Although the Microsoft acquisition of the Nokia handset division has legally wrapped, some news about what we can expect from the new Microsoft department has come forward. This morning, the Verge is reporting that a new device – codenamed ‘Superman’ – is being prepped for a release later this year and that it will feature a 5 MP front-facing camera.

‘Superman’ is described as a mid-range phone by the Verge with a 4.7” display. It will coincide with two required OS updates for Windows Phone 8.1, one over the summer and one later in the year. No other information about the device was revealed.

Microsoft Mobile concentrating on a high-end front facing camera is probably not too unexpected, especially since Nokia has previously conquered the rear-camera market with the Lumia 1020. With the rise of ‘selfies’ in pop-culture and the lack of attention by phone OEMs in that area, it seems ripe for Microsoft Mobile to push the feature forward with new technology that exploits the trend.

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Microsoft Mobile, alongside the remaining plans from Nokia, are also expected to release ‘Goldfinger’ for the holiday season, with numerous new apps to leverage the technology. That phone had been delayed internally due to some missing required OS bits, which are estimated to be completed later this year.

Source: The Verge