BlackBerry Z10 is touted as innovative, but how does it fare against Nokia's Lumia 920

BlackBerry today unveiled its new family of smartphones, running BlackBerry 10. The Z10 (review) is arguably the flagship device, touted as new innovation and pushing the boundaries of mobile computing. We checked out the presentation today and kept a watchful eye on how everything was progressing. It's impressive to see how RIM (now BlackBerry) has turned things around, but how does the Z10 rank against the Lumia 920?

We've already gone into quite some length about whether or not Windows Phone, Microsoft and OEM partners have anything to fear from BlackBerry's latest attempts to halt the company's down spiral. While we were impressed with how BlackBerry has rebranded itself for the release of its new operating system, we couldn't help but argue, "is that it?"

The hardware itself isn't anything to shout about. The Z10 doesn't look like anything we've not seen before either. Take a quick look at one with the screen turned off, notice anything "iPhone-like" about the new BlackBerry? It's surely nothing in comparison to the looks of a glossy white or matte grey Lumia 920:

Grey Lumia 920

But what about under the hood? We quickly compiled the list of specifications on both devices, and the below chart will reveal that actually nothing's spectacular about the Z10. Hardware wise, that is. 

Lumia 920 Vs Z10

More RAM? BlackBerry 10 sports "true multitasking" where apps continue to run when not active (unless commanded to close), which is where the extra 1GB of quick-accessible storage comes into play. Whether or not this will aid consumers is down to how intuitive the controls and UI is - which we'll find out once handsets begin distributing in multiple markets.

Apart from the jump in RAM and the removable SD card slot (hello there, ATIV S), there's little to tear the two apart specs wise. With the Lumia 920 you have wireless charging, but with the Z10 you have a lighter handset. It's all subjective and down to personal preference. The Z10 comes in black and white, while the Lumia 920 is available in black, white, grey, cyan, yellow and red - we haven't even gone into the 8X, 8S, Lumia 820 and other smartphones.

BlackBerry Z10

It's the PureView camera technology, High Amplitude Audio Capture (HAAC), wireless charging, the world's fastest display, super sensitive screen, as well Nokia Collection of 50+ OEM apps that make the difference here.

It's the little touches Nokia has added to its flagship Windows Phone that really sets it apart. We've been pointed at for too much praise for the company, but Nokia really does craft some incredible innovation for the platform, which is backed up by HTC, Samsung and soon Huawei.

There's a real nice selection of hardware available for consumers in multiple markets.

HTC Group

Major differences are also seen in the software, which walks hand-in-hand with hardware. The Lumia 920 (as well as any Windows Phone, including the ATIV S and 8X) runs the OS smoothly, also reflected in BlackBerry 10, but Windows Phone is unique in how the UI is presented to the user. This is closely tied in with the available functionality of the Lumia 920 and other handsets. Does BlackBerry 10 look like anything new, or has Android and iOS given birth?

The specification sheets are similar, and while both devices can boast about an element here and there, it's the overall user experience which is key to deciding which smartphone is better. Nokia's Lumia 920 running Windows Phone 8, or the Z10 powering BlackBerry 10? We'll let you decide.

