Nokia Lumia 1020 holds its own with DXO Mark Testing

The Nokia Lumia 1020 camera was recently tested by DXO Mark and received some rather impressive ratings.  For those not familiar, DXO Mark is a company that has established an industry standard for testing cameras and lens performance.  While DXO Mark does a number of tests on photographic gear, the testing measurements for the company’s camera database are performed on straight-from-camera RAW files.

DXO Mark already has the Lumia 1020 ranked fifth with a score of 74 on their Mobile Rating Scale (opens in new tab).  Now that the Nokia Lumia 1020 has RAW/DNG capabilities (after updating to the Nokia Black Update) DXO Mark has tested the 41MP camera through its in-depth RAW-based sensor testing.  This allows the Lumia 1020 to be measured up against other camera in DXO Mark camera database.

The testing did not take lens performance into account but instead looked at the BMI CMOS sensor in the Lumia 1020.

DXO Mark Lumia 1020 Ratings

The Lumia 1020 scored a 41 and ranks 222 out of 242 cameras in the database.  While the ranking may not be fantastic at first glance, keep in mind the database includes some heavy hitters such as the Canon 1DX (opens in new tab) that scores an 82, the Nikon D610 (opens in new tab) that lands a score of 94 and Sony A7 that was rated at 90.

The DXO Mark conclusion rates the sensor performance of the Lumia 1020 on par with a number of current compact cameras.  Compact cameras such as the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ70 (opens in new tab), which also scores a 41 and the Canon Powershot S90 (opens in new tab) that was rated at a 46. 

The Nokia Lumia 1020's quality camera performance is no secret to those who own or have been around the Windows Phone.  It is nice to see industry leaders such as DXO Mark confirm what many of us already know.

Source: DXO Mark (opens in new tab) via: dpreview (opens in new tab)

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • 1020, best camera phone i have ever owned :)
  • Indeed..An d i am willing to keep it as long as i can due to its excellent camera capabilities and stable OS...
  • I'm jealous of you all that own this phone. I hope they come out with one for Verizon.
  • And a variant for T-Mobile too.
  • Maybe hunt down the 1020s from Rogers and Telus? Working great on AWS.
  • I could but I refuse. I should be able to use the phone I want on my network. I'm sure Verizon and Sprint customers feel the same way. I have the 920 now unlocked for T-Mobile and I love it but I'm still missing out on some features like WiFi calling and internet sharing. I would have the 925 but the dumb 16gb decision killed that for me. Honestly I will probably just hang out with my 920 until a true noteworthy flagship is released to T-Mobile or I will just have to switch finally to(sigh) AT&T.
  • Can't you get it unlocked?
  • Unlocked sounds like a better deal.  I'd rather not be stuck with a 1025 a month after TMO EOL's it.  I'll gladly pay the extra costs at this point.  
  • I am still on contract with ATT for my 920, but I bought a 1020 ATT version off contract from the Widows store for $150. I had paid $50 on contract for my 920. Now the good news. Last year after 3 mo ATT was unlocking 920's if you asked, so they gave me an unlock code. If you are a customer and buy a 1020 off contract and pay in full, ATT will unlock the phone after 90 days. You need a 2nd SIM from another company. You put that SIM in your 920 or 1020. You turn on the phone and your asked to enter the unlock code ATT gave you and when you do your phone is unlocked.
  • How did you get a 1020 off contract for $150? I'd jump all over that! Still loving my 920, but the camera upgrade would be sweet!
  • I am sorry that was a typo- I wish I could have bought it for $150! I actually paid $305. I had gone into the Microsoft Store to buy a Surface Pro 2 and at that time they wre haveing a promo that sold the 1020 on contract for $150, but I was still on the 920 contract and could not get that deal. But they told me I could buy it off contract for $305 when at the time ATT was charging over $650. I thought that was a good deal and still do so I jumped on it. I also purchased the camera grip and my phone stays charged all day with normal use. You can currently get an ATT 1020 on conctact for less than $50 in a special promo. The cool thing is I am using the 1020 with my current contract, and was able to have both phones unlocked. The other cool thing is even wthout a SIM, my 920 and 1020  will operate over WiFI, so I essentially can carry both phones and switch back and forth by just moving the SIM from one phone to the next if the battery runs down and I can't charge it. I keep the 920 on a plate charger at home and it continues to get app updates on a daily basis via WIFI. While traveling and on WIFI I could have both phones operating and accessing different sites at the same time. Finally when I decide to sell the 920 or 1020 they will be worth more as unlocked phones. Everything else in my post is accurate.
