Nokia responds to Moody's rating downgrade of the company on cash flow concerns

Nokia was dealt a blow by Moody's Investors Service, a substantial downgrade after the company purchased Siemen's share of the Nokia Siemens Networks (now Nokia Solutions and Networks). The company was lowered one level to B1 with a rather negative outlook stated by Moody's. Nokia executive VP and CFO, Timo Ihamuotila, today commented on the rating decision.

"We are pleased that the strong cash position we have maintained throughout our transition has enabled us to take advantage of an opportunity to acquire full ownership of NSN, whose financial performance has strengthened markedly in recent quarters. In Devices & Services, we are pleased with the Lumia volume growth we delivered in the first half of this year and are looking forward to driving further share gains for the ecosystem. With these efforts our target is to return our Devices & Services business to sustainable cash generation as soon as possible."

Nokia is in a difficult position and has been since the company chose to switch to Windows Phone and work with Microsoft on a brand new mobile platform. We've covered the continued release of financial reports that began to show signs of improvements being made, but not at a speed to please those who are sceptical about the company's future. NSN has become profitable, which Nokia will at least take full advantage of.

The statement notes that Nokia has access to additional liquidity via a revolving credit facility of 1.5 billion euros, which is entirely undrawn and available to the company through March 2016. As well the above, NSN has a 750 million euro revolving credit facility, also entirely undrawn and available through June 2015.

Nokia will look at further expanding NSN and working with Microsoft and partners to build on its current line of Lumia hardware. Let's not forget some upcoming Windows tablets too.

Source: Nokia

Rich Edmonds
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  • Yeah, I can read, since details and pricing are not known about this new Iphone, his statement might be wrong, or at least for now unprovable.
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  • Guys, this is old news already :)
    And when it comes to these rating agencies, this article tells a lot how credible they are:
    So basically, they are admitting that only a fool takes their actions seriously.
  • When Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley had Nokia rated as a "sell", back when the stock was below $3, they increased their holdings by almost 90%. Morgans Stanley increase their holdings by more than 700%.
    So when they were yelling "SELL! SELL! SELL!" they were buying up all the cheap stock that suckers who listended to them were selling.
    Officially they will claim that it shows a sufficient separation between their advising arm and investment arm, that the two divisions disagree (they have operate independantly for legal reasons), but in reality it's profittering at its best.
  • With my limited knowledge of economy, even I know that you should buy it whenever they tell you to sell. So I don't think that it had any effect.
  • Why are countries and companies still giving power to those thieves at the rating agencies is something beyond my understanding.
    Let us remind that Moody's rated AAA the Lehman Brothers...right before they went bankrupt and dived the Western World into a profound economical crisis.
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  • Who cares about those agencies? I am lawyer and also have some stocks on my country, Brazil. After the 2008, all these agencies, including Moody's and Standard, lost their credibility. These agencies in that time gave AAA to many banks and other companies, that almost broken. The U.S goverment provided all the aid, because those agencies were blind enough to see the bubble. So, as for me, my country raised levels last two years by all the three big ones, but I still see Brazil as a bad investment right now. Those agencies by far doesnt offer any true and real understanding of the situation.
  • Why is Brasil a bad investment right now?
  • Rating agencies suck. But one day there could be a situation when MS - i don't see others, not even chinese investors - has to go in.
  • In that their handset business still isn't making money yet and they're, allegedly, about to enter a new business (selling tablets/PCs) that will likely require a lot of money in advertising/marketing/promotion it's not a business in the strongest of positions. Is it?
  • I'm pretty sure the executives at Moody who made this decision are either iphone or android fanboys
  • Any an all credit rating agencies are suspect, because they have a vested interest in selling the results of their proprietary, black-box algorithms.
    Businesses and individuals alike would benefit from an open-source type of rating system, so that not only would everyone know where they stand, but why the results are what they are and how to improve their own ratings.
  • We don't care about these crap rating agencies. Nokia give us more phones like Lumia range, we are with you
  • Somebody just wants to grab ahold of Nokia's stock pie as cheap as possible.
    "rating agencies" will get their slice.
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