You can follow more coverage of BlackBerry over on CrackBerry, as well as sticking here on Windows Phone Central for our take from a Microsoft perspective.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Innovation isn't a good word to describe BB10
  • I think the "given birth" segment sums it up. BB10 seems like a mutt of all major OS'es and has nothing to truly "its own". This might be effective, but certainly not innovative.
  • Not true.  Check out the BB10 review over at Crackberry.  There are some genuinely new ideas in there.
  •  Deck Officer on the Titanic adressing the passengers, "You'll notice some genuinely new ideas we've put into our deck chairs."            
  • Mutt lol! Hit it right.
  • I think you WP8 people are forgetting the "THAT'S IT" response from just about the ENTIRE tech community when WP8 phones were released,,,,and what's with comparing the Z10 with every wp8 device,,,the Z10 has a removable battery and extra srorage "hello ativ s" well the Q10 has a physical qwerty that NO WP8 phone has.
  • The only thing that look useful is a keyboard on touch screen, other then than - back of iphone5 with screen in the middle, I think we should mail them dictionary so they'll know what "innovative" really means...
  • While watching the video review on crackberry, I could not contain myself from thinking the same exact though. IT IS the back of an iPhone 5.
  • Message to Microsoft:  Sometimes you have to take the bull by the horns and come up with your own device to get the results you expect.  Don't wait for Nokia or any other "partner" to dictate the direction of WP8.  Learn from the "exclusive mess" that Nokia and AT&T created.  "What could have been" if all carriers had the 920 - or a like device?
    IMO:  Microsoft should have released the Surface Phone with WP8, just like they released the Surface Tablet with Windows 8.  Both should have been competitively prices - at or below iPad and iPhone prices.  Microsoft would be 30 to 50 percent more successful today with W8 and WP8 had they acted on their own.  From there, Nokia, HTC and Samsung (not just the 920) would have simply been icing on the cake - with or without exclusive agreements, free upgrades, and so on.
  • Because the Surface Tablet is selling so well right?
  • I believe that Microsoft does not intend it to be a leading product, but rather a reference product just like the Google Nexus device is.  But, they are building themselves, instead of an ODM, which is what Google does (Samsung, LG and Motorola for instance.)  I'm a bit torn if MS should indeed release a "Surface Phone."  They are probably working very closely with Nokia on the Lumia 920 replacement.  I have no evidence to back that up, and is completely a theory of mine.
  • "Both should have been competitively prices - at or below iPad and iPhone prices." You obviously missed this part of his comment.
  • Buddy a guess you must be talking about another OS. Instead of releasing their own Hardware they should first of all solve the problems with Wp8. Does reboot issue, broken apps, missing apps.... say anything? MS is not successful cos they are missing a lot of apps but are lucky enough to have nokia to back them up. Without Nokia Wp would have been history, its as simple as that! The software Wp8 is the issue not the hardware. I just hope people will get this in their thick skull!
  • YWp8 is not the issue. MS is. Not seeing or playing the game well. They put out new and innovative great products but with poor execution: restrictive os requirements, changing kernels, poor price points, competing with Apple only, etc. Some marketing and engineering folks need to be get rid of or talked too as iPhone and android are steaming ahead with better screens and more innovative stuff. You are right, without Nokia and HTC, wp8 is nothing.
  • Not sure how the Lumia and HTC line has poor pricing. 99 and in some cases 49 bucks is really cheap to get a phone like the 920. Are you talking about the Surface?
  • inovation isn't a word to be associated with anything microsoft 
  • You're joking, right?
  • Microsoft has actually become one of the leaders in the tech world in terms of innovation.
  • ...I Agree, the term 'innovative' should probably only be reserved for Nokia.
  • Inovation isn't a good word to describe anything microsoft 
  • 3 years ago I would completely agree with you, but they have been lately (because they have to). Large corporations will not innovate unless they have to, which is why apple is innovating less and Microsoft is innovating more.
  • I think there is much innovation coming fom BB and much for WP to learn. I want to mention two things on the OS side: The Hub, which looks and functions really great and the matter of fact that it's a gesture based OS. Also the 2GB/multitasking approach is something i really like, 2GB will soon be a standard in smartphones, so why not use it right now. Don't get me wrong, i love WP, but you surely can't say it's not innovative. If BB10 came out two years ago, maybe WP wouldn't evem exist anymore.
  • What's the need of 2Gb for WP currently when it runs smoothly? 
    BB10 needs 2GB  because of its different multitasking. But that will certainly drain more battery. 
    You will soon see complaints from people. 
  • Verge stated the same about battery performance.
  • Nope, again ppl always misunderstood the word "innovation". It's just something lacking from MS which they couldve just done it, i wouldve wished they made that gesture (its actually from W8 charms bar) for the quick notification n toggle on the side on WP. But for BB10 to have that does not mean they r "innovative", the concept is not "new", n the idea of "hub" is totally ripped off from WP. 2GB of RAM is just numbers, besides, Steve Jobs has always keep their Apple to slightly lower specs not becos of quick cash, but it's to force themselves the practice to optimize the performance within the given hardware. This is also good in training up better optimization skill & technology.
