The Nokia Institute of Technology adds Get the Parachute to its gaming lineup

Get the Parachute is the latest Windows Phone game release from the Nokia Institute of Technology. The Institute is not a Nokia subsidiary but rather an independent, non-profit research and development center funded in part by Nokia.

Get the Parachute joins the likes of Frog and Incredible Circus in the Windows Phone Store and has you controlling a cat as it falls from the sky, chasing down a parachute.

We aren't exactly sure why the cat has lost its parachute but you have to catch up to it before time runs out or the game ends rather abruptly. Along your way, you'll have to avoid various birds and collect coins for bonus points.

Controlling the cat is simple. Just tap the screen to have the cat tuck and fall faster, release the screen and the cat will extend its little arms and legs to slow its descent. You use the Windows Phone tilt controls to move the cat left or right.

A small distance indicator sits at the bottom of the screen to show you how far ahead the parachute is and your score/timer/lives are displayed at the top of the screen. Your cat only has three lives (not sure what happened to the other six) and if you hit a bird, you lose one of those lives.

Get the Parachute is an interesting, decent game for your Windows Phone. It just needs something to hook you into game play. It is a multi-level game that gets progressively harder but the game seems to be missing something. Maybe if when you caught your parachute you could continue to fall, having to deploy your parachute and land safely would make things more interesting.

Get the Parachute isn't a bad game, just probably more suited for the younger audience than say... teens and up. Get the Parachute is a free game and you can find it here in the Windows Phone Store.

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George Ponder

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