AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC 8X available for pre-order at BestBuy

The AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC 8X Windows Phones are now available for pre-order at Best Buy.

The advertisement went up early this morning and lists the Lumia 920 as being available in yellow, red, white, cyan and black. The price... $149.99 with new activation and $599.99 unactivated.

The HTC 8X is being offered in purple for $99.99 with new activation and $599.99 unactivated.

Shipping is listed as "Reserve today. Will ship when available" and we aren't sure if the pricing will be the same for upgrades but it looks like they are. AT&T is not listing the new phones on their website but that may change later today.

You can find the pre-order listing here at Best Buy's website. (opens in new tab)

Thanks, everyone, for the tip!

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • When is Verizon and t-mo going to keep pace???
  • T-mobile will have the HTC 8X but no pre-order page yet (only a notify me page). Also we'll see the 822 but I also rather hope T-mobile gets the 920.
    The 920 will be 6 months exclusive at AT&T but there's still hoping there will be a 922 (although not sure why AT&T would care about exclusive if it's only model designation on paper that's exclusive).
  • Actually T-Mobile is getting the Lumia 810 not the 822.  The 822 is going to Verizon.  T-Mobile is having an event on the 29th so we will get all the details then.
  • Tmo USA will not get the 920 ever as it will not work with the network. So unless Nokia makes a new one that does the only Nokia phone at moment is 810 or 710 if you want 7.5
  • good deal. these should be popping up on eBay for $400 come January
  • My thought exactly. That's how I got my Titan.
  • Damn I really want to preorder but I have the grandfatherd unlimited data and a lot of people were saying I'll lose it if I buy at best buy :/
  • You should not lose it, it is the same option everywhere so there is no reason you would lose it at one place and not another.  The option is the same, and I'd pick to not lose it lol!
  • If your with att you can keep your plan but if your on Verizon you well have to pay for the phone full retail price if you want to keep your unlimited plan
  • Just be careful and make sure they don't eff up your data plan. Just a couple of nights ago journalist Jeff Jarvis complained on Twitter how AT&T screwed up his unlimited data even though he clearly asked them not to.
  • I have a friend in AT&T, whose #1 complaint is that they nuke his data plan everytime he adds or changes a phone on his account.
  • I preordered from best buy and can confirm that I was able to keep my unlimited data.
  • And best yet, you can avoid dealing with Best Buy employees, probably the most clueless crew about Windows Phone this side of an Apple Store.
  • I think verizon were worse with windows phone...I kept calling about when they would turn on features and they wouldtn have any idea what I was talking about....
  • Totally depends on who you talk to, I've met some who know it inside and out and even seen a couple carrying WP devices!  Others have no idea of course, its the people and not the place that makes the differance.  The last specific person I talked to at a Best Buy Mobile store knew of them and was interested but had never tried.  He seemed genuinely interested in what I thuoght of WP.  Was a nice experiance overall.
    I've had the worst results at ATT stores, they were totally clueless every time I asked. 
  • +1 I went there yesterday to look at Win8 PC. They had an island stationed up front with the cell phones. So I asked about WinPho 8 and he flat out responded, "I don't know, we don't know much. I don't even know why they put this station up here" plus, just FYI, best buy is an Apple store besides a hand full in the states- that I figured, but did not know
  • That's a good price
  • haha, yeah at that price, I know its only 50 dollars less, but I can afford to get both my surface and lumia 920 YAYY!!!!!!  Assuming at&t competes with that.
  • Haha, I clicked to submit this and BOOM, there it is on the front page immediately after. Whoops!
    AT&T users are getting a GREAT deal on the Lumia 920 if that $149 price holds up. That's exactly what they need to make that beast of a phone take off.
    Now, the 8X, eh. Not saying that it will, but if it only ends up being available in one color (and a blue-purple, at that) with 8GB at that price, there's no reason to buy it on AT&T. And this is coming from someone who has every intention of buying it on VZW.
