Quick review – Nokia Wireless Charging Stand

The Nokia Wireless Charging Stand (opens in new tab) (DT-910) is one of numerous accessories the company has released this year for the Lumia 810/820/822 and 920 series. It’s similar to the Wireless Charge Pad that many have received via AT&T (or should) but it does have a few additions too.

The retail price is $69.99 and like all things Nokia these days, it’s hard to find. We had one backordered from AT&T for weeks but finally went the eBay route (and saved $10).

The Wireless Charging Stand differs from the Pad in two ways: the device is propped vertically and it features NFC. The vertical position has its obvious benefits, especially if you keep it bedside or on your office desk. Being able to see the display when a call comes in, alarm goes off or a new text message arrives is certainly convenient.

The other is the inclusion of NFC at the base. When you first tap it with your Lumia phone, it will ask to pair it up with an app. This launches the Nokia Accessories under Settings, which then allows you to associate any third-party app with that wireless charge stand. For instance, you could tap it have it launch your favorite weather app or alarm clock.

The feature is not too bad but it’s not exactly super fast either. For instance, the Nokia app needs to enumerate all of your installed apps first before giving you a choice. This process took about 2 to 3 minutes and you need to do it each time you want to configure the pairing (luckily that shouldn’t be too often). Also, once you tap to launch, you still need to tap the screen and approve the app launch. In that sense, we’re not sure how much more convenient it is as opposed to just tapping the Tile (assuming you have that app pinned).

Still, NFC can have its advantages and there is a certain neat factor in being able to launch an app this way. And let's not forget, the main function here is to charge the phone while having the display being visible and there the DT-910 does well. One complaint though would be the inability to charge the phone in a horizontal position, something that you might want to do if you put on Netflix. It’s an odd omission and we assume it has to do with the hardware configuration and limitations. Be forewarned though if that is what you had planned on using it for.

So is it worth the $70? It is pricey but the build quality and cool factor are both high with this accessory. We prefer the vertical orientation to the flat one of the Wireless Charge Pad as it makes the 920 look like a trophy phone. The white stand against our white phone really looks good together, making it seem more art than technology. So in that sense, yes, we recommend the Stand if your wallet agrees.

The stand comes in black or glossy white and can be found through various retailers for $69.99. Make sure to watch the video review for our thoughts.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • there are ten of these at my att store
  • Has anyone timed how long it takes from dead to fully charged?
  • My 920 died when I was trying to read an email to my boss. That was at 5:05pm. I immediately placed it on the stand. I checked off an on for a full charge, and I reached full charge at 7:55pm. About 2 hours 50 minutes for me.
  • Meh.  Why would you put the thing in a stand and wait three hours when you could plug it in and wait ten minutes (I imagine that would make your boss happier too).  I don't see the value in this except as a bedside clock - since I use my phone unless I am sleeping.  Wired charging lets me do that, wireless doesn't.  Why spend the money on something that doesn't let me charge and use at the same time? Expecially given that it won't charge in landscape - as when watching a movie.
  • It takes ten minutes to fully charge when dead? News to me.
  • Huh? My 920 doesn't fully charge in 10 minutes with the USB charger... I doubt anyone elses does either. I put it on the wireless charger because I didn't really need it... and it's by my bedside. The PC was on so I finished reading the email there. I'm not obligated to read a work email from my personal phone. You chose not to buy the wireless charger. Congrats on your decision. To each their own.
  • First of all, ten mimutes is bullshit.
    Second, for those of us that ise blietooth headsets the wireless dock works great and charges while we use our phones.  Try not to be so closed-minded.
  • Ten minutes.
    You must be trolling.
  • still waiting for fatboy pillow, but can't find it anywhere..
  • I tweeted em and Fatboy is yet to release it
  • The pillow has been released and is available in stores in Europe.
  • Will some one PLEASE make a wireless charging car mount. PLEASE
  • With NFC. But I'll state this again, we need steps. Like on a car charger I would want Bluetooth turned on, then music shuffle and play, finally Drive/maps/garmin launched.
