Nokia officially reveals the Lumia 525, coming mid-December and starting at $200

It’s been rumored, but now it’s official. Nokia has just posted details and video on their latest handset – the Lumia 525 is now real. This appears to be the successor the Lumia 520, which has been wildly popular for the Windows Phone platform. We looked at some AdDuplex data earlier today that shows the Lumia 520 as the most popular Windows Phone device currently in use. Let’s see if Nokia can bottle lightning twice with the Lumia 525.

The Lumia 525 is a phone aimed squarely at emerging markets. It’s friendly on budgets and won’t win any spec wars, but that’s fine with us. Devices like the Lumia 525 are meant to move in large volumes and it looks like this one just might do that.

Here are some pertinent specs for the latest Windows Phone device:

  • 4-inch IPS LCD display (800 x 480) with super sensitive touch at 235 PPI
  • Dual-core 1GHz Snapdragon S4 processor
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 8GB of on board memory (supports expandable memory with MicroSD cards up to 64GB)
  • Changeable shells - yellow, white, orange, and black
  • 5 MP camera
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Wi-Fi WLAN IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
  • 1430 mAh battery with a standby time for 14 days
  • Data networks – WCDMA (900 MHz, 2100 MHz), GSM (850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 1900 MHz)
  • 119.9 mm x 64 mm x 9.9 mm
  • 124 grams

Nokia Lumia 525

This indeed does look like the successor to the Lumia 520, but the Lumia 525 is notable for having double the memory – 1GB of RAM. We’ll have more on the Lumia 525 as we get information. No word on pricing or availability yet. 

Is this a device you see as having appeal in terms of specs and design? We're digging the orange and yellow versions. 

Update: The Facebook page for Nokia Singapore has some information on pricing and availability. We're looking at a launch around December 14 and pricing starting at SGD 249 (about 198 USD). That's not bad pricing at all. (Thanks for the tip doppleblue and hengxiang32401)

Source: Nokia

Sam Sabri
  • I would get one if it came in cyan. Come to think of it I would take one of everything if it all came in cyan. why have they stopped putting out cyan?!
  • Xbox One in cyan?
  • I was talking about nokia's products in particular :) But now I can't stop thinking of a "dual shot," lime green xbox (it's cyan plus yellow).
  • Damn cool hope,so its available soon in indian markets will get one soon .. !!!
  • New model indicates update on the previous. Only RAM update should not be market as a new phone.
    Instead of taking 520 to a new level: improve display OR increase screen OR improve body (bezel/weight), OR add flash OR improve battery OR add front camera. Anything that's worth upgrading really.
    With this 2011 spec price MUST be lower not DOUBLE. Very disappointing, another missed opportunity.
    Can't wait MS to take over. WP badly need new ideas.
  • I would have prefered they went with a higher capacity battery.
  • Its already as low as it can be mate. They cant give you a phone that runs like that for $50
  • We should stop pretending that a phone with those specs is some kind of a killer product because "it works". WP is not a killer product right now and the bar is set a bit higher.
    There's no reason to pay additional $50-90 for a model with more RAM when compared to the cheaper Lumia 520 which is widely available. And since you can buy a mid range phone or a high end phone that came out last year for $250 (doesn't matter it wasn't produced last month if it's a lot better) this Lumia doesn't look like a great deal.
  • You can get a Lumia 920 for $180 xD
  • yes, in a few more iteration they should just sent one free to your doorstep and the next one straight to your hand.
  • I don't see anything special for them to double the price of the 520. Same screen, no FFC, and I think that's the biggest flaw. Consider the moto G. It is 4.5" high resolution FFC. 32 GB, the replaceable shells are awesome. Same price, or lower if you get the 16 GB. All the apps, quad core, kitkat, Google now, these two phones are going to emerging markets but also coming to the states and other 1st world countries. MotoG vs 525. I don't know, MotoG has more to give.
  • It will probably be cheaper stateside. The 520 with currency conversion was well over $200 ($230 - $270, I think) before release, but launched in the us as the 521 for $180.
  • Some corrections, the Moto G only comes in 8GB and 16GB models, being 180$ and 200$ respectively. However I too am disappointed with this 525. I understand Nokia kept the SD card whereas the Moto G does not have that expandable 64GB storage. BUT people buying these phones will be fine with 8Gb or 16GB internal storage. I think Nokia definitely missed some points. Not so much with the screen size because many people do not like phones over 4.3inches and 4inches is perfect, anywho that's subjective. They could have gone with a bigger battery, flash for the camera should of been a MUST, and include the FFC already. Quad core vs Dual core in a windows phone device.. that argument just isn't there yet. **btw I just came to the understanding that this is actually a VARIANT of the 520, the 525 will not come to the UK or US. So I can assume the actual next gen 530 will ship with WP 8.1 and perhaps include the FFC, bigger battery, and flash for the rear camera.
  • Agreed. I just expected more. But I don't think Nokia expected this from Google. I think that Motorola really three out a big curve ball here. They saw what Nokia was doing in emerging markets and wanted the whole pie. I think they are worried that Microsoft may take market share. But this is not the phone to do it with. Even Sam Sabri, when he wrote the article didn't seem that enthusiastic. Room eaten said the 525 would be more important than the 1520. And it will probably sell more but I'm at a loss for words. I personally wanted more. I wanted this phone for my kids.