    That said, given that it looks like it's going to be VZW's most high-end WP8 phone at launch, I'm guessing they'll get the 16GB version. Speaking of, today would be a wonderful day to announce a few things, Verizon. :) (not holding my breath)
  • Actually the Lumia 900 was sold for 99.99 and came with 16gigs so I doubt that 8X has less then 16gigs
  • Yeah, might be an error, but it is what it currently says.
  • Well I read through this article and don't see anywhere it says the storage specs for the 8X all I see is the 2yr price comment
  • Curious. Both are priced the same inactivated
  • I expected the 8x to be cheaper then the 920, unlocked, by at least $50.
  • Be careful, unactivated is not the same as unlocked. These phones are still gonna be locked to AT&T even at that $599 price. It will only be unlocked 6 months after release date.
  • I just got done live chatting with AT&T tech support and they stated that as long as you buy the phone outright through them they will unlock it. I specifically mentioned the Lumia 920 and they confirmed it. I have the chat saved if anyone wants to see it.
  • Typically if you are an AT&T customer, and you buy a phone off contract for full price, not attached to a line, they have no problem unlocking it for you. Just tell them you need it as an over seas phone for business travel. Its different though when your trying to unlock a phone on discount attached to a line on your contract. But even then I've gotten them to unlock them. I get AT&T to unlock all my phones. That way when I upgrade I get more value reselling it. Just don't forget to take your SIM card out lol, that mistake cost me a couple hundred dollar's once.
  • Trust me, I bought the Lumia 900 off-contract full price and they will not give me the unlock code even after I told them I wanted to travel out of the country with it. They claimed because of exclusivity to AT&T they can't release the unlock codes and since the 920 is also exclusive, expect the same thing. They just gave me the unlock code for the 900 on October 8th, exactly 6 months after the release date. I bet they will do the same thing for the Lumia 920.
  • Go to international chat, they'll do you right. I went US first, idiots, 30 minutes, 2 people. International, 4 minutes, done!
  • Does unactivated mean unlocked?
    Also, the 920 seems very low priced when compared to Europe...
  • The nature of our contracts.
    And unactivated means no contract, but I believe it's still tied to AT&T.
  • Thanks, I was actually already looking for a way to import a phone in Europe (almost 200€ cheaper) but if it's locked on AT&T I might as well order a brick...
  • You will have to pay EU tax anyway
  • No. Still locked.
  • Lumia 920 is about 470 pounds (UK) unlocked here. That is with 20%VAT so about $600 would be the same..
  • I was talking about 650 euros pricetags in Germny and France. Even without VAT it's still around 700$
    However you're right for some reason it's a bit cheaper in UK.
  • I've talked to threee different at&t and best buy people most are saying that the phone will be unlocked and able to use on other carriers. I said I was in canada so can not use at&t...
    one girl said that they would wait 90 days before unlocking but she was talking about and iphone and gaming policy not suer what that was, so am taking the other 4 peoples advice who said it would be unlocked to use! You might still have an at&t logo on the phone though..
    One guy had actually made a call to confirm after he told me he thought it would work.
  • Just preordered my Cyan 920!
  • just got my black one !! :D
  • I did the same. When is it being shipped? Mine says delivered by 23-24
  • I'm not sure.
  • So if you buy from best buy u lose your unlimited data? That is something I need to find out
  • Well you can find out yourself. That part of the order process is fairly early.
  • LOL, no.  Gotta love the internet though! :)
  • $150 for the lumia is okay.. $100 would've been better, and I am sure the price will go down to that in a month or two. 
  • That $150 is out of this world price. Thinking the build and features. especially that screen it's easily the most expensive phoen to build from Windows phones. Also there's 16GB more of internal memory inside than in X8.
    I doubt you will see it going down, that's already very aggressively priced.
  • I agree. Just ordered mine cyan. Was willing to pay up to $250 esp. after seeing Euro pricing. Then take into account that its actually a better phone than the iphone. 
  • n 32GB iphone is $299
  • Why not free? It is always better to get something for nothing.
  • I got paid $0.01 for taking the Lumia 900 off their hands. Paid $99.99 and got the $100 rebate, so that was nice. And your right, but it's even better to be paid to take something.
