Nokia Lumia 900 update being pushed out for Rogers

We just received a tip that Rogers Canada is pushing out the Nokia Lumia 900 update. The update is designed to address the loss of data connectivity that was a thorn in the side of many Lumia 900 owners.

We aren't sure how wide spread the availability of the update is but you should get a notification on your Lumia 900 informing you the update is available. Otherwise you can check by connecting your Lumia 900 to your Zune desktop app.

In addition, as a gesture of goodwill, if you purchased your Lumia 900 on or before April 21st, Nokia will credit your Rogers wireless bill $100. (opens in new tab)

Feel free to let us know in the comments if you're seeing the update, how the update process goes and most importantly if you see any difference in performance.

Thanks, Aaron, for the tip!

George Ponder

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  • A little late isn't it?  In the U.S. we got it that same week the phone was delivered to our doors (I preordered).  I never did experience any problems, but hey, an update is good.
  • The worst part about the update being so late on Rogers is that Rogers's return policy is only 15 days or 30 minutes of talk time (whichever ends first). Anyone who purchased the 900 when it first released basically spent their entire return period with a non-functional phone. Limited stock made exchanges unfeasible.
    I'd like to see more transparency regarding who held up this update for so long and why it took so long to get into customers' hands.
  • "with a non-functional phone"
    Exagerate much?
  • What exactly am I exagerating?
    My dad had no data for 2 weeks on his Lumia 900. He couldn't get any emails, use any apps, etc to see if the app capabilities of the phone meet his needs (Rogers still charges for the data despite it being unusable BTW).
    Not being able to be sure about the data capabilities, he couldn't use more than 30 minutes of talk time on the phone for those 2 weeks despite having (and paying for) a 3000+ minute plan because then it would be non-returnable.
    How are you supposed to assess a smartphone when you cannot use any data or talk features of the phone?
    This could have easily been solved if Rogers was willing to extend the return period for another 2 weeks or something given the nature of the issue. The fact is that Rogers bungled this badly (yet again).
  • Sometimes throwing a brick through the window is the only reasonable course of action.
  • It's not that serious
  • Not being able to use a data plan you're being charged for and then not being given a chance to decide if you like or dislike the platform because you can't use it for the entirety of the return period is pretty serious.
  • well its fixed now, so shut the hell up! blame rogers not nokia or MS
  • I guess reading comprehension is not one of your strengths. Not once did I blame (or even mention) Nokia or Microsoft. I did blame Rogers so to tell me to "blame rogers" is redundant.
    The fact that's "its [sic] fixed now" does nothing for those that were unable to give the phone a fair shot during the return period.
    You are not obligated to agree with my opinion but you have no right to tell anyone that they cannot express their topical opinion or experience on a public comments section on a blog.
    Your comments have added nothing of value to the conversation. Do you even have a Nokia Lumia 900? Are you even a Rogers customer? Did you experience little or no data for the last 2 weeks? If the answer to any of the above is "no" then you are not qualified to tell anyone to shut the hell up.
  • Dude don't be a prick. What if now that his dad can actually use the phone it doesn't meet his needs? He's stuck with a phone that doesn't meet his needs for a good-ole Canadian 3 year term.
  • As a Rogers customer, I've had nothing but good experiences so far with them. They've pushed updates for WP whenever they become available without any excess delay. Mango arrived within the first week for me, as has every previous update. My only gripe is that apparently Samsung has not provided an update for the Focus to enable tethering, and although they said via twitter that "tethering is in our plans" so far it has not materialized. I would be looking at a Lumia 900 if they had a better camera. I'm in a "wait & see" holding pattern for now.
  • Rogers has been pretty good about the Samsung Focus with timely updates. My only (minor) issue was that my incoming SMS timestamps were always one hour off but they finally fixed that a couple months ago, so that's that.
    I believe that Samsung did make a tethering update for the Focus but Rogers never opted to add it to their network (or maybe Samsung didn't make a Rogers-specific version of the update).
    I'm sticking with my Focus until I hear more about WP8.
  • The response I got from @RogersHelp on Twitter wad that Samsung had not given them the update, but it was in their plans. I call bullshit, but whatever. The Canadian thing to do is whine about it, but then just go on as if nothing will ever change =/
  • I don't expect to see a tethering update but I do hope we get the Tango improvements. Beyond that, I'm not expecting too much but nothing's really known past Tango anyway.
  • Interesting that this came to us as basically a firmware upgrade (O/S number didn't change), whereas the AT&T version had the O/S go from 8107 to 8112.  Not a huge jump, but I wonder what MS had to change in the O/S to accomodate AT&T?  It would be interesting to find out what's in 8112 that's not in 8107...
    (Sorry, I didn't notice if AT&T patch included a firmware update as well).
  • Update complete... still 8107???  I did see a notice that Rogers had corrected the SMS time stamps. (Actually my wife also received the update on her 3gs) Anyway, funny its only a week late. :)
  • Rogers actually sent out a sms this morning saying the timestamp issue on the 900 was now fix.
  • I was not as impacted by the connectivity issue as many others apparently were but I was happy to (finally) see the update and it was an uneventful installation. I must say that I was at least as happy, if not more so, to see that the incoming SMS timestamp issue has also been resolved.
  • Not directly related but I had a good experience with Rogers when I asked about the Lumia 900 and the employee did not tried to push me away from it in fact he told me he used not to be ''for'' WP but that the Nokia build quality and that he was getting more warm to the OS.
    As for the focus timestamp everyone talks about with the Focus and Rogers anyone has an idea how to solve it with a Unlocked Focus on another network(timestamp is like 5 minutes late)
  • I'm on the other side of the boat. When i asked about the Lumia 900, they didn't know they had it. Then, the man kept asking me "why windows?" as i took a look at their dummy sample phone. Plus, he said mentioned the poor sales of the Samsung focus about 3 times in our 10 minute talk. It was ridiculous. After i showed him i had a Samsung focus, his tune changed saying "oh well in the end it comes down to user preference right?" it was pathetic
  • As far as the focus goes i just ended up installing a custom rom which came with full inlock and internet sharing enabled, I really wish though that Rogers would have enabled the internet sharing on the 900 by default, its a feature of the phone, not their network thus should be included with the purchase or contract with the 900.