    If everything like samsung just give all out on the specs, u r basically wasting resources, it's like putting an overdrive engine for a small car driving in a small town, u basically consume more fuel than u actually use it. Get it?
  • The "Hub" is not totally ripped off from WP. It's an improvement over the universal inbox BB has had for years.
  • I think I prefer the WP tombstoning technique.  I just don't see what true multitasking gets you with the vast majority of apps.  There are a few that need it... background music playing and GPS for example.  But WP8 seems to support this anyway (Nokia Drive still works in the background as does music). 
    Doesn't true multitasking open the door for third party apps to be a major battery drain?  This is one case where it seems to me WP8 does it right... true multitasking for the few apps that really need it and tombstone the rest to assure battery performance.
  • The Lumia 920 also has the advantage of being able to be put in a sock and used as a mace.
  • 920 is multi functional, you can play baseball with it too. 
  • ROFL!
  • You mean a flail ;). If you mounted it to the end of a baseball bat for some added umph that would be a mace :)
  • I stand corrected.
  • And it won't break!
  • Hard to see any innovation in BB10, especially the hardware.  Going to the BB event in SF in February probably, interested to use this in person.  I just feel it is going to be a complete mess on the screen with too much goingo n. 
  • I really like the z10 hardware wise, nice screen size, thin metallic design. I wish someone would release a windows phone with that sort of design, I like the polycarbonate design of the nokia/htc more then the plastic Samsung, but if blackberry sold a z10 with wp8 on it, or that aluminum 930 rumor is true, I'd jump on it.
  • lol. you sound like the same people that say if nokia would release an android phone they'd be all over it also.
  • The review I read states that it isn't metallic, but actually plastic that looks like metal.
  • For bb10 like android with new skin.
  • Lol @ sock mace
  • It is silly to release a phone that is just basically on par with phones that were released 5 months ago (assuming a March release date for BB) and call it a flagship device that pushes the bar in mobile computing. Uhm, yea maybe last year... Try again BBRY.
  • You do realize that the same goes for WP flagship devices
  • I dunno. Lumia 920 is still unequaled in some respects.
  • You are trying to say that about the Lumia 920?  Maybe the 900 was outdated before it was released, but not the 920.  Unless you think quad over dual core is more innovative than PureView, PureMotion, wireless charging, etc...
  • Correct!
  • Quad on a WP would not be necessary imo
  • Quad period isn't necessary, it's a sales gimic plain and simple. WP8 didn't even need a dual core, but to compete (on paper) with Android they did it. It's only there as fluff for sales.
  • Wireless charging isn't new they just actually the thing a part of the phone. BB devices have had the option to purchase an accessory kit to swap out the back panel for a wireless charger for years. IPhones have that same option with a case. Lumia 920 is on par with other phones, the only true thing that makes it stand out from other phones (not the gimic of "super sensitive screens) is the camera which Nokia has had the best cellphone camera for years. Long before WP.
  • Try reading up on QNX then come back and try saying that again lol
  • When was the last time WP pushed the bar in mobile computing? I've used WP since I could first flash it to my HD2. It didn't push the bar, it refreshed the old dull look of a mobile OS, that is it. BB10 has actual multi tasking, an all-in-one inbox, gestures vs buttons. Tell me which cell phone OS offers even just one o those, much less all of them?
  • The all in one inbox is just another way to say I doesn't have true exchange compatibility... When I had a black berry I hated how all the emails were basically forwarded to a "BB account" pop... No direct synchronization yo exchange or hotmail...
  • Really nice specs for a first bb 10 device, but the swiping gestures killed my interest almost immediately.
  • Well aren't the swiping gestures the way windows 8 works?
  • Funny, the swiping gestures are the only thing that interest me. Reminds me of my old friend webOS.
  • +1
  • theres never enough praise for a company that goes out of there way to deliver a fantastic experience. so anyone bashing nokia needs to take a chill pill because credit is given where credit is due. same goes for the 8x and the ativ s. blackberry 10 is nice but thats it. it doesnt offer me anything i cant already do on the iphone or on a galaxy or nexus or a lumia 920 or 8x
  • i think the new touch keyboard is very nice and blackberry balance sounds like a very good idea for users who want one phone for work and personal use
  • i think most people have the option of being able to get a company phone and a personal phone. i would rather have it that way. just me just saying :D
  • yes they do, but that doesn't change the fact that there are a lot of people that now connect their personal phones to work. This, if properly executed, will allow blackberry to target those people, as it has a device that allows you to have your own stuff and work stuff seperately (i guess like partitions on the hard drive?), but accessible at the same time. At the same time this still has all the advantages that blackberry had on the corporate end. I haven't used the new touch keyboard myself, but from the demo it looked very impressive!
  • work and personal should always be separated. so if i lose my bb or something happens to it now my personal and business is affected. also what happens when the company doesnt pay the bill because technically its your personal phone so your personal account your responsibility