  • Actually, I did get paid for my Lumia 900. I paid $50 for the phone and got $100 refund from Nokia. But if you want a free deal, you have to wait until later part of 2013 or maybe even longer. You make your choice.
  • Need to buy for $100. Wait to be available on Amazon. That's how I got my 900 for $49.99 when it was launched and was priced at $99.99.
  • do you remember how long after amazon started showing the 900?
    i just checked the site and they do not have any 920 mentions yet...
  • Sorry I am not sure. I was on vacation and I came back to US on May 4th and ordered next day. 
    However I am sure it would be available within a week of lauch. That's how I have noticed and I order all my phones through amazonwireless.
  • If one is willing to wait till Black Friday, it might be even for free on contract. But there are no guarantees.
  • Great prices, wish for a little less buying outright as I will, but the contract proces are priced to move!
  • Soon... Very soon I will have a wp8 device. I'm leaning more to the 920 only because I have a black 900 now and I don't care for a purple phone
  • Bit of a noob question, but I want to be sure before I try to come up with the 600$ to preorder: The unactivated phone will work with the carriers of other countries other than the U.S? or regardless of the price it's stil locked to AT&T?
  • Still locked.
  • Same question here. I guess the lumia 920 won't work if I just put another european sim card in it? I live in Belgium and have realatives in the US. Knowing that it will be selling for 650 euros here (845$) I would love to get it from the US...
  • It's not unlocked, it's unactivated. Meaning you don't need to sign a new contract and can bring it into AT&T to activate it.
  • 650 euro is RETAIL. street price will be at least 15% below that.
    Also 650 euro also includes VAT which is around 20% and you will in most cases pay that and import duties when getting the phone from US. You will also not be able to claim warranty in the EU on he phone and it will not support the 'rest of the world' LTE bands which differ from the US.
  • It will work, but all it means is, you cannot connect on another network. AT&T has worldwide connectivity, and turn in international roaming for $20 a month and you won't have a problem. And you can always get AT&T to unlock it for you for overseas travel.
  • did any one notice this----
      HTC - Windows Phone 8X 4G with 8GB Mobile Phone (AT&T)
    8GB phone with no expandable memory?!?! HTC are u kidding me?!?!? 
  • Well, that's why it's only $99.
  • 50$ diff between a 32GB and 8GB is not much. People will obviously go with the lumia....also the unactivated price is the same as lumia. What I dont understand is why would a company offer 8GB with no expandable memory?!?!? This is just crazy!
  • But, but, but... 7GB of free SkyDrive!  ;) Didn't you know that everyone has an unlimited data plan and is happy to pay for extra GBs of skydrive and the monthly Xbox Music Pass fee?  Bah. I would never buy an 8GB phone unless it had expandable storage, but there could be a lot of people out there who mainly use their phones for web, email, and texting.
    Lumia for $150 is pretty good though.  I was expecting $200.
  • How do you know if it's 8gigs the 900 came out with 16gigs and even the HTC One X has 16gigs and they all where or still is priced around the 99.99 so as of right now the 8X comes with 16gigs while the lumia 920 has 32gigs
  • We're just going by the fact that it's listed as:
    "HTC Windows Phone 8X 4G with 8GB Mobile Phone"
  • That is the price i expected. I'm ordering mine tomorow or Tuesday.
  • EVerytime I check eligibility on best buy I get "sorry there was a problem" after putting in my info :/
  • Had that problem too. Make sure you put in the PRIMARY acount holders info.
  • What about the 820? ATT was getting that phone right? If so, should we expect $99 upgrade, new activation?
  • I was talking to the guy manning the cell phone hut at Costco and he seemed excited about the 920 and seemed certain they would be carrying ot there. If best buy is $149, I am looking forward to the Costco price around $99. :)
  • I doubt it. Costco is not so agressive in pricing. What they may do is add a free accessory. 
  • I got my Samsung focus for $50 less than everywhere else. Costco's current phones are also below the current carrier store prices. I guess we'll see...