  • Switch. All carriers suck, so you might as well get good hardware. :)
  • ^^ This, lol I switched to ATT for their better hardware options and haven't regretted it (well, except for the higher monthly bill but the better phones negate that for me)
  • I did the same I left Verizon for AT&T originally got 2 920's & 1 820 got a 1020 buy adding a line switching my 920 to the new line 1020 on my #.
    then a month later I shut off the new # paid the $325 early term fee still made out good only cost me $500 instead of $650.
    I love my 1020 the pics are awesome.
    Head on over to the forums and check out my pics I have an awesome pic of the water wizz slides from the movie the way way back I live 10 min from the water wizz.
  • Best phone I ever had. (didn't like the 920). My 1020 will stay with me until its dead.
  • I don't know...sometimes when I hold my brother's 920 I miss mines for some reason. I think it's the smile design :'(
  • I don't get it. How is 1020 only fifth in mobile rating?
  • This DXO testing site is a load of absolute crap! How the hell can a Lumia 920/925/1020 or LG G2 (can't see the HTC One so not sure if they've tested it), all perform lower than the likes of the ShitePhone4S and 5, and Samshit Galaxy's for stabilization, when the former all have OIS and the latter don't? Sorry, but compare a video or lowlight photo taken on a Nokia OIS or LG G2 lens to anything else, and you will see a marked difference in quality. They essentially leave the competition for dead when it comes to stabilization... and of course Samsung and Apple aren't paying DXO.... Would have been something worth shouting about, we're it not for the completely useless system they have in place for scoring.
  • I love my 1020 Greatest phone ever.
  • Simply remarkable, way to go Nokia.
  • But, they are going to have to do much better on the next Lumia super camera phone.
  • Not "much" better. Maybe speed up the processing and make Auto mode a little better.
  • Yes.. That's NL 1020 basic problem
  • No, MUCH BETTER! .. There's no telling what Samsung, Apple, or Sony is working on.. Do you think that Samsung is content with letting Nokia have the title, especially after they embarrassed themselves with the Zoom? Do you think a incremental modification is the safe way to go if Nokia wants to continue to keep the camera crown? The answer is no.. The "1030" needs to blow the 1020 out of the water... If they play the game you're suggesting they play they will get passed by, and loose..
    As a matter of fact Microkia needs to apply this concept to all future Lumia offerings.. Do your best, and then some, on new models, make headlines, and kill the competition!!! Take some risk❕ Shoving that 41mp sensor into the 1020 was taking a risk, to do slight modifications for the next super camera phone is playing it safe... WP has played it safe for to long.. The next Lumia 9xx 10xx, and 15xx need to be much better.. This is the high end of the market.. Those incremental changes only work in the low end, but I suggest they kill it in the low end as well...
    Its not that the current 1020 is not sufficient,,,, the Lamborghini Murciélago was sufficient, but look at its successor, the Aventador... I suggest that the WP software, and devices, team learn some lessons from the luxury, and exotic, car industry... You simply must kill it❕❕.. Lol.
    There's a ton of work to be done...
  • And then there is Veneno! That beats Aventador.
  • Exactly❕❕... It's not all about Porsche, Lamborghini, and Ferrari anymore,, like when I was a youngster.. There's a lot of serious competition from Pagnai, McLaren, lotus, Bugatti, and others... Lamborghini knows that they must continue to push the envelope, and innovative to stay relevant... That's why I believe that Microkia should take into account what these kinds of companies have to go through, with each new model, to stay competitive in such a saturated market... The exotic car industry is the perfect template for WP's success... It's not about doing what Apple did, or following Android,, WP must find it's own theory for success... I must be CEO❕❕❕❕❕.... Lol.