  • You're the one paying the bill. That's the point. If you're worried about loosing your phone (work or personal) then you should have a pin lock on it.
  • I have that option but I don't take it. I don't want to carry around 2 phones.
  • If it offers BB email and BBM, there is a big something.
    I went from BB to WP because I so impressed with the Lumia 920, and Zune/XBOX music, and XBOX games (I hope they grow this).  I really miss how well the BlackBerry integrated with corporate and other email.  I miss the physical keyboard too, but the majority has spoken and they want to fumble around on glass.
    MS has their work to do on WP8 to keep adding features and growing it.  If they let it stagnate, I'm gone.  XBOX music/video and XBOX games need some development.  We'll see.
  • Exchange is native on wp8, with BB you needed a separate server and always works, unlike BB's services. I can even link all of accounts together if I choose on WP (I am not force to have them on the same app). The virtual keyboard on WP is the best and learns your writing patterns. BB10 keyboard looks interesting but swiping up to get a word that you can't see because of big thumbs (like mine) becoming useless.
  • Never had a problem with the BB server and the email was pushed and encrypted and compressed.  I usually got it on my phone before I got it on my computer.  Also, the integration with the corporate calendar was much better on Blackberry.  No Lotus Notes support on WP8 yet.  Calendar on WP8 is not very customizable.  BBM is great, if you've never used it, you don't know what you're missing with the delivered and read notifications.  Much better than the mish-mash of other messenger apps around.
    Blackberry had much more customization on sound settings and notification settings.  With WP8, you get what you get.  The BB config settings for all of this was very deep, perhaps too deep.
    In terms of the UI: WP8 is modern and nice with the live tiles.  That is one of the things that attracted me to it.  The new BB OS looks nice, but I don't have any experience with it.  Wanting to unify my Zune account with my phone was a big selling point and it mostly works, but MS really needs to clean up the XBOX music thing on WP8 and they need to hurry.
    I keep seeing spec compares and spec races and honestly, this only matters if you're an Android guy and that sloppy, fragmented OS needs as much horsepower as possible.  WP8 is smooth and efficient and it would seem that BB OS10 is too and don't really need the GHz/core race that the Android phones seem to need.
    WP8 has a much nicer integrated web browser than my BB did.  Can't speak for BB10.
    No substitute for a physical keyboard.  I could message/email rings around the iPhone flunkies with my BB.  But, the majority decided in favor of form over function here.  So, we settle for sloppy typing on glass.
    The BB had a removable battery.  My Lumia 920 is just a case and I have to futz around with reset key press combinations to reboot the thing.  I know, I never have to reboot it, right?  Except that it occasionally freezes when I get a text while bluetoothed to my car playing audio and/or the sound quits working.  Nokia/WP still don't have the bluetooth bugs ironed out.
    Lumia has a better camera.  A much, much better camera and sky drive is very nice.  Don't have to fumble around with flickr.
    And the notification LED.  Sounds simple, but it is a nice feature on BBs.
  • Maybe it doesnt have reset issues, dust under prox sensor issues, two month delay in FW Updates betqeen regions... That counts too.
  • Maybe. But do you really think a Gen 1 hardware with a Gen 1 OS will have zero issues? Surely you can't give BlackBerry that much credit, can you?
  • This is true Daniel. Remember WP7? ...AND "Android" (when it first released).
  • WP7 was awesome! I never had a problem.  The only problem was Microsoft/Cell companies not getting the updates out.  If you aren't a power user, like most users I deal with who never install updates, you would never notice.
  • Com'mon. The first release of WP7 was slow without question and was missing some needed features. Mango was when WP really started to shine, IMO.
  • Hey Daniel, what do you think about the Z10 having HDMI out? I have to admit that I'm kinda jealous.. I was really hoping the 920 would have this.. Also, do you know if WP8 supports HDMI out, and if its possible to be on upcoming devices??
  • Nice but niche. We get a lot of email from users. Asking for HDMI is not one of them. Even HTC ditched that idea years ago when it was more common on Android. DLNA is where it is at now.
  • Well, we need some kind of Video out solution I don't care what it is. I think its ridiculous for a WP device to have PowerPoint and no video out of any kind, and I mean any kind that's built into the OS not third party apps.
  • I thought HDMI out was cool on my Atrix, but I never actually used it once.
  • Wow Daniel really and Microsoft never releases anything that's buggy. I remember something called windows me and windows vista that were abandoned instead fixing bugs because they were that bad. I've used Window phone 8 the lumia, 8x and ativs all phones crashed within 5 mins of use with the latest software on them. Ya that sounds like Microsoft got it right. 
  • What the hell has that to do with anything? I never said nor claimed Microsoft releases non-buggy software. So your whole post is nothing but a strawman. Congrats.
  • What! Crashed within 5mins each? You own all three? Did you buy all three? Do you wear glasses? How tech savvy are you? Do you like messing around with things? Nah, I don't believe you.
  • favorite reason for ppl like u - "USER PROBLEM"!! ROFL~~
  • Of course not, Daniel. I give BB10 zero credit. Im just saying that I dont give much more credit to Nokias 920.
    The article doesnt mention those (slightly huge) issues.
    Thankfully my nonportico 920 doesnt have problems.
