Nokia has published a video on its YouTube channel. It's an interview with Marko Ahtisaari, Head of the Nokia Design Team, who talks about the Lumia 920. Revealing how the team pays close attention to minute details (hardware buttons, glass, etc.), he goes into explaining how the team wanted to ensure the build quality of the Windows Phone is at such a level so when consumers take the device out the pocket while outside, they're not concerned about its protection and cover it in bulky cases.

Ahtisaari continues on to state how the company wanted to make the phone 'human' and how this means the product is never cold. Also how the curve in the body feels natural, as if the Lumia 920 is grown as opposed to coming straight off a production line. It's an interesting insight into the advancement of an already iconic design. The video interview is well worth checking out for a quick overview on how the team went about developing the flagship Windows Phone.

Mobile Geeks previously interviewed Marko Ahtisaari, which is a longer sitting with questions provided by attending enthusiasts and reporters.

Source: YouTube