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The Lumia 925 – Hands on with Nokia's new flagship in video and photos

We’re still here in London, playing around with the recently announced Nokia Lumia 925. We’re talking to Nokia about the device and learning all sorts of bits of information, which we’ll share later today. For now, you can feast your eyes on our hands on video and some high quality shots.

For those of you who dismissing this as just another 920, we’d suggest you reconsider. The phone feels like a Lumia 720 (which we love) but it has the 920 guts inside, making it a very compelling device for those who want a thinner, lighter phone. It’s not an iteration of the 920, but “another expression” of it.

Do you like the 925? Tell why or why not in comments and we’ll toss up a poll too in another post to measure your reaction!

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Take my money...
  • Same here lol
  • Ill rephrase that for you "shut up and take my money" ha
  • +1!
  • This is a gorgeous device and I would change my L920 with it anyday. BTW, L928 for Verizon to me is very ugly...I'm sure some people will like but something tells me that it would not be the majority!
  • htc does way better design just look at the one and the htc 8x, this device have much better design quality then nokia 925
  • nobody is asking your oppinion or to buy it. there are pple who are happy with Nokia design and support that they will buy it.
  • Hahaha fail noob HTC one looks like z10 yes way better design lol noobie please go away and ur cool HTC one is 9.3 thick so Nokia eats u all the way
  • Add that charging cover to the Nokia and it grows quite a bit thicker.  They take out a feature to make it thinner... only to allow you to bring it back by adding bulk.  I wonder by how much that cover changes the specs.
    More to the point... I would love to see some colorful anodized aluminum from Nokia.  They took plastic and made it look premium.  Now they should take aluminum and make it look more warm and fun.
  • It's difficult to add paint to aluminium and not have it come off quickly because of scratches. With polycarbonate plastic, ABS etc. you can dye the plastic so the whole thing is the same colour all the way though, so if you scratch it, then at least it's the same colour underneath. Wil aluminium however you can only apply a surface layer of paint. If you look at some of the HTC android phones from a year or so ago (the HTC One S I think the paint was falling off very quickly. Even a hairline scratch will expose the bare aluminium and allow more paint to flake off.
  • Looks like someone is smoking the wrong end otheir cigarette or just blind. Nokia had a lawsuit again HTC for their phone design looking like their lumia brand, so how u gonna come here talking that nonsense. Open your eyes man. Htc has good designs but not like Nokia.
  • And I thought I was going to be cool with my 928, damn I want this phone! 
  • Dude you tie yourself up in knots trying to get around saying "It is a 920 in lipstick". 
  • It's not though and I disagree. It's a solid device, really well executed. It's not a revolution but an impressive advancement of the 920.
  • An advancement with less storage? Right!
  • There are 32gb variants coming to some carriers and probably later for all.
  • That's the dumbest thing I've heard. For one, Vodafone is getting the 32GB version. Number two, not everyone values "more storage" over size and design. If you don't like it, that's fine, but don't act like this doesn't bring some new options to the table for those who turned down the 920 due to size and weight.
  • What's NEW here I'm genuinly curious to know.
  • The camera is better due to it having 6 lenses over 5 (better daylight performance).
  • This is obviously correct, because Nokia told him so #TheOISAdvertEffect
  • LOL if you say so.
  • What the hell is it with the hate here?
    I was in the verge comments reading all the people moaning and groaning about how this isn't a suitable 6 month refresh. I came here expecting different.
    Who the hell else does a six month refresh that they're comparing against? I think this is brilliant, it's like in console market, like when the Xbox 360 s/PS 3 slim updates were released. Just improving on a good thing, at least we're getting some lofty promises for the summer, and with today's excitement I'm really looking forward to it.
    And objectively, it's at the very least taking the Lumia in a whole new area of design, trying out new things. Which is a lot more than I can say about the 12 month refreshes a lot of the competition makes.
    The amber update is awesome, nothing groundreaking, but lots of nifty stuff. Jumping straight into a lens when turning on the camera application, that's going to be huge! You can completely replace the default camera on the phone, which would be an insanely bold move. Even if it was customization as the result of Nokia's preferred status, this is still cool, no reason other OEMs couldn't get it.
    A WP flagship on Verizon, and a WP flagship on tmobile, how can anyone downplay this? The fans on big red and tmo should be ecstatic. And they seem to be tightening up the dead time from announcement to release.
    Honestly, they packed a lot of announcements in to that one event, I don't get how this is being downplayed.
