Nokia’s head of design tells you why the Lumia 620 is a great phone

Marko Ahtisaari. You should know that name by now, if not, add to your memory (we’ll wait). He’s the head of Nokia’s product and user experience design, which means he oversees how our Lumia Windows Phones ultimately look. From changing the chrome buttons to black ceramic, to the battery casing, to the overall feel of the device Marko and his team are the one’s doing it at Nokia.

In this latest clip, the designer takes a look at the Lumia 620, one of our favorite phones in a similar manner to the Lumia 920 video. In it Marko details what the goal of the 620 design was and how Nokia achieved it. While not much new information is revealed, you do get the sense once again of purpose in design here.

Warning: if you want a Lumia 620, watching this video will only make you want it more.

Watch the YouTube clip above or the high resolution version from Vimeo embedded. Thanks, @mohammadmsft, for the link

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Love it, might get one.
  • I only had to read the headline to know who wrote the article lol
  • He should launch phone. He has the language and expressive skills to do a terrific launch.
  • I completely agree. I heard him talking about the phones in MWC with Mariam at Engadget and instantly became a fan. Marko is a great salesman and speaker.
  • I was gonna say that he does it so well that it's almost creepy in a weird kind of way.  I know Marko really gets inspired by the products he designs...definitely a man of art.
  • I think his sleeves are too big.
  • U should know that, He Launched Lumia 620.
  • Please does anyone in the house own a L620? Any multitouch issues or screen problem like I have been hearing/reading?
  • Not in mines so far, i think that i saw a rendering issue once, but since then it has worked very well for me...
  • In icy wind, you can operate the screen from two inches away...
    Well, I could last weekend. Moving closer acted as a press. Fortunately a restart fixed it. Just before this happened, with my fingers on the screen, the phone had a fit. I would have video'd it if I'd had another device to hand.
    But it's new and occasional glitches are to be expected. I'm sure most things will get sorted. The touch screen has a bit more friction than I was previously used to.
    Damn, this comment box is bad. It can't even convert to plain text properly.
  • Got mine last week, no problems so far.
  • No problem so far. Its fluid and smooth
  • I have owned a 620 for a few weeks now. No multitouch issues at all, the screen is great!
  • He does a great job at selling design! He even impresses himself when he speaks about his products! (But he speaks pretty dryly and without much variation in tone. I almost fell asleep watching him during the MWC keynote... I think keynotes are better left to Mr. Elop...)
  • Good phone... Bad Quality Assurance. There have been many 620s with GPU issues, including mine. Be it driver or hardware related, nobody really knows yet.
  • Maybe Samsung memory chips...
  • Highly recommend this device, it is the most feature rich WP8 phone for the price that it is being sold for..
  • I want the 920, I'm in love with its camera, but it's too expensive over here in Croatia, sadly. Lumia 620 might be the one, then. 
  • or you could wait for Lumia 720 which offer some of 920 features with affordable price
  • I'd love to buy the 720 but it took Lumia 920 six months to come to Croatia (actually, it is said to be available next week; "next week" being a phrase I came to hate very much). So, we're all expecting the 720 somewhere around Christmas... :(
  • A slimmer 920 is on the way which might help prices of the current model.
  • I can only hope so. Currently, unlocked Lumia 920 goes for 870$ in Croatia and it's not yet available via any carrier. Soon it wil be, on T-Mobile, and they have the most unaffordable plans out there! :( Yes, the phone is half a year old and still unavailable officially. I just love my country. Dropping prices in favour of new models simply isn't Croatian practise, sadly. Ah, well, whatever, better Lumia 620 than some WP crapware from Samsung, hihihi 
  • He's really good with the salesmanship,...ain't he? I have the Lumia 920, he makes you have to HAVE the Lumia 620.
  • I know right! I seriously have thought of buying one just for the hell of it... And I also have the 920 and an 820... (^_-)-☆