  • I just tried to pre-order the 920. They could not complete my request at the phone number listed on Best Buy's website. While the agent was taking me through the process the system asked her to scan the product. She is at a call center and can't scan anything. So you'll have to place a pre-order at your local store where they can scan the barcode. What's odd though is that the phone is not available for in-store pickup. So it looks like you'll have to go to the store to have the phone mailed to you're house. Weird. Maybe they'll get everything figured out in a few hours.
  • Why would anyone pay 600 off contract?? If it's 150 on and an etf of 325 I could just buy it and cancel the contract and pay 475. That's where the price point should be.
  • That 600 dollar is crazy cheap price already. That's 200 dollars less than in Europe and around 350 cheaper than iPhone.
    I always buy my phones unlocked.
  • If u cancel contract u could lose grandfathered features i believe
  • Yes, I believe that to be the case. Believe me, ATT is not dumb. They're just waiting for people with grandfathered features to cancel.
  • I guess it works differently in the US. For a lot of other places the phone price is tacked onto the contract fee (called MRO in Australia) and if you broke the contract you'd still have to pay the MRO (for full cost minus what has been paid) + contract break fees. So it will always be more than the original 600... I.e. You'd be crazy to get a contract phone with the intention of cancelling it soon after.
  • Would you have to cancel after 1 months of service? Im thinking if you cancel within 30 days, they'll make you return the phone too...
  • OMG Lumia 920 for only 600 dollars?! thats sooo cheap!
    thats around 470 euros.... here the Lumia 920 priced at 650 euros -_-"
  • Why the always say the Lumia has 8MP instead of 8.7MP. People may think: "ooh is just a standard camera like the ones on every high-end smartphone these days."
  • Curious that the ATT website has no mention of being able to pre-order. Funny considering its an EXCLUSIVE...strange.
  • Even worse, the account management is down for maintenance.
  • AT&T account management is still down for sunday maintenance.
  • Yes its exclusive. Regardless who sells the phone its locked to ATT do not strange at all
  • my point was that since ATT are the only carrier to have this phone and one of the major re-sellers of ATT plans has the phone for pre-order, why does ATT not have the phone on their website available for preorder also...?
  • Cuz they put it up when they want to
  • if its off contrct can i use it with tmobile
  • It will be locked down to at&Ts network, so no. Either have to get it unlocked but then you'll be stuck on 2g most likely.
  • No
  • does anyone know how much an early upgrade fee cost is?
  • Depends how far u in the contract. Starts t 325 and deducts $4 every month i think
  • I believe $250 + $36 upgrade fee+ cost of phone.
    8x = $436
    920 = $486
  • Really attractive prices if your signing up new.
  • The question is can you buy it off contract and unlock it at the same time? If so a trip to Washington state might be in order.
  • Lumia 900 users need a early upgrade path... Me wantz 920 meow!
  • Damn right!  I'm in the same situation right now.
  • You have a cat in your throat, too?
  • well maybe if you buy it at ms store or nokia store it can be unlocked
  • Man Verizon needs to tell us something, ANYTHING about the wp8 devices!!!! If I was to order online i want the 8x but of I got to the store and play with them maybe Nokia but Nokia in pictures and videos doesn't look physically as smooth and sexy as the 8x yellow tennis ball color!
  • Need to buy for $100. Wait to be available on Amazon. That's how I got my 900 for $49.99 when it was launched and was priced at $99.99.
  • Just looked at Canadian website, I can pre-order W8 PRO...
  • Well since I live in Canada I'm going shop online for an unlocked one from AT&T but that's on condition that it's built in AWS bands will work on Wind Mobile or T-Mobile. Please do a story on this WPC as soon as you find out I would appreciate that. Also I really hope there are settings for MMS built in to WP8 so I can get media messaging working.
  • I thought WPC reported that the bands won't work on T-mobile at least not the one listed on Not sure if there will be multiple versions?
  • There are at least 2 versions of the 920 that have come through the FCC for testing.  The version that appears to be the "AT&T" version (and presumably for Rogers in Canada as well) does indeed support the AWS frequencies (Band IV) for 3g and LTE.