    And all the software goodness comes to the rest of the Lumia devices, I wouldn't expect less, but nice to get a confirmation.
  • "Jumping straight into a lens when turning on the camera application, that's going to be huge!"
    Wah?!?!? THIS IS HUGE!!!!!!! I always found he lenses nice but cumbersome as you needed to access them separately making them more of a "let me show you what my phone can do" thing than something I would want to use on a daily basis. THANK YOU for pointing this out!!
  • That's the way with WP these days. Everything is something to complain about, and nothing is good enough. I'm sure there are some trolls here, but still too many bitch-ass crybabies.
  • Huh, I hadn't noticed. Just the other day I went to the comments regarding the article that announced the new Verizon phone and right out of the gate, first in line, front and center, was a post from a WHINEY ASSED BITCH! But that was an anomaly.
  • Well your first mistake was reading the verge for one. With games as large as they are on windows phone 8 I can see how some would be vocal about 16gb of storage. I use my device as a mp3 player and I like to download a lot of podcast commuting back and forth to work. I quickly outgrew my 16gb of storage and I am not even a gamer...
    Granted not everyone uses their phone like I do and they can be content with streaming apps like Nokia Music, Pandora, Slacker etc.. It just comes down to your device use for me 16gb is too anemic for my purposes. I am not on T-mobile though and I will snag a 920 when my contract is up or when I see one for the right price. :P
  • Yet nobody at The Verge batted an eye when the Galaxy S3 mini appeared to cater to the demands of nobody at all; that should tell you everything that you needed to know about the userbase there.
  • Daniel, I agree with you man, these idiots are just trolling.
    920's weight and thickness was a deal breaker for me, not too sure about thos big bezels again on this device but on the plus side the screen is OLED which is a + for me.
  • The screen is OLED: good for always on clock and notifications.
  • Why are you mad? He is just stating his opinion just like you do too. No need to call dumbs 
    > Vodafone is getting the 32GB version
    That's great because everyone in the world uses Vodafone
  • I'll call people's opinions dumb if they're not well justified, especially since it's judging a device by one, single metric and ignoring other things. You don't get to go around in life saying anything you want without reproach just because it's your "opinion". That's the second dumbest thing I've heard ;)
  • Excuse me sir, but you are an arrogant idiot.
  • And you're a pompous prick ;)
  • I'm sorry if I hurt your boyfriend's feelings.
  • Can we stop this, this isn't Engadget.
  • Damn it! Not Engadget? Third time this week ):
  • No worries, Steves. I'll let it slide this time ;)
  • nope, he's right. buzz off troll.  trolls' opinions don't matter.
  • Your statement is a non-sequitur. Not only did Daniel's comment make perfect sense but it also showed me that he was raised by parents, or parent, that instilled a moral compass in that for every action, there are consequences. Arrogance, IMO, is most often displayed by people with high intelligence but no empathy for the people whom such a person would consider inferior. Daniel is, without a doubt, a very smart man yet I've never seen him belittle anyone and idiots don't typically head up an organization such as WPCentral. No, idiots usually make comments such as yours. As for me? I'm an idiot which makes me infinitely qualified to call a spade a spade. Carry on Daniel. Excelsior.
  • Believe me when I say, that I don't take those words lightly. But I stand behind them. And it was not based on that single reply from Daniel, but rather his long time attitude in the comments towards people that don't agree with him. The fact that I am not the only person that takes offense at that is proof enough that there really is an issue with his behavior. And everybody who reads these comments knows this by now (unless they are blind with the fanboy love, as it happens here, rather frequently, might I say).
  • I surrender. You have irrefutable proof. You also used the "Fanboy" insult, no, "Fanboy LOVE" insult.
    StevesBalls, StevesBalls. Hmmmmm, that says... 15?
  • I agree with Mr. Rubino and people are too sensitive when it comes to our opinions. I like the size and design of the device I dont like the fact its called a 925 i think 825 or 875 is a little closer to home seeing how only Voda will a 32G Im on T-Mo so maybe i can buy a unlocked INT version & I dont like the redesigned camera Im a more flush kinda guy.
    Seriously get over yourselves guys & girls and yes some of the post people make are dumb & uneducated remarks. half the time people post without even reading the articles.
    I would have like to see the 928 & 925 with expandable storage to increase its value even more.(for us storage hungry)
  • I'm just like Matt Damon from Good Will Hunting, I just solve chalk board mathematical equations when no one is looking...