  • Lambo hardly pushed any envelops with teh Aventador.  In this case a solid reworking and evolution over revolution tend to work better.  Then again using automobiles in this comparison is rather bad.  Automakers tend to work on 5-10 year cycles.  Phone makers are lucky to have a year.     But if y'all insist on using the car analogy.  The jump you're looking for is C6 vs. C7 Corvette.  There was a sizable jump, and closer to the revolution that Nokia needs. 
  • Actually, the numbers between the Murciélago, and the Aventador are stagering.. Weight was seriously reduced as a result of the carbon fiber monocue which was first in a production vehicle, and performance was greatly enhanced.. Not to mention that almost every aspect of the car is substantially better from the seats, to other technologies.. This car it 100% new from the ground up.. That's what it takes to compete nowadays..
    Now, your cycle argument.. It's not really relevant at all.. We're considering learning lessons from the exotic industry from an artistic, tactical principle.. Nobody is suggesting that a phone maker technically run a device division as if it were a auto manufacturer. Product cycles are besides the point... But, regardless if a cycle is 2 weeks, or 2 years, if the market is relentlessly tough then you better put up, or shut up... And, thinking small isn't going to cut it...
    Comparing analogies is pointless.
  • Lambo was talking out their asses when they claimed serious weight reduction.  Despite being new from the ground up the car still soliders on with last year's tech... not unlike the Lumia 1020.   The Lamborghini doesn't use a carbon fiber monoque at all.  It's a carbon fiber tub with aluminum spaceframes from what I remember... none of the body panels contribute to the car's integrity.  Basically a unibody.  As for it being 100% new from the ground up?  No.  It uses plenty of parts from the VW/Audio parts bin.  Lowers development costs... In essence... Lamborghini didn't push any envelope outside of the stylistic, and that's always been a matter of taste.   Hitting hard on innoavtion is hardly the answer to success imo.  The S4's innovations have been called gimmicky and half baked.  What Nokia needs a solid evolution of their current tech.  Refinement is what leads to sales, not wild innovations.  Many of the most innovative companies go out of business since their new ideas are too niche.    
  • Lol... Who cares.. That's besides the point..
  • So what was the point of this entire conversation?  
  • To understand the point of the conversation, or my point, you must understand how it came about..
    My reply to Monica's original comment was that the next Version of the 1020 is going to have to be much better than the current...
    Then Reflexx disagreed saying that the next 1020 had to only improve on two things...
    My point, which is what sparked the whole conversation, is that new devices need to have much more than incremental changes in order to command the same kind of excitement as the original... They have to stay above the curve, keep being innovative, and different because the competition is always on their toes.. Thinking that the next generation 1020 only needs a couple tweaks to the camera is not going to keep the media talking, and excitement flowing....
    But, the camera is only one aspect of how Lumia devices should move forward, and any other examples used within are only examples.. The original fact still remains... There's no need to steer off and start analyzing which examples, or analogies, are the best.. We're all smart enough here to understand the original point, and realize what's important... In other words, I don't care to explain why I used a certain analogy during making a point.. That's why I've been saying that certain comments are "besides the point"" LOL!
    Hey, you asked.. Lol
  • Hmm I don't think sports cars are a particularly good analogy. They're great for racing, but hopeless for the daily commute - no boot space, no room for 4 passengers, and the fuel economy sucks. If the Aventador was a phone it would have an 8-core CPU, quad-core GPU, 4 GB RAM, be wafer-thin in a slick carbon-fibre body and be the most expensive phone on the market... but it would only have 4 GB storage, no microSD, and a battery that lasts 30 minutes... i.e. great for speed/performance, not that great elsewhere. In the phone world "faster, thinner, lighter" is exactly what Apple have been doing for the past few years and it's not particularly innovative or inspiring... especially as speed on a phone isn't the most interesting thing these days.
  • ??? Besides the point as well... Nobody is comparing cars, and phones.. Lol!!... Its about a way of going about business.. Who cares if the analogy is accurate... Lol.. You guys are killer..
