Nokia launches Music service in UAE, premium subscription in Singapore

Nokia has launched its free music streaming service in the UAE (United Arab Emirates), opening up a catalogue of songs and playlists for consumers to enjoy. The service is what many in other markets have already enjoyed for some time, taking full advantage of a free service that enables Windows Phone owners to discover new music. What's more is the manufacturer has also launched its premium Music+ upgrade in Singapore.

Should you reside in the UAE, the Nokia Music service also includes local Arabic labels such as Meloday, Mazzika and Qanawat along with Bollywood’s T-series, Yash Raj, and Eros - providing a wide variety of genres that are localised for the market. Tom Farrell, Vice President Nokia Middle East had the following to add to the announcement:

"Nokia Music is great for discovering new music as it’s the only smartphone music service out there offering access to millions of songs out of the box without the need to sign up, sign in, or endure adverts in between enjoying the music. Today we also launch as part of this service a premium feature - Nokia Music Plus with ability to skip unlimited tracks and cache all the playlists offline."

Advertisement-free, Nokia Music will offer offline playback for those who are on tight data plans or endure long trips. Farrell also went into some detail as to why it was important Nokia catered for consumers in different cultures:

"The UAE is a melting pot of different cultures. This is why we have ensured that we are offering a diverse collection of music that suits people’s different tastes covering Arabic, Bollywood and international music. We have worked extra hard to ensure our service meets the expectations of the inspired, demanding, and active music fans in the UAE."

Nokia Music+ Singapore

So that's the UAE on-board with other regions with Nokia Music, but what about Singapore? According to a thread over on HardwareZone, forum users are reporting that the ability to upgrade to Nokia's premium Music+ subscription is present on the Windows Phone app. This is great news for those who have been using the free service on their Nokia smartphones.

To recap on just what Nokia packs into the monthly subscription, here's what's on offer:

  • Skip as many tracks as you like on the mix radio
  • Have more of your favourite mixes offline at once
  • Enjoy higher quality audio perfect for listening on your home system when streaming and downloading mix radio
  • Listen everywhere - PC, laptop, Mac (listen however when you're offline)
  • Get lyrics for the track you're listening and sing your socks off!

The cost of taking advantage of the above features? Just S$7, and remember there's a free week trail that can be utilised to get a taste of what the added benefits will provide. We've tuned into playlists offered by Nokia Music and found the app to provide a great experience, but each to their own when it comes to music.

Source: HardwareZone, tbreak Dubai; thanks, abc and Fahd, for the tips!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • And still no Nokia music in Canada. Stupid
  • ^^
    I don't understand why Canadians can't use it. Us Americans are have everything, it isn't fair.
  • +1
  • Can't you just change the region, and get the app?..
  • Fuck the CRTC. We don't even have proper support for local scout.
  • change your region setting,works with me :-)
  • YAY!
  • Canadians have Hockey we Americans have Nokia Music.
  • Pandora or Nokia music? So difficult to decide
  • PHILIPPINES please!!!
  • Looks like Nokia is expanding into 4 profit centers, music, mapping, networking, and devices. Wtg.
  • don't forget IMAGING!!!
  • You are right! That is a big one.
  • Indonesia! :)
  • Yeah. It's a really cool service. One of the cheap and good things. I'm on trial version now, and intend to subscribe to it
  • guys i bought my lumia 620 frm UAE and nw im using it in der any way 2 get free nokia music subscription.??
  • change your region setting,works with me :-)
  • Hey, same here. I bought my Lumia 920 from UAE and using in India. I can't access any new music features even after changing the region to UAE. :-(
    Further, since Nokia Music is already here in India, we should be able to use it?
    Anyone having any idea how to fix it?
  • I'm personally using Pandora over Nokia Music. It has a way better selection of songs and unlike Spotify it's a brilliantly built app. Love Pandora.
  • Nokia Music+ is available in South Africa from today for R25 per month.
  • Today I CANCELED my Nokia Music Plus Subscription... I have been using Lumia Music Mix since last year and I find the app is a excellence one. Lumia Music Mix is the only factor that drawn me back to Windows Mobile. When Nokia announces Music+, it's a no-brainer for me to subscribe the service due to two reasons: (1) Unlimited music mix downloads and (2) unlimited Mix Radio skips. However after using it for a while I realize what Nokia HAVEN'T told us is that unlimited downloads are LIMITED into internal phone storage only, which is ridiculous. My Lumia phone has 8GB internal storage, half of it is factory-used for Windows Phone OS, so effectively I only have about 3.7GB to use for: phone apps, app data, memory space for the phone to work properly, etc. Therefore with all my daily apps and data, I only have about less than 2GB for Music Mix download while a high quality mix is already a few hundreds of MB... So my "unlimited" subscription in fact  only allows to download about 6-8 music mix for offline use. I feeling CHEATED. If Nokia doesn't do anything about this (encrypt the music, allow download into SD card storage, etc), I believe the company might as well goes bankrupt :).