Nokia publishes spoof of the film 127 Hours to promote Lumia Windows Phones

Nokia has published a rather humorous advertisement for its Lumia Windows Phones. Titled "127 seconds," it's a spoof of the movie 127hours. If you haven't yet seen the film, it's about a canyoneer who became trapped by a boulder in an isolated slot in Blue John Canyon. This time round, we're witnessing a man trapped by a falling wardrobe. If only he could use his smartphone to call for help.

Wearing pink gloves, the poor chap can't unlock his device as it doesn't feature Super Sensitive touch. If only he had a Lumia Windows Phone, which would enable him to keep those trendy gloves on and possibly even use the official Domino's app to order a pizza while waiting for medical assistance to arrive. You've got to think in advance, right?

Source: YouTube; thanks for the tip, Zeaneal!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Are you being serial?!
  • Super cereal
  • super cereal!!! Why won't anyone listen to me....especially when this is such a cereal thing...
  • With milk please, thanks
  • Manbearpig screen active!
  • Would have been better if he had to gnaw it off. Still funny.
  • Poor man...
  • That movie was awesome
  • No it wasn't -_-
  • -_-
  • LOL!
  • Hahahaha, very funny. Makes me want the Lumia 925 to hurry on over to at&t ;)
  • the lockscreen is confusing. why 'enter your code' when it's using pattern lock 
  • That's hardly the point mate.. :D
  • Kinda curious why they didn't show him actually using the phone with gloves...
  • Poor taste by Nokia imo
  • You've every right to be offended.
    I, however, have every right to find your taking offence f*cking ridiculous.
  • It doesn't necessarily mean he was offended. I agree, I think it is poor taste. A bit gruesome for a phone ad. But that's his opinion. Mine as well.
  • Absolutely. "127 hours" was based on a real event. It doesn't mean I'm offended, just that I can't find it in my heart to make fun of what this guy went through.
    But I've seen other spoofs of this too, in other contexts, so I guess you and I are in the minority.
    I also agree with the others that the idea of the commercial is fundamentally flawed in that it doesn't show what the Lumia CAN do.
  • Yeah lets ban it! Also, while we are at it we can burn "to kill a mocking bird" and delete the film "requiem for a dream". For they too are in bad taste! Looney toons 24/7 on all channels! Oh wait, looney might be offensive to people with mental health issues, BAN IT TOO!!!!
  • Stating you find something to be in poor taste does not I'm any way shape or form insinuate you would be in favor of banning or otherwise instituting any form of censorship beyond self censorship. I believe you simply created a strawman argument because it was easier to attack rather than simply acknowledging you have different comedy tastes.
  • Agreed. A tragedy where someone loses life or limb isn't a funny way to sell products. Tacky.
  • While I kind of like these, I think they somewhat miss the ball by not actually showing the phone and why it's better.
    An iPhone user is not going to get it and think "oh, that's a neat feature" when you don't actually show super sensitive touch displays...
  • Yeah, exactly my thoughts. Why do they insist on showing the opposite of features they're advertising?
  • Yeah, they should have it rewind after he goes to cut his arm off and show him pulling a Lumia out of his pocket and showing how it works.
  • That would make it a better commercial.
  • You Sir, should be working in Nokia's marketing department. I was thinking something similar. I thought it would have been better if when he is struggling with the phone, go to a side by side with a different guy in the same situation that has a Lumia.
  • Thanks! I really like your suggestion as well.
  • That would have been funnier. A split screen with this guy on the left, and another guy on the right. They do the same, except the other guy gets out... "5 hours later"  he is seen having dinner with his girlfriend in the sunset later on (showing his Lumia again of course), while the other guy is in his semi-dark garage still pinned down yelling a weak "Hello...?"
    And no hint that he tried cutting off his arm, please. That's just gross.
  • Yeah, I like your idea better.. I don't think this commercial was meant for TV though... But, I like how bold Nokia was here,, that grabs peoples attention.. Nevertheless, it was funny..
  • Commercials are very rarely for people who have the ability to analyze them. They are for people who don't think in that way. The iphone commercial shows people using an iphone and says "more people use iPhones" by any standard its stupid and says nothing, but it works.
  • True❕
  • Yeah would have been better to show the device.
  • That is funny!!!
  • Ha! Cool dig at Android at 0:17.
  • Love it, Love it, Love it... :-D
  • I Think that would have been better if they'd then shown the guy using a Lumia with gloves on, just to rub it in a bit
  • That's pretty funny... unless you're that guy who actually had to cut his arm off.
  • order a pizza while waiting for medical assistance to arrive? LOL
  • Maybe showing the phone would be better, but it would be the BEST if he pushed the phone under the wardrobe to pull his hand. Nokia 3310 :)
  • Vodafone Australia has the 32gb 925, what's att getting? Tmob has 16gb
  • Hey dude, take another shot at pulling your glove off with your teeth... pretty sure it's easier than cutting your arm off at least.
  • Instead of the knife, I thought he was going to pull out a Nokia phone and dial away with the glove on.
  • Did anyone notice that the cabinet didn't fall over until he picked up a "Android" toy?  Priceless!
  • Yeah❕❕ that was a hilarious commercial.. I'm not sure how affective it would be but it is funny as shit.. It's rare that I would crack up like I did over some stupid ad,, but I did.. Lol❕
  • Should have pulled out a Lumia and threw it at the bookshelf and have it explode into pieces freeing his arm.
  • Marketing fail...why not have a Lumia fall off the cabinet next to him and show him use it with gloves after failing with his phone?
  • That was funny as hell❕.. But, it needs to go on TV, and they need to show the the 925 working with gloves on.. Nevertheless, the ads are getting better, and better..
  • 127 seconds? 127 hours? Hmm, maybe there another video like this?