  • Samsung is not concerned with Camera phones. If they were, the new Zoom would have improved over the original. It didn't. Samsung has been doing with the Galaxy S series the same Apple does with the iPhone. It's been basically the same phone for years.
    Also, the only hardware "problem" of the 1020 is the processor. If they had placed a SD800 in it it would be near perfection. Also, the Nokia L1020 is a niche device. I don't expect it to be replaced that soon. The closeness between the launches of the 808 and the 909 was just because of the OS in the phones.   As for your wishes about MICROSOFT (stop with the Microkia! I'm gonna hit you, Rod! lol) Lumias in the future...Well, I'm not sure how much will Microsoft keep focusing on the cameras...but remember this: they DON'T own PureView nor any of the camera patents of Nokia. They don't even own the R&D teams that develop the camera tech. What does that mean? It means that Nokia will no longer be developing the camera tech exclusively for their Windows Phones. Because they won't have WPs anymore. They'll be developing the tech and the patents for general licensing. Which means...if Samsung is REALLY concerned about blowing the competition away, all they'll have to do is to go to Nokia and license their until-now-Nokia-exclusive camera tech. Microsoft will probably be licensing it...but they won't have it in exclusivity anymore.
    Microsoft may try to surpass the Nokia L1020. But with that deal that so many support, they also abdicated from the exclusivity on all the Nokia tech. So they got themselves in a even more difficult position.
    And quite honestly...that should be a matter for concern at Microsoft. Because Nokia and Samsung seem to be having quite a nice partnership in terms of patent licensing (unlike Samsung and Apple for example). And so, although I would like to see Sony licensing Nokia's PureView and all the camera tech, Samsung currently stands in a dangerously close position to Nokia. And Nokia's tech on those cheap-build Galaxies would be a crime.
  • But, see.. Its not all about camera technology.. My point is that Lumia devices need to keep hitting hard with innovation.. Small, safe, incremental changes aren't going to make headlines, and fuel excitement.. I'm not concerned about all of the inside mumbo jumbo that goes on between Microkia.. Rather the fact is that WP needs to shock, excite, and capture the media, and the public's attention.. You guys can beat it with a stick all night, but the fact remains that the 1020, and 1520, make headlines because they are in your face devices.. Microkia needs to keep this up...
    Go back and read my original points... We're talking about cameras, but the point goes further.
    And, I use the term Microkia out of respect.. It's just from the fact that the current WP team will be working beside the former Nokia devices team.. I just don't want to forget what Nokia has started... It's similar to us saying "Metro".. Sure it's not called metro anymore, but you're not gonna stop me from saying it.. I ain't MS, I ain't getting sued... Lol❕
  • I agree that Microsoft will have to to something to shock the market if they want to keep the publics attention once Nokia leaves the phone market. Unfortunately, it's Microsoft we're talking about. They've NEVER done that before. If they manage to start producing phones up to the specs standard in the market instead even if the OS doesn't need it, it will be already good.
    So far the innovation comes all from Nokia. And Microsoft will not own the teams that are in charge of that development of stuff that puts current Nokia phones ahead of the competition (the camera tech). I'm not sure how much the WP team and Microsoft will put in development for their devices or if they'll keep relying on Nokia to develop mobile tech for them.
    Currently all Microsoft can do is gimmicks like the fingerprint scanners. I recall reading they had patented for development some holographic stuff...Star Wars holographic-style stuff. If they managed to develop THAT into a phone, that would be a splash indeed. But I bet you they aren't spending much time on that (if any at all). To currently make a splash they would have to hit the jackpot and nail the next big thing in mobile phones. As for the term...I get your point. Except it's just employees that are moving to MS. Nokia will still be there. Ex-Nokia employees will become MS-employees and act according to Microsoft's orders and plans. So there's absolutely no connection between Nokia and them apart form the fact that they used to work for Nokia. It's like calling Jollia or Jolkia to the people at Jolla just because they are ex-Nokia engineers (with the possibility of becoming future Nokia-employees).
