Nokia released its DLNA app Play To for Lumia Windows Phones earlier this year, but it has been missing for those who have made the move to Windows Phone 8. According to Eero Penttinen, Lead Programme Manager of Nokia Windows Phone Management, the app is well on its way. The unfortunate matter is it requires DLNA components that still need to be delivered.

There is good news, however as Nokia isn't waiting on Microsoft, but is rather needing to release new firmware to both the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 for such apps to be made available. Penttinen states the team is looking at a Q1, 2013 release, which will please many who are eagerly awaiting on the company.

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We can expect to see an update (or two) rolled out by Nokia before a DLNA solution is available for Windows Phone 8 Lumia hardware. If you own a Lumia running Windows Phone 7.x (like the Lumia 900 in the above photo), you can download PlayTo from the Nokia Collection.

Source: Nokia Beta Labs, via: WMPU

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