Nokia looking to settle with ViewSonic in Android IP infringement case

Nokia may be set to hop onto the train to join both Apple and Microsoft in signing patent deals with Android manufacturers. Nokia has put forward two patent infringement claims against ViewSonic and it's been confirmed that both parties are willing to strike a deal. This will prove to be yet another blow to Google with a hardware partner validating Nokia's claims that its platform has IP infringement issues.

Nokia previously sued HTC, RIM (now BlackBerry) and ViewSonic, and should the new deal with ViewSonic go through, it'll cause more Google to grow more concerned about the impact of patent license deals on Android's competitiveness.

It's reported HTC may also look to settle with Nokia in the near future (over EP0673175 - "reduction of power consumption in a mobile station"), with Nokia being granted an injunction against the Taiwanese handset maker. Nokia did – however – lose a "flagship" patent battle against HTC in Germany yesterday.

Source: FOSS Patents; thanks, Chiranjeeb, for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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