  • Slightly huge? No. The amount of complaints about both is so minimal we actually never hear about them anymore. Disappearing keyboard? That was a big deal. Re: Updates, we'll see how BB fares there as well. But it's an odd complaint to make when Nokia just threw the switch on updating all five of their phones to 7.8, no? I mean, you say "two months" but it really hasn''s more like 30 that really crazy? Especially with Christmas and New Years? C'mon...
  • The fact that people who had nonissue devices now report crashes/freezes after the update is huge. Its a top model that makes people miss calls due to random reboots several times per day.
    There is no way that is not a huge deal, even if its 5% of users.
    I still don't have the portico update, but you're right, it hasn't been two months, more like a month and a week or so. I love my 920, don't get me wrong. That's why its sad to see so many people on the Norwegian boards reporting problems regarding freezes/reboots, and more alarming that perfectly fine devices are getting those after updating. As for BB10: If the device is more stable I understand it if people choose that over a 920, sadly. I just hope these issues are resolved fast by Nokia.
  • To some extent you are right. But it's not a Gen1 OS. You forget they've been using the QNX platform on the playbook for a while now. This is QNX but with just a different paint scheme. The device is yet to be proven but QNX has been. Just ask anybody who actually has a clue about OS functionality and isn't just an app junkie. The BB Playbook kills the iPad. They have had practice with software but again, we are left to wait and see the hardware impress
  • Or it not being able to connect 3G when you hold it wrong, backplate getting lose, plastic coloring. 
    Every phone will has its problems and so will BB10 phones, Especially with the first OS version that has already come quite appearant on the blog reviews of the devices. 
  • I have an iPhone 4 and I updated it to IOS 6.0 when it became avaialble right after the iPhone 5 came out.  Since upgrading to IOS 6 my phone has gone from stable to buggy.  My battery went from lasting for days with little usage to only lasting 1 day with little usage. Since then I have upgraded with every minor fix that they offered and it still isn't back to IOS 5 stability yet many months later.
  • I learned that lesson on my iPads. Avoid OS updates that come out when new hardware comes out. Every one I applied ended up slowing them down.
  • Lol yet another slap from @Daniel Rubino. Gotta love it!
  • Yet totally missing said slap, and with no justified reason. Gotta love it.
  • On a hardware level... there really is no innovation on the BB device. So.. no contest there really. But on the software side... QNX is an RTOS which has some benefits over NT.. if its explioted right.
    On the UX side.. They tried to make it easy to use with one hand, which is cool, but still.. a far cry from Nokia's harmattan, and WP to a certain extend.
  • What was the point of this one? The article seems more to promote the Nokia then it does to reveal what twists the z10 adds, and putting the UI against W8 seems to be the best use of a "versus" article with a bit on the hardware side.
  • "What was the point of this one? "
    To compare flagship hardware against hardware? What are the Z10's specs and how to they stack against the 920. It's a fair question and many people may want to know. Seems appropiate to sit back and see both for what they are.
    "...putting the UI against W8 seems to be the best use of a "versus" article"
    It's not like we can only write one article on the topic ;) Give it some time.
  • Fair enough - it's the text that kind of meanders a bit. Not something I'm used to from WPCentral - it read more like an article being written to have something written, then an article with something to say.
    Discussing the hardware specs are interesting - I am far more interested in how BB vs WP separate business from pleasure.
  • The home screen looks too much like iPhone and android. Static icons just don't look good. You put BB next to any android phone and you can't tell them apart. BB10 isn't innovating. They are trying to ride on coattails of android.
  • THIS
  • 2nd that statement. My summary of BB10. iPhone5 look alike with Android UI and ott webOS gestures.
  • Seriously.. At a glance BB10 looks just like any old BB device.. Nothing special about this UI as far as design goes. Nevertheless, I'm happy BB fans are getting what they want because being a WP fan I know how it sux to imagine having to use anything else.... Good for them.
  • If you honestly believe that bb10 looks similiar to android then there is truelly no hope for you,,,
  • Standard comment: "You never used BB10 phone".
  • Okay finish with the BB10 articles. This is WPCentral, if I wanted Blackberry comparisons I'd go to Crackberry. Articles on a specific phone OS website comparing an opposing OS are completely pointless as they're clearly going to favour the phone with the OS they cover.
  • Its important to talk about the competition and know where windows phone stands yo
  • Look where that projected markshare is going to come from: current Android, and "other" (Bada, MeeGo, Symbian OS, webOS, Windows Mobile, etc.) customers, only 0.6% from BlackBerry.
  • I agree. RIM and MS are in direct competition for market share so I want to know how they compare.
  • @ChazTyldsley "Okay finish with the BB10 articles..." If you look at things like audience participation (comments), reTweets, Facebook interactions and such, you will see that these articles have a high level of interest from our readers. That means they want to discuss it, they want info on it, they want comparisons. If these articles had like 10 comments then I'd see your point. For the record, I live monitor site traffic on individual stories. I see what tanks and what people are reading. If a topic is of high interest, we write more on it. If not, we don't. We do try to be fair where we can and if we failed to mention anything unique about BB10's hardware, we'll surely fix that. Regardless, the biggest competition to Windows Phone has just landed and it would be very odd for us to pretend it didn't affect us.