  • I love my Lumia 520 and look forward to where WP8 is heading.  My main phone is a Nexus 5, and I use my 520 as "micro-tablet" and media device.  Android is my OS of choice and given the L525 and Moto G, I'd pick the Moto G (price being equal, but we shall see).  Other people want a FFC and camera flash.  I'm not sure if there will be a huge upgrade in performace between the 520 and 525.  One thing is that Glance may be supported with the higher RAM.  Otherwise, nothing else stands out to me.  It seems that the only upgrade from a hardware standpoint is that increased RAM.  
  • Agreed. They need something to compete against the Moto G
  • I honestly think this is why they didnt announce this device at Nokia world. It would seem like the 625 and 1320 will experience price drops to better compete with the G.
  • They blew it, 520 was their true flagship phone and 525 is the same device (with more RAM inside). Average consumer won't even notice the difference.
  • I assume you could just buy a cyan shell for the 520 and use it on a 525 as they don't seem to have changed the design.
    Interesting though how these new ones have glossy shells. I prefer to matte, porcelain-esque feel of my 520.
  • there with you on the matte :) I skipped the yellow 920 for that same reason even though I really really wanted a yellow nokia phone & I hope the 520/525 shells are interchangeable then!
  • a subjective observation, no offense -> I'd actualy prefer some "manlier" shade of blue - like the 8X for example. Maybe that's the reason, cyan doesn't appeal to neither women and the majority of men
  • I understand that angle, it's probably the reason Nokia dropped magenta for red; which by the way, on an objective level, is the most missed color of all: I chose the magenta N9. I am boycotting everything red Nokia makes in protest =p   PS the blue 8x is nice (I am actually quite fond of Nokia's brand shade of blue), but the 8x in yellow is the nicest of that set (yeah myphones are usually the brightest things in the room, I do like my neutrals though: white iphone 4s and lumia 800, black iphone 5 and lumia 925, gray 920).
  • darn it, I'm thinking about buying the grey shell for my 920 all the time - it's just so rare and too expensive because of that
  • Dude you know the 920 doesn't have interchangeable shells, unless you break it... but yeah, the grey 920 is the most expensive of the 920s (and with limited availability, when you do find one, it might not have the right frequency bands for your operator) & the 820 does have a grey shell but I've only ever seen one of those on ebay and for a very high price as well.
  • Of course I know, I've "broken" mine twice to fix the rattling battery.. =P
  • Aaahh, yes! My cyan 920 "rattles" when I turn it from landscape to portrait. Now I know what it is, although not why it does it, I don't think it always did.
  • there's half a milimieter gap between the battery and it's housing - nothing a post-it from each side couldn't fix ;)
  • Thanks for the tip! But I doubt I'd open my own phone unless I broke it, I can live with it until then. oh, this is way cheaper than buying the actual grey shell, and it's made by nokia so it fits like a glove (you can't see your phone's color) and is the same color as the real grey 920
  • That's why I chose the black Lumia 920
  • The shell of Lumia 520 will be compatible with this one. So you can get the orange one and replace with a Cyan shell
  • Where are people getting that 520 shells will be compatible? The shapes are actually quite different... I don't see how they would be compatible. I agree that glossy stinks. I can't stand glossy fingerprint magnets.
  • Yeah I like the cyan as well, I know it wasn't the most popular colour but I think it's worth keeping for differentiation. That and it looks nice in the adverts to have more of a clash. Really they need to have more colour options than Apple now they have the 5C; not less. I know they are VERY different phones, but enough people are taken in by such things that it's worth being a step ahead.
  • I liked even how it was becoming the unofficial official color of nokia you know, if nokia had a mascot, it would be the color cyan. It looks great with their official shade of blue (see the new maps and transport icons!)
  • What is the song on this video?
  • did any one saw the temple run 2
  • I was hoping they would bump the screen up. I wonder how this will do against the Moto g which is a direct competitor
  • Emphasis on BUDGET. A competitor for the Moto G would be in the Lumia 7xx line.
  • They are at the exact same price point.
    Its getting worse than an IOS fanboi forum in here.
  • 525 and G are not competing in the same market segment. You're comparing US price of G to Singaporean price of 525.
  • Sorry, your right. The 525 is 200 and the G is 180. My bad.
  • yes, in a few more iteration they should just sent one free to your doorstep and the next one straight to your hand.
    U do know there is some thing called "the rest of the world" right?
  • In the rest of the World Moto G is better too. In Brazil, where the smarts are the most expensive, I received from Nokia Press that 525 will costs R$ 650, 00 , Moto G is R$ 615,00...Sorry Moto G is unbeatable.
  • Moto G in most places are starting with 350 before tax.
  • No way Nokia can compete with the Moto G, Google are subsidising it beyond sanity to undercut their competitors (HTC, Sony, Samsung as well as Nokia). At least Nokia have the differentiation of WP as opposed to other Android OEMs. Right now, despite MS buying out Nokia I think if I was an Android OEM i'd be more inclined towards moving to WP than ever. Google are giving MS a chance to win back the OEMs they've lost to Android with the Moto G.
