Nokia Lumia 800 goes "Cuckoo" for BBC

It looks like Nokia got a new talent agent because it has once again seen one of its phones get a walk-on role on a TV show. This time around, it's the cyan Lumia 800 in the BBC series Cuckoo, starring Saturday Night Live alum, Andy Samberg. Not only was it featured on the show, but it also looks to have gotten it's very own close-up.

We also just saw what looks to be a dressed-up  Lumia 900 appear on ABC comedy The Neighbors. But it's not just the small screen. A Lumia 710 (?) is shown in the trailer for a movie called The Canyons, due out in 2013, as well as a strange, drab-green Lumia 800 in sneak peek of the upcoming Hugh Jackman move The Wolverine. Not to mention that actress Jessica Alba was spotted toting a Lumia 900 recently in real life.

Nokia's sure got the full court press going on in the advertising department. With the new batch of Windows Phone 8 Lumias due out soon, we expect the trend to continue.

Thanks for the tip and pics, Robrecht!

Seth Brodeur