  • I agree Daniel.. If we think about it its not odd for us to be concerned about BB10 because I'm sure MS, Nokia, Samsung, HTC, and others are analyzing the devices and OS as well.. Heck, I wouldn't doubt it if our own MS somehow has a Z10, and a Q10, in hand right now! If they are concerned, at any degree, then we should be as well.
  • I'm sticking with my 920
  • Lol! You'd better sugar plum...
  • that yellow 8X looks so delicious i want to eat it!
  • Lol!!!!
  • Who called it innovative other than blackberry, its gotten luke warm reviews. Reporting on this site is getting bad.
  • L920 is the best you can get!
  • Dude blackberry is dead.. They will get sued by apple in a heart beat...
  • can't really be sued if they are paying to use different aspects of other OS.  They pretty much did a China and ripped off many of the good features of every phone.  The one thing I want to try out is the browser, heard it was lightning fast.
  • Of course they can get sued. Anyone can sue for anything at anytime. World is sue happy and does not mean there is merit or that will happen. No reason to discuss such hyperbole at this time. Bb will not be sued.
  • ....and I thought WP8 owners are smart.. oh! well! I'll just go back to crackberry.
  • @all3n7- jokes on you to think any collective fanbase or "owners" of any type of device makes them smart. You may want to rethink such a silly idea.
  • If wp8 is not receiving updates with significant improvements like notification center, better multitasking, battery percentage, quick settings and so on , in near future i will probably give BB10 a try. I like the gesture based OS and it comes up with awesome features.
  • You go right ahead and move on.
  • Hey that bb looks great. YouTube hands on and yes windows phone 8 has a lot to worry about. People like bb not Microsoft
  • Good. I'm truly happy for those people.
  • That "True Multitasking" has been stolen from HP/ Palm webOS
  • Yep, even the gesture for putting apps into "Active Frames" is the same as in webOS.
  • +50 for that comment. I had webOS. Am still loyal to it and was peeved when BB stole all of its gestures. The multitasking, way to close apps, card view and even that BB bridge feature which was essentially "tap to share". I know the dev team are QNX that were part of palm long ago but still, were is the originality.
  • I live in the U.S and have yet to see grey *sad face*
  • With the Lumia 920 you have wireless charging, but with the Z10 you have a lighter handset. It's all subjective and down to personal preference.
    Why not be subjective and compare weight to weight instead of wireless charging to weight? Qi charging is built-in to the Nokia Lumia 920 but with the removeable backplate, there's a rumor a third-party company could release a Qi backplate similar to the Nokia Lumia 820's Wireless Charging Shell. Also, the Nokia Lumia 920 doesn't feature a mini-HDMI output but both do have micro-USB. 
  • That is one of the few things I wish I had on my 8X, video out. There was a hack on WP7.5 that did it. An MS exec had it for a presentation. WM6.5 had it. I think, think it was promised this last summer to be a part of WP8. I'm wondering if and when it'll come. Oh boy, how I would love the f**k out of that!!! Micro USB to HDMI or even to PC w/audio. Goodness gracious!!!!!
  • Yea, it had support on Windows Mobile for video out, My HTC Touch Pro 2 had it, I had a home built cable, I used it 2 times in the 4 years I had the phone. As Dan said, DLNA is where it is at now.
  • BB10 new OS is like the birth between iOS, Android, WP8, and Windows 8.  The one that holding RIM back is their service.  That is where they also need to fix.
  • innovation? UI looks similar to iphone and android. and i think that ubuntu phone appears the same as well... so, windows phone all the way!!! :D
  • You guys keep on lying to yourselves...I've been impressed by what I've seen so far and Blackberry has the advantage of still being the goto business handset for Corporations (not small businesses... CORPORFUGGINRATIONS) Who usually employ 50,000+ people.
    They're messaging app alone surpasses both the imessage and Microsofts offerings... and the ease of video chat seemed good.
    Windows looks at Google and Iphone as competitors but Blackberry already has the integration in place to bury Windows Phone.  I prefer the windows phone but reduced cost to upgrade corporate infrastructures really makes Blackberry a viable choice for large business and small alike.
  • What I'm wondering is since a lot of companies are in the process of/already have BYOD policies, and then try to hand out BB10 devices to replace existing ones, will there be pushback from employees? iPhones and Andriod devices have taken off at my place and employees can't drop their blackberry devices fast enough. I'd be surprised if any of them came back to request one of these and to drop our BYOD plan. That may be an issue in the adoption rate of these phones at a corporate level. 
  • Except for the fact that BB10 handsets aren't compatible with the previous BES servers, and the new servers for BB10 are incompatible with older handsets. So, I doubt that these "corporfugginrations" are going to run out and buy brand new BES servers while continuing to maintain their current servers just for a new OS. From what I've seen, corporations for the most part follow the "if it ain't broke" model. But who knows, I have been wrong before.
  • BB10 supports activesync, I dont think it needs the BB server any more. I did see this on the Z10 review, It should connect directly to Exchange servers, etc. Not sure about all it's email support though..
  • Don't think BB10 can beat Lync.... and it'll work on more than just windows phones...