  • Yeh exactly, I think it's nice but compared to the Moto G it's lacking.. There's a good comparison here - They should have made the 525 a better upgrade considering the 520 is the best selling Windows Phone.. 
  • FWIW, IMHO 1GB of RAM is all that the 520 really needed (provided it stays at the same/lower pricepoint) to keep it as the best phone at that price. Nokia's software inclusions (Mix Radio and Maps/Drive in particular) pull this above Androids with similar hardware. It's not a phone for me - my 620 has the extra bits and pieces I personally want - but by refining and bumping a proven formula Nokia is helping cement a great deal of brand recognition. Also, LOL at the phones flipping by and seeing "NOKIA NOKIA NOKIA NOKIA NOKIA". ^_^
  • Heh, as far as the basic specs go it is not that different from my Lumia 820. Should be awesome handset.
  • the 820 has zeiss optics, better camera, flash, 4G LTE, 4.3 amoled screen ... 525 is not even near
  • Still, even this has got Lumia black :|... Oh nokia, waiting badly for Lumia black on my 820..
  • and a much faster cpu/gpu
  • ClearBlack display is also awesome.
  • i can see temple run 2.. :'
  • Where is it .....i cant see it o.O
  • I also obeserved it... Was about to comment about it... :)
  • Good spot
  • Still no ffc camera? Bit of a let down.
  • No flash is a bigger problem than front cam in my opinion.
  • because you cant ruin photos properly wthout the flash? Man this is a low budget phone. What do you guys all expect? all features like a middle -high end handset just for lower price?
  • I am not expecting much. The issue is this will sell at much higher prices when launched compared to the current prices of Lumia 520. Unless you want to run the games that are available for only 1GB RAM it does not make sense to pay lot more for extra RAM.   Also, if that $199 price is correct then you can get Lumia 620 for the same price or less.
  • Extra ram garantees better system upgades in the future. do you think wp/RT merge will run nicely on a 512 ram phone. i dont think so. IT will run like shit. even 1gb ram will be the lowest of requirements to run it fully functional
  •    Word has it that the 525 is selling for 100$ in china, not 200$. In my own opinion a 525 is a better deal at 100$ than the moto G at 179$. Looks like the perfect backup for my 820 if I can only figure out how to get one in the US now.
  • Jeez, I don't even remember when I had a phone without LED flash. That was probably 2008.
  • I've a 920 and don't use the flash, it ruins photos 99% of the time. I agree with the OP, this needs a ffc. Once this phone becomes a worthwhile Skype (or Viber, etc) device it would have a much larger market. But maybe they need to keep features back to make people get the 625. But the 625 (and 720) now needs a bump to 1gb RAM so there's parity across the Lumia range and developers know they can comfortably code to that standard going forward. Then for people who don't want such a big screen as the 625... well Nokia may have a lot of handsets at different price points, but there's still room for more! I wish phones were more like PCs and you could choose the ram, screen, memory, processor, camera, etc. They could strip their range down to just 4 phones based on screen size (4", 4.5", 5", 6") and then you could upgrade from the basic model. I'll have a Lumia 5, 2GB ram, 32gb memory, 20mp pureview camera, 5mp FFC, snapdragon 800 in red please!
  • my dream phone but in yellow...  
  • Check out phoneblocks
  • Yeah I've seen that before, it's a great concept and I hope something comes of it. But it would no doubt be running Android and is unlikely to have Nokia's build quality and design skills. We can customise our laptops, why not phones (and tablets)?
  • Phonebloks has teamed up with Motorola.
  • Source?
  • Your phone has better optics (IE: a faster lens) and THAT is why you rarely need a flash to not get a blurry photo. The 520/525 DO need a flash to capture indoor scenes without blur unless you pose everyone to be super still. Not saying a flash gives you great photos because it doesn't (that's why I roll a DSLR with a 2.8 F-stop or faster), but it DOES give you a useable, sharp photo if your lens can't hang with the low light.
  • +525 ⤴
  • I wish it had bigger screen (4.3 inch) or camera flash. I know the RAM helps a lot for enabling more apps/games but most people don't care. I was impressed when 520 announced but this does not deserve a new number in my opinion.   Hopefully the price remains the same or 520 is still better choice.
  • An uninformed buyer choosing their first smartphone will easily be able to see that the 525 has no flash or front facing camera when making their choice. They will also be able to understand the size of the screen, which will already seem large to a first time buyer. What they will not know is what impact the available RAM has on day to day use of the phone. I think Nokia are wise to bump up the RAM because it will ensure wider and longer term satisfaction in the device overall.
  • I wished they bumped up the battery as well.
  • I wish it had CBD, like the 620, seriously can't live without it anymore.
  • It should be called the Lumia 520S, hehe.
  • I was hoping for a jump in display resolution.
  • No front camera, no point... What is this 2011?
  • I used FFC exactly once in my life. I'm sure I'm not the only one...
  • You may not be the only one, but you are probably in the minority
  • Same here don't like em and the cam sux anyway back cam is always better even for "selfies"
  • Girls like Front Camera.....
