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Nokia begins global Lumia Black update roll out; kicks things off in China

There are many of us still waiting for Nokia to roll out the Lumia Black update for Windows Phones around the world. If you're not yet rocking the latest firmware, you'll be receiving your update notifications soon. Just as we covered last week, Nokia is beginning the major push to supported hardware, starting with China.

We've received confirmation from Nokia that the Lumia Black firmware update has indeed started its journey to consumers. Note that the Lumia 1020 and Lumia 925 Windows Phones are receiving the upgrade (other Lumias to follow). Here's what Nokia China posted on Chinese website Weibo (translated):

"Nokia Lumia Black system upgrade coming in recently for different types of users, have to upgrade push it! I believe that many users already can not wait to learn what the system update, right? Come! Click on the picture, preview it!"

Should you require reminding as to what the update brings to Lumia Windows Phones, we've got a quick reminder for you. It's worth noting that not all included features and changes will be applied to all hardware and Chinese consumers will receive two unique features exclusive to that market.

  • Glance Screen - New colours for night mode, notifications, pedometer, custom text and calendar information
  • RAW camera support for both the Lumia 1020 and Lumia 1520
  • New camera algorithms, notably for the Lumia 1020 with tone mapping and noise reduction
  • Bluetooth 4.0 LE

​We'll hopefully have an idea as to which regions are receiving the update soon. Have you updated to Lumia Black yet?