  • I would wait till end of Feb when we will see 2nd gen WP8 handsets, Also the business side of things with Microsoft and Samsung partnering up to takle the business side of WP, i dont see bb making it too far. I dont even think bb has much confidence in the device and shareholders dont either. It really does seem like apple released a bb branded iphone today. hopefully these new bb's dont need 10 minutes to boot and you do have to remove the battery at least a few times a day to get the phone functioning again. I am canadian and i really dont see this company surviving with this kind of hardware especiallt within the next month you are going to see a whole new bunch of android phones, a bunch of new WP8 phones and probably a newer iphone too soon. I have just recently switched all my company phones from bb to wp8 too and will never look back now.
  • Hmmm il be interested to check out the BB10 once it hits the market. I got a WP phone because it was different and new and exciting and I might just give BB10 a try if it's new and exciting. If not il stick with my WP phone. :)
  • Too little too late.  Worst case is M$ and Nok buy RIM-er BBRY and shut it down.
  • Kind of annoyed that I have to read about Blackberry on my Fav WP site! 
  • Yes, my first impression "iPhone." my second, soup mix of other OS's. Innovative, maybe and maybe not. Though obviously hardly seen praise coming from any tech site for WP. But here this soup? I'll stick with a true original, radical, nonconforming OS, with yearly major updates. The hate, the more I praise MS and WP.
  • Whatever, I just need more apps.
  • Been burned by RIM too many times, sorry not again
  • Time for Crackberry Kevin to do a smack down video between BB10 and WP8:)
  • Junk
  • Innovation? hardly if any. It's an iPhone-N9-Android-WP rolled into a big pile and then take a bit of each.
    It has something from everything else but sofar I have not seen it be best at anything.
    It's more like the N9 then anything else. Sure they mixed up the task screen and icon grid, but it's basically the same thing. Will they make it work? maybe.. Again is it new, groundbreaking or innovative.. not really (actually no it isn't at all)
  • After skipping thru the comments, unsure if this had been mentioned or not, watching the release live and seeing their hub, can't help to think it's a tweaked knockoff! Been using Windows phone for two years and similarities are obvious. When will Microsoft get credit for their innovation?
  • They won't get any for a long time. Only us WP enthusiasts bare praise.
  • I see an Apple lawsuit soon... looks quite alot like an Iphone, heck it is total BS if Samsung can get sued for their handsets if BB don't lol
  • There are a few things on the OS I would love to have seen included in WP8. Love the multitasking, sliding a word onto the screen & the notification implementation looks good. Some well thought out UI for one handed use. Lets not kid ourselves here, BB10 could take some Marketshare away from WP8 & that is not good.
  • Hey what about performance i think is when you really see how good a product is ,i fact i hope WP central will do a performance and comparative review soon hopefully.
  • The Verge gave it a 7. The Lumia scored 7.9 and the verge HATES Windows. I can't understan why they both have 5 in ecosystem. Everything in the BB Store is pure crap now.
  • Because the apps in WP7/WP8 are sub-par in availability and features.  I used to hate The Verge for giving WP a 5 for ecosystem, but then I checked multiple apps on an iP5 vs. L920 and the iOS are less buggy and have more features when compared 1 to 1.  It has nothing to do with the OS or device, it's what the apps' developers decided to do.  Not sure why BB got a 5.
  • BB says... We separate you from the corporation so the aps can x-ray you.
    MS says... We don't allow aps to x-ray you without you knowing and much can't be x-rayed.
    Looks to me like WP8 still offers more to the regular consumer in terms of privacy.
  • Like the slide down thumbnail and sleep mode options. Other than that, I see Android.
  • The low light pictures from the BB are horrid
    Makes the L920 look like a beast
  • Wow that's um... pretty bad.
  • BB10 looks impressive.
  • The real question is when is apple going to sue Blackberry?
  • Really does look like an iphone when the screen is off
  • I love how u guys get all loyal and bent out of shape for 'copying'. If theyre taking good aspects from certain os' and combining them to others then offering you more choice then what the hell are you all moaning about? If some one made something with ios' ease of use and apps and polish, androids customisation and wps live tiles and UI flourishes i wouldn't give a flying toss if it came from the hands of north korea's Iranian contractors id take it. Now, yes theyre going to struggle because they haven't moved the game on, they've only caught up, but the brand loyalty is just daft.
    All you guys that get all defensive are just being daft.
    Bb10 looks uninspiring. But the day something better than Wp comes along i hope you have the foresight to recognise it rather than knock it down for not being Microsoft, because unless you have a few thousand MS shares, if you open your minds you might actually benefit yourselves
  • Word up. These ms and nokia fanboys truly are daft tho. Smfh..
  • When a new product comes along, both tech sites and consumers give their two cents what they think. These opinions allow for improvement as a whole of a product. Here, the consumers believe BB10 is a nockoff of other OSs, including the design itself. That's all it is. Now if you believe there's hate and disgust involved, look no further than the Verge. Its called biasm.
  • Failberry