  • I never used FFC except for skype...
  • Count me as a person who used it maybe 5 times
  • the whole point of ffc are video calls.. I do use it occasionally.. will use it more when they fix skype not to be so power hungry.. eats up battery way too fast..
  • I use Skype everyday, hence the ffc. I don't care if it was just a VGA camera, as long as it was there. To me that is more important than a flash.
  • Nokia must make second version of Nokia Lumia 720 with 1 GB ram.
  • Going forward Nokia will have 4-5 core units. The 525 which has just been announced. Another variant of the 625 which will replace devices such as the 620,720. A 925 upgrade to replace the 920&820. A 1020 upgrade and finally a 1520 upgrade.
  • Any sources you can site for this info?
  • Its not on any website. I went to a business pitch and show a slide ;-)
  • 5 core. Sounds like a tegra4. That would be sweet with the imaging tech. Like always on HDR
  • Agreed..!!! Bro :) there should be a 720 1 gb upgrade along with OIS for camera...
  • I was thinking this too, but then when you look at the popularity of the 720 in the recent Ad duplex charts, it doesn't seem worth it. I really rate the 720 as an all-round device and my wife regularly gets FOUR DAYS from the battery on a single charge. I think that it must be expensive to manufacture or something beause the price has remained high since launch, unlike most other models. If it was available through more sellers/carriers at a price closer to £149 / $199 sim-free ( a more realistic price relative to the 520/620/820)  it would have sold in much larger volumes, I'm sure. For example, we now have the recently launched 625 on offer with Carphone Warehouse at £129 sim-free, while the 720 is still typically stuck at near to £250 carrier locked.
  • I agree with the point 720 is an all-round device and it needs an upgrade. That's what Nokia and WP is lacking, an all-round competent device for low, mid and high end. 720 has already done very well in terms of sales. Being the last of the first gen wp8 lumias, 720 has outsold 820 which had been released 5 months earlier than it. A 725 or whatsoever will be very important to WP as it finally fills the middle range device gap. Even from AdDuplex figures, WP's high end sells better than mid-tier.
  • Lova to have one, for my second SIM
  • If this had a 720p screen I think ppl would love it
  • If people want a 720p Screen - why dont they simply get a phone with it? it is not like nokia would not offerer a varriety of devices that matches all needs
  • People is greedy. They want to pay for a 520 but get a 1520, minus one or two minor feature. :-]
  • This is a budget phone. Budget phones don't have/get 720p screens.
  • Unless it is the Moto G where Google apperantly went all in when it comes to boosting visible specs so that ignorant people believe it is high end. That is, they went with the slowest quad core around and the same GPU as in the Lumia 520... Good look driving those new demanding games in 720p with a budget GPU...
  • Read the reviews. Nuff said.
  • My mom's gift may arrive a little late this Christmas!
    Thanks for the news Sam!
  • I'm sure it will be sell well but the article could have been much shorter - 525 = 520 with 2*RAM
  • Wait... 2G and 3G are listed, but what about HSPA or HSPA+? The Lumia 520 had this. Perhaps they've axed that so that they could increase the RAM without raising the price?
  • Its the same fone just with 1gig ram thats it
  • And if the specs posted online don't agree with that, I'm supposed to believe that... why?
  • Sam, in China, Lumia 525 sales 1099 yuan (Aound US$178), ship in mid December.
  • Thanks!
  • SGD 249 Dec 14 Singapore
  • Link?
  • Yea I feel a few more components should have been upgraded. I'm sure I'm wrong, but is the only real difference the amount of RAM?
    Also, where is cyan? This new pallet of yellow red and white is a little bland. At least throw in a green or something.
  • Yes, green and cyan. Also brown would be interesting seriously
  • ram upgrade it's something HUGE for this phone IMHO :) i upgraded from a Lumia 720 to Lumia 925 only for this! You can't use app like Face Swap (it can made all your company laugh for hours, it's a killer application!) and lot of games, you will always feel like a "incomplete phone" without 1GB ram.
  • I predicted 4G LTE also to be an extra feature..
  • I think they made the 525 for kids who need 1GB of memory to play all games. Probably a good idea to keep the return rate low. But I hope they keep the 520 for moms and pops who don't care about those games. Those sub $100 deals on 520/521 are drawing a lot of new WP users right now. Android has no answer for it. Gotta keep this momentum going!
  • I want equalizer and glance in this one! If yes, I am up for it.
  • What is that second notification icon?
  • I have seen it before and wondered the same thing. It maybe notification for the store app for updates or something??
  • No, it's not Store notification. May be a notification center icon (from WP 8.1)
  • Would be a shitty notification centre when it just displays 2 out of 7 notifications available:)
  • Microsoft should never create the 512Mb phone on the first place.
  • Its to reduce price likely.,
  • It reduces future use of the handset :) and in 2013 there was no need to have a 512 ram device anymore
  • That is absolutly correct. Now they have a market full of 512 mb phones in 2013 and have to think about future updates to match that low spec
  • Yeah, they should have done it just like blackberry and just set 2 Gb of RAM as the standard which pretty much killed any chance for blackberry to compete with android or windows phone as they simply could not price them low enough and still earn money on the hardware. Even the budget price blackberries were a lot more expensive than the Lumia 520/620, and the reason for this is that they used too expensive hardware.
