Nokia looking to ramp up pressure on BlackBerry in the enterprise market

Nokia has been taking enterprise that much more seriously since moving across and supporting Microsoft's Windows Phone platform, aggressively drawing up plans with businesses in multiple markets. The company doesn't appear to be showing signs of holding back in the near future with Adrian Williams, director of business sales UK, going into some detail about what plans Nokia has drafted and how BlackBerry will also be targeted.

According to Williams, Nokia will be launching a major marketing campaign in Q3 this year, homing in on B2B indirect channels and attempting to not only cater for everyday consumers, but also large businesses. This is partly due to Microsoft releasing several tools and services for Windows Phone that enable OEM partners to bring the big guns to enterprise deals.

"These are much more significant contracts in terms of size. We are really gaining momentum in the b2b market now. It takes time for these deals to work through the product cycle but we are now seeing the fruits of that work and we are increasingly being recognised as a viable alternative in the market. There isn’t a business that doesn’t use Microsoft one way or another. We offer a very compelling solution - and without a monthly charge."

Lumia 625

Williams uses the deal secured with UK soft drink maker Britvic as an example of Nokia's increased credibility. The Finnish manufacturer managed to barge past both BlackBerry and Android partners to snap up the partnership. Microsoft's mobile operating system, coupled with Nokia Lumia hardware makes for a great experience that companies require. Releasing multiple handsets to cater for different needs, Nokia has ensured there's a size that fits all.

UK mobile operator O2 is also highlighted in the report, with Williams noting how Nokia is starting to work closely will operators to further drum up business with enterprise. Building on the recent run of signed deals, Nokia will be looking to bag some more big brands, which will only be positive for Microsoft and the platform as a whole. We took a look at the Z10 and how it compared against the Lumia 920, if you're interested in further reading.

Source: Mobile Today; thanks, Nishy, for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
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