Source: Weibo; thanks, hengxiang32401, for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Hopefully the ohter storage problem gets fiksed!!!
  • Anyone tips ??
  • Hard reset only way....not as bad as I thought
  • I have other rare problems though... I hope they get fixed with the update... Anyway, will see.
  • The best thing is download Nokia lumia update checker its a good app & works well
  • Your stupid, first its been fixed, second. THIS IS A NOKIA UPDATE so even if it hadn't been fixed it wouldn't be!
  • You're*..... That's so ironic lol
  • Lol❕❕❕❕
  • hehehe
  • Bahahahaha
  • And no it has not been fixed! Had to do a hard reset last month because of 11gb of other on gdr3 dev hopeful for other storage fix?...wp8.1
  • Storage problem fixed on my 822 since GDR2.
  • I had this problem prior to the Amber update.  However, I don't have the problem any longer.  My "Other" has been steady around 2GB.  I installed the GDR3 Dev Preview too.  Hopefully the Black update will fix whatever the issue is with your phone, but it is not a widespread issue like it was before.
  • Do understand that other storage is a Microsoft issue not a Nokia is so the Nokia Black update couldn't possible affect something they can't control
  • Maybe I misunderstand, but I thought Nokia's Black update is delivered along with Microsoft's GDR3 update.
  • No for some its already been released. So distributers (your mobile provider) may decide to release them in conjunction but they are not tied to each other
  • why my 620 has no notificatio
    n when i received messages from,whatsapp viber , and skype, i am using PD 8.1
  • Actually, it hasn't been fixed on all devices. My 920 from At&t is fully upgraded to all released software and firmware. I still have 7GB other storage... And growing. I wouldn't justify the comment as stupid at all.
  • Brazilian Unlocked 920, fully upgraded, and still have 12 GB other storage  
  • I guess you didn't install the Amber update?
  • Its not the amber that affects it its the gdr2 update which is Microsoft not Nokia . Nokia can't do anything about it!
  • Amber included GDR2. The update fixed the issue for me, but I guess it didn't for everyone. What phone do you have?
  • Um, this post is a joke people, lol
  • Does it work if you have the preview?
  • i think yes, you just will receive only some updates which you don't have yet.
  • Yep, KKruglov is correct. You will receive the Black update even if you installed the developer preview. The preview is an OS update, this is a firmware update, so they are actually two very different updates. It's just that they usually get installed at the same time OTA.
  • Just got in on my 1020 with TELUS!
  • Congratulations! Enjoy it very much! ;)
  • Ok.. I have a 1520 with Black pre installed.. Can you tell me if you see the pedometer for glace screen❔. What happened to this feature❔
  • Maybe there will be a separate app to install, like there is for App Folder.
  • Nokia already stated that the Glance Screen needs to be updated first before te steps will show on it... This is due in "Early 2014"according to nokia...
  • Updating on Telus now.
  • Me too. And once you go (Nokia) Black, you never go back!
  • Right.. Lol
  • Does this include WP8 Update 3?
  • Reread the article if u see GDR3 mentioned then yes if not then I think you have your answer
  • Don't be rude. You're not very good at it.
  • Lol u can be good at being rude! Now I've heard everything.
  • yes, it is.  
  • Successfully updated my lumia 925 in India.....
  • have you got gdr3 & nokia black firmware? If yes please explain here about my curiousity or in forum (give link)
  • Whys it gotta be black, man❔
  • Can u say please how can u got it nd from which place Of India.
    By the way I'm from Bhubaneswar,India
  • Andhra Pradesh dude
  • u also got gdr3 with this lumia black update??
  • Again, GDR3 is ONLY the Microsoft bits.  Black is the Nokia bits for Lumia devices.  GDR3 can (and did) roll for devices without Black, but Black cannot load without GDR3 accompanying it (it relies on some of the Microsoft bits).  I had GDR3 on both my 920 and my 1020 and then AT&T rolled the Black update last December, so I got Black+the final version of GDR3.  NOW it looks like the Black that's rolling out for everyone has some ADDITIONAL pieces to it.  So, while i've been running Black+GDR3 since December, I'm looking for this new rollout.
  • Are you saying you have the Black update on your AT&T 920?  I thought it was only pushed out to 1020 on AT&T.  I never got it on my AT&T 920.
  • Thank u Mr.Prasad.But how can u notified of the update;
    by check for phone update or it will automatically showed.
  • Check for the updates.I think as of now 925 and 1020 users are getting the black update...All lumia users willget the update eventually..
  • I have a 925 on T-Mobile and I'm still waiting :'(
  • Me too. Trying to get a response from t-mobile on twitter to see if there is an ETA for it.
  • I thought no one had the black update yet except for the lumia 1520.
  • 1020 with AT&T got it not long ago.
  • Exactly.  We got that in December...completely by surprise, though.  However, the app folder feature wasn't a part of it, so this must be a new-and-improved Black.
  • So, are we getting the app folder feature soon❔ And, whatever happened to the glance screen pedometer❔ I have a 1520, and I don't see any of this..
  • Still waiting here in Finland :/ l920