  • Agreed . Microsoft start to be like Samsung . Bringing the same phone with a little bit of twist . Even the OS is still in haywire .
  • Yea, they should call those low ram phones the Nokia galaxy ace. They just make WP seem fragmentated.
  • MS isn't the manufacturer, I think you mean Nokia. Or did you mean MS should have the minimum hardware requirements as 1GB RAM?
  • I have a feeling that wp8.1 will require a minimum of 1gb of ram, and they are silently preparing for this
  • That's actually a good point
  • This!
  • If that is true 720 would be the last windows phone for me.
  • Same for me, although it might be anyways, depending on how good the Jolla phone is.
  • I get the same feeling based on the previous rumor. I hope it doesn't happen because I think it's going to kill the momentum WP is enjoying with the 520.
  • Hopefuly not. Does anybody knows something about it?
  • Well recently microsoft announced wp blue will be available for all devices of wp8 Dats true..! ;)
  • Hopefully they'll keep their word, 'cause I am pretty satisfied with L520 and will probably have it till it stops working. It would be a treason from MS if they wont give us 8.1
  • 512 mb ram support for wp8.1 will always be there for Lumia 520  as google come up with kitkat android 4.4, which is full fletched working with 512 mb ram specially.
  • I guess Tom Warren said once WP 8.1 will come to all WP8 phones. Maybe Dan and Co. can say something about it.   Edit : Here's Tom's tweet on Oct 30 "There's some dumb speculation that WP8 handsets wont get Windows Phone 8.1. All WP8 devices get 8.1."
  • Great. Thanks a lot. MS seems to be generous and serious against customers. 36 months support of WP8 devices seems to be true at the end
  • If my 520 does not get WP8.1, I am shifting to Android. I would love to love Nokia and MS but if they fail their customers, they are bound to lose them.
  • The same here. But I trust those people commenting that we will have updates and support
  • $100?
  • 512mb extra ram? Is that it? And it gets marketed as a diff handset?
  • Look closely at the picture,it says L beside the network symbol,maybe it also supports LTE..!!
  • No big difference with the 520 just the RAM
  • Is there only I that can see Nokia camera app in video even the phone doesn't have pure view tech.
  • Still waiting for a Lumia 7XX or 8XX with quad-core @2.0Ghz. 810 is too bulky and it is too slow for my tastes with that 1.5Ghz dual-core.
  • oh this gonna be pa in ass, with ram 1GB there will be a lot of high memory game like ashpalt and such, but with 8GB memory ... no, with system using 2GB memory it will available only 6GB memory left.... ukh, when will installing app and games on SD card availabe ??
  • Good point and very valid
  • May be 8.1 enables apps to install on SD card!
  • I hope it's released in the UK before Christmas, this will be 2 people's Christmas presents!!
  • Good substitute for the coal!
  • Still no front camera? No glance screen? Sadness. !!!
  • $100 more for ram? no
  • Any one else notice this has pro camera app (or Nokia camera)? So that means all Windows 8 Lumia devices are going to get pro cam in the future?
  • But this one has 1gb ram
  • so nokia camera only works on devices with 1 GB RAM? that kinda makes sense as it's not available for any of the 512mb devices
  • I'm not sure, but Nokia said that nokia Camera will work with all wp8 devices after black update.
  • thanks for this! all the lumia owners will be glad to get Nokia camera!
  • i am using nokia camera on my 720 so do many works but sometimes i do get the low memory message.  
  • Nice budget! Just wonder why all the buzz about this phone being made for songs and all -- codename Glee. Hope it sells even more than the 520, though.
  • For $200 will go with Moto G  
  • Or 3 Lumia 520's on black Friday and still have a few bucks for a few beers.
  • Beer is always a good thing.
  • You can now install lots of bigger memory-hungry games and apps on a limited 8 GB phone space. :P
  • I have to say that this is a little awkward. Lumia 625 still has 512MB while Lumia 525 has 1GB. Feature wise, it might be justified though, with 625 having bigger battery, flash, FFC, LTE, etc. But still...
  • Nokia are fools. Incorrigible at that, too. Selling this phone at a higher price than 520, and the only bump is in RAM?! At the least they should have improved the camera too, which currently sucks in the 520. Should have atleast put a flash, and a battery of a higher capacity.
    Edit : And no Cyan. What a bummer! :(
  • If you dont like the specs.. go with a better device ffs. man i dont complain about the dacia having small tires and a shitty engine and poor build quality .
  • Has someone noticed the Windows Logo as a notification on the lockscreen? What would be that?
  • Yeah. Noticed that too. Store notification maybe...
  • That icon arrangement has been around for over a year, my guess is that their graphics dept is recycling templates or something. And I might be wrong but the new windows logo is what microsoft used as a placeholder before releasing the final outlook icon (if you look closer I think the one next to it one over to the right is the old outlook icon, that and I've never seen the new outlook and windows icons on the same lockscreen).
  • I believe i saw temple run 2 running on it. Am i right.?
  • No. Wrong!