    Also, although I get your does get on the nerves of Nokia-fans like me =P Nokia will be gone from the mobile phones industry at least until 2016.  Lets leave them to rest in peace and recall with fondness the good times when there was a Nokia mobile empire. And lets give Microsoft the chance to try and craft a name for themselves in the mobile market, shall we? You know I won't be using their phones, but I want them to try and do it by themselves without leeching to something that isn't there anymore (Nokia).
  • Huuuuuummmmmm..
    Dude,,, you need to seriously get over Nokia... Did your great, great, great grandfather found Nokia, or something❔.. Lol... Come on, dude... Cheer up..
    It's a freeking smartphone DJCBS!! I just don't what them finding you hung by yourself in your dorm room, or wherever you live... Just get a Lumia device, dude❕❕❕
    Hey, maybe that's what MS should do... Copy Dell with those old commercials..... "Dude you got a Lumia!!!"""" lol..
  • LOL get a Lumia? I have 4! lol
    Dude, I've been using Nokia exclusively for over 15 years. It's therefore very hard to say goodbye. But don't worry. I've got my eyes on what will be my first non-Nokia phone already (and you know it won't be a MS Lumia =P). I won't hang myself over it lol (I've left College quite a while ago...and we don't do the dorm thing here in Europe ;P) But I still don't like to see Nokia leave the phone business. And I'll always be crossing my fingers for them to return in 2016 XD
    Now lets see what Microsoft can come up with. If they manage to innovate at all in a significant maner or not. Until then, I'll always have my 1020 which is my camera and I'll be using it for some years even if my daily driver has then shifted to other OEMs and OSs. So I'll still be watching what MS is doing to WP ;) Also, my great great great great grandfather was an Earl. He didn't do sh*t, let alone found Nokia LOL
  • Lol❕❕❕❕.. I meant a Microkia Lumia..
  • I disagree, they wont LOSE, if they do some upgrades, such as: * expandable storage
    * bigger and/or replaceable battery
    * built in HDR features
    * faster processor to speed things up
    * faster processor to let us work with the full high rez image
    * Work on video features
    - Simple editing, including titles & text, putting clips together, adding music and voiceover.
    - Photo slideshows
    - Live, touch-screen focus
    - Manual white balance 41MP is more than enough to work with. I'll assume continued improvement of the oversampling and .jpg processing.
  • No, you actually agree...
    Yeah, those are the kinds of things they need to do.. It's not about more pixels.. But, they need to add more innovation like new types of flash, and flash outlets.. Also, it's not just all about the camera. They better come up with other hardware and software innovations to stay ahead, or get ahead.. It's just not all about the camera, but that's a good place to continue to push hard..
  • I think it's just mostly 2K screens and the SD805 for those Android big boys. If "Microkia" can have those in their phones plus all the other incremental upgrades, they're mostly covered and can hang with those big boys. For iPhone, probably mostly the "innovative" 4.8" and 5.7" screens, the addition of OIS, and the sapphire glass thing.
  • No, Microkia needs to do that, and then some, considering their position in the market... They can't just keep up, they need to surpass to make headlines... Think about this.. Apple is literally making Bing news for allegedly working on a large screen device that isn't even all that big compared to what's on the market.. That's ridiculous.. That's stupid... But, how is MS supposed to compete with that if they just keep up, it the reality,,, play catch up??? No, they need to drop tha bigady bigady bizom in Apple's mizouth...
  • And then you said "..bigady bigady bizom.." you were doing so well Rodney.
  • Lol,,,, lol,,, lo igady igady izzell...
  • Ranked 5th in mobile? Hm...
  • Which are the other 4??
  • The 5S, Z1 and S4 and the 808. Also mentioned the the 1020 is actually better than the 5S and S4. Ratings would have been much higher had it not been for video capabilities on the 1020. As they aptly put.,
    "Compared with the more recent Apple iPhone 5S, we can see that while Apple is getting the most from its existing technology but they appear closer to their technical limit than Nokia is with their Lumia 1020."
  • 1. Nokia 808 Pureview 2. Sony Xperia Z1 3. Apple iPhone 5S 4. Samsung S4 All you had to do was click the link, it's on the right side.