  • As soon as someone makes a wireless car charger, just buy a bag of NFC stickers, apply one to the charger, and use something like TouchDevelop to associate your desired actions.
    Disclaimer: I'm new to Windows Phones, so I haven't done this personally.  :)
  • hey sean is this you??? from TT?? if yes when did you buy windows phone? enjoying it so far?. i am from uwi physics
  • easier said than done, the programming isn't hard but people who don't do it or need to learn it will have a steep learning curve plus you need the codes for the apps you want it to run.  someone needs to make an app to EASILY program those things.
  • +1
  • Yes!
  • +1
  • +1
  • Att rep lied to me...alas...
  • Hi, bottom line, do you think this is worth the extra $20 to stand your device?
  • Such a tough question to answer as it really depends on how disposable your income is. If you were budgeting for a charge pad and got it for free, then I'd spring for this. It looks really sharp and I find it more useful than the pad (it basically slides in/connects easier).
  • Can you charge your phone vertically as well horizontal? If yes, then being able to watch Netflix while the phone is charging is more than worth the extra $20. Perfect for the office! edt: Saw the vid. Bummer. Still cool though.
  • The charging seems to work horizontally, but won't your screen get locked after 1-5 minutes? Can Netflix prevent that?
  • Netflix and videos prevent that ad long as it is playing.
  • Mine doesnt work horizontally? what pipe you smoking?
  • I've had absolutely no problem charging my 920 set horizontally in the stand.
  • Mine charges horizontally also, you just have to get it just right on the charger.
  • The stand is worth the extra $20 simply because the plate sucks.
  • Some people get the plate for free, so...
  • ..so they have moneys to spend on the fatboy pillow, which they can use to charge their phones on a night stand, a not get waken up by the awful plate rattling.
  • Home Depot:  small rubber bumpers, circular.  Bag of 1,000,000.  $1.49.  Takes care of any and all rattling on the plate ;p
  • Do they come in yellow?
  • I just paid the $20 difference of the "free" plate from the AT&T store.
  • Does the NFC app work with HTC 8X? The charging works perfectly with the horizontal nokia charging pad which makes me interested in getting this for my 8x
  • Good question, forgot to add that. What it does is it it prompts you to search for that Nokia app (or something analogous)...and ultimately it doesn't find it.  So as of right now, that NFC ability is a no-go for other phones.
  • I tried my 8x on it at the AT&T store and it didn't fit.  The bottom holders make the 8x want to tip forward due to the curves on the back.  I'd like a standing charging dock (although I rather have a touchstone magnet solution, but that's not going to happen) - did you guys have luck getting the 8x to stand in it and charge?
  • I was going to buy this to use with my Verizon 8X.  Thanks for the review and responding to Daverath's comment!  You just saved me $70.
    Here's a thought / question.  If NFC is a no-go anyway on the Nokia Stand could I just buy a Palm Touchstone Charger on Amazon for $10 to satisfy my wireless charging needs?  Is there any reason why the Touchstone wouldn't work?  
    --- After a quick seach I see you have already answered my question in a past article.  
    I guess my search for a wireless charging stand will continue.  Question:  Why are there so few Qi standard wireless charging devices on the market?  
  • Totally into the new intro and I think I might stick to the charging pad seems like a better fit for me. And not being able to turn it sideways and still charge it is defiantly a downside for me.
  • 1. Get DT-900 charging pad
    2. Lego
    3. Vertical+Horizontal charging stand
  • Thanks for the idea, now I have a use for all the palm touchstone chargers I have lying around.
  • Though that doesn't bring NFC.
  • As a stand I like this but for NFC I think it's pretty useless. I posted this already in the forums but I'll give you a quick run down of why the NFC in it's current form might be useless for some.
    1. Only 3rd party apps will launch.
    2. When you pair an app to be launched via NFC is takes even longer to launch it  for some reason. Meaning you accept the NFC request and then it doesn't just launch the application it sits at a black screen with the floating dots going by letting you know that it's thinking and then after around 10 seconds it will load the app. I can unlock my phone and launch the app of my choice in much less time. 
