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Nokia scores 21% higher on average for customer satisfaction, according to online survey

Collect 142,369 online customers service reviews published before March 30, 2013 and what would you expect to find? Are customers more satisfied with their iPhones? Maybe they prefer a Samsung Galaxy something? Nope. A lot of them preferred their Nokia handset across all the carriers here in the U.S.

An online poll recently looked at customer satisfaction across handset manufacturers and carriers. Apple, Blackberry, HTC, Motorola, Nokia, and Samsung were all compared against each other on the big four carriers. As a whole it looks like most customers from this poll had higher levels of satisfaction on AT&T compared to the others.

Satisfaction by Carrier

Below are the manufacturers with the highest level of satisfaction amongst customers per carrier:

  • AT&T – Nokia followed by Samsung
  • Sprint – HTC (no Nokia handsets) followed by Apple
  • T-Mobile – HTC followed by Nokia
  • Verizon – Nokia followed by Apple

What’s really interesting though, is that users who use Nokia smartphones report customer satisfaction 21% above average across all carriers and brands, excluding Sprint where you can’t get a Nokia phone (sorry Sprint customers).

Surveys like this should bode well for Nokia and Windows Phone fans in the long run. While they may not immediately results in new sales, positive word of mouth does help out a lot.

How about you guys? Who is your carrier and your device manufacturer? Are you satisfied? Sound off below.

