If you're one of the lucky few to pick up an AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 and wanted a free charge pad, looks like they're starting to hit doorsteps today. Reader Corbin B. sent in this photo of his new wireless charge pad, which just showed up.

Currently, AT&T and Nokia are offering once free charge pad with a new Lumia 920 purchase. Most stores did not have them yet it stock so managers often took down the info and had the items shipped when available. Likewise with online purchases, which promised a later delivery date as soon as stock arrived. 

We've been using the wireless charge pad for about two weeks ourselves and as we said in our review, for us it is no gimmick. We're using it all day due to the simplicity of just plopping your phone down. We feel like a commoner now when we have to physically plug in a phone (we're adjusting our monocle as we type this). 

Did you get your charge pad yet? If so, how are you liking it?