Nokia releases #2InstaWithLove social app to put some pressure on Instagram

Update: Download link is once again working

This morning we reported on the rumor that Instagram is coming to Windows Phone, but as a possible limited exclusive to Nokia Lumia devices. That information is now somewhat betrayed by the release of #2InstaWithLove app from none other than Nokia.

The app allows you to take photos using “the classic polaroid filter” and then automatically adds the hashtag #2InstaWithLove to the photo, for sharing on your favorite social network.

According to Nokia

 “Many of you have asked when Instagram will be coming to Windows Phone, and the #2InstaWithLove app was created as a way for you to have your voice heard…It's all about showing Instagram just how passionate the Windows Phone community is - so be creative, have fun and be sure to share your favorite photos with us using a social network of your choice.”

To us that doesn’t sound like Nokia has a deal locked-up with Instagram but rather are themselves ratcheting up a campaign to put pressure on the fledgling company to get on board.

Either way, the app won’t install on our Lumia 620, Lumia 900 or Lumia 920 as there is a “this app is not available for your phone” disclaimer. We’re not sure if that’s a Store error or we’re missing something but this whole situation is certainly unorthodox to begin with.

As of 6PM ET, we can now download this app to our Lumias.

You can attempt to download the app from the Nokia Collection right here.


Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • this has been a rollercoaster ride this morning on WPcentral
  • agree
  • Best windows phone day of 2013
  • To me this sounds like a hype marketing push for them to turn around and deliver instagram. It would be a fantastic PR move.
  • It indeed does seem to be something related to the actual announcement of Instagram to the platform. Interesting times indeed...
  • And then, I predict, a gracious and warm welcome from the Instagram crowd kind of like this:
  • Its like phone racism. Fuck apple fags like that...
  • Sorry to bother, but... Have you said "Fags"?
  • haha I remember when I had an iPhone and Instagram went Android... Shittiest pictures ever. Hopefully they make it windows 7.8/8 and up (windows phone has spec requirements)
  • They mean how passionate the Lumia community is... if it's a Lumia exclusive the Windows Phone community can't show Instagram a damn thing.
  • Lumias have the market share so they would represent the majority.
  • No good if lumias cant download it tho ;)
  • Can't download. Same message indicating it's not available. Lumia 920 on AT&T.
  • +1
  • Ditto, Lumia 822. I wasn't going to download it, as I do not use instagram, but since the article mentioned a problem, I looked.
  • +1
  • Hahaha this is awesome
  • Lets get on with it boys. Make it an everyday job (or habit) and include this in your routine :) Lets show the love, because the world needs it!
  • THis is why if instragram come, it will be a lumia exclusive for a time, they actually put in the work to get apps onto this platform.  Samsung is sucking on googles teet and will essentially try to braek off onto their own OS probably.  HTC, well, not sure what they are diong other than trying to get the company from sinking. 
    Nokia is a struggling company, yet time and time again, you see the effort and the investments they put into the development of these apps to get to the platform, or atl east that is the perception.  Nokia is the only reason im with wp8. 
  • I agree. I am thourghly impressed with Nokia as a company now. I knew little about them before I got my W8 920 and am amazed at how active they've been. 
  • Feels like Nokia is just showing, out of frustration, that it is not that hard to implement Instagram-like-apps to WP :)
  • Clearly not available for the 820. At least not where I live, lol.
  • Great PR move by Nokia... I m sure Instagram is waiting for a grand Entry to WP(read Lumia). So this app is for creating HYPE.  Awesome... :)
  • How to download on my 820?
  • WTF is this bullshit? Lumia != Windows Phone. There are people out there with HTC 8X's (hello everyone on Verizon).
  • HTC doesn't support their phones.  My HTC Titan II never got the update to 7.8 (or any updates) & HTC does not make any significant software for WP.  That's why I've gotten a Lumia this time around.
  • There are more people with 822's on Verizon than 8x's. Myself included :)
  • Good choice of phone
  • Actually Lumia = Windows Phone, but Windows Phone != Lumia
    That said, if Nokia has paid (a considerable amount) to get Intstagram on board it would seem to me they have every right to have the app exclusive for a while. So far neither Samsung or HTC have shown much if any interest in actively promoting the platform and going out to wine and dine developers.
  • I don't understand this.
    I know you are not thinking it rationally if you are HTC owner, but of course if Nokia first lf all makes its own apps (around +30) and then pays for exclusive apps. Nothing weird there. HTC would be there if it contributed to the ecosystem as well. 
    It's the same Samsung does on Android. 
  • Got a htc Radar, before that two more htc's... But seems my Radar never will get any 7.8, already had my Lumia 920 for 3 months and never looked back...
