Nokia looking to settle with ViewSonic in Android IP infringement case

Nokia may be set to hop onto the train to join both Apple and Microsoft in signing patent deals with Android manufacturers. Nokia has put forward two patent infringement claims against ViewSonic and it's been confirmed that both parties are willing to strike a deal. This will prove to be yet another blow to Google with a hardware partner validating Nokia's claims that its platform has IP infringement issues.

Nokia previously sued HTC, RIM (now BlackBerry) and ViewSonic, and should the new deal with ViewSonic go through, it'll cause more Google to grow more concerned about the impact of patent license deals on Android's competitiveness.

It's reported HTC may also look to settle with Nokia in the near future (over EP0673175 - "reduction of power consumption in a mobile station"), with Nokia being granted an injunction against the Taiwanese handset maker. Nokia did – however – lose a "flagship" patent battle against HTC in Germany yesterday.

Source: FOSS Patents; thanks, Chiranjeeb, for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Seriously doubt that it's a blow to Google. They couldn't care less. The money at the end of the day will come out form ViewSonic's pocket.
  • Isn't that the point? To make googles hardware OEMs to become weary of the license fees to run googles android os? And ultimately create incentive for windows phones?
  • Which will do nothing if consumers aren't buying Windows phones. As long as consumers choose Android, manufacturers will provide because, despite all of these doom and gloom patent lawsuits, that's where the money is.
    Remember, and I'm not sure if it's still the case, but it was recently reported that Microsoft made more money off of Android that it's own mobile OS. The whole industry (every industry) is a tangled web of gajillions of transactions between companies before a product ever reaches our hands.
  • Lmao you think that will make companies flock to WP8?? THINK AGAIN! Nokia needs to stop wasting time on these patents...
  • I never said that. Also these lawsuits are just companies protecting intellectual property not some big kid flexing on the playground. If the company signs the license deal I assume it is acknowledging that it has in some way infringed.
  • so that it loses whatever investment was put into research and inovating?
  • No so that it isn't losing money for its innovation. If you created a car based on innovative ideas and then I came and made a better one utilizing all of your ideas to do it would you not want compensation for me using those ideas? It doesn't stop innovation it stops theft.
  • Lol, yes Nokia needs to not make money off the patents it holds... I'm sure investors would appreciate that a lot. Nokia holds over 10,000 patents, more than Microsoft and Apple combined. I think it's in their interest to protect the value in them.
  • You mean 10'000 patent families. Big difference here...
  • "it'll cause more Google to grow more concerned about the impact of patent license deals on Android's competitiveness"
  • Its Rich Edmonds, happens in almost every post. I think he is either constantly drunk, or English is not his first language. LOL I still love you Rich.
  • Rofl
  • The issue with these cases is about protecting intellectual property. There is certainly room for reforms of the patent system, but until that happens, I don't blame any company from working to protect its property from a rapacious company like Google. The side effect of a negotiated agreement for protecting IP is what concerns Google: each time one of these is signed involving Android, it is a reminder that their main product contains other people's property and that they do not stand by the companies who license Android from them. And if you don't think all of this has changed the overall view of Google in the business world (I am not talking about fanboys), you haven't been paying attention.
  • Point is: it only gives Nokia more money to work on new Windows Phones. And yup, if you will be paying $50 in combined royalties to various companies as opposed to half of that to one, things do start looking a little better for Windows Phone. Of course, I'm not proposing that OEMs are going to start dropping Android because they won't. Just that it'll only help Windows gain traction.
  • Nice of Google to help fund Nokia's WP efforts.
  • Lol @ digthenoise
  • Maybe Google can throw some glasses at it.  That's the only thing they seem to really be marketing now anyway.
  • Do you guys know why Samsung and Android make such a success in their galaxy series of phone? Reason is simple, both of them are thieves! Steal others designs, IPs, and claim to be theirs. So, both of them are just the best married couples!