    Look at the "SAR Rev2" report for the test results which include the 1700/2100 frequencies.
    As for the "international" version..Nokia has said that it does not support AWS, however they have yet to correct the spec listing for the L920 *and* the fact that since the AT&T version is a penta-band phone it's hard for me to believe that they would go out of their way to disable the 5th band and make it a quad-band phone "just because".  So while they may not want to advertise it as gut feeling is the international/global variant is indeed a pentaband 3G phone as well though I'm hesitant to put down $700 or whatever it costs of my own money to test it out :p
  • AT&T Site still down.  Hopefully some news regarding the pre-prders by 5:00 PM CT
  • Hope this means the 810 is around 400-450.
  • Every one should kno by now money talks bullsh*t walks and AT&T Gots All The Money they make things happen for customers what they want phone choices
  • $36 upgrade fee tacked on by ATT.  I hate this company.
  • I just submitted my order... curiously, the ETA is 10/23-10/24. I doubt that seriously, but I can hope!! :)
  • When are Nokia going to announce a worldwide strategy for their devices? It's all very piecemeal and nothing from Noika only from random twitter feeds and store announcements; it's a very strange way to promote a product.
  • 920 unlocked on T-MO
  • i thought that the 920 was supposed to be sans at&t carrier label?  
  • Nope, there was a WPC article showing the logo a while back
  • Great that best buy wants to jump out front with wp8, now hopefully they will fix their horrible app in the marketplace. Worst app ever!
  • Sorry im waiting for surface phone...
  • I bought my Samsung Focus from Costco and I remember having to choose a new data plan that would have cancelled my grandfathered unlimited. I has to work with AT&T's Twitter support team to keep my unlimited data. I had to buy the phone and then called the guy and he manually made the change in their system. Dont listen to people that guess as fact. Find out what happens when you buy 3rd party and protect yourself. Also, it seems like the best ATT support people are on their Twitter team.
  • +1 on pre-ordering a Cyan 920!
  • Does the 920 have AT&T branding? If it doesn't, I just might get one when Rogers drops the ball on available colours.
  • The good news is Best Buy generally charges $50 more for an off contract phone than the carrier does. Expect it to be $549 off contract from an ATT store :)
  • Great price... Im so tempted but my lumia/surface phone is all I need ryt now...
  • What is HTC thinking? $600 for a 8gb version? I'll have to consider the 920 now or even Ativ 
    S for that matter.
  • I hate ATT there service too much $
  • Well done Nokia, on the aggressive pricing. Just wish the 920 was 50gms lighter.
  • I guess Nokia decided that the benefits of all the tech inside outweigh the need for lighter phones. Pun intended.
  • Wish Nokia hadn't taken the 'outweigh' literally. Think its a conscious decision by Nokia. For me, I'll have to check out one in the store before making the decision, having a 900 now and I feel its heavy.
  • Is there any reason to wait for ATT to have preorders? Do you guys think best buy will get the phone to us as fast as att  on the 2nd or the 4th etc?
  • see my post below - per the Best Buy rep - the launch date is 10/26 according to their system.  They expect to have them in stock on launch date.  Of course this may vary store to store..
  • Omg im so tempted to add this line...i hate you best buy...
  • I was at an ATT  store today and the salesman claimed they're not taking preorders.  Of course when I told him what I wanted he said "Why do you want a beginners phone?".  
  • This is why I hate best buy....
  • How does the activated/non-activated phones work?  Let's say I buy a Lumia 920 activated, but then want to switch back to my Samsung Focus.  Can I do that just by swapping the SIM card?
    I'm doing some Windows Phone development and have several Windows Phones right now, I just don't fully understand how to swap between them and what exactly 'activated' vs 'unactivated' means.