  • I think the primary reason that it cannot be part of the 820 series of phones is because of the display.  The 768P displays are in the 920 series.
    Another thing is that T-Mobile has unlimited data.  Sure they will scale down your speed at some point, but Skydrive storage is a more feasible option.  And we must remember that Lumia Storage Check deals with the terrible "Other" storage bug while GDR2 will likely take care of it permanently in the OS.  I've got a lot of apps and games installed on my phone and am using under 4GB of storage on my 822's phone storage of 16GB.  Granted, I do have microSD, but even with the music I'ev stored locally there, I'd still be under 16GB total if not for the "Other" issue.  I clear out my photos every so often because the phone backs them up to Skydrive when I'm on wifi.
    Regardless, the 925 and 928 are both very nice evolutions on the 920 design.  I'd prefer the 928 due to the Xenon flash (and I'm on Verizon anyways, so what can you do?).   
  • This guy gets it. ^
  • well it has a pureview camera and a 720p screen. can't be an 8xx phone.
  • Look I'm pretty good with this, For us who are on T-MO US this is awesome. I'm really liking the design of this device it's different from what we have seen with the Nokia Lumia line to date. More so I'm keen to know a lot more on the camera in this device. I'll be in a T-MO store on day one for this guy.
  • I doubt he's "mad" just a little frustrating when you write an article for only people to bash the product you flew halfway across the world to appreciate.
  • He's probably in a pub having a drink and laughing at the comments!
    Back on the phone, great for non 920 users.  Don't like it?  Wait for the next big thing.
  • I agree with FavBrowser even though Blocks9 is probably a troll. Mr. Rubino looked too deep into the comment without knowing what it means. He is stating how ironic it is that everything else is better but the storage capacity isn't. iT IS EXTEMELY FUSTRATING FOR T-MOBILE USERS TO NOT EVEN HAVE THE OPTION FOR THE 32 gigs. In nowhere in his post does Blocks9 discount any other feature. So Rubino's rebuttle that blocks9 doesn't think this introduces new features is redundant. 
  • Extra storage does NOT mean extra size and wright; the physical difference between a 16, 32 and 64GB chip is negligible, and if you really believe otherwise, perhaps you should re-evaluate your knowledge of the industry...
  • No, perhaps YOU need to have a proper read and think about what he said, let's try to spell it out
    1) To most technical people (Who are probably less than 1% of the market), more storage option might be more appealing compared to a slimmer design with a metal casing.
    2) Most other non-technical people will go for a slimmer form factor any day, i've never heard my girlfriend complain about the12GB non expandable memory on her phone, she always moans about why my 920 is so heavy though when she has to borrow my phone when we are out and about and her crappy Android HTC can never get a decent reception for viewing maps.
    There has to be a trade-off, slimmer components, aluminium casing, better screen will increase the cost per unit production for the phone, hence it looks like size of memory has taken a hit here. I still prefer my 920 as I’d rather not do without wireless charging, but’s that’s just because it a form factor that appeals to me.
  • Your girlfriend is not the whole world. I know a lot of tech illiterate people who value memory capacity as much as the design of a phone;. Not having 32 gigs is a con. I just don't get why vodafone get the 32 gig model and not t-mobile. It has to be something with the carriers. It wouldn't make sense for Nokia to cause this because the increase cost and weight for more gigs is negligble. It is fustrating for t-mobile users. 
  • Some carriers will offer the 32GB variant, not all! I understand you are the editor of this site, but you are completely unable to criticise anything Nokia does. Cant believe you flew all the way to England for this event. It most certainly is a poor mans "flagship". And based on the majority of the comments on this website, most people feel completely underwhelmed. But not you, of course not!
  • That's why he cant bear the fact the announcement was pathetic... He's wasted a perfectly good few days, to come to England, where it has been raining for the past week, to spend a few hours being told "this phone is the phone that will turn Nokia around"...
  • +1
    completely underwhelmed and disappointed, the only thing i like is the build material
  • LMAO
  • I'm sure being in London, going to a nice event where you probably get free stuff and the fact that he can drink with his buddy Rich is really a "waste of time" smh...
    Great read, Daniel, in spite of dummies.
  • Ok well before u hate on the man that's givin us knowledge on everything WP u should realize T-Mobile only has the low end phones and now the T-Mobile users get more choice doesn't that seem good u kno this isn't the last phone Nokia is making its a really nice phone
  • Gosh. This is what most people expected, a re-worked 920. Thinner, lighter, improved camera, and lower storage options to bring down the base price. It's what Nokia need to boost sales until 8.1 Blue comes out and they can release EOS and Grand with new form factors. Sure it's underwhelming, but it's not surprising and there's no need for name calling just cos you hoped for more. Nokia will deliver, just wait til the Autumn (or Fall if you prefer).
