Nokia releases Adobe Lightroom color profiles for Lumia 1520, 1020 raw photography

Nokia has released DNG colour profiles for Adobe Lightroom to make your photography workload easier to handle. Whether you're simply an enthusiast or a professional photographer and own a Lumia 1520 or Lumia 1020, there's a good chance you're shooting in raw DNG format (with the Lumia Black update, of course).

While this format provides you the means to edit photos after capturing them without compression (including a default colour profile), Nokia has treated us with profiles for specific light sources to save some time and effort.

Colour profiles essentially provide more details about the image in question (far beyond camera information, exposure settings, date, etc). In the case of Adobe Lightroom, the profiles tell the software suite how to convert colours of the raw image file. The default profile can be used for all kinds of lighting, but Nokia has provided three profiles for flash, fluorescent and daylight-halogen.

DNG Colour Profiles

Default colour profile (left) versus flash profile - Lumia 1520

So why should you use these colour profiles? When editing photos in such suites, extra work is required to adjust colours in raw conversion to achieve desired results. Utilising profiles removes this workload and replaces it with a simple selection. You don't have to use the profiles either (or any you create and/or download yourselves), they're just there to make things easier. 

If you shoot some photos here and there, using Instagram or other social network apps to share with friends, you probably won't go near software such as Adobe's Lightroom. But for enthusiasts and power users out there who take full advantage of Nokia Lumia camera capabilities, check out the links below to grab the colour profiles.

It's recommended that you save and backup your colour profiles, as well as raw images to safe locations just in case of storage failures. Let us know how you get on with the profiles in the comments.

Source: Nokia Conversations

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