Speaking of Nokia going on the offensive, a new highly stylized ad has been posted on their Germany YouTube page, daring people to think differently by switching to Lumia.

The ad, an offshoot of one from last year that targeted the iPhone 5, uses modern animation design to tell the tale of a boring life of sameness. Set in a school, the video shows students placing apples on a teacher’s desk, one after the other, in a dreary, repetitive motion. The sequence repeats numerous times but there is one child growing oranges, who finally gives one to the teacher. The teacher’s eyes light up and the children rejoice as ‘sameness’ is pushed to the side.

It’s a clever ad with beautiful animation and a likeable, familiar story. Seeing as Windows Phone and by extension Nokia are in a distant third in terms of market share, it’s clever to play on the underdog tale to consumers. A strong argument could be made that with iPhones being ubiquitous that a colorful Lumia is the solution to standing out from the crowd.

Watch the ad above as well as last years, which was obviously done by the same talented studio.

Source: Nokia Germany (YouTube)