  • I wouldn't put much on that ranking. There's no way those phones (with exception of the 808) are better than the 1020. Their sensors are just too small. Also, DXO's testing totally ignores 1020's OIS aspect which is missing from other phones. DXO's rating has always been somewhat controvesal -- ask any Canon high end shooters.   Dpreview will soon be reviewing 1020's RAW capability with the updated firmware. That's the one I'd be most interested in.
  • The 808 ok, but the rest...
    Just completely and utterly ridiculous...
  • the 920 was ranked the same as the 8x, below the icrap 4s, 5 and samesung s3. See the point? that site is sh!t
  • So what mobile phones beat this out? I don't know about that though
  • A score of 41? Ironic..
  • Yup. I had the exact same thought...see? ;D
  • It's weird that they don't mention that in the article...
  • Haha, that was my first thought too! :^)
  • Two things I'd like fixed on the 1520: screen sensitivity and video performance.
  • Thanks for the off-topic feedback. I'm sure the WPCentral editors will be sure to pass this on to Nokia immediately.
  • You're welcome.
  • screen sensitivy should off, low, medium, high 
    or even better - from 0-9 Video OIS is the best ever in any phone
    you mean the light gathering or speed or white balance or saturation or ???  
  • And the stupid screen brightness dimming bug..
  • The video on 1520 is worse than my 920. Lots of noise, not the volume kind. Though they seemed to have improved the photo aspect.
  • I believe it beats the 5s in photography by a measly 1 point. What gets me is how far down the 920 is behind even older apple devices and the 925.
  • Lumia 1020 is on Second place for stills/ behind 808/ and twelve for video, thats why its overall place is 5th. Its worth mentioning in article.
  • Those mobile ratings are bullcrap.
    The iPhone 5S better than the Nokia L1020? LOL!
    Not even my friends who HAVE the iPhone 5S agree with that. And I have way too many friends with the 5S.
    One of my best friends is a die hard Apple fan. He basically is as surrounded by Apple stuff as it's possible to be. And even he asked me to try out my 1020 and was smashed by the results of the camera. As for the Z1's performance...well...not in my book it isn't. I was majorly disappointed when I tested it against the 920's camera! The results were worse at full zoom. The Z1 zoom was bigger...but the amount of tinkering the image suffered was appaling. I won't even dare to test it against the 1020. God knows I want Sony to nail down camera tech on smartphones as I need an OEM once Nokia's gone. But they're clearly not there yet. The Z1 is, to me, the best camera phone you can buy on Android (well...the Z1 Compact is to me the best Android you can buy so far). But it's not at all the best camera phone you can buy. Only Nokia beats Nokia. I would believe the ratings if they were: 1 - Nokia 808
    2 - Nokia 909 (the 1020)
    3 - Xperia Z1
    4 - iPhone 5S
    5 - Galaxy S4 Because I've tested 4 of those phones (the only one I haven't tested is the 808 but I might buy it still so...). And based on MY experience, that would be my rating.
  • 3 - Lumia 1520
  • I only used the phones in the chart and the first 5 ones. Otherwise the L920 and L925 would also be in the list ahead of the Z1 and the others.
  • Totally agree, test z1 and s4 with my Lumia 925. My Lumia 925 is way better.
  • 1020 was tested couple of months before Black update and there won't be another test because they "perform only one test on smartphones".
  • That can't be true because they say that they tested Raw files, and Raw files weren't available until Black..
  • It's true. Go to that Mobile Rating Scale link, date of the review is October 11, 2013. Then check out the comments.
  • ...score 41 ... does that mean sth special? ;) ... 41mpx? :P
  • You can calculate it with the HP-41 C (Continuous Memory)  
  • I really want this phone, but im holding out till hopefully an updated spec version comes out, if not, im defo buying this, i have the 920!
  • Interested to see where they would place the 1520 on that mobile list
  • I have an S90 as well, daytime pics are on par and similar, S90 wins hands down at night but thats just  because its a dedicated camera.  Love the 1020 and going to be taking some fashion photography pics for a website soon using both, will be interesting to see which RAW pics (after photoshopping them of course) come out on top :)
  • Last Nokias camera phone....
