Nokia HK

Hong Kong. The land of gadgets, bright lights and even brighter colors. They also know how to celebrate a phone's launch, specifically the Nokia Lumia 800 and 710. Announced about two weeks ago for the region and delivery by mid December, the Lumias look to take Hong Kong by storm.

As you can see in the photos above, Nokia still knows how to throw a party. And yes, that's a Voltron-esque giant Windows Phone created out of nearly 550 Nokia Phones (yeah, we did a quick count). In short, it is awesome.

The event was part of an electronic roadshow in Mong Kok in front of a Nokia Flagship store that is opening soon. They evidently had three sections setup: one for the backdrop, gaming, one for Windows Phone and one for general promotion. Perhaps more importantly, people could stop by and play with the phones to get a hands-on feel of the new devices or just get information (leaflets).

Very cool stuff and good to see Microsoft-Nokia going big there.

Source: We Love Windows Phone (Hong Kong)