Nokia Lumia 920 gets spied in the wild

Caught on camera

You know its "silly season" around these parts when we start to post spy pics of phones. Such is the case this afternoon as our sleuthing reader Peter V., sent us this photo of an apparent Lumia 920 taken this morning.

Now, the location won't be a shocker: Bellevue, Washington (specifically at Tulleys in Hyatt Regency). That means of course we're probably looking at someone with Microsoft who's dogfooding the OS and giving things a test run. Or maybe they're someone with a carrier who's in town to visit big ol' MS.  Who knows, we just know it's not us.

Either way  the 920 is coming within 3-6 weeks (by most estimates) and we're okay with building a little excitement for this phone and other Windows Phone 8 devices.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Should have asked him for a test run!
  • Keep the pics coming! Definitely making anticipation. At least he didn't forget the phone at that place like that great employee from apple that had left the iPhone 4 at a bar before it was released.
  • Awesome!!! Which means there's tons ready to ship already! Yay , it'll be worth the wait
  • Looks like this was taken with a 900. noting the yellowish haze. Can't wait to move to the 920!!
  • Lol
  • Sounds like a perfect morning: Drinking a Tully's Mocha and reading the morning news on the "retina display" Lumia 920. :-)
  • The "Retina" moniker is an insult to the 920. Lower rez AND lower pixel density.
  • Dammit, I'm starting to think everyone has a Lumia 920, but me! It's called paranoia I think :)
  • For a phone coming in 3-6 weeks, it would be nice to see Nokia release some info on U.S. carrier availability. I'm personally finding it to be hard to believe that these details have not been worked out at this late stage. HTC has certainly set the bar for widespread availability with their new phones. It would be very disappointing if Nokia were unable to get the 920 to T-Mobile, and only dropped their 820 over there. That would equate with a lot of lost sales for a struggling company. Between the 920 and 8X, Nokia wins. The 820 on the other hand is far from a clear cut winner against the other phones out there which will likely be equivalent in the pricing category. Come on Nokia, what's the hold up?!
  • If T-Mob doesn't want 920 , they can't exactly shove it up their throat.
  • You're absolutely correct. Still, that doesn't explain why Nokia doesn't announce where it IS going to wind up. I may be naive on these matters, but it really is hard to accept that Nokia doesn't know where the phone is going. Just to put this in perspective, HTC managed to get this info out within hours of their event.
  • Stop bitching about Nokia saying were it will land. Start bitching about you carrier for not announcing whether or not they will carry it.
  • It's not a matter of if tmobile wants it it's a matter of contracts if at&t has an exclusive deal with Nokia & if they have it locked only to them for so many month or years tmobile will have to wait.
  • +1 lol "shove it up their throat."
  • When will you guys learn, it up to the Carrier as to which device the want to stock. They may be offered both, but they choose which ones they stock
  • ^ bingo.
  • I'm not sure why you think I am suggesting it is up to Nokia as to where the phone goes. What I said was that it would be disappointing if Nokia were "unable" to get their phone to tmo, which infers that it is up to tmo, not Nokia. They are a company that is struggling mightily, and as they are currently making arguably the best Windows Phones out there, I'd like to see them succeed as a viable consumer option. And yeah, on the selfish side, I would like to see them on tmo.
  • Yes they might, but they might also not be offered both. I guarantee that if TMO was offered the Lumia 900, they would have taken it and its no different with the 920.
  • Who's jealous? ^^^ THIS GUY!!!
  • Dan, whats the latest whisper you've heard on the October 21st date, still holding its rumour ranking?
  • We did have a follow up source who shared a similar story, so that leant credibility. The AT&T training dates we reported (9/30 and 10/16) are 100% accurate too, which spaces it nicely before 10/21. Other than that though, we haven't had anything contra-indicate a different date though no slam dunk confirmation either.
  • I thought it was thinner than the 900?
  • Or maybe its just the angle that it was taken?
  • pretty sure it is....1mm thinner if I remember correctly
  • They showed a video of the black 920 next to the white one and the white one looked HUGE and the black one looked the right size, thinner than the 900 and 800.
    So I guess in this case, we are better off picking the darker slimming colors rather than the whiter colors that make people and phones look fat.
    Nokia really should have avoided that smile design and went for something thinner looking. I have a feeling that most of their mainstream consumer sales are gone because of how big it looks.
  • That yellow... Could it be SPRINT yellow? Sorry... I can dream can't I? jejeje
  • Whoa whoa whoa
  • That phone looks HUGE. Dude must have petite hands.
  • That's the 820 he is holding btw... Yellow back cover
  • Why didn't Peter V ask the guy if it is what we think it is? No harm trying to start a conversation!
  • Lol true .
  • I'm going to go crazy with the all the Lumia 920 camera benchmarks and other things. I JUST WANT THIS PHONE IN MY HAND DAMNIT
  • I dunno. From that angle that phone looks alot like the 820 with a yellow shell. Anyway, I love that colour but it looks funny under some lighting conditions like here where it's kind of washed out. The same thing has happened in a few hands-on video reviews I've seen. I guess I won't really know until I've had some hands-on time with one myself :)
  • With regard to everyone mentioning the size of the Lumia's, that's Paul Thurrott's biggest complaint too. I wonder what the retail perception of the phone will be when someone compares it to others in the store. (And yeah, just killing time speculating until release date...)
  • How big is the GS3? It has a 5" display doesn't it?
  • 4.8 but who's counting, it is also paper thin. The 920 is much thicker, not that it bothers me.
  • The GS3 is so light and thin that it feels like a cheap plastic toy. And it's fugly too.
  • They should do a fricken tv commercial before it arrives. Show what new features can do on tv. I bet you they will for sure get millions of orders
  • I like em thick and juicy