  • Well, I won't be one of those to knock BB's new device before I even try it out.  But just like I never read iOS/Android post/articles/etc. because I have zero interest in what they have or don't have I am only concerned and interested in Windows Phone devices and where they need to go to improve.  If you like icons that are static then WP device may not be your cup of tea.  Best of luck to Blackberry and it's supporters.  I on the other hand will be rooting for WP to survive and thrive.
  • When I saw the pictures of BB10 a while back, I was confused on the different screens, wondering what was going on here and there. Having now seen the OS in action, and getting full knowledge of what all of those screens mean...I can't help but think that BB10 is way to complicated and highly undiscoverable. webOS was great because it was a few simple common themes and it was relatively powerful to use, but not overly so. Windows Phone is similar in that aspect, just using a different method (which is why WP8 is currently my preferred migration path when I upgrade in just under 2 months). BB10 reminds me of Android...complicated, overwhelming, and a pain to discover things. And this is from a techie and Test Engineer. I don't need my phone to be so complicated I have a hard time getting things done.
    I have a feeling people are going to pick up BB10 and struggle to figure out how to use it, and then put it down to go over to look at the latest shiny iThing, or be directed to an Android phone where the sales guy can teach you everything because they carry it. In some instances, people will be curious about these "Luminas" (yes, I know it's Lumia) they hear about and they will see how easy it is to use a Lumia, 8X, or Odessey. I mean, when you have several different "menu" styles that pop up from different sides of the phone, it gets a bit confusing.
    I guess we will all see soon enough.
  • so the phone looks like a 1st gen android phone and it looks like they ripped the UI from the iphone theme "thirty two" that I used to run.
  • The Z10 looks like a Iphone
  • The UI looks like android to me
  • I wish Nokia had treated our good old N9 as how RIM has done to BB10! N9 was the 'real' innovation!
  • I didn't know Motorola was releasing a Droid X3.  I'm not sure I'm digging the new Motoblur skin though.
  • More options are good. If Microsoft threw in the towel and you didn't want an iOS or Android phone then what would you do? At the end of the day I buy what I want and everything has its merits. I personally think Microsoft's attitude to Windows Phone stinks, they need to improve the OS quickly and stop emulating Apple.
  • WOW, that gray BB10 looks absolutely Beautiful...
    no, wait...
  • Bb has better social media experience IMO, especially the BBM (that screen sharing was awesome!). Lumia 920 has better built and certainly wins the camera and video department. OS and app wise.. I like the WP8 experience, but honestly I think BB10 offer more functions than WP8 at the moment.
  • Can't argue with that, I'm really waiting for WP8 team to release a similar Notification center like BB10. And they need to release for phones... it's going to be a chess match between Microsoft and RIM, and I never count anyone out, BlackBerry has a chance to succeed.
  • What is the Nokia pen in the last picture? Are there any progams that give it useful functionality (similar to the Note)?
  • Too little too late.  Although it would've been good for competition,  I cant see RIM recovering.  BBM is irelevant with whatsapp, skype and other cross platform services.  Hardware doesn't appeal to geeks, can only see die hards wanting this.
  • Isn't that what everybody said about WP? Were you an early adopter and advocate? If so why would you take what was said about WP and say it against BB? If not why would you still say that if you moved from another platform to WP? This is just a bad comment to make because it's identical to what was said about WP from android and iphone users.
  • The difference is that RIM needs their phones to succeed and quick. They don't have the deep pockets of MS, Windows Phone hasn't been as successful as they wanted. However, they can keep digging at it, they have other products and services to bring in the profit. BBM needs to be cross platform to be relevant in this day and age of whatsapp, Skype, line, wechat, etc. It's not a defining feature anymore.
  • Lumia crush it
  • I've seen numerous comment like yours and have to ask, in what way besides the camera does the Lumia "crush it"? Spec wise the phones are pretty similar, minor differences in the battery, yet the Z10 has a better screen res. Lumia has wireless charging but the Z10 has HDMI out. other than that tell me where this isn't just more of a comparison of OS's which is more user dependent than anything.
  • It's the same screen rez on a smaller screen. That's not a better screen rez, it's better pixel density, which after 330, no one can really see in real world situations. I'd rather have wireless charging than HDMI, as DLNA is just better and more convinient. You're ignoring battery performance (Lumia 920 is about average to above average depending on apps), while in reviews, the Z10 battery life is piss poor. 
  • I work for Best Buy, and BlackBerry gave me a free AT&T Z10 to play with. Coming from WP and my 920 I like the multitasking feature, but apps load slower, and I'm not thrilled with the battery life, but I like it as an OS. Was not a huge fan of WP 7.5, loved my 900 though. Huge fan of WP8. Won't be switching for anything unless it's made by Nokia. BlackBerry could be a real threat once most of the popular apps are available... I can see BlackBerry being 3rd place and WP8 falling or remaining in 4th as an OS, especially if Microsoft doesn't figure something out. Balls officially In Microsoft court.
  • I love the new BB software keyboard, but the gestures are too complicated to be user friendly.  Now if Blackberry started offering their hardware with winphone 8 and a BB software keyboard I'd be all over that.
  • Does anybody needs wireless charging? For me hdmi capability is way more important.