    Nokia really seems to care, others certainly do not...
  • im sure if HTC or Samsung bring something new they will cover it sadly there isn't anything new
  • On Verizon, do not have an 8X.  I have the 822. 
  • We should start a campaign to bring the ladies to my platform. #2SamWithLove
  • #2WhippedKreamWithLove sounds a lottttt more kinkier if you ask me ;) hahaha
  • Sam I feel like I have a duty to tell you that with such a campaign, no girl is ever going to go near your platform... ;)
  • Lmao :P hehe
  • #2JayWithSadness
  • Seems like you guys don't like each other...
  • ROFL
  • I downloaded it yesterday with no problems, although I notice that the photostream and their website are down today. Maybe they released the app prematurely, but will be promoting it soon?
    This looks to me like a marketing ploy to get people excited about Instagram which may actually appear in the next month or so.
  • The details on the app explains it all! Hopefully it'll be available for the 920 soon.
  • I couldn't care less about Instagram or Pandora (The only thing I want is Subway Surfers. :( ).  That being said I'm all about helping people that want those apps.  I'll be using it for that reason in hopes our beloved platform gets the goods.
  • Couldn't care less**
  • Doh you are right.  Proof Reading for the lose! :p
  • Same here. I'll try it out and maybe help out with the campaign. Maybe it'll get me to take more random pictures and post them. In other words, make actually want Instagram haha
  • Wth
  • Wont install on my Lumia 920 on EE. Oh well....
  • Just installed fine on my EE 920
  • I was able to dl it last night 920 on att
  • This is why I asked how credible that "instagram" source was...the last thing you want is a let down. I would have asked Nokia on twitter or called them outright to confirm or deny or to at least get some type of info about it first, cuz ppl were getting excited! LOL...
    I do think that it will reach WP by q1 2014, hopefully by years end.
  • Yeah, because Nokia would have been happy to confirm a rumor about one of the most wanted apps just because someone asked them on Twitter. They wouldn't want to make their own announcement at the time of their choosing or anything. C'mon, they would either get silence or a "no comment" or a "nothing to announce now, but we are always working to bring...".
  • I know you're being sarcastic, but if you recall last week wpc announced updates that Microsoft execs confirmed via Twitter. You'd be surprised the number of corporations that use social media to make announcements, confirmations, etc...
  • Tweeting that they are aware of a problem and are working on a fix or vague tweets about more apps coming are hardly comparable.  Neither are tweets about apps that are new to the marketplace (ie already released).
    Instagram would be a MAJOR announcement for WP.  When they are ready to announce or confirm it's coming they will be shouting it from the rooftops on their own... not as a response to someone's question about a rumor.
    Just my opinion.  :-)
  • You certainly are entitled to your own opinion :-) but if you look at my first post, I used twitter as an example of contacting them to verify the validity of the rumor. I also said that I would have "called them outright". Most journalists and news agencies try to contact the company they are reporting about for an official response before they report the story... even if the company doesnt respond. The whole point of the post was to see if Nokia was contacted, because this app IS a big deal to so many ppl and having a merry go round of breaking news that may leave some ppl disappointed will not be good if it could have been prevented.
  • I understand the post, I just think there is zero possibility that they would have gotten any sort of confirmation either way from Nokia, whether by Twitter or phone.  It's just not something they are prepared to answer and that seems pretty clear.
    As I said, when they want to announce such a major win, it will be an announcement at the timing and venue of their choosing.  Not an answer to a question about a rumor.
  • I love the way the app has been named! :P
  • Maybe instagram is making the app but since they weren't to sure about it, Nokia wants to show how much we really want instagram
  • It says not available for your device L920 on at&t here
  • not available on 620 900 820 + 920...what is it available on haha
  • I've read somewhere that turning the phone to airplane mode, turning on the wifi, and searching again for the app on the store should fix the issue (at least it did here in Italy for Asphalt 7).
  • I still don't get how a company (Facebook) worth hundreds of billions of dollars can't hire 3 developers to make a Windows Phone app. It's a social network. The app itself would be free. Wouldn't you ideally want as many people as possible?
  • Yes, would be common sense, but common sense is very uncommon.
  • It took them 3 years to get the apps on iOS and Android right, and even now the app on Android is kind of meh. That should tell you it's not really THAT easy to just make an app.
  • To make an app shouldn't be that hard, to make it right and presentable I would expect more time.
  • Deleted.
  • Instagram is coming to Windows Phone:

