Nokia launches Windows Phone in Chile with 3D show in Santiago

Following on from the gradual increase in advertising, Nokia has now done something special in Chile to celebrate the launch of the Lumia Windows Phones - there really doesn't appear to be a limit on marketing / promotional expenditure for the manufacturer. Much like we saw in London late last year, a 3D show was put on for attendees in the boulevard of Parque Arauco in Santiago.

Be sure to check out the video, it really is something else. We'll look to see more information being made available about both the 710 and 800 in Chile in the near future.

Source: YouTube, via: WMPU

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Was chuckling when I saw people plugging their ears. Was the loudness that jarring?
  • lol my daughter used to do that at the movies when she was little
  • cool but too long and boring from mid to end. phone on vertical would be better even it had to cut half of it sometimes.
  • They should do this in the largest 20 cities in North America.
  • Anxiously awaiting marketing in the States - that was great!
  • There's always a 710 commercial on
  • Great to see Nokia pushing their phones and the OS like that. If only other manufacturers did, WP would have a bigger market share by now. Leave it to Nokia to increase WP marketshare I guess.
  • This just in: Nokia to launch new 4D add in Ursa Major II galaxy. US launch date for Lumia 900, who the fuck knows...
  • Yeah....I saw the M85 show last week. It was awesome.
  • The 710 is available from Rogers and the 800 is available from Telus and yet there has been no Nokia marketing happening here in Canada.
  • That was beautiful advertising. I really hope they have something here in Canada along with some commercials. We have one commercial but it's sucks. It's not really a Nokia commercial. Its a crappy telus commercial showing a bunch of other phones that are on sale along with the Lumia 800
  • This is great. Hopefully we get something like this in Canada for the Rogers launch.
  • Bring this to nokia live in Los Angeles
  • People I don't get it, which device were they introducing? It's clearly the Lumia 800 but back of the device seems to be Lumia 900/N9 check 01:57 of the video.. It's definitly a design breach or are they shipping a different design to South America? :/