  • Still waiting for 920 - Developer Device.
  • Me too :)
  • All the 920s say "Coming soon".  I don't think they've released it for them quite yet.
  • Yea, me too.. Pretty strange... :/
  • When the Finland update goes live can some please post?  thx!
  • same here L920 --- developer device. guess once flagship phone now becomes low-end. :(  
  • Well, the product release cycle for products today is something between 6 - 12 months. So basically anything you buy today will be considered secondary within that timeframe.
  • Is it too weird that i haven't got my Amber update yet?? Lumia 920, Country Variant PR
  • Any update on India rollout ?
  • dwnloading on my 1020
  • Available for 925 & 1020
  • Not my 925 on T-Mobile
  • I just checked 1:30 am IST on 10th Jan. I have an update available. Suspect it is Lumia Black + GDR3. Will download tomorrow using WiFi in my office. Excited! (Lumia 925)
    By the way, what is the size of the update?
  • Does this include the GDR3?
  • Yes
  • Pvsg prasad, has it already rolled out ?
  • I want it for my unlocked 1020. Please hit uk soon. Update... After doing manual check and waiting. Phone is updating now....:) Nokia beamer, here i come. :)
  • 30mins later, all black baby. :-)
  • Once you go black, you never go back
  • Already available in many places in Europe as well, for some devices:
  • Updating! Denmark
  • Which device?
  • You need to add that we're getting App Folders!
  • This is the first time I'm hearing about this, which is a pretty major feature IMO. They do need to mention it!!!
  • First time I'm reading about it..
    That's a nice feature!
  • I thought that was china exclusive
  • This is the first time I'm hearing about App Folders. This is awesome.
  • App folder is very lag,I think it should be improved
  • Once you go black, you never go back You don't need Black to get it
  • I'm updating my L1020 from DEUTSCHE TELEKOM now (so it's rolling out in Europe). Still waiting on approval for the L920 though. Nice to see an app folder! Thank God!
    Also...anyone noticed the small arrow on top of the Wi-Fi signal?
  • I just got the update as well on my unbranded Nokia Lumia 1020 (UK) =D
  • Yeah. I have one above the cell signal strength too, no idea what they are though.
  • Does it include the Lumia 520?
  • I'm wondering this as well...
  • Yes, you'll get Black for the 520. The 925 and 1020 are receiving it first, but you'll get it :)
  • Check out "HINDI TV !" for Windows Phone
  • Windows phone 8.1 app enjo & do fun asap
  • SPAM.
  • Make it free dude.. Ur all the apps are paid....
  • Lumia Black supports folders on the Home screen, finally  
  • I installed the app folders thing on my 928 and I still don't have black yet. I have update three though
  • Downloading mine now on Rogers Canada
  • Sweet! My 1020 (Rogers) is downloading it now too.
  • Once you have it I'm curious if you can download Nokia Storyteller.  Does the "folder tile" work?  
  • Update done... When I had previously searched for 'Nokia Storyteller' in the the store,no results came up. I tried searching again in the store and couldn't find it. When I Binged Nokia Storyteller', it linked me to the site where i could install the Beta which is now working. Not sure if having Black allows the install to go thru though.
  • I got the notification also on Rogers Canada. Can't wait to get home and update!!!
  • I still haven't got a notification for my 920 on Rogers. :(
  • App folder too :O
  • Verizon was first out the gate with amber. Let me check my magic eight ball to see if that wasn't a fluke.
    Outlook not so good
  • I'll end up buying Lumia 929 before the black update comes out on 928
  • @nokia @nokia best @ @ windows phone 8.1 app Somebody recommended me ! Check this cool app
  • SPAM
  • Can we terminate app from task manager and do we have seperate volume controls?
  • Terminate app is already in GDR3 so if you don't already have that, it should roll out alongside Nokia Black.  Vol controls I believe was said to be in 8.1 so you will have to wait a bit longer for that one.
  • Yes ('x' on top right coner) and nope, seperate volume controls are coming with 8.1 (later this year)
  • Both of those are Microsoft is things not so its not for NOKIA to update they can't
  • My 1020 on Rogers is updating as we speak!
  • App folder tooo
  • Best feature after glance screen 2.0!
  • Downloading now here in Finland... i have Lumia 925 & GDR3 developer preview installed..
  • And your carrier is? I've got Saunalahti. But no Black available for my 920 w/ GDR3 preview.
  • All but the 810 which just says not available...
  • Saw that too...good thing my wife likely won't care, though it'll bug me. We can still get the MS updates. 
  • This is a big question, even though it is carrier-modified, the 810 should receive it -- as we expect the 822 and the 928 to have it soon.
  • Yes pankajwanikar it is available in India...I installed the update just now..check for updates in your phone
  • Can u share Mr.Prasad that on which handset u have installed in India.
  • Lumia 925.. Manoj
  • Available for 925 and 1020
  • Downloading the update now on my Lumia 1020. I'm from the Philippines :)
  • Hi, I would like to ask if you bought your phone here in PH? Because until now there was no update on my 1020 (which I bought in Nokia store @ SM). According to this page we still under "Waiting for approval" status. Just making sure my phone is not broken. Salamat!