  • em,,, 525 get 1 GB ram mean this is the end for all 512MB ram device?? I got bad feeling well I hope I'm wrong
  • Wow 200 bucks for a slightly better 520 now that's stupid no screen or camera upgrade for the price they better throw in alot of extras in it cause they could throw it out the window right now, 1 year of Nokia music + (48 bucks) Nokia purity headset and a 20 dollar voucher.
  • That was the starting price for 520. US pricing for locked 520/521 is an exception. Most people pay more for unlocked 520
  • Looks good and specs two for the price
  • I would purchase one outright in forest green if it ever came to Verizon in global ready format. Maybe something inbetween 520 and 820 series would be nice.
  • I assume it comes with GDR3+Nokia Black update inside. Although the latter one's  importance for this model is miniscule.
  • With Nokia Pro Cam, and 1 GB ram!! Awesome Nokia!!!
  • Microsoft needs to set aside a couple million to discount all their phones, heavily, for 6 months or so. Hey, we own Nokia phones now sale. The more people using them, the more developers will create apps, etc. They will make it up with app purchases & etc, over the long term. They have the deep pockets. Use them.
  • Ram even higher than Lumia 720 ? This indicate that Lumia 720 will step down very soon ??
  • 8 GB for games is shit :\
  • May have microSD for your sort. But this is a budget phone for you know, phone stuff. Not designed specifically for games
  • Almost want to get this for my soon-to-be ex gf's son. He's 8 and always wants my phone to play games. He knows how to use windows phone better than his mama. And his fav color is yellow
  • Seriously, this launch price looks the same to me as the price the 520 had when was announced in the beginning of the year. Prices are different depending on where you live, and obviously the price will come down a bit when it actuallty hits the stores. The off contract prices of US phones is BTW not comletely comparable to a real unlocked phone in Europe as you might have to add unlocking fees and a have to get some kind of contract that you cancel. An unlocked phone in Europe can be used on any network, just switch the SIM card, and if you don't use the phone portion much, just buy a 10 USD pay as you go plan, some elderly relatives of mine could last the better part of a year on that.
  • By the way, this actually looks like a quite intelligent refresh. They are adressing the most important draw back of the low end lumias, that is the lower RAM. This will be a lot more useful in the long run than a slightly faster CPU as it will make more games and apps avalible and improve multitasking. Increased RAM costs quite a few USD, so when you are this low in the price range, it actually is a significant cost increase that impacts the bottom line. The whole point of this device is to be as cheap as possible. Obviously they will not give you a 720 screen on the lowest priced offering in the Lumia range, anyone expecting anything else is clearly delusional as then they would not have room for the other phones below the high end range.
  • No tricks? Seems boring. Well suited for a budget phone or a kids phone
  • Bring this to US. Looks like a great phone for kids. Budget phones get better and better.
  • Releasing a budget phone again means that Nokia wants to be the leader again.
  • I think RAM is an issue only for some apps and mainly games. They should have added flash to the back camera or a front facing camera. Those are things I've seen people complain about most. Maybe they added a magnetometer (compass)? This doesn't seem like an upgrade at all. I think it's just like the way they released the 925 after the 920. It's more of a side-step to give color choices and more ram. I can't imagine why someone would go for this if they're looking for a budget phone after they see the 520/521 for under $100.
  • My bet is that they are addressing what seems to be the main complain about the 520. Personally I don't think that front facing camera or flash could be that much of a deal breaker (I certainly never read anyone complaining about those). But to be fair, and not having used a 520, I really don't know if the RAM thing was really an issue either. So if I was into the target audience for it, I'd go with the 520.
  • look at the date .... january 1 wednesday january 1 2014 is a wednesday... maybe it will launch then  
  • i saw procam or nokia camera on this(i hope i saw correctly :P ) it so..will it be able to handle that..   
  • Still no flash? Ew. I'll stay on my 620.
  • Nokia now needs a high end small screen phone. Currently there is no phone on the market that does this except for the IPhone.
  • Why nokia?? When i buy a phone after that you provide us a low end advanced gaming phone..??
  • I really like the concept of a cheap wp8 phone. However, I was thinking of buying one for my mom but I'm afraid it might be too complex for her. Her current phone is a low end Samsung piece of crap which she can't use to upload pictures to facebook. So it would be neat because with wp8 I think it's easier and more powerful at the same time. Any thoughts?
  • WP definitely easier to use than Android, if that's what you are asking.
  • What made the 520 so appealing was the price. I don't think this will be nearly as succesful.
  • They should absolutely NOT raise the price. The price of the 520 is the ONLY reason it has sold so well. Improve the feel, leave the price the same or drop it 10% as the price of entry level android phones has decreased since the introduction of the 520. Or come out with a 420 at around a 70$ us. price range.
  • Bad pricing for $100 more u van buy a nexus 5, and much more specs......u can also get HTC 8x for $200.00 with much better anyone who is waiting for this is crazy just fo get HTC 8x now before they are all gone
  • Grand Theft Auto San Andreas On $200 Window Phone? Yes, please
  • I wish this isn't replacing the L520 and is coming to coexist with it so its price can be lowered. My dad wants a L520 but the phone is being sold for €200 here. He is the kind of consumer who doesn't want to spend more €150 on mobile devices!