  • Dude that is the oldest link and was updated to show that it was false and a Vimeo app
  • Yes it is an old link, that has received updates. Tom Warren retweeted it one hour ago...
  • This is old.
  • Guys that update 2 was just added today. Old article, new update.
  • No that is false, it has always said that - nothing is new on that story.
  • No on the L800 too, whats the use of this app if no one can dl it.
  • same here..
  • Who needs instagram when we have app trends like this ;)
  • I thought the whole point of Instagram is to disguise the crappy cameras on other phones by making the pictures look intentionally crappy.  This is not needed on nokia phones.
  • Not true, the point of IG is picture sharing. There are PLENTY of professional photogs on IG that don't use filters.
  • I think this is a tease for the real IG to come
  • I don't give a s#&* about Instagram, I just want an auto rotate lock feature, and the ability to see what time it is while I browse IE without having to go to my home screen. And while I'm at it, battery percentage showing instead of a worthless colored icon. How hard can that be?
  • Protip. Touch the three dot menu in IE and drag up just slightly. The time, signal, etc will pop up in the notification area then just drag it back down so the menu doesn't open.
  • I don't think Microsoft would be stupid enough to let an app like Instagram be a Lumia exclusive, regardless of Nokia's investment. It wouldn't be worth the shitstorm that would create.
    As for Instagram substitutes, they're nice to play with but at the end of the day that's not what people want.
    I do not think MSFT has sh*t to say about what Nokia does with an app they paid for to get made. If Nokia pays for it they will have it exclusively for an x amount of time at least.
  • MS is stupid enough, hence you see many missing apps on platform, its Nokia who is doing all the work. 
  • Looks like they are rolling this app out.
  • This is what real OEM support is. SAMSUNG/HTC, you guys looking?
  • They don't give a s....
  • This shouldn't be Lumia exclusive if they want more peoples voice heard.
  • Exactly. Nokia needs to decide if they want to save Windows Phone or themselves. Not sure one goes without the other.
  • Makes no sense business wise at all.  Why would Nokia want to do the work and just give it away so taht samsung/HTC can just piggy pack on Nokia's effort.  Nokia is not looking to only expand wp8, they are looking to expand lumia with wp8. 
    I dont understand the logic and complaints about these exclusives, Nokia is the only one investing or funding the development of these apps which will essentially get to other platforms on a later date. 
    That is why you see in the presentation where they said in partnership with nokia, you do not see that with samsung or HTC at all. If you want the best wp8 experience you get Nokia and that is what Nokia is doing. 
  • Think before what you say Lumia hater, If Nokia really decide to save themselves and offer both Android and Windows phone, then no guesses for who will survive what!!
  • Tell me what sense for a "minor" company like Nokia to do the dirty work, pay them in some sort of fashion only for it to be used by other companies like Samsung/HTC??? Where is your logic? What has Samsung done that benifits Nokia? Why cant i use Samsungs CoChat messenger service? Or have HTC Beats Audio installed on my phone from HTC? Nokia is going in the way that MS has invision. This is NOT android where as long as you are on the OS you have access to everything. This is WP. Pay your dues and reap your own rewards. Kudos to Nokia
  • There are OTHER windows phones?? ;)
  • [quote]That information is now somewhat betrayed by the release of #2InstaWithLove app from none other than Nokia.[/quote]
    I would say it corroborates it quite nicely actually. Good marketing campaign, then they "succeed" at getting the voice hear and the community rejoices.
  • EDIT: 22:20 GMT The App is now available on my Lumia 920.
  • Not able yo download the app..
    I am also thinking instagram is coming soon.. Marketing strategy.. :-)
  • This is OBVIOUSLY a marketing campaign, such a HUGE company as Nokia would never be publicly begging for something, they obviously have the deal tied up and just want to create hype before the official announcement.