  •   Pre-ordered - about an hour ago...   Saw the info online this morning that Best Buy was now taking pre-orders for the Lumia 920.  My corporate ATT store is actually closer to where I live so I decided to stop there instead.   I was surprised to find out that even though Best Buy is doing the pre-orders - the ATT stores are not (yet).  ATT reps were aware that Best Buy is taking pre-orders, however, ATT (at least this store - the largest corporate store in NE Atlanta, GA) was NOT taking pre-orders ...    Strike 1..    So - went to Best Buy instead - details:   - Best Buy is taking pre-orders at the stores and on-line (even though not advertised in the fliers). - Pre-order is $50 (once they verified upgrade eligibility for my account). They give you a gift card - enter the reservation in the system, etc.   - In store I pre-ordered from - they are currently ONLY taking pre-orders for the matte Black color (which is fine - as I was debating between the Black and Cyan - as I don't want the glossy colors due to potential scratching, etc. - I was leaning towards black - so this just made the choice that much easier) - Process was straightforward - I asked when I could expect it - the rep checked and noted to me that "launch day" is currently scheduled for this Friday 10/26.  Since I was one of the first to order today - he expects that I'll be able to pick mine up either that day or Saturday at the latest. - also - for those concerned - I've already confirmed at my ATT store that I can move/keep my grandfathered unlimited plan (which has already transitioned once from an iPhone to a Focus back to a newer iPhone).
  • Launch day 10/26 when WP8 won't officially be launched until 10/29?  Sounds like Best Buy's computer system has the W8 launch day confused with the WP8 launch day.
  • Yeah - that's what I thought too (they also actually had the Asus W8 Tablet there already - which isn't supposed to be sold until 10/26 and allowed me to play around with it too.. :))
    However - I swear I've seen some threads/info/rumours floating around on various sites regarding WP8 that all had the following dates - which are now looking to be (in part) true:
    10/21 - Pre-order available 
    10/26 - 10/28 - "early" pre-orders released/fulfilled 
    10/29 - Microsoft's official "launch" date
    11/2 or 11/4 - "official" "launch" date for all WP8 products to be widely available across providers
    Time will tell - I will definitely be calling this Friday to see if my phone is in. :):):)
    My initial thought is: Possibly - Best Buy has also partnered with Nokia/Microsoft to be able to provide the first pre-orders... but what do I know????
  • Pre-ordered mine.  This was the intresting line in the email that Best Buy sent to me today:
    "Order in process of being fulfilled. Estimated arrival date: 10/24/2012 - 10/29/2012"
    So I'm wondering if this means I'll be getting it by next Monday.
  • This is a very noob question, but how is Unactivated different from Unlocked?
    Why would anyone pay so much for Unactivated if its locked to a carrier?
  • I wouldn't care whether it's unlocked or unactivated because unless I want to go to T-Mobile, the pre-paid carriers (such as Straighttalk) use AT&T and my locked Lumia 900 works just fine.
    I can understand though if you want to buy from overseas or take it to T-Mobile. If you want to do that, you may want to look at other options.
  • I'm buying from Canada and need it unlocked i just spent 2 hours on phone with different at&t people and best buy people...
    Supposedly the unactivated phone should be unlocked....One girl at at&t however told me that they would wait 90 days from a gaming policy? Didnt make sense to me, but i've had two guys tell me that it would be unlocked...Though may still have at&t logo on front :(
    I hope it is unlocked and sim free i would prefer seeing that on the website....But he said if you're paying full price it would be unlocked or they would be able to unlock for you...
    crossed fingers!
  • Yeah baby thanks for the heads up ordered 3 Lumia 920's yippy!!:)
  • ATT is down until 9pm, I bet the site is being updated for my preorder! :-)
  • If you pre order with Best Buy and you are not a current at&t customer, do they verify whether or not you need a deposit on the day of the pre order? Or do they wait to run your credit at a later date when the phones are in stock?
  • great price.  Will wait for the inevitable price drop at amazon or penny sale during black friday.
  • I'm so tempted to get my red 920 as soon as possible but I'd be pissed if there was a Black Friday sale so will TRY to wait....its only 3 long, very long weeks.
