Nokia Lumia 1320 coming soon to Cricket Wireless

The Nokia Lumia 1320 is a great piece of hardware for those wanting a phone that's large, but also affordable. The display measures 6-inches and packs some respectable hardware into a package that's attractive and easy on your wallet. Our friends internationally have been enjoying the Lumia 1320 in places like India and Asia for a handful of months. Now those in the United States on Cricket Wireless are about to get the Lumia 1320.

Lumia 1320

Right now you'll find the Lumia 520 as the only Windows Phone available at Cricket Wireless. That's set to change as a Windows Phone Central tipster has shared some internal employee training for the Lumia 1320.

The Lumia 1320 comes with 1.7GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage (expandable through microSD), a 5MP rear camera and a 0.3MP front-facing camera. The 6-inch display is a 720p panel.

Before a new handset hits store shelves, employees receive training on the phone. It probably won't be too much longer before we get a press release with the date and availability of the Lumia 1320 for Cricket Wireless. We'll of course let you know when the Lumia 1320 goes on sale for Cricket.

Thanks for the tip anonymous

Sam Sabri
  • Gosh I wish my 1520 had this design. The best Lumia design. Glad to see more lumias in the coming as they are the signature devices. They need to get this on virgin and boost mobile as well.
  • This is a great addition to the US Lumia lineup. I would be tempted to get it if I hadn't just bought an Icon.
  • You're way better served with the 929. You're missing absolutely nothing, believe me ;) (apart from a bloody microSD card slot of course)
  • Oh yeah, I love my Icon. Great phone (except the poor WiFi range, which I felt a little better about when it was at least about the same as an iPhone 5C I compared with, evcen if my Lumia 521 still kicks its ass). But I would've preferred to pay less and be on a carrier with unlimited data, rather than Verizon, which has great coverage at least where I am, but the data limits are taking a lot of the fun out of having a great cellphone. With my Lumia 521 on T-Mobile I never had to worry. Now I have to manage the data use carefully, which kinda sucks. I guess I'll get used to it, but it feels like they really cripple the smartphone experience, unless you pay a ridiculous amount of money.
  • The lack of Glance screen support kills it for me on the Icon; that's my favorite feature on my 925.
  • You know, I thought I would miss it a LOT when I moved up from the 928 to the ICON, for about a week i was like, "Oh, now I have to hit the power button to see the time" but, after 2 or so weeks, I am like, no biggie, would be nice to have but I could live with out it....
  • We Indians are happy. Because every phones in the market are factory unlocked. Don't worry about operator block.
    Any connection you can use with any phones including iPhone.
    My Lumia 1320 Has a problem of Removing of SD card automatically.
  • Come to T-Mobile!!
  • I would assume it'd work with T-Mo don't you think? Then again, IDK if T-Mobile uses SIM cards or not.
  • Lol yes, we use SIM cards.
  • Yes, T-Mobile phones use SIM cards.
  • Tmobile is gsm, it uses sim cards. Unlike sprint and verizon who don't want you to freely switch phones without taking it to them. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • You can get the RM-995 for about $310 on newegg. It is fully compatible with T-Mobile based on the reviews I've seen on the product page.
  • Put it on a poorer network with more expensive plans? Whatever for?
  • It's evidently only "poorer" to you. Stop crapping all over people's wishes to get this phone on T-Mobile. STFU and add something useful to the discussion for once in your sad, lonely life.
  • Says the disillusioned chick with more personal attacks and nothing useful to add. Srsly, what's wrong with you?
  • They don't even have to put it on tmo, just make sure it has all the tmo bands and is somewhat simple to unlock. That will be enough to make me happy (though I wish any WP on tmo would be able to download and install WiFi calling, even if it isn't a tmo phone).
  • Hmmm interesting device I guess but I feel like wp8.1 needs 2gb of ram. So much "loading" screens every where. It's ruining my user experience
  • I agree. Too much loading. It has completely ruined the flow of the phone. So much so that I am considering Android or iOS.
  • The worst one I've noticed is while listening to music, the xbox music screen takes a long time to load after coming back from lock screen
  • Well 32gb moto x is $100 off starting tomorow at 12:00 EST. So $300 and better specs than 1320. I haven't noticed my 925 being slower after update. Well I really just play around with it, not my primary phone. Debating on selling it. .. Really need new windows phones. A updated lumia 1020 might tempt me away from android but wp needs candy crush and better music app first. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • I wish they would have kept the same OS features like posting and reading peoples social media. I hate waiting for stupid load screens. I like everything else though.
  • Maybe you should have waited for the consumer release (along with 8.1 optimized apps and firmware updates), instead of installing a "beta" version, don't you think? Next time don't be so impatient. :-)
  • Lumia 1020 has 2gb of ram. No difference in speed compared to faster or slower phones.
  • You gotta love parent company AT&T for supporting Windows Phone from "Day One".
    They Launched the HTC Titan, The Lumia 920, The Ativ S, The Lumia 1020, The Lumia 1520 and now the Lumia 1320.
  • No Nokia Icon or HTC W8 tho :(
  • Icon is exclusive to Verizon...and they had the 1520 before the Icon which is everything the Icon is except you gain an SD card slot, you can choose internal capacity (16gb or 32gb), gain a larger screen with glance, and because of being on ATT get the option to purchase the special neutered edition without Qi (but it is moddable, I'm about to do it).
  • What's funny is everything you say is true. ATT has shown the most support and had the best phone selection. Yet T-Mobile who has shown low support and no current high end phone has the most window phone customers in the U.S.
  • It's because people don't want to deal with AT&T's shady practices and wants a network that doesn't bleed them like vampires. For instance, isn't it nearly impossible to get your phone unlocked with AT&T? I see people complaining about that all the time. Yet, with T-Mobile, I just got unlock codes for TWO of my phones a day after I requested them. T-Mo also offers the most bang for your buck, and unlike what that usual troll says, the network is improving daily.
  • Funny, my T-Mobile unlock request for a fully paid for off contract phone was ultimately denied after more than two weeks of trying. I wish T-Mobile was as good everywhere as they seem to be in your imaginary happy land.
  • When U call CSR just ask for international CSR rep tell them u traveling overseas I never have a problem getting my unlock code, two wks after I buy my phones I always call and get my phones unlock just make sure your acct. is in good standing, my only problem with TMo is that they fail to get high end phones wish they do this time around although I'm saving to get one of the new ones that should b coming out, would love a L925 refresh with 5" screen 32gig plus SD card.
  • thanks for the tip.  I may give it a try.  
  • I fully agree. I love my WP platform and won't be going back to Fandroid.
  • Sphincter tickle
  • Sounds fun lol
  • It is fun. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Uh. Well. I may be done with T-Mobile. Pretty sad when Cricket is getting better phones.
  • It's cheaper when you actually buy phones unlocked. I'm using 920 on tmobile.
  • Don't have the money upfront.
  • I know you guys have to be frustrated on T-Mobile I thought they'd have an upgrade from the 925 by now a 1025 or 1525 1325? a cool metal version guess they are too focused on IOS and Android
  • They are all in on Android. I really think they got the iPhone because they had to in order to stop the bleeding. The issue is that their money is being pumped into network to improve service, while the big boys are throwing down to get exclusives. I have nothing to back this up, but I think T-mo's next move may have to do with offering compatible unlocked phones through their EIP program. Basically they could be a middle man for third parties. So perhaps they could offer a wider selection without bloat and carrier interference wrt updates, neutralize a competitive advantage, increase device sales, and finance the phones to keep people happy and locked to their service. Cuz right now, if you buy an unlocked device, you owe no allegiance to Tmo. It's a good move... There is mutual benefit and it's a move that the other three carriers can't or won't offer. Rant over.
  • Better coverage too
  • Say that again by the end of next year, troll.
  • And the next year, and the next, and the year after that. Stop taking my carrier choices so personally, it's a little creepy.
  • Will this model coming to Cricket have LTE support? I've an unlocked Asian one that gets HSPA on AIO, er, Cricket.
  • They are killing me with the cameras!!! I want to replace my 920, but I DO NOT want to go backwards on the camera.
  • Then you have two options: The 929 on Verizon and the 1520 on AT&T. And if you're on T-Mobile, assuming they use the same bands their mother-company Deutsche Telekom, you can also get a 930 from Europe.
  • Different bands
  • If you make sure it's an international version it should be fine
  • So far there has been no sighting of an AWS Lumia 930, maybe it will turn up someday like the unicorn 1520..... Till then no variant will work 100% on Tmos network.
  • You have to wait for it to be released in the S American countries where that band is used. So far, only announced for Brazil. Unfortunately, Brazil does not use Tmo bands.
  • Verizon is never an option. I'll stick with Aio! (not going to call it by the new  name)
  • I like the aio branding better too. The cricket brand should have been retired imho.
  • Yep, Cricket has always had bad service, even if they improved it, ti's going to take a long time to change the minds of people who use to have it and ditched it for something better.
  • ...
  • Stick with your 920.
  • the peoblem is after 2 years, the battery isnt what it use to be. i can still get by, but im ready for something new.
  • Will be alot happier if you changed 1320 -> 930 and Cricket -> Tmobile.
  • Windows phone ghost town up here in Canada. Nothing since the 1020
  • Tell me about it. Canadian carriers are just too scared to put more Windows Phone devices in their lineup. My guess is the slightly stronger support for Blackberry here.
  • IDK the crap hit the fan a while back when Rogers announced they were going to drop BlackBerry from physical stores. Not sure if they changed that our not. People were pissed though.
  • Check the bands and wait for Deutsche Telekom to release it. Then import one from Europe ;)
    (Deutsche Telekom owns T-Mobile hence the reference specifically to them)
  • You do realise that unlike in US,here in Germany they don't have carrier variants. All phones are international versions but if you buy from a carrier it just comes sim locked. You would be better of ordering it on
  • If the rumors are true, not for long. Looks like tmo will be turning Japanese, I really think so
  • Your post is why we need a +1 button :)
  • I think they should use the 720 camera in all lower end devices, except maybe 500 series. That camera was actually quite nice.
  • This is really exciting news! I'm not on Cricket Wireless but I was a long time ago. They've come a very long way. Obviously,AT&T saw that. It provides another low cost Windows Phone option on a popular carrier.
  • Finally a WP on cricket I've been wondering why they never put the 520 on there but this is a great choice hopefully it will give people who don't want to be on the big carriers a chance to get a decent WP but I wonder about the service
  • The service will be AT&T rebranded service. I it will be rivaled only by Verizon.
  • You can use any ATT phone on cricket.
  • Tmobile is sitting here like "no one uses windows phones...."
  • Exciting news! My 620 I purchased on aio/cricket works well but the screen is too small.
  • Hmmm interesting.
  • This much big device and so low camera it should have at least 8 mp camera.. When ever people ask me how many pixels they were shocked by the answer so low camera for such a massive device.
  • You should know by now that judging a camera solely on the megapixel count is misguided, especially a Nokia camera.
  • There's a reason why it's so cheap. If you want a better camera get the 1520.
  • Where does anyone get off thinking phone size equates to camera quality? They're not related at all. It's odd you or anyone you know would think that.
  •   This is a step in the right direction. Hopefully, WP8/8.1 will have at least two devices on every carrier, post and pre-paid.
  • Does it have qi charging?
  • How do you guys think will Cricket Price this?  My guess is $199/-      
  • I'll buy this day one. Always wanted a 1320.
  • Didn't aio have the 620? Now that it switched to cricket they axed it? Is 5 lines on the lowest plan (500mb) $110 a month on cricket? My cousins have tmobile and coverage is horrible (2g service) and they are looking for a cheap option. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Cricket is a good option. Their pricing includes all taxes and fees so for five lines the final bill would be pretty similar.
    They use ATTs network so coverage is a lot better.
  • the 620 got phased out a month or two ago. they now have the 520 In stock. I assume the 630 or 530 will join cricket along with the 1320.
  • new WhatsApp update
  • Who cares.
  • Wow
  • Would this phone work on at&t?
  • Yes it would Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Shame on u T Mobile;(
  • y you guys never did a full review of this device? i serioulsy need you advice..
  • Nokia 1320 is awesome! Switched from Nexus 4 to Rumia 1320 and Im uber happy. Never coming back to android.
  • > places like India and Asia.. This sounds like Asia is a country and India is another.. There are 54 countries in the 'continent of Asia', India is one of them.. Like England is a country in the continent of Europe or Canada belongs to North America. Rudimentary Geography is really not that difficult. Simple analogies can be drawn with Lego blocks..
  • I love my 1320.
  • This phone's camera is worse than lu630. I dont bother taking photo with it.
  • Love my 1320, great phone
  • Mini motor racing looks great on the big screen
  • Well, I was thinking of taking mt 521( I unlocked it) to Cricket, but I wanted a better WP8.1 phone.  Unfortunately this is just way to big.  
  • You can use any ATT phone on cricket (same network)
  • Damn. I still have my Lumia 810 on suckish tmobile. Now I'm considering hopping over to Cricket for this bad boy!
  • Hate to be "the guy", but it doesn't use a Snapdragon S4, it uses a Snapdragon 400. The difference is one uses an Adreno 320 and the other uses an Adreno 305. The S4 is a much more powerful SoC.