AT&T store on launch weekend.
    Also, after a couple of weeks I have to say I hope you like attention because the red 920 sure draws a lot of it 
  • Give me the email address of Stepen Elop!!
  • I have my own experience with Nokia. However, mine takes place about two months after purchasing my Nokia 900. I had already called in for a warranty replacement, due to the fact that the screen on my phone was loose and would make clicking noises any time I pressed it, but was continuing to use it until the replacement arrived. however, the Saturday before it came in, I was sitting in a folding chair in the backyard, texting, when I accidentally dropped the device from about...two feet up. The phone hit the ground and I didn't think anything of it. When I picked it up, however, I found that the screen was completely shattered from only about a two foot drop (and that is not hyperbole). Upset, because I've owned plenty of HTC and Samsung devices in the past and dropped them from far more substantial heights and with much more force, I contacted Nokia about the incident, hoping there was something they could do. Afterall, I had only owned the phone for about two months and already had a replacement on the way for it being defective and now was going to be forced to buy a new one because of the overly fragile nature of the device. I figured they would be more than accommodating seeing as how I had been met with customer service, in the past, when dealing with cell phone issues. However, the only response I received was, and this is not verbatim as I do not feel like going and tracking down the email, "Unfortunately, your phone has experienced physical damage and is no longer covered by us. You need to talk to someone else." Obviously, it didn't say that, but it's what the message felt like - actually, it felt more like, "We don't care. Go talk to someone else." So, I was forced to go back to my Focus and now I have a nice white Nokia Lumia 900 paper weight on my bookshelf. It's really sad considering how excited I was about getting the Lumia just to have it turn out to be the worst cell phone experience I've ever had. That's not even including the ordeal I went through just trying to get the phone in the first place...
  • This is my experience with Nokia... I was a launchpad member and Nokia said that we will be receiving Developer Lumia 800s if we already received the Nokia E7... When my cyan device came, the screen could not show white, it only showed white as beige, it constantly restarts every 5-10mins, it overheated to the point where my fingers were nearly burnt and it kept randomly erasing data. I contacted Stephen Elop in which I was directed to Marco Argenti of Nokia, which I was directed to this other guy (not mentioning his name) in which which he sent over a second device (black) to replace my first one as developer devices have no warranty. I was so happy but then I got contacted again and he told me he will be sending me a Lumia 920 dev kit for all my troubles. And it didn't stop there, from the emails, I went to the Nokia care center, they replaced my device without hesitation and allowed me to choose a new color of my choice (I chose white) and gave a free screen protector too (worth US$5) not worth much, but I still use it now. Best service from Nokia, not only do I have a Lumia 800 white and black, but I'm also getting a Lumia 920 in black! Best. Company. Ever. (P.S: the lady at the reception thingy at the Nokia Care Center had a Lumia 920 Prototype with the words "NOT FOR RESALE" on the back and "" on the front panel. Funny, because my country has not even announced Windows Phone 8 yet... )
  • Congrats on the Lumia and the Purity headphones and kudos to Nokia for the exceptional customer service
  • Jesus H.... can you guys correct this arcitle?  he she his she his he her she his?
    For effs sake people.... He is a SHE as your damn update indicated.  Fix the article.
  • Turns out Best Buy canceled "his" first order and then canceled "his" second.
    Missed a couple.
  • I had something similar... here's the story:
    Beginning of November I joined the Nokia Facebook group as I wanted to stay informed about the latest Release information on the Lumia 920 Smartphone.
    On their Wall I did ONE! Post saying that it’s likely that I will go and grab my Lumia 920 on the Release day. Nothing more, nothing less.
    Around two days after the Release date here in Germany, a Nokia Sales Rep contacted me via Facebook and told me that he’s sorry that no store close to where I live had the Lumia 920 on the Release date, and that he likes to send me a small gift to say sorry.
    Yesterday then I had a small parcel in my Mailbox which included the DC-16 – a portable charger for those on the go without a power-plug nearby – value: 25,00€
    Thanks a Million, Nokia. You (still) know how to satisfy customers and make them feel extra-comfortable!