  • This is a dilemma for me too. If I wait till BF, I might as well wait a bit longer just to see/hear what tech might become available in early 2013. Then decide what to do. But waiting for tomorrow's tech is pretty much pointless if what's available is that good (L920). As to the size/weight argument, my Titan in a Casemate case is slightly lighter, but significantly thicker. For me, personally, it's not a big deal as overall L920 will be smaller.
  • Just preordered mine. Of course best buy was only taking preorders on the black matte one but hey, I'll live, its a lumia 920!
  • Did you preorder in store or online?
  • I'm thinking in-store since it looks like you can get any color if you pre-order online.
  • I went to my local AT&T store today to try and pre-order this, did not want to do it at Best Buy. The lady at the counter was shocked to hear that Best Buy could pre-order the phone today but they could not, she was not very happy. I'll just wait until I can do it through AT&T themselves.
    I'm getting the run around...I know if i buy in Europe totally unlocked itll work but best buy classifies this as unactivated no unlocked.!
  • Unactivated <> Unlocked.   Unactivated = No Contract.
  • While I was online trying to preorder I noticed that it allowed me to use the $40 AT&T Mobile Share Unl. Talk&Txt 1GB share data without the usual $45 data plan for having a smart phone. Is this an oversight for Best Buy or is it intentional and I'm overlooking somthing?
  • I went to preorder and did express shipping for 4.99 and said it will be here 23 or 24th any knowledge if this is true
  • I just called 1888bestbuy and they say Nokia lumia is in back order, they are shipping it after 31. So kinda disappointed, i got an email saying arriva date 23-24. Looks like we are being tricked before Halloween.
  • I will buy this off contract... Im sure it will be selling around $300 in 5months
  • Gonna buy a cyan Lumia 920 and a Windows RT tablet this Christmas!
  • Unactivated is not unlocked. It just means you can transfer your existing AT&T SIM to the new phone without extending the contract or any other changes. This is still an AT&T exclusive phone locked to their network, and if you are planning to use this on any network other than AT&T, you will be disappointed..
  • Where is the GREY?!  :'(
  • Wow looks like Best Buy removed all the Windows 8 phones except the Purple HTC one... Glad I ordered all my Phones this morning!
  • Me too, glad my order went through! =) Probably sold out? If that is really the case, this might be good news (depending on who you ask) for WP8. A barely-advertised pre-order for a Windows Phone that is sold out in less than one day?? Not too shabby.
  • No more 920's listed. Either sold out or was told to remove from site?
  • It is so disappointing that no one can present a viable competitor to the iphone.
  • What the f are you talking about? Go away, or present your argument.
  • My order failed online and I was too lazy to call the number. Not sure why it failed. It was hour or two ago. They were still showing up.
  • Lumia 920 ... sold out? Or pre orders pulled?
  • I doubt they would have sold out of all colors at once, unless there was a unit limit on the pre-orders. Best buy employees? any info?
  • Not sure why they were pulled from the main page, but the direct links are still working. I just ordered a cyan Lumia 920 from from this link:
  • Look.  You can still order them.  Just have to use the original URL's.  For example, the CYAN one worked for me just 10 minutes ago. I ordered an upgrade for me and it's supposed to be shipped to me on 10/23 or 10/24.
  • Here are the links to all the phones.  They still work.  I just ordered my CYAN Lumina 920.
  • The grey will show up on a US carrier other than ATT and that's where I'll go. They didn't place it in pictures for no reason
  • Agreed.  I will email AT&T tomorrow to let them know my business is going elsewhere because of their blantant disrespect for achromatic fanatics
  • Really wierd. I just checked the status of the order I placed this morning for the cyan 920 and when I sign in to my account it says "No orders found" !!!!!
  • Sorry...dumb question...Can I order the unactivated phone and then take it to AT&T to move my number from my Galaxy S II to the Lumia 920? So far, AT&T doesn't have pre-orders on their website...only Best Buy.
  • I bought my Lumia in cyan yesterday and today I checked the link and it says it's sold out. It makes me wonder how many they had to begin with. Also, I am super happy I didn't dilly dally and got to it.
  • Buy nokia lumia 920 unlocked in India: