Nokia Lumia 1520, 1320 announced for Brazil; available in March

The two Nokia Lumia 'phablet' Windows Phones are making their way to multiple markets and regions. The Finnish company continues to make official announcements of availability and pricing and Brazil in next in line to have said details revealed. Consumers in the region will have to wait until next month to get their hands on either Windows Phone.

Nokia held a media event yesterday in Sao Paulo where the two smartphones were unveiled for March. The Lumia 1520 and Lumia 1320 will be available for R$ 2399 ($1000) and R$ 1399 ($585) respectively. Colours will include both black and white units only, though we expect consumers to grab colourful variants through other channels.

Fernanda Camargo, product manager at Nokia Brazil commented on the announcement:

"The large screen smartphones that bring the Brazilian market represent Lumia portfolio expansion in the country and offer convenience for those who expect the best experience in photo, video, gaming and productivity."

Are you picking either up when they're released?

Source: Show Me Tech; thanks, Leoberto, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Brazilian.... Better late than never, think the masses would prefer icons size not these behemoths.
  • We would also prefer more colors - it is always black or white.
  • Maybe, it is a little expensive, but still cheaper than the iphones... Still waiting on a gadget with the 1520 specs but with 5" instead!
  • Do you mean "Lumia Icon"?
  • Lumia Icon is the answer. But they should make it available globally !
  • So is it true that India closed the local Nokia factory and this stops the aquisition from M$?
  • No, they haven't yet.
  • Anyone know which (RM-) model numbers these are?
  • $1000, Yes, we Brazilians have shame of these prices.
  • I hate Nokia Brazil!!!! They think Brazilian guys hate colors!
    The Lumias always have been released here months after global releases!! And we are always the last to receive de updates. Look at the Availability Page...
  • colours are scarce everywhere.
  • Wow not cheap. Glad you guys got em
  • Welcome to Latin America
  • C'mon Nokia, WP is already the second OS here, show us some love! I know the homologation process here is slow (i worked for another OEM in regulatory affairs), but even Samsung launch its models here in the same month, or even the same week!
  • Nokia retards their releases in here to try to get the Lumias in a not soooooo monstrous and expensive prices. Imagine if they launch in the same month...
  • Well, it's not working. 1520 is about the same price of Note 3 and more expensive than G2 and Nexus 5. 1320 is more expensive than Galaxy Mega and G Pro Lite.
  • Even ahead of other countries
  • I already have mine 1520 here, bought for around 1400 reais in US.... It is around 250 dollars more expensive here in Brazil for a 1520....
    Anyway it is a great device, next time,next device I will buy here in I can have warranty
  • What a piece of shit launch. Not only do they bring this like 5 months late to this market; but price it such that only a monumental idiot would pay that much. Wasn't Brazil suppose to be a supposed big market for WP? Well good luck maintaining that with this.
  • I live in Brazil and I got my 1520 in Miami, for 625 usd. This is equivalent to 1,500 brazilian reais, price of 2,399 in Brazil is absurd, due to taxes.
  • 1000$? What? What an expensive price! In my country, 1520 only priced at $749.
  • Come on Rogers. I want a red 1520.
  • But not announcements in Canada. Why am I not surprised
  • They better announce something soon. I've been with WP since the original Focus, converted my gf last year, but I've been dying for an upgrade with nothing beside the 1020 to choose from. If they don't give me the Icon or the 1520 with 8.1, I'm off to Android. If they don't care about the plateform, why should I?
  • Well to be fair, it's not entirely Nokia's fault. It's mostly the carriers that are responsible for picking up a new phone. Blame Rogers, bell and telus for not wanting to pick up new phones
  • Finally! Can't wait to grab the 1520. Wish the yellow came to Brazil, though...
  • Rich, What particular model of Lumia 1320 for Brazil?
    Is it RM-994, RM-995 or RM-996? I am thinking to buy Lumia 1320 on ebay and use it on T-Mobile carrier in US.
    So I need to make sure that it will work at least on HSPA/HSPA+.