    3. You can't really setup chain events (as far as I know). Meaning you can't activate NFC then have it set your alarm then put the phone to vibrate only. 
    If you want an upright wireless charger then this is the one to get... but for NFC it's not quite there YET. 
  • Agreed. Need more options.
  • Indeed, the NFC functionality in this solution is useless so far.
  • I got myself both a stand and a plate. The plate sucks as my 820 vibrates awfully loud on it when I receive mail or messages. The stand with it's rubbery finish isn't noisy and is surprisingly stable and solid. It's expensive but it's definitely better than the plate.
    I don't have the pillow yet as my local store only has white, blue and yellow, and I'm waiting for a red one. But I'm pretty sure it's gonna be way better than the disappointing rattling plate.
  • Oh, and the cool thing about 820 charging shells is that they are all matt and not glossy like the deafult ones.
  • Very helpful: thanks.
  • Mine quit working on me. Waiting for att warranty replacement. Hope its not the phone.
  • Just what I have been waiting for. Slap a power inverter in my car, and mount this on my console...set it to open Xbox music....boom, ultimate car dock. I just wonder how sturdy it is when it sits there, and whether it can fit with my slim case.
  • While cool sounding, I doubt it'd survive a turn...just not that grippy.
  • Its still 63€ here in europe. I'll wait until it drops to ~40€...
  • Does it work with USB into pc to charge?
  • Sorry, no.
  • Stand looks better than lying it down
  • I wish there was a setting that would allow you to circumvent the little pop-up that comes up when you connect to an NFC device, it kind of defeats the purpose of NFC if you have to push a button anyways it would be better if it would just launch the app right away. 
  • Need someone with a 3d printer, or some unpronouncable Chinese company, to make and sell little "adapters" so that we can mount the flat charger upright on an angle like the stand up one.
    It would be really simple to make.
    Edit: ROFL, 1 minute after I posted this I saw this article: http://www.wired.com/design/2012/11/staples-goes-3-d/
  • Can app developer make an app flip orientation if the phone is upside down? Perhaps that way you could just put it on the stand upside down and at least it would prompt you to launch on the stand, rather than having one extra step.. :P Yup, I am lazy.
  • I wrote in the forums too. Its ridiculous how long it takes to load my alarm app. I frustrates me that NFC is so cool but is hindered in the scenario. I'm better off starting up the manually. But over all I like the stand. Just wish I could prop the phone horizontally so that the clock would be bigger. But its not stable enough.
  • For whatever reason AT&T sent me this for free instead of the charge pad - I didn't complain.
  • Lol, i would have neither.
  • The instructions say the light is supposed to go out once its charged, but neither mine nor my wife's does that with the 920? Anyone else have this?
  • My light does not turn off either. I just hope it's not overcharging it...
  • Mine blinks randomly...... very long  periods of it being on then off for a second.
  • Mine turns off.
  • Mine turns off also.
  • Mine turns off.
  • yes, I have the 920 and the pad, the light sure go out when the phone is fully charged.
  • How grippy/sticky is the bottom? Will I be constantly having to move the stand back to its original position as it gets slowly pushed back inch by inch over the course of a couple days' worth of chargings? Or does it have awesome gecko-feet sticking technology like the old Palm Pre touchstone? Somewhere in between? Bottom line: will this frustrate me if I put it on my coffee table?
  • It definitely does have a grip, but it doesn't feel tacky when I touch it. I have mine on top of a marble surface and it doesnt realy move. I guess it depends on how hard you slap your phone onto the thing though. I never had a touchstone, so I cannot comment on that, unfortunately.
  • It's not slippery but it's not gecko feet either. I dunno, it doesn't slide when I put the phone in it.
  • Awesome. Thanks for the replies, guys. I think I may have another item to (not-so-subtly) hint at towards my gf for Christmas. :)
  • This thing has more limitations than it is worth, IME.
    First, getting an app to launch is buggy as all hell. By that I mean it took me multiple tries to get the application list to not be greyed out. Looking at the forums, I am not alone.