  • Can't you just add the hash tag from any windows phone to show support for an instagram app?
  • I concur that this is a very clever marketing gimmick. I believe IG is already in the works, and Nokia knows this. They bring out this app, create hype, get people talking. When IG finally comes out, "the voices are heard" and Nokia will look like superheroes.
  • Funny! I'd rather have this that InstaGrime! ;) I love how Nokia just brings it. No other OEM seems to care. All the "exclusive crying" is just that. Nokia doesn't owe HTC/Samsung (or there users) a THING. I jumped ship from Samsung to Nokia and I'm super glad that I did. They bring it and bring it and the others simply don't.
  • Not available, 920 EE
  • Someone make this app for non Nokia phones. I'd use it.
  • You guys see how Samsung and HTC are doing all the work?
  • well played Nokia, well played 
  • Personally I don't use or care for Instagram, but what many don't realize is that this is more than about Instagram being available. The more high profile apps that come available for WP the more it will light a fire for other developers to get their apps on WP. This is why I want Instagram, to motivate others.
  • Why can't 50% of Nokia's marketing team train 100% of Microsoft's team? They have some gems hidden in their offices, that Microsoft could use help from.
  • because believes they are sitting on top of the mountain, nokia trying to get up there.
  • WP said earlier that there was a firmware upgrade for the 920 on the servers for a short time. Maybe that needs to be pushed before the app will become available. Granted, they just reported the 920, but others could be lurking in the wings. The error in the store says it could be a software issue or carrier or location. I am on at&t in the US.
  • I'm sure as others have said this is a tease and will turn into an official Instagram app within a very short time.
  • Can't download.. l900 wp7.8 ..
  • You should be able to download it now.  I just downloaded it to my ATT Lumia 900 (WP7.5).  It's really nice, and if Instagram is like this, or better, I can sorta understand the appeal.
  • I have a 920 on AT&T in Portland, OR USA and cannot download... Anyone else in my area have any luck?
  • same setup and location for me, no dice on the download...
  • Same here! Live in Portland and have a 920!
  • So why we need Instagram when we have Flickr! With such an awesome Privacy! And for that try this: ... Pixl for Flickr!
  • If you're asking why we need Instagram when we have flickr... you don't get Instagram.
  • actually Flickr did the worst job by trying to fit in the Aircraft Carier in a tiny screen, that's where Pixl for rescue! :) Go ahead try it out.... 
  • What is there to "get". Crappy square/filtered pictures of cats and food on a lame sub social network so people can get some vanity views.  When they actually want a wider amount of views, they litter Twitter and Facebook for a REAL social experience.   I "get" IT...I don't why people fall for it. I did run into a girl yesterday using Instagram on her iPhone and she said that she literally HAS to use it because her phone's memory is full and Instagram apparently takes the pic and saves it directy to the cloud, bypassing the phone's memory.  THAT is a useful feature.  
  • Instagram is for "instant gratification" however, problem with Instagram is their dubious privacy policy, where as Flickr is good with your photo privacy. Pixl is trying to bring the social interaction in Flickr. No need for Instagram, if you love your photos and you are sensible enough to understand the dubious policy of Instagram.
    This is where Pixl ( comes and fill that gap. Use Flickr, but in a more social way. 
  • Nokia is absolutely COOL!
  • I use Lomogram just fine... Why does everyone have to have instagram? Is it a name brand thing? Just trying to understand.
  • I think we "only" need it to to show we offer all the same major apps to help bring iOS & Android and what ever BB users are out there to the platform.
  • Why!?  Because it has over 100 million users.  It has nothing to do with the 'filters".. Everyone thinks Instagram is all about the filters, but, you're wrong.. It's about the community that's already built around it..No filter app can replace that.
