Nokia Lumia 920 takes away 12 media awards in 2012

2012 has been an important year for Nokia and Microsoft. Windows Phone 8 was released with new hardware from Samsung, HTC and of course Nokia. The Lumia 920, 8X and ATIV S are three flagship Windows Phones that represent the best from each company regarding design, specifications and the overall experience. But just how well has the Lumia 920 been received by the media?

We understand the handset has been popular with consumers, particularly with all the 'sold out' and lack of stock coverage we published on-site late last year. Not only were carriers experiencing issues with maintaining stock levels to meet demand, but retailers themselves were too hit with unexpected levels of interest from consumers. It's still uncertain whether this was due to sheer levels of demand, or simply Nokia not being able to produce enough.

So that's consumers retailers an carriers out the way, what about the media? According to a blog post over at Nokia, the Lumia 920 has taken away 12 awards in the year of 2012. So who thought the device was worthy of an award and / or recognition?

  • - Top Smartphone
  • Gizmodo Australia - Best Mobile Phone of 2012, Readers Choice Award
  • International Forum Design, Germany - iF Award for Outstanding Design
  • Mobile Magazine, Denmark - Mobil Award for Best Smartphone Design
  • The Next Web - Best Smartphones of 2012
  • Mobil, Sweden - Top Score Award
  • CNET - The Best High End Smartphones
  • Arstechnic - Best Productivity Phone, Best Camera Phone, Best Mapping Phone
  • Mashable - Top 25 Tech of 2012
  • Mybroadband, South Africa - Top Smartphone of the Year
  • BGR - Best AT&T Smartphone

The previous generation of Lumia Windows Phones were also awarded titles, including a number from CES 2012 and IDEA Design awards. The polycarbonate design is attractive and has turned many heads indeed. The advanced features and functionality present on the Lumia 920 will further increase the appeal of such hardware to consumers, which can only be good for Windows Phone.

Bring on 2013.

Source: Nokia, via: WMPU

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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