Nokia’s new ad with stylized animation dares Apple users to #SwitchToLumia

Speaking of Nokia going on the offensive, a new highly stylized ad has been posted on their Germany YouTube page, daring people to think differently by switching to Lumia.

The ad, an offshoot of one from last year that targeted the iPhone 5, uses modern animation design to tell the tale of a boring life of sameness. Set in a school, the video shows students placing apples on a teacher’s desk, one after the other, in a dreary, repetitive motion. The sequence repeats numerous times but there is one child growing oranges, who finally gives one to the teacher. The teacher’s eyes light up and the children rejoice as ‘sameness’ is pushed to the side.

It’s a clever ad with beautiful animation and a likeable, familiar story. Seeing as Windows Phone and by extension Nokia are in a distant third in terms of market share, it’s clever to play on the underdog tale to consumers. A strong argument could be made that with iPhones being ubiquitous that a colorful Lumia is the solution to standing out from the crowd.

Watch the ad above as well as last years, which was obviously done by the same talented studio.

Source: Nokia Germany (YouTube)

Daniel Rubino

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  • Dear Nokia: bring this ad to the US on TV...
  • I'm in support of that notion. Wow not bad at all!
  • i agree!!!! +810 :D
  • I can't even describe how much I agree. +1020
  • Nokia doesn't air tv ads in the USA anymore. Microsoft ads are all I've been seeing.
  • What about iPhone 5c
  • This ad the AWWWESOME. Yes bring it to US.
  • #Switch for sure :)
    But haven't seen ONE ad for Lumia here in Norway the past six months... :(
  • I was in Oslo in August this year. I went to a store near the University to buy a local sim connection. Upon asking which phone was selling the best, the store manager said it was the S4 and the iphone. Although there was adequate shelf space allocated to the Lumia phones along with other brands, it seems the awareness was definitely missing. Hope it changes soon!
  • That stigma definately is every where, I went into the the john lewis store trying to look at the 2520. But it took me awhile to get to it as the ios guys and the dude pushing the samsung tab wouldn't let me play with it in peace. Until I stood and listened to what they had to say.. also the guy pushing ios tried to convince me that the rear camera on the ipad 2 was much better than the one on 2520!... I told him.. I'm not interested in taking pictures with a tablet and that the camera module in the 2520 is the same as the Lumia 720 which is a pretty decent camera. Next thing I know he gets his buddy to show me the galaxy tab, so I had to listen to what he had to say for another 20 minutes. I guess they have been dealing with too many uninformed customers to realise that some of us actually know what their talking about. i.e multitasking he was bragging how no other tablet could do that, when i said your saying none of the windows 8.1 tablets either rt or x86 can't do split screen snapping?. He went quiet lol.
  • In Brazil, though, they're showing the Recital ad all the freaking time, everywhere. Don't get me wrong, me luvs seeing that gorgeous yellow 1020 all over the place band it's been very effective. People when they see my 920 now they say: "Oh, is this the 40 mpx one?". A while ago was like: "wtf is that".
  • Definetely, create a Lumia revolution! ;)
  • This "seeing things differently" stuff is pretty cringe worthy.
  • So only we are Lumiains :D lolz
  • Bring the ad to the UK!
  • Also "illuminates" how the roles have reveresed since Apples own 1984/Think Different campaign....  
  • I luv my 920 (cryin)
  • Where are the samsung/apple like commercials because these nokia commercials suck!
  • I really enjoy the ad except for that weird font they're using for "dare to to be different" lol it took me a couple of seconds to read it
  • This is a really really good ad. Love my 920
  • +3100
  • Those ads are creepy.
  • Too long & creepy for my taste. Didn't like the original and I don't like this one... Sorry.
  • I love these ads!
  • Haha, clever nokia
  • Inspired by Pink Floyd - Another brick in the Wall ? Apple leave the kids alone ? :)
  • I don't know why, but I can't really appreciate these ads. It does NOTHING to make a spark when it comes to wanting the phone. I do appreciate the art style. Kudos but I think this is off the mark to pull in a bigger market. This is supposed to imply that we're different which can interpreted as out brand being GOOD, or WORSE. Are we different for NOT having tops apps, or are we different for having a UNIFIED experience with SkyDrive, Xbox, and Office? Idk just not my cup of tea, but A+ for effort. I think MS is doing fine with the new lineup of commercials, but they need more for WP. Most are just W8. The Katy Perry "Roar" set of commercials have attracted more people to the brand I think. A few of my friends and coworkers commented on it, and my Fiance who doesn't really know anything about Windows 8 told me to come and look at it, She said it was awesome too. We need more of THOSE commercials for Windows Phone.
  • +1
  • Yes, but these ads are directed to those who are buying Apples simply because everyone else does. Rather than trying to follow everyones footsteps, you should get what works for you best. Isn't that what it's trying to say?
  • I think that is the message that they're trying to get across but they should at least show reasons to switch other than a modern are ad and modern UI. Doesn't matter if your different if you have no real value.
  • +1
  • It's bloody boring. I don't understand these adds. So boring.
  • *ads
  • Hey, clever ad ;)
  • Loving it. And ad is so true. So many times I've tried to show the apple zombies how cool my Lumia is and after they would be yeah, it's all great but we will stick to Apple. And I would be like - give me a reason why? And they would be like, I don't know, coz it's apple. Or excuse - more apps.  Apple zombies!
  • True, herd instinct taking over. It's stupid to choose a device because others are using it or they're too lazy to try something else BUT what reason would you give for switching to the Lumia to convince them ? "It looks different" is a good argument but does that make it better ? I'm only curious and I like WP, unfortunately many users are already accustomed by now that their phone does a lot while Windows is behind with functionality.
  • I think they move kinda slow. Beautifully done, but slow. I don't like the fact that the teacher gets angry when the kid doesn't bring him anything either - People will find an issue with it. That whole first part of that story doesn't need to be there basically.
  • Not a fan. The font/ambience/general feel of the ad is creepy and it is way too long. Plus, kind of kills the argument when you can actually buy an iPhone that comes in a different color.
  • I know too many iPhone users that are hooked on facetime, iChat and airplay.  Unfortunatley, WP8 doesn't have acceptable offerings. I know someone that said goodby to someone on his death bed with facetime (yes, much like the apple commercial).  That wouldn't have been easy on skype and would have looked terrible too.
  • I loved the hidden meaning of that tree, as if investing in the future by growing it. Really clever!
  • +710
  • "Think Differently"?! Sounds so familiar....
  • Check the bit about Grammatical Correctness ... not only are Nokia changing it for copyright purposes, they're actually fixing the grammar ;-)
  • folks in my country just think of either iPhone or Galaxy!
  • This is a very long winded, laboured and patronising advert. The basic brief for this idea has not been elevated to create something truly original and memorable and as such it is embarrassing for Nokia to release a commercial like this. Not slick enough at all. Nokia, change your ad creatives asap.
  • I'm sure they will change them just for you.
  • Lumia 520>>>>iPhone 5
    love nokia <3 <3
  • I say make it an international ad!!!