Source: Amplified Analytics, via: Nokia Innovation

  • Nokia is dedicated, that makes happy customers. :)
  • Happy customers => more customers
  • Nice pic!
  • happy wife = happy life or so they say.
  • My 822 is the first Nokia I've bought in a long while.  My first was a simple and cheap phone a decade ago from Alltel.  It was dependable, but can't say anything stood out.
    That's no longer the case.  At this point, I plan on only buying Nokia going forward unless I'm prevented to by the carriers deciding not to carry them.  I hope that doesn't happen.  Build quality, steardiness, and app support are light years beyond anyone else.  There are so many added bonuses to buying Nokia.  I think Google, Apple, and RIM are lucky that no US carriers backed Symbian, because Nokia may have remained dominant.  As it has played out, I'm so happy they back Windows Phone.  Their support may end up being the long term gamechanger for the platform.
  • So True.... The only reason Nokia probably didn't come in first on T-Mobile is Tmo's butt dragging on releasing updates.
  • They were also, and still are, working on their LTE, so let's see how they fair now that it's at least starting to come out
  • I just love the quality of Nokia devices. I've dropped my Lumia 800 countless times and not a scratch could hurt it.
  • I love my 920 on at&t its perfect except battery could be better but its ok
  • +1
  • I think they are still optomizing things and finding bugs/tweaks that they have been slowly improving.  Since 1314 my battery has noticeably improved and is very solid now.
  • Word!
  • Agreed, but I think I use my 920 more then I used other phones before, so that's why it dies faster
  • exactly how i feel.  
  • This is also true on Brazil... lumias sold out in 3 days here, thank god we have all the lumias on all carriers here 920/820/720/620/520 :)
  • ALL Lumias on ALL carriers? Estou com saudades do Brasil...
  • That´s also true here in the Dominican Republic. Pretty much everywhere in LatAm is like that, carriers rarely make exclusivity deals.
  • I wish that were the case here in Panama. Nokia has only shipped Lumia 900, 610 and 510 to carriers here. Nothing else. While the BB Z10, iPhone 5 and S4 are already available or soon to be so. Where's the Lumia 920? Only on one or two importers...
  • Well, mostly in emerging country phone is unlocked and not carrier exclusive. I'm also from emerging country and that's why I'm happy about it... :D
  • I have the Lumia 822 on Verizon and patiently waiting for the 928. I've had a galaxy S1,S3, iPhone 4 and 4S so I'm not biased. I love windows 8 the best.
  • Well hey its your personal taste so keep it up and keep the competition fierce.
  • I agree, since working for TMO I've used blackberry 8900, Motorola cliq, mytouch 3g slide, HTC HD2, HTC HD7, HTC Radar, Galaxy S3, Nokia Lumia 810, and HTC 8X.. The 810 is still my favorite and I miss it,, looking forward to the catwalk in June.
  • Have used a Nokia 1100, then a Nokia 5233 and now a Nokia 620. Have to say that the hardware quality is still the top notch. Nokia sold their headquarters but didn't use cheap materials to build their phones even in this period of crisis. I have an enourmous respect for Nokia and their values. No matter what market says. Nokia will be always on top for me. 
  • I'll have to jump in the love wagon on this one(not that I've ever said anything completely negatice towards them)! Any time I can compare phones whith co-workers, aquaintaces and so forth, I will show them the difference of owning a Nokia Lumia 920. It get's people thinking twice about their phones. This is a great sign that WP8 is a contender.
  • That's the funny thing, I have had issues with my Lumia 920 and 900, and none with my LG quantum. But I am way happier being with Nokia because they actually fix issues and add new feature via apps and updates. Nokia = winning
  • I don't own a Nokia, yet I always root for them.
  • And we all know online surveys are gospel.
  • I bet you're the life of the party. :-)
  • I'm happy with my lumia 920 and all the support we get from Nokia.
  • Loving my 920, no issues so far what so ever !!!
  • Wow. Look at the Verizon numbers. Get more Nokia phones there ASAP!
  • Verizon's numbers look the way they do because of the locked-down bootloaders and abysmal OS update support after the sale on most if not all of their Android phones.   That is why Apple (and now Nokia) owns the satisfaction numbers there.
  • If Microsoft supported WP as much as Nokia do right now, then WP would get a lot of recognition. Microsoft please stop sharing unique apps with other OS' like smartglass, skype, office (future) make them exclusive to WP PLEASE!!! Edit: and I know MSFT does do it's share but I can easily tell that nokia is working harder
  • HTC satisfies android users more than windows phone users.
  • L810 owners opinions not included...
  • +1 Haha!
  • Nokia to me means,brand image,reliability,durability,innovation & a brand that cares
  • Count me in. I like my Lumia 820 because it's a Nokia first and WP8 second.
  • I just got my Nokia Lumia 920 about a month ago. I love, love, love this phone!!! So much happier than I was using an HTC Arrive on the Sprint network. My wife is even jealous of my Nokia, and she's got an iPhone 4S.
  • I am extremely dissatisfied with at&t, and my Nokia Lumia 920! I have never had such a horrible experience. Laggy, buggy, unintuitive OS, horrible camera, low quality hardware, horrid battery life, malware, bloatware just to name a few things... Why I never! The nerve of MS, at&t, and Nokia! They should be ashamed of themselves!!
    I'm going back to Android ASAP!
    Did I mention that the start screen is unorganized, inefficiently layed out, and uninformative? Well, it is.. I'm so upset because I've never heard of Android having any if these problems, and I was stupid for trying something new.. I should've know better because WP market share is so low, and it's obvious that Android is better because they hold 50% of the market.. The majority rules, and 50% of well informed consumers could never be wrong! I'm going back to join the crowd with the better phones. I want what's popular! Stupid Windowsphone I will buy never again.....
  • Bet you're being sarcastic :D
  • You're one of those WP fan boys aren't you?
  • If he's not being sarcastic then he's the worst troll ever
  • Who are you calling a troll, MS puppet!! This is why I SHOULDN'T have never got this phone, and this app.. WP fans are seriously the biggest hatters in the world!