  • Att here, see you all in 3 month
  • Lol
  • Anyone want to give me a 928?  I love my 8X but I can't wait to get into a Nokia again!
  • Still no update for Lumia 1020.
  • Btw Rich, this was already announced today via Nokia Conversations :)
  • Gang, don't get too excited.  It's rolling globally for the 1020 and 925.  The other Lumias are rolling "in the coming weeks", according to Nokia.  AT&T rolled Black to us back in December.  However, this must be a new revision of Black because the "app folders" -- a completely useless feature as far as I'm concerned -- is not currently available on the version of Black that's on my 1020 (unless there's a secret way to access it).
  • Folders are useless?  I disagree; this is a feature that many have been asking about for a long time.  It allows the start screen to get that much better.  Not all apps needs a live tile or are used just often enough to get into a folder.  Traveling apps are a great example.  
  • I've found folders so useful that I used the proxy trick to get Samsung's App Folder.
    I currently have 7 "app folder" tiles on my start screen, it allows me to have quick, organized access to groups of apps, i.e., photography, tools, settings, social apps, sports,etc.
  • Nice; that's a great example.  I think most people like this feature.  Those on iOS swear by folders (mainly because it is the only tool for organizing their home screen) but this will help open up the idea of switching to those that really like this feature.
  • If you could group the Apps List the way you want it, then the App folder would be less needed.  But I agree this is extremely useful.  I am using "HeaderTiles" as a way to organize the Start Screen.  I don't have every App pinned, but I need to organize it someway logically so it is easier to find things.  The folders will be create for the Photo, Travel, and "Tool" apps.  It will definitely cut down on the scrolling.
  • I like the idea of the header titles app but it took up too much space for me but it is a great idea.
  • Please pay attention: I said "useless as far as I'm concerned."  I simply see no value to throwing ANOTHER LAYER to dig into to find something.  It's just a waste of time for me.  Beside, perhaps you hadn't noticed, but you already have HUBS that perform the same function.  Go into the Pictures hub and all your photo apps are THERE.  Go into the Music & Video hub and, yep, all your music and video apps are THERE.  So, again, app folders are useless to me.  And I certainly don't care what ignorant iPhone users like.
  • I had no intention of changing your opinion; my point is that it is good for the platform.  that is all .
  • Please pay attention: I said, "I'VE found folders so useful that I..." Perhaps you haven't noticed, but not ALL of the photo apps show up in the hub, same way with video and music apps. Plus there is no social hub, tools hub, productivity hub, sports hub, navigation hub, shopping hub, etc., etc.
  • LOL @ Golden God. =)
  • WOWOWOW. so nokia black isnt available for L810. WHY?
  • saw that which got me all  disappointed :/
  • Nothing yet 920 rogers
  • Waiting for it..too, you can see when it becomes available here:
  • waiting for it as well, thanks for posting the link, xtrip
  • ATT here, nothing in the phone updates
  • Seems weird black is available before gdr3 very confusing for the consumer. Some clarity on global release on gdr3 would be nice
  • Black includes GDR3.  Also, many of us have installed GDR3 back in November with the Dev Release Program.  That is available to everyone for free.
  • MS update is always included in the manufacturers update. 
  • At&t?
  • Waiting for approval, so yeah expect to get it by the time 8.1 comes out
  • Recieved in India on Lumia 925
  • Legere get your boys to approve this already #CES2014 #Uncarrier4.0 Lumia 925
    Waiting for approval
  • Hi, is that true? :)
  • Lumia 920
    Waiting for approval This looks familiar 
  • Nooooo I'm on att. .ill never get this update
  • Available on 925 from India!
  • My unlocked 925 is now downloading a new update, currently on gdr3 preview
  • now on black  3051.40000.1345.1007
  • guys check your region and country  
  • Downloading as I type this. On Three UK.
  • Refocus I understand ... but Beamer just for phones with 1Gb RAM upwards? Why? o.O
  • Hope this update comes fast to México. I hate always being last to get updates.
  • Cross the border yo...thats what i did
  • I can't seem to figure out how to make App folders....I have a feeling Nokia spilled the beans about a WP8.1 feature here...
  • Have you searched the store?
  • Yup. Nothing.
  • Is this another lie from wpcentral, just like the one about the 925 getting gdr3?
  • Yeah, that was pretty messd up.
  • Waiting Mexico 920 Movistar
  • Will the new camera alogarithms come to other PureView devices (e.g. 92x) as well?
  • Is it available in india??
  • Available for 925 and 1020 now
  • Your phone model is "NOKIA 909" ?!?
  • That's the "real" name of the L1020. It was changed at last minute, so every L1020 is identified as 909 ;)
  • Never knew that
  • I totally forgot that it was the 909 too.  I remember now because the original was the Nokia 808 Pureview.
  • Unlocked 1020 in Germany, just downloading it :)
  • Look forward to gdr3 soon ish then
  • Done! Checked for updates manually. Took about 10 minutes. Vodafone UK.
  • <