  • Increasing the storage capacity shouldn't increase the base price. Those gigs aren't that expensive. Do your research.
  • It does bring a new option...slimmer, sleeker aluminium body which trades off certain features. It will attract all of those who thought the 920 was too thick. However, this design should have come a good few months ago, not close to the time when the next generation flagship is due. The specs seem a little old especially when you consider SG4 and HTC One, which have already been launched. I really do hope there will be an improved flagship coming in fall this year.
  • They do, but, compare these specs to the iPhone 5 and it's not all bad.
  • I can't fully agree with you there.. First of we have to take into consideration the fact that both Nokia and Microsoft desperately need and want to expand their market share. Nokia needs to be selling more phones and Microsoft needs to get Windows Phone more attractive in the market. It does not really matter if you are a fan of the Windows Phone operating system or not, in order to grab more market share, in order to gain users from Android and iOS they need to become more relevant in the market. Gaining more focus from third-party developers and manufactures, if not they will fell short for many users years to come as there is still a huge lack of popular third-party applications that people demand to have on their phone these days. The same goes for new applications; you barely see any of the new hits, if it is a game or some kind of other application heading for Windows Phone first. Normally you will see it on iOS and Android, or perhaps iOS first, then two weeks later on Android with a Windows Phone version yet to be announced. This is simply not good enough, you might argue that third party applications is not that important, but to most people (and really those are the people Microsoft and Nokia needs to win over) think otherwise. With the knowledge of most of their applications, which they have been using for the past years on their Android or iOS device will not be available on Windows Phone, they simply chooses other alternatives no matter how attractive and interesting the system might be. In short, both Nokia and Microsoft are the underdogs in the market as of now. As an underdog, as some whom really want to get their platform to expand and grab market share from already existing platforms, what do you do? You most certainly do not release a device that got the exact same hardware (besides the body and the extra lenses on the camera and lack of wireless charging built in) as the one you released half a year ago. Not to mention that the Lumia 920 when it came already had insufficient hardware compared to the other, similar priced alternatives like the Samsung Galaxy SIII, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, HTC OneX+ and iPhone 5. Compared to the iPhone 5, we have a CPU that is scoring slightly below in every know benchmark to date and we have a GPU that is not even close to the performance of the PowerVX within iPhone 5 and compared to Galaxy SIII and Galaxy Note 2 is mostly the same things there. Today we even got the HTC One and Galaxy S4 to take into consideration, which blast the Lumia 925 out of water in terms of both CPU and GPU and we will even have the iPhone 5S / iPhone 6 before the Lumia 925 hit most countries. I am not stating that raw hardware is everything in world. It most certainly is, which both the iOS and Windows Phone platform has proven compared to Android as inferior hardware still tends to beat Android performance due to much better software optimisation on iOS and Windows Phone. However, that does not change the fact that we have a middle+ specified device sold at a same price range as a fully fledge device. Taking the raw hardware into consideration the Lumia 920 and Lumia 925 should have quite a lower price point compared to other premium models out there, but they do not. In addition, when it even runs an operating system begging for higher market share it does not make much sense to me.
  • If I summed your post up in two words it would be, tech geek. That's not a bad thing at all. It's just day in and day out, I see more people to who your post would be irrelevant and or technobabble. I hardly ever mention anything about gigabytes, dual core, quad core, octacore, gigahertz, RAM, and so on. Why? Because most don't know and don't care. They don't buy phones for that reason. It's like cars. There are a few people who buy cars because of horsepower and this tech or that tech. Most people buy cars based on aesthetics, safety features and... price. People buy phones for much of the same reasons. Do you know how many times I've heard people say I don't want the Windows Phone because it only has a dual core processor, or it only has 8 or 16gb of storage space or it only has 1 gig of RAM? Maybe once. I'll even give you twice.
    So, what may be relevant to a bunch of geeks on a mobile phone forum, is not necessarily relevant to most people purchasing the phone. You and I are in a very small minority, my friend. But, I'll probably grab the 925 myself. I even thought about getting a 521.
  • I swear I've read this same post before. I think it was around 3 years ago back when Windows phone 7 hit the stores.
  • So I gather that you don't quite understand that (in the US)  this is simply T-mobiles vers