Nokia Lumia 630 headed to Norway on May 15

Nokia's new Windows Phone 8.1 toting Lumia 630 will be headed to another European country on May 15. According to the folks at Itavisen, Nokia's local team has sent out a press release dating the launch of the phone in Norway with a price of 1295 Krone. This puts it around the £130/€150 price we've seen elsewhere in Europe.

The Lumia 630 offers a lot of phone for the price, not least being one of the very first devices on the market with the newest version of Windows Phone. We've got a Lumia 630 in house right now, so while we're working up our full review be sure to check out our initial unboxing.

Source: Itavisen Thanks Morten for the tip!

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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