  • I'll tip my hat to you on the way out. ;-). Just kidding like I know you are.
  • Lol!!!!!
  •  wp n Nokia, let see if it is just cheap ad here or people who put money in for the phone. Can't believe it is rated even a good :(
  • Said no one ever
  • I'm with you, pal. My wife's 920 still won't wipe her ass or tie her shoes.
  • I'll wipe her ass for her if you let me!!!
  • with your new android?
    (sent from my  galaxy tab)
  • Yes, with your new GS4! Lol!!
  • maybe it will be smooth?
    sent from my lumia
  • Lol, wow, breath. . . Now your right on most of your points. My phone seems quite buggy as well. But I still love my 920. I have more wonderfully glorious special times than bad times.
  • Yes, I love my 920 to death.. Best phone I ever had.. I'm getting this thumping when its moved back and forth now. Feels like the battery is loose or something. Anyone else have this minor problem?
  • Yeah battery is kinda loose, I've dropped mine a few times never turned of so I'd say its minor.
  • Love my Nokia 810 it works great.
  • Love my Lumia. Been disappointed with at&t lately. The service has started to get sketchy near my office. Like can't even load simple websites. Repeat calls from me and coworkers have yielded little help.
  • I'm very satisfied!!!!
  • Love my 822! I still have an upgrade in June and am completely torn between getting the 928 or an android. I have an iPhone 4 and wouldn't mind having one of each.
  • I have the 810 and just waiting for catwalk to come out and I will get one.
  • Weird... Iphone has the least satisfied users on AT&T? I thought everyone were happy with their Iphones?
  • I thought everybody loves and wants the iPhone.
  • True....two years ago.
  • Not making any sense. If this is the case, why they keep buying Android or Iphone knowing this high satisfaction rate? The answer is two fold. One, gotta have what others have (popularity). Two, believing in others (buying without research).
  • Because consumers, and store representatives, never see these statistics. They don't visit sites like WP central.. They get their information from marketing.. So, last night I saw 3BB10 commercials, and numerous Android, and iPhone commercials. Not a single WP commercial aired on NBC last night! So, if you didn't give a dam about sites like WPCentral, and read about tech, what would you buy? A WP device? I really couldn't say buying a WP device would be the most logical decision at that point because you would have more information about the others, at least from commercials.. That's why I've always been down on WP marketing.. I said it before, and I keep saying it now matter who disagrees with me... WP has terrible marketing, and that's why WP has under 10% market share now! I don't blame the amount of apps, the hardware, or the current state of the OS because we all know that a WP device is more than enough for the average user.. Even if WP had Instagram tomorrow sales people wouldn't know about it because overall awareness about the platform is relatively low. The reports that were just released about WP market share do show progress, but this is where we could have been a year ago if WP had the a good marketing program going on.. Marketing is the root cause of All WP problems! Period, point blank!! And nothing can convince me otherwise until marketing is greatly improved, and WP still struggles...
  • You are just so freaking right on, dude! I can't wait for July when my contract is up and then I can buy whatever the newest Nokia phone might be just so I can show the world what a piece of crap it is! Take that, Windows phone. Oh, and Nokia!
  • Lol! Whatever...
  • I love Nokia.
  • Then, I can't wait for that 2 year contract to expire so I can buy ANOTHER Nokia phone just to show the world how crummy they are. Right after I drop it from a 2 story window, hammer a few dozen concrete nails, run over it with my car, right up until I get that "thumping" sound, like the battery has come loose. SEE! This phone is doo-doo!
  • Nokia's my favorite. It takes you how many tries to get it broken? There you have it, 3 tries! Any other, one drop from a building, boooom!!!! Done!
  • Nokia goes the extra mile.
  • Only issue I have with Nokia and the 920 is that the power button on mine is almost flush with the body. Not a major gripe, but a bit puzzling. The hardware is very, very good and Nokia kicks ass releasing updates and fixing issues.
  • Yeah, my power button worries me sometimes.. Not sure if its gonna last with the rest if the phone.. Other than that the phone is ""cellular perfection"... Lol!
  • Always loved Nokia..had nothing other than their handsets pre iPhone 3G. My return to the fold is the 920 post an iPhone 5 and have to say the combination of the 920 with WP8 is blow away.
  • I'm using an unlocked apac version of Lumia 920 from Phils. Storage check has never worked. Just installed this new update of Extras, but Storage check still not working. Anxiously awaiting firmware 1308. Hopefully this will fix this and my other issues - camera button and camera app don't work (luckily proshot can access the camera hardware and work), unit won't rotate to landscape mode. All this after a hard reset needed because I was having the screen freeze issues. On top of it all, I haven't been able to purchase any app through windows store for two weeks. Microsoft support has been terrible and after 4 chats and numerous emails, still can't figure it out. Time to consider a switch.
  • Your phone is not normal
  • Sounds like you simply need to contact Nokia and switch that phone out. No mfg has 0% defective phones. Yours is NOT typical.
  • About landscape mode, tap the back of your phone hard, gyro is stuck, happened to me. Storage check dont work on pre 1308.
  • Thanks to all the replies.  As it is an unlocked phone directly purchased through a Nokia reseller (neither of the two mobile carriers in Philippines cariies Nokia Lumia900/920), the unit had to be reutnred directly to Nokia Care center.
    The unit escalated from level 1 to level 2 to level 3 within 48 hours.  It has now been shipped off somewhere for hardware repair. 
    For all of you attesting to how great your phone is working, the true test of a brand is how well they handle you when there are problems.  As mentioned earlier, the carriers in the Philippines do not carry Nokia Lumia 900/920 and I had to purchase outright at full price, $600+
    I am sure all of you would agree that no one expects to pay $600 for the newest "flagship" phone of any brand, just to end up with a refurb unit after less than three months.  Point is, it should have been an immediate replacement by Nokia.