  • Mmmm... No, I think Nokia will still at least release 1 more generation of their "supercamera smartphone"... Maybe something that's been planned by them long before Microsoft acquisition news comes out... Maybe that Lytro tech? I'd like to see that one.
  • Do not count on that. The only phones that could still be released under the Nokia brand before the D&S acquisition is done are the Normandy and Goldfinger and Moneypenny (930? and 630/635). And that requires that Nokia presents those phones at MWC. I believe that will happen because it doesn't interfere with the launch of 8.1 in April at Build (according to the latest rumours, Microsoft will hand 8.1 to OEMs BEFORE /builb/), but the WPC staff thinks that Nokia will not present those phones at MWC. We'll see.
    But we will not be seeing a substitute to the L1020 coming from Nokia. That I'm 99% sure.
  • It's an awfully big omission by this article to not state that the1020 ranked 2nd behind only the 808 in mobile stills. And it was an awfuly big omissoin by DXO not to factor optical image stablization into their tests, especially their video tests. When optical image stablization is  factored in, the 1020 blows the doors of all other mobile devices for video.
  • Even bigger omission by DXO will be not to test 1020 after Black update. This new test is just a small sensor test, not the main test which was performed more than 3 months ago. 
  • As somone above noted, they must have tested after Black becuase the 1020 was being included in the tests which requried RAW format and that only became available after Black.
  • "RAW-based sensor testing". They didn't test lens performance.
  • In addition to the video, comparing low light performance without OIS factored in is plain stupid. That's what they do in their tests. With OIS, the 1020 should fare even better against those dedicated cameras.
  • Lumia 1020 Focus needs improvement in artificial light, be changes in architecture. Then you have a chance to be even better.
  • Impressive for a phone to receive a 41 score!
  • I would not have published this article on a Windows Phone fanatic website lol. I don't consider this good news at all.
  • Am I the only person not impressed? I'm sure the 1020 is a better device than DxO would like to admit.  The mobile devices rankings are an absolute joke.
  • Scores of 41, with a 41MP camera sensor, ain't that coincidental??
  • My 920 dreams of being a 1020 !!
  • They show no samples. There's nothing for me, sorry. A webiste who puts iPhone in firsts places than any Lumia after 920? Sorry, they just don't know what saying.
  • Wait, so there are four mobile cameras better than the 1020?
  • What a remarkable effort in selective reading.  How about taking a look at the various comparisons they have up? You might notice it "holds it own" against cheaper P&S cameras, if by holds its own you mean, it consistently loses just not as badly as it does to better cameras.  BTW, you can currently buy a Nikon D3200 DSLR with a stiock lens with literally double the score for less than the off contract price of the 1020.  Given the speed at which digital imaging technology advances, off contract is the only fair comarison.  On contract means buying into technology that will be out dated in a few months to which you will be tied for two years.  Seriously, read the breacdth of articles and recognize the 1020 is still just a niche/boutique product; before doing such embarassing chearlieading.... 
  • Make a phone call, send a text or download a game on the Nikon. Deuche.
  • Lol +1020
  • I love my 1020 to death. I praise it to potential customers (Work for Rogers). It's beauty divine. Only wish the shutter speed was faster.
  • DXO kinda proved my point on the latest Nokia ad... huh
  • 920??? I want to take a test on DXO
  • Lumia 1020 hardware is excellent. Really is fast and smooth. Nokia has worked very hard for their devices now its MS which have to pace up with themselves. They have stop being US centric. Bing services should be available rest of the country too now. I hope they give us many features with wp8.1. Seriously April come soon...........
  • Obviously technology in particular mobile technology is getting very close to creating all in one power house phones that can literally replace every other piece of tech out there especially the cameras on these things. I personally would rather carry around a 1020 over a big DSLR. Same thing goes for owning a galaxy note 3 to use for productivity over pencils, paper, and notebooks. Just goes to show how fast mobile tech is building on something massive. Wouldn't be long before our phones can do everything literally.
  • If the 1020 scored 5th on the mobile chart, what are the 4 mobile devices that were better than the 1020?
  • IMO Lumia 1020 is the best phone camera but dxo mark is a joke!