    Next, the apps you can launch are limited. I am not sure why, or what the criteria is, but you can't launch just anything.
    Getting NFC to start, you have to tap the base. I guess to peope who look into it, that's ok. I thought it was just a matter of setting the phone down and it loading. I would rather have had something like that, but I can see why they did the tap thing too (so that you don't launch the app when you don't want to).
    But my biggest gripe is it doesn't work in landscape mode. You can certainly put the phone in landscape mode and watch a movie. That works beautifully, and at just the right angle. But it won't charge in any position other than standing upright. This was most shocking because I can put the phone in almost any position onto the flat charging pad and it works just fine.
    Bottom line is, I wouldn't spend the extra $20, at least not until they iron out the bugs with the launching of apps. As it stands, it adds absolutely no utility for me. It is basically just another charging pad. Glad I got it for free.
  • I thought I read somewhere this was also supposed to increase the volume of the phone. I do not know if that is true or not, but can anyone confirm?
  • No, it does not do anything to the volume.
  • I look at these accessories and just get irritated that T-Mobile hasn't received ANY of the wireless charging backs and plates for the Lumia 810. I've asked multiple workers, and no one has been able to give me a solid answer to when they're coming.
  • I really hope they improve the NFC experience on Windows Phone. They've taken away a lot of the convenience of the feature by requiring your approval. The location of NFC on this is also weird to me. Why at the base? Makes me want to put an NFC sticker on the stand instead.
  • Really looking forward to my 920 arriving, but I honestly don't think I'd ever pay more than about £30 for a wireless charging pad. It's really no more convienient than just plugging the thing in, and at least you can hold it and use it when it's charging then. It's a novelty, and if they want Qi/wireless charging to take off, they're going to have to include the bases or stands with the phones or bring the price down significantly, and make it available quicker in more public places.
    The fact it doesn't hold your phone in landscape (Which is how you'd want it if you were watching video etc whilst at a desk) is a massive oversight. Nice idea, but at that price... This just isn't a thing.
    "It's really no more convienient than just plugging the thing in, and at least you can hold it and use it when it's charging then. It's a novelty..."
    I dunno, after using wireless charging pads for the last 3 weeks I completely disagree. It's not a novelty and waaaay easier and nicer to use. Plugging in my phone seems to antiquated now...it's like plugging in to sync (vs the cloud). I can honestly say I don't want to go back to having to plugy my phone in. Can't wait for Qi car mounts...
  • I agree, please let us know when the car mounts hit the store. Also, I was able to pick up the charging stand at an att store today for $49 with my accessories discount. The price was worth it.
  • The NFC feature on mine is completely busted.  I set it up to run an app, and when I tap it the phone just sits there with those blasted dots for as long as I care to stare at them.  I went to change the app (thinking maybe it was a bug in the app and didn't like being launched like that), but I can't get back in the charger stand config app - same blasted dots.
    Instead I used NFC Interactor and programmed an NFC sticker to run my app, stuck the sticker to the top of the stand, and now it works fine.  Don't have to tap the base, just put the phone on the stand.  The NFC tag is in the right spot so it automatically activates the NFC antenna, all I have to do is hit ok for the app to run.  Much more convenient than the built-in NFC tag would have been had it worked.
  • Someone may have mentioned this, but it seems Nokia is taking a page out of HPalm's playbook.  This looks and sounds just like WebOS's Exhibition Mode with the Touchstone.  I'm glad to see that functionality resurrected in the WP platform.
  • Got mine free from the Microsoft store.  When I bought my Lumia 920 I was told by two salepeople that I would be able to get a free charging pad from Nokia.  When that turned out to be false information I went back to the store and politely complained to a manager.  He apologized, said he would make it right, offered me a beverage (coffee, tea, Coke, Fresca, etc...) and then went in the back and brought back my Fresca and the charging stand, which I had wanted more than the pad anyways.  Never has experienced such good customer service in my life.  I am sure I wouldn't get the same service at the fruit store across the parking lot.  And by the way, I love the stand but yes I agree with others the NFC function is useless.  I have it next the my bed.