  • "Everyone" has heard this, but the fact remains that I still see ALL of my friends Instagram pics on Facebook and Twitter. Their social ain't all that.
  • Because they want it. And at the end of the day, if you don't care for it, you can choose to ignore it. Plain and simple. 
  • Wont install on 810 either app not avail
  • Same here!
  • Downloaded it
  • Doesn't seem to be available in the UK!!!
  • Just use fhotoroom app. Already has users and nice chics. Ill add my #2instawithLove
  • This^^ :)
  • Fhotoroom's better :)
  • uggh, fhotoroom is fricking TERRIBLE imho
  • Doesn't seem to be available anywhere ...
  • i mean GoChat... i think its called
  • Tell me what sense for a "minor" company like Nokia to do the dirty work, pay them in some sort of fashion only for it to be used by other companies like Samsung/HTC??? Where is your logic? What has Samsung done that benifits Nokia? Why cant i use Samsungs GoChat messenger service? Or have HTC Beats Audio installed on my phone from HTC? Nokia is going in the way that MS has invision. This is NOT android where as long as you are on the OS you have access to everything. This is WP. Pay your dues and reap your own rewards. Kudos to Nokia
  • On my lumia 920 it's impossible tl download the App :|
  • Today was a good day
  • Can't download Lumia 820 :/
  • Not available on Lumia 920
  • I don't really understand why this app was made. people are already voicing their opinions on how they want instagram. this isn't really going to change anything in my opinion. so basically they want me to use this app to show people how my phone does not have instagram? no thanks
  • Nokia, I hear you and I'm on board. Edit: Ok, I would be, but my 920 isn't supported. :/ lol
  • I'd enjoy this as a neat way to get the WP word out and have some fun. Too bad its not available :|
  • I like your name.
  • Thank you. :D By the way it now shows up as downloadable in the store for me. Gonna be snapping pics non stop now.
  • Any reasons we on Lumia phones can't use it?
  • For all those who can't download it, try now. I couldn't but I checked again just now and it's available.
  • +2
  • Yea mine is now working too!
  • Able to download now
  • Hated it. Deleted it.
  • Was able to get it on my Lumia 900. Nice to see 7.x support with this one. Doubt Instagram is coming any time soon. This is a direct attack from Nokia to help convince Instagram to support Windows Phone. It's like Nokia made a lightweight Instagram just to show Instagram how it can be done, and to stop using lame excuses of why not to support WP. Cool app, but there's better Instagram like apps out there.
  • Working now, uploading a s...load of pics... ;)
  • If there was one app that it would make sense for Nokia not to make exclusive it would surely be this one.
  • I can't find it with my lumia 810
  • I installed it on my 810 you should have no problem.
  • At first it didn't allow me to dl, but after toggling airplane mode off and on again, it worked! Pretty cool app btw to get instagram's attention
  • This is great. Now can we also get a #2SongPopWithLove app? :D
  • :( #2TempleRunwithlove!  
  • +1
  • Each tweet/post includes #2InstaWithLove... Enough people post, it becomes a trending topic and puts more pressure on Instagram to step up. Best thing we can all do is post a ton of stuff w/that hash tag.
  • +2 lets make a difference
  • +10
  • Just installed on my Lumia 800 in India , I suggest everyone be patient as it'll be available for everyone
  • Lumia 920, region : USA
    also downloaded !
  •   been following the #2InstaWithLove hashtag and there's a new post every few minutes. hopefully it will trend soon.   couple ideas for Nokia if they reading this. add facebook connectivity to the app so we can like photos like we can if we view the photo on the web!   looking forward to showing the gallery.
  • #2InstaWithLove explained by Nokia
  • yup
    worked to install it on my 810
  • A great app...
  • I have to definitely second this. Its smooth and I live the double wide tile. Very well done.
  • all i know is, if blackberry gets Instagram before WP8, talk about depressing.
  • tHE effects it's not work..PLEASE UPDATE!! :(