  • why Nokia does not add a freaking led flash to 5xx series... really, who buy this things?
  • I'm sure you all noticed the ad ONCE AGAIN shows a Temple Run 2 tile (despite the original Temple Run gameplay) and it isn't Xbox Live enabled. So, I guess it's really coming probably closer than we think. Anyway, the 525 looks very nice.
  • Lets see. The official logo of Temble Run 2 on Microsoft's website had the Xbox branding. Either they dropped it (again, MS screwing up) or the image used in the making of this ad for TR2's logo is from iOS/Android (remember, what you see isn't real devices. They're computer generated)
  • Well I'm sure Microsoft isn't silly enough to drop XBL on TR2. So I guess the ad must've just used the generic logo. But seriously, they could've just tried showing TR2 gameplay on the 525.
  • Wow. Really not bad for 200$
  • where's 9299999999999999?
  • $200... That's insane. The 520 is the worlds best $100 phone. What are they thinking....
  • that's international pricing, no contract, lock or dumb logo whatever. In southest asia, 520 costs $150-170
  • Only the US enjoys stupid low prices like the 520 for $59, the rest of the world still lives in reality.  
  • 130€ here, and still best value for money.
  • Good phone.After couple of months the price will go down.. Go NOKIA GO NOKIA this phone is gonna take indian market by storm...
  • I just got the T-mobile 521. Only 512 ram, wish I waited for this one.
  • The Engadget article says that Nokia stated this phone is not coming to the US or UK. So maybe for these markets there is another successor to the 520 coming or maybe those markets will get the phone we have heard referred to as "glee".
  • Wow the specs on that little guy is pretty good
  • The price should stay the same as the 520; the singapore price seems like a price for a non-carrier version, so its not much higher than the $160 in US for the non-carrier 520; and its still way cheaper than the 520 in EU which goes for around 180eur = $240.  
  • Well $100 for 512mb of more RAM? You can find a used 920 at that price point of $200. I was hoping for a bit more like a FFC or a flash at least
  • Simply put, the 512mb memory upgrade, does not justify the bump in price. If we are going to compete in any capacity in the USA let's give the consumer a reason to purchase our 525. I'm a life long Windows fan period, and if this phone comes out at $150 or above, forget about it. Hell, I'll even be tempted to grab the Moto G or at least get my $200 worth. BTW currently rocking the Lumia 1525! :) At least include flash or a 1.3 FFC to justify the price Nokia, c'mon when you know better you do better!
  • You can't be that much of a WP fan if you're willing to jump ship for 50.00
  • It's not $50, it's the fact that the Moto G is cheaper, has an HD display, has a better SoC, and has more built-in storage.
  • Thanks Keith, as crystal_planet obviously didn't get the point.
  • Would it kill then to add a front camera and flash?? This phone will compete directly with the Motorola G, which has better specs. I like windows phone, but come on Nokia....offer us something better.
  • I'm surprised at such an increase in cost with only double the ram. Add FFC and flash to rear camera then maybe it would be worth it.
  • Then, there is 620. If nokia gives flash and ffc, 620 won't exist anymore
  • 620 also has CBD and HAAC mics IIRC.
  • There is no increase in cost. 520 was anounce at $230.
  • Hopefully it comes out in the US! Looks very nice.
  • Would get this phone if it had a flash. 200 USD isn't worth it to me.
  • Loving the memory increase. It was the one flaw of the 520.
  • Why? Why 525 gets 1gig while 625 only 512. I wonder if 512mb of ram isn't enough for upgrading to wp8.1 hmmm
  • Would rather have 16GB of storage! More RAM does nothing for me. I couldn't install giant games if I wanted to, no room.
  • Really nice looking phone. I'm surprised I like the orange as much as I do. I would probably get white myself, though.
  • Put an LED flash and a front-facing camera on this thing and you would have the true 520 successor...
  • I don't see the point of this phone. To have more RAM? What for? To run games? With less than 8GB of available space? Games that require 1gb of RAM tend to also take aproximatly over 1GB of space. Without games or apps storing in the microSD card, that's not very useful.
  • ... Aren't meant to move in large volumes... Eh say what!??? Yes it is! Thats the whole point, the 520 being a large volume selling phone.
  • No cyan? Ok, I can live with that... No black/grey/darkblue?? C'mon!! Not everybody likes shiny and brilliant vibrating colors. MOST of people just want a discrete and elegant phone, like the 925 line. if you already have the 520 version like this, why make a copy of that with minor hardware improvments??? 
  • At least this could look a bit different than the 520. Alas!
  • Am I reading this right? This is the same specs as the 520! Yay! Get 512mb of ram and it will cost you $100! What a deal!  The 520 is a great phone and I am sure the 525 is to. But realy, for 512 mb of ram... whats the point?
  • Don't know how they can justify the extra cost of the 525 over the 520 just for an extra 512mb ram. First time in a while that I've been really disappointed in Nokia. Expected better than this.
  • Could we have Lumia Black now ? 
  • We all know this is the starting price and within 6 weeks this will be discounted, happens every phone.
