The Russian mobile phone website has published a fairly long video of the Lumia 920 in action. This follows the video published comparing the video image-stabilisation on both the Lumia 920 and Samsung Galaxy S3.

While we can't tell what's being said throughout, we are aware of the team being located in a "secret Nokia bunker" - this was of course a humorous jab at Microsoft for how reserved they're being of Windows Phone 8. 

Lumia 920

With both the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 in possession, the Russian team compare the flagship Nokia Windows Phone against the Samsung Galaxy S3. Viewers are walked through the design of both Lumias, and are subsequently taken through the following Lumia 920 comparisons (what both our tipster and ourselves can make out):

  • Screen quality against Samsung Galaxy S3.
  • Touch screen responsiveness compared (as well as demonstration of usage with a key where the super sensitive PureMotion HD+ display on the Lumia 920 wins) against the Galaxy S3, Sony Xperia and iPhone 4S.
  • OIS demonstration with more closely synchronised comparison against the Galaxy S3 (920 is a second or two ahead).
  • Camera compared against the Galaxy S3, iPhone 4S and two Sony Xperias.
  • Demonstration of available wireless charging kits (including distance required to charge - doesn't fully need to be connected to base).
  • Making use of NFC and wireless charging with JBL speakers
  • Quick look at the Lumia 820 and detachable covers

The quick review of both Nokia Windows Phones clearly illustrates how far Nokia has come in the almost-two years it has supported the platform. One can also see how the Lumia 800 has evolved as the OS has matured, with the Lumia 900 boasting improved specifications and now the Lumia 920 that sports even more advanced hardware and built-in functionality.

The Lumia 920 is expected to be available later this year, though pricing is still speculative at this point.

Source: YouTube; thanks, chuey101, for the heads up!