    Updates to come, as I doubt my story is going to end well.
  • I use to have a Samsung Focus & I can honestly say that it doesn't compare to my Lumia 920. Nokia is on a different level! Mercedes Benz of mobile phones
  • more like lambourghini of phones. or McLaren. or Bugatti, or... well you get the picture
  • It's weird, ever since Nokia dedicated themselves as a windows phone exclusive OEM all other windows phone brands seem so inferior. The Hardware quality, firmware updates and app support is unheard of... I'm Nokia 100%
  • Yep! While I liked my Samsung focus the Nokia experience has been 100% better.. It just makes sense to go with the premier WP partner. Right now I couldn't think of buying a phone from another company besides Nokia. Of course I hope that changes one day because having only one good option just isn't enough.. But even if the others would step up, and support WP like they should, I would still have a hard time not going with a Nokia device because they got me!
  • Amen
  • I want a 920. Don't know how I'm gonna get it but I want one.
  • I'm sure there's gonna be something better once you figure out how to get a new phone. So, don't feel like you're missing out on much because your day is coming!!
  • Wow, you convinced me to switch to Android! Ok, that will never happen as long as I have a choice...
  • Using a L920.... excellent!!.. Waiting for the L720, to come out and getting it for my wife. Poor girl strugging and cursing with her old SG-I. She's so jealous of my Nokia, and rightly so,,,!!!!
  • GS1? Damn, she needs to upgrade!
  • One thing I made mistake was geting 820 instead of 920. Lumia 820 is a solid phone, but from now on, I will always get  top of the line device. There you can actually see what OEM really had to say and show their full potential.
  • AT&T love my 920
  • Same here. Red
  • Well then, why not spread the word... Send email, tweet, post on facething, where ever...
    Link here;
  • About landscape mode, tap the back of your phone hard, gyro is stuck, happened to me. Storage check dont work on pre 1308.
  • GO NOKIA !
  • Everybody loves their 920 but what about the 620? Im loving mine :D
  • I'm not suprised. WP doesnt much brand awareness andNokia isnt popular in the USA. However those that do get a Nokia Lumia will notice the superior build quality as well as the unique OS that is easy and elegant to use. It has the quality but it lacks the quantity (apps).
    Although this combined with the increased sales this could mean more interest from developers. Then the vicious circle will start to spin the other way around and WP could see massive gains in app support and adoption rate.
  • I love my new 920, everything running smoothly on EE here in the UK!
  • i have a nokia 3500c and i have been using it for 5 years now and not a day goes by with me dropping it, it has been abused to the limits and yet works perfectly .....the voice clarity is unmatched and am pretty sure it will last another 5 years .. I am now saving up to buy a lumia 928 can wait to get my hands on it when it releases 
  • Yada yada. The HTC Radar, as well as many other WP7 phones, were leading satisfaction surverys as well. It didn't mean jack for sales. The more niche or rabid the fanbase for a particular brand, the higher these survey results will be. It is also an "online" survey so several cups of thick fat seasalt should be added. If it wasn't already apparent, the Nokia fanbase is a very rabid one. The true mark of a successful brand is when there's a flood of complaints mixed in with the praises. People like hating popular things. It's that weird counter-culture fake "I'm better than the rest of the sheep" mentality that I have never understood, from music and movies, to cell phones. Maybe I lack the arrogance to feel or express my choices as superior.
  • Or maybe Nokia builds better phones?
  • The Windows Phone oS is pretty awesome however the hardware & durability on a Nokia is the difference. One thing I dislike about my L920 is how quickly it gets hot when running HERE Drive or (most) games... However I still wouldn't trade it for another WP OEM. Nokia = Quality... Who wants to argue with that???
  • I have the Lumia 920..I am with Rogers Inc up here in Canada..same comments as most...battery life could be better...
  • Nokia and HTC have the highest customer rankings. Time to merge the two... Maybe a hostile merger, takeover is the solution to get the HTC-Nokia Corp. that we need.
  • This kind of news is what Nokia and WP needs to become a success. I love my Lumia920.
  • Love my 920. But do take a break and have a look at Nokia Malaysia FB's wall. You can see how "awesome" their customer service is.
  • Ok have to declare my love too whilst everyone is at it. So glad I left my HTC Titan for a 920.
  • Another interesting bit of info is that the lowest rated phones on Verizon are from HTC and Motorola... both of which sell Android phones with a ton of Verizon "customizations" lol 
  • Went from iPhone 3G, HTC Desire, iPhone 4, HTC Sensation XE, iPhone 4 to Lumia 720 & only having had my Nokia for about a week now I can honestly say I've never been more satisfied with a phone purchase, I just love my 720.
  • I am thinking of ditching my HTC Surround and getting a Lumina 920. Two months left. 2 year plan on Rogers for the Lumina. Stupid reg 3 year plans in Canada.
  • Every time I get an update for my Nokia I get that warm and fuzzy feeling. Nokia cares. Damn, I sound like astroturfer now :)
  • I remember issues with my Samsung Focus like multiple touch issues (3 or more fingers would cause it to glitch...) SD card issues & other headaches. Don't know if they ever got resolved but any issues I've had with my 900 or 920 would be addressed immediately.
  • My provider is Globe because they offer a better plan selection that does Smart. The first phone I had through them was an iPhone 3GS and the battery died very shortly after the warranty expired. I charged it up & pawned it because a new battery was $300.00 PLUS shipping and the whole piece of crap device was only worth about $50.00, which made it an expensive, heavy compass. My next device will be a Galaxy S III and it is due to be delivered tomorrow. I can hardly wait and then will relegate my Samsung GT-B7722 to the closet and will only  use it when I travel and need 2 SIMs.
  • Nokia was my first ever phone and I know it is very reliable. I have used Motorola, Samsung and Sony in the past but I am back to Nokia since the Lumia. Now I know, I will stick to Nokia forever.