  • Would that fruit store happen to sell Apples?
  • IF I ever recieve this thing from At&t, I will really appreciate not having to plug anything in or looking for the plugs and adapters.  2 weeks and At&t hasn''t sent me this bad boy, come on!
  • I'm a little upset with my 820 because it has no wirless charging enabled shell. So when i like to use this neat feature it not only costs me 70 Euros (i thought maybe it would be a bit cheaper in our 'precious' currency), but also another 40 (donno if this is right) for a wireless charging shell. I gotta say - this is real downer to the 820, since the 920's has a much better value for money.... even though i'm pretty satisfied and i think the 920 is to big - i'm still thinking about selling my 820 and get me the 920.
  • Hmmm. Can be 50-50...My gf likes the fact that you can change shell colors because unlike monotones, colors are easier to get bored of (by this I mean wanting to change colors once in a while, or to match fashion. Don't really get this feeling with monotone). Being able to swap colors alone is a value the 920 doesn't have. Even if you do buy 1 shell it's still relevantly cheaper than the 920 and the only "main" difference is the Pureview, but I assume that doesn't bother you since you got the 820 in the first place.  All in all i think the 820 has it's value and is worth every penny ;)  
    SD slot is a BIG plus too. 
  • Wireless charging is a solution looking for a problem. Check out that first photo - the USB socket on the bottom of the phone is perfectly placed for a USB adaptor to charge the phone properly (and faster, and cheaper..).
  • After spending the last two years with a touchstone - I disagree wholeheartedly. It's much like having a FOB for a car. Once you're used to it, going back is disappointing. I preferred Palm's approach though by a long shot. Having the magnets makes the docking solution much more elegant and functional. I like having my phone angled towards me on my desk where I can read my notifications when they come in without picking up the phone. Having it laying out a plate charger or pillow is sloppy in my opinion. The stand is ok, but sadly the 8x won't fit in it.
  • Agree...we need a wireless car charger accessory.  But in the meantime, I used a $15 Lenmar N-Verter from Amazon and I seat the Nokia wireless charger in a leftover $20 Breffo Spiderpodium sitting in one of my cupholders.  It works perfectly and I love the way I can lift the 920 off the charging pad in my car without having a cord dragging along.
  • I'm a bit dissapointed with this stand. Honestly, there should just be a base adapter for the wireless charging plate to click into to turn it into a stand. That would be a super simple way of having both a charging plate and stand and I'm really suprised that's not what they did here.
    Consiering how the plate connects, i can definitely picture a "base" coming out for the plate charger from possibly a third party to make it a stand. I'll be waiting for that as I can't justify spending another $60-$70 on this, especially considering that it isn't adjustable. Here's to hoping that this happens sooner rather than later!
  • Want a car charger version with phone mount.
  • We got the wireless charging stand instead of the pad for all 40 Lumia 920 we ordered.. :-)
  • Foes anyone know if it works with the nexus 4??
  • Was waiting for Nokia to contact me when the pad is available but after this article...I'm leaning towards the NFC stand. I probably won't be using the NFC much but having the phone upright seems much more convenient. The rattling on the pad seems troublesome (which is something  I had not thought about at all).   *One thing I would like to ask...Is the rattling caused by the Phone vibrating against the plate, or the plate hitting the surface you placed it on (caused by the vibration of the phone)?  Because if it was the plate hitting the surface, I would probably just add some of those rubber stickers on the bottom to secure it. 
  • So how loud is the rattle on the pad when phone vibrates?
  • Will this charging stand allow you to sync any data with your computer (i.e., is there a USB cable that plugs into a port on your computer to sync while you are charging)?  This may be a dumb question since there are so many other ways to sync the phone, USB or via the Cloud for examples, but if I am spending the $70 for this, I just want to know if I am going to get more than just a charger here.  It would be nice to have a stand that charges and syncs like the docks available for most other phones.  I had one for my Motorola Droid Pro and I loved it.  I work from home and have a wireless charging pillow in my bedroom, and it would be nice to have a cradle in my office/den.
    Doug Marino