Nokia MixRadio gains new features, including better mix support in latest update

MixRadio from Nokia today has received a nice little update to version, and it’s clear you folks are enjoying it due to the number of tips we’ve received. Maybe that’s just because Xbox Music is faltering on steady improvements, while the MixRadio team is lapping them.

While today’s update, up from last month’s, is only a slight revision number, the new features are squarely focused on mix support, including offline and automatic refreshes. Let’s take a look at what’s new.

Nokia MixRadio

  • Automatic refresh of offline mixes. Offline mixes will try to refresh after 20 days when the app is open and connected to WiFi.
  • Search for mixes.
  • Mixes will now be recommended to you, based on your unique music profile.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

We've also heard it should work better with those on the 8.1 Preview.

As you can see, the MixRadio team is working hard on, well, mixes. Makes sense. In fact, it looks to be evolving into a Songza-esque type service where you can find mixes and have ones brought to your attention based on your likes and previous selections. We’re not sure if MixRadio will ever rival Songza’s quirky personality (have you tried their Mad Men themed ones? Try ‘Don Stares into his drink’), but we sure would love to see them try.

The auto refresh after 20 days melds nicely with last month’s update, which displayed ‘time remaining before expiry’, though didn’t go the extra step in refreshing it before it was unplayable. Now that has been addressed.

MixRadio is certainly catching on, as we can see from our own feedback on the app and knowledge from users about it. Who can blame them? The last few months have seen a nice transformation in the app and service, resulting in a fresh and sharp looking music app.

If you have a Nokia Lumia, pick up the latest version of MixRadio here in the Store. And don't forget, you can ask for features and give feedback via their User Voice forum:

Thanks to the small army of MixRadio fans who tipped us!

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