Nokia Lumia 1020 holds its own with DXO Mark Testing

The Nokia Lumia 1020 camera was recently tested by DXO Mark and received some rather impressive ratings.  For those not familiar, DXO Mark is a company that has established an industry standard for testing cameras and lens performance.  While DXO Mark does a number of tests on photographic gear, the testing measurements for the company’s camera database are performed on straight-from-camera RAW files.

DXO Mark already has the Lumia 1020 ranked fifth with a score of 74 on their Mobile Rating Scale.  Now that the Nokia Lumia 1020 has RAW/DNG capabilities (after updating to the Nokia Black Update) DXO Mark has tested the 41MP camera through its in-depth RAW-based sensor testing.  This allows the Lumia 1020 to be measured up against other camera in DXO Mark camera database.

The testing did not take lens performance into account but instead looked at the BMI CMOS sensor in the Lumia 1020.

DXO Mark Lumia 1020 Ratings

The Lumia 1020 scored a 41 and ranks 222 out of 242 cameras in the database.  While the ranking may not be fantastic at first glance, keep in mind the database includes some heavy hitters such as the Canon 1DX that scores an 82, the Nikon D610 that lands a score of 94 and Sony A7 that was rated at 90.

The DXO Mark conclusion rates the sensor performance of the Lumia 1020 on par with a number of current compact cameras.  Compact cameras such as the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ70, which also scores a 41 and the Canon Powershot S90 that was rated at a 46. 

The Nokia Lumia 1020's quality camera performance is no secret to those who own or have been around the Windows Phone.  It is nice to see industry leaders such as DXO Mark confirm what many of us already know.

Source: DXO Mark via: dpreview

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