Nokia launches Lumia 920, Lumia 820 in Bangladesh

Nokia has announced that the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 will both be launching in Bangladesh today. The news comes from Nokia's official Facebook page for the country. The two Windows Phones are top choices when it comes to Windows Phone 8, and for good reason. So how much will you be looking to pay if you're after either in the market?

The flagship Lumia 920 will cost BDT 52,500 (approximately $670), while the Lumia 820 will set consumers back by BDT 38,300 (approximately $490). Both smartphones will be available in black, white and yellow variants. 

Source: Facebook (Nokia Bangladesh); thanks to everyone who tipped us!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • nice
  • Those prices are for unlocked devices? If true, that's so cheap! The 820 in Croatia costs almost 800$! :S
  • $800 for the 820 would be way overpriced.  Is that your VAT tax?  Or am I wrongly assuming you are referring to US equivalent of $800.
  • That is the price for off contract device after tax. Our currency is HRK(Hrvatska kuna) and 820 costs 4100 hrk wich is around 720 US dollars. Aslo the HTC 8x costs 5000 hrk wich is around 870 US dollars. That is insanly high, because our GDP per capita (standard) is much lower than US. If we are looking national average paycheck, one Lumia 820 is around one one months paycheck. :)
  • can any WPCentral writer please also post about the Launch of Lumia 620, 820 and 920 in Pakistan today?
    Rs. 24,000 for 620
    Rs. 62,000 for 920
    Rs. 44,000 for 820
    All Pakistani currency.
  • WP Central apparently selects which countries they run news about. You can tip them as many times you like, they'll just ignore it.
  • i did. lets see
  • I've noticed that, too... :( 
  • i also tipped them about Kenya getting the 920 and the 820 for $629 and $571 respectivly. both come bundled with 1.5GB of data. plus a free charging plate for the first 500 Lumia 920 customers.. beat that!!
  • that is not true. Only if they find a reader base from that country, will they post the article. Or else I don't see the point of them using tips
  • But as far as I can see in alexa, Bangladesh is not listed there.
  • Considering Pakistan is the larger country doesn't make sense they would not publish this also, or at the same time.
  • No 920 in Pakistan? :(
  • it was officially launched today. i got mine a week ago
  • Finally!
  • Avoid the doot doot dollar!!
  • Bangladesh? Awesome! Now how about launching it in Belgium France or The Netherlands, so I can get one!
  • Am in Czech, have to wait endless weeks to get one from Germany. Still after 3 months, its nowhere. So better make a trip to
  • Available in gadget & gear for quaite a while i guess...
  • True. Gadget and Gear has had the Lumia 920 for some time but their stock was pitifully low. They brought a batch and quickly went out of stock. They didn't have the next batch for quite some time. Most importantly, G&G didn't have the coveted Yellow. Nokia is also providing warranty here.
  • But G&G's current price of L920 and L820 is higher than nokia store.
  • I doubt is Pakistan would prefer WP8 instead of iPhone or SIII. A question
  • Fair question, but it should still be reported on this site.
  • Seriously? Bangladesh?
  • Whats wrong choosing Bangladesh, peoples are buying pricey gadgets and electronics like hot cakes now a days.