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  • First
  • Grow up.
  • This phone is pure pornography... breaking my att contract for the L920 and buying this day 1.
  • I hate this! I hate that! (Doesn't have phone yet.)
    Where's notification center?
    Separate Volume blah blah...
    There, that's the first X number of posts....
    Real question:
    Will 1020 have the same software update that 925 has?
  • Yes.
  • short and sweet answer.
  • amazing... i love the lat question. she was SPOT ON!
  • Yes❕ She threw everyone on stage off.. I love her❗.. We have to find out who she is and congratulate her for that one.. I hope she raised some eyebrows in the mobile industry.
  • She was a forbes reporter.
  • i kept thinking the same thing when i went to look at the lumia at the att's a shame it's not coming to t-mobile usa ....
  • Elop was not thown off at all. He stepped up and his response was spot on. Needles to say there will have been some backstage talks..
  • Yeah. It looks like an agressive question from If he was there...
  • I signed up for a L920 on a two year contract this April because I was a little impatient to try out WP8. Almost wish I would've waited when I read this, but of course you can't ever know what will come next. :)
  • I wonder if there is any software updates that weren't discussed?
  • I don't want my 928 anymore. :(
  • I guess they did not demoed the video capalibity of the 1020 because the wp8 cannot support  shooting videos while zooming. Or i just missed that part
  • They were showing off how detailed the picture is once taken, then pinch to zooming.  Probably be able to blow up some nice pictures with 41 MP.
  • Ok tribe thats is part of ms wp next update, not Nokia!
  • If you buy this in the U.S. and bring it to Asia, would the local Nokia maps work or will I be stuck with the U.S. version of Here maps and have to get the paid version of Nokia transit?  Or will it recognize the change and let me use the free version of Here for offline navigation?  I know it's going to be available globally but gadgets cost 2x what you pay for in the U.S.
  • first of all...phones in US typically dont have all the bands that most carriers in asia use for 4g and sometimes even 3g so that might not be a great idea. But to answer your question, this phone just like the 920 will have a "global license" for here drive + which  means you can download the entire worlds map to ur phone for offline use
  • Yes to all of the above. I live in China but travel around the world. Whenever I need a map I just download it to my 920 before I travel. Very convenient. Many of the basic Here Map features even work without an Internet connection. Fairly typical of Nokia's attention to detail.
  • lets the stupid threads begin
    "not worth upgrade" "expensive" "it wont be able to compete against other phones" etc etc etc. and then more crappy crap threads like that. 
    Humans complain so much about everything even if it doesnt even affect them, like they wont get 1020 but still complain about it :)
  • Animals complain just as much. You just don't understand them.
  • LMFAO!! Classic 
  • Personally, it's the next iteration I am looking forward to.
    I want the PureView cam that can do 38MP only.
  • The next big one will almost definitely be an aluminum camera-centric (obviously) Lumia
  • PLEASE tell me there is a propper quality HD version of the full launch event in NY somewhere as the ones on youtube that I could find makes my eyes hurt, not to mention ruining the pictures Elop and company tries so hard to impress the audience with. It was an amazing press event and deserves to be watched in propper quality definition
  • Testing testing 123....... is this thing on?
  • So help me out here folks because my wife's eyes glazed over in boredom when I approached her with my musings of my preorder. First, I gotta say my reasoning is grounded by the fact I promised myself I would never sign another 2 year deal with anyone when I got left for dust with the 900 and the HTC G2 before that. With that in mind hear me out.
    I was going to buy the phone outright and then get it unlocked when my wife's iphone is up in six months and either move with it to TMobile or sell it for any updated version that may or may not be debuting on Tmobile, mostly because of the savings that can be had comparing the plans. Then I found out Microsoft was giving away the camera grip for free.
    I did the math and discovered if I sign up for a 2 year deal, get the camera grip, subtract the 60 bucks off the ETF for the six months of honored service, I end up paying 565 for the phone and get a camera grip I was going to buy anyway for free. That means I save nearly 200 bucks.
    This is specific to me I understand because I have to stick it out with ATT for six months. Service with ATT is still cheaper for me on my wifes family plan than anywhere else.