  • I have both L920 and L620...both are great. Glad nokia took WP path.
  • He looks like a baby that sort of grew up but not really :-P
  • This is why Marko is the man. 
    "It's informal, a bit like jeans on a Sunday afternoon"
  • I love Marko. His work stems from art. That is the beauty of all his work.
  • DO WANT a 620! I don't need a flagship (especially when the screens are so bloody huge) and it has everything I need - although I would really like a better camea. But I can handle that for the price!
  • King Marko always showing lessors how its done :clap:. I don't think he's monotonous or dry, I think he's very passionate.
  • Was that Christopher Walken?
  • Hah beat me! Just about to say that :-D
  • enough talk already, Nokia show some real numbers to help your investors! Blackberry just sold 1 million Z10 in one order!
  • Troll much?
  • U kidding r8??. who the fool will buy this buggy phone  with over priced?? Even said this phone is over priced....
  • 1Million to a carrier is nothing, waiting for the Z10 firesale just like Playbook.
  • Well, at first he quoted Alvar Aalto (you got that?)... He´s a son of the 10th president of Finland, the one who got a peace nobel in 2008 ...  As a desingner,  he´s a northen person like me: when we  have something premium and beautiful  in our hands we would like the feel it... preferably heavy ...
  • Lol, i feel like all these companies have to have this ONE guy who just sounds brilliant talking about a device, lol apple has that one british dude who calls every piece of an ipad/mac/iphone magical or revolutionary lol we all know who he is
    that 'jeans on a sunday afternoon' was hilarious for me lol
  • Marko rocks, Lumia 620 is a must buy in that price range.
  • I have two Lumia 620
  • I love turtles
  • This ---> "Warning: if you want a Lumia 620, watching this video will only make you want it more."
  • Cringe...
  • Why is it so ugly :(.... If it was not, I would directly buy it, instead of HTC 8s.
    The space between the Start button etc and the bottom is too big.
  • He should act on big screen. I just can't take my eyes off his lips throughout the presentation. He's unique
  • How did the beam photo to tv work?
  • Any announcements about getting Nokia Windows Phones on US MVNOs yet?
    I think that will be the key.  Getting this phone out to prepaid, into more young people (and cheap people like me) hands will lead windows phones to more success.  
  • I purchased one in Thailand due solely to the positive Engadget review and have not been disappointed. It's good to learn that Nokia values design and has a good designer; so many of the LG, HTC, and Samsung phones lack any real personality. The 620 was especially appealing for use while on vacations overseas due to its compactness - I find myself reaching for the phone a lot more while overseas as local friends try to reach me via SMS, Line WhatsApp, FaceBook Messenger and, occasionally an actual voice call! I am disappointed that the core apps lack some of the functionality of their iOS and Android counterparts (Skype's notifications are spotty, although an update came out last week; FaceBook drags me back to the top of the newsfeed if I open comments to read them or to even do something as simple as "Like" a status; the stock music player seems to crash the phone, but a firmware update is promised momentarily). On the other hand the built-in microphones are amazing, the built in speaker is REALLY loud and relatively clear for watching a quick movie trailer, Nokia Music is great! Do I like it or not overall? Well, I hate to see the world divided into iOS and Android, and Microsoft has produced a beautiful user interface, while Nokis is producing some great hardware. I imagine the system will be pretty slick pretty soon, so for the absurdly low price I paid for a factory unlocked, multiband smartphone, I have no complaints! If I reboot slightly more often than on my Nexus 4 I can accept that for the slickness of this little candy-bar smartphone. BTW my #1 like? The MicroSD slot - I dropped a 64gb card in there for about $60 and have a capactity that blows away all the prior smartphones and iPod Touches for my music - and total cost was only a couple of bucks more than for the LOWER capacity iPod Touch 5th gen. Take that, portable music players that can't make phone calls and don't have provisions for mobile data (I'm on the T-Mobile $30 unlimited data plan).