  • I belive that the price will be lower then $200!!! In Singapore cheap phones are sold more expensive. When I was searching for the 520, I compared prices from Singapore, and it was more expensive then most markets, but the 920 was cheaper prices then other markets like Malaysia. My thoughts was that Nokia is trying to push the more expensive phones to rich markets and the lower to emerging markets. So I expect that the 520 will be around 150usd. Let's hope...
  • It's a nice upgrade of the original, but looking at the specs, it's basically a slightly smaller Lumia 820. The internal memory, the processor, the RAM, the's exactly the 820, repackaged in a more compact, cheaper device. (Shrugs)
  • Would have been nice to see them add flash for the camera.
  • Nokia was the first to really attack the budget market. But I hate to say the Moto G has pretty much set the new bar for price/quality. I don't think the 525 at that price can compete. I hope Nokia responds with something else soon.
  • Lumia 525 ? No, just no.
  • I think it would be cool to have one of these and a I could choose the device that makes most sense for where I'm going or what I'm doing. 1520 as the daily driver, but 525 for going out at night or working out at the gym. So much fun stuff!!!
  • This costs more than the Moto G? That's not gonna be good.
  • Did someone noticed the Windows Flag notification icon on the lockscreen? What is it for? I have never seen it on my 920
  • I'll stick to waiting for a proper successor to the 620, by far the best bang for buck Lumia released so far.  Much better screen, front facing Camera, Capacitive Keys that light up, and a Flash amongst other things...all for not much more money than a 520.      
  • My 520 was $80 :D
  • You can get a Lumia 920 for $180...
  • This 525 doesn't seem to bring much new to the table. There's no real "hook" for the avg consumer (other than price, I guess), and no reason at all for current 520(1) owners to upgrade. And, FFC really should come standard on all smartphones these days. "Selfie" was the top new word this year, for a reason. Disappointing effort here.
  • Front Cam? does it have a front cam? thats what was missing on the 520 to be the perfect phone!
  • what ever, we know the deal, it will come exclusive to at&t or exclusive to other carrier and aburdly hard to unlock make it so unapealing to anyone.
  • WHEN U RECTIFIY FOLLOWING DISADVANTAGE MY BUSINESS IS TOTALLY DEPEND ON MS OFFICE APP??????????????????????????? Y SLEEPING NOKIA AND WINDOWS DEVELOPER??? In any browser mail did attach any file(doc,pdf in memory card..) No pen drive connect and projector connect
      No printer connect
      Very worst office hub compare to king office soft in android
      No memory card view option...
      No send any file from memory card
      In fb apps and browser does not attach photos.
      Pdf file not attach to mail 
      Download pdf not access in pc
      Live tiles not updated if u send new emails not update...battery apps not update
      If u type word wrongly not edit any letter completely remove word then write correctly...
    If u want live tile update net is on lead to battery low soonly...
      If u use browser during loading u go menu not loading in backgroud go net again loading
      Office 365 not working properly
      No cut,copy and paste option
      If connect to laptop did not access any pdf doc
      Alram not work turned off mob
      No custome ringtones
      No call recording option
      No wallpaper set
      No timer set in cam
      No password protect doc 
      Not access password protected doc (no doc security
      No apps lock
      No direct vedio call facility
      No 3g only option in setting not 3g apps
      No app storage in memory card insufficient storage cap in phone
      No apps buying using sim balance or net banking...
      No esaily close multitasking 
      No seperate password b/w kids and personal login...
      Cannot move files b/w phone and Sdcard
      No custumised side buttons
      No HDMI port for tv out
      No dual sim
      No seperate volume control for ringtone and media files due to this u face more missed calls
      No shortcut status bar in top for net, wifi..etc
      No swipe left side in home screen totally waste that side
      No show people matching when I dial number
      No full support in landscape mode
      No call duration in history
      No call log merges same name
      No single touch answer call with optional
      No optional auto rotate
      Not running vedio so many format like mkv....
      No tem file cleaning option like pc
  • @GL Balan How many times are you going to copy and paste this message? You pasted this same message 3 times in the forum and I deleted 2 of them and now I see you posted it here. That makes 4 times. If I see it a 5th time, I will consider it spamming.
  • Looks like a bad deal, paying 100€ more for 512MB of RAM seems pretty pointless. Lumia 520 and MotoG are way better offerings for the budget market.
  • one question...  will this have glance
  • I hope so. The lack of NFC (I don't even know how to use it lol), FFC and Flash don't even bother me. I just hope that Glance will be available on 525 and fix for the problem about low brightness on 520.
  • Check out the official full phone specifications of Nokia Lumia 525 in comparison with Nokia Lumia 520 here -
  • $200 is going to be a hard sell for Nokia competing in the price range of Moto G with lesser specs. It should have been more aggressively priced around $100.
  • I just got in a Nokia Lumia 525, I was told you can use it without a data plan, I like it because it has a bigger screen than my 5800 Express music... I turned off wi-fi, but it still wont work, Any Ideas?  I have unlimited txt an talk..its all I want.... if this phone wont work without a data plan, can you tell me witch one will that has a larger screen, an i can use my 5800 sims card and